A little taste of Digging For Skeletons, Book Two in The Atticus McLaren Mysteries. 

In my newest book about Atticus McLaren, autistic museum tech turned amateur detective, winter has come to Britain and Atticus, his brother, Scout and their friend, Freddy, volunteer to work on an archaeological dig. They leave Edinburgh for the Lake District for the two week trip, where winter has brought relentless rain. When a member of the dig team goes missing, will the three of them solve the mystery or will they be impeded by the weather, being cooped up with a dangerous criminal, and by their own demons?

If book two sounds good, why not give book one, Murder At the Museum, a try.

Book two of The Atticus McLaren Mysteries will be…a bit wetter. Here’s an excerpt of Digging For Bones! It’ll be out on Amazon in late summer.

“I thought you were a minimalist,” Scout complained as he shoved yet another piece of luggage into his car’s boot. “You’ve brought enough stuff for three people.”

Atticus scowled at him. “It’s the Lake District,” he announced as he pulled on a jacket over his jumper.

“Yes, I’ve been there,” Scout growled through a toothy grin.

“Well, the weather can be unpredictable. And I have my tools and books. Don’t worry, though, I brought extra jumpers for you and Freddy too,” he added with a smile.

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Meet: Scout McLaren, former Edinburgh detective. Younger brother of Atticus McLaren, the two of them inadvertently become amateur sleuths in The Atticus McLaren Mysteries.

Scout is a divorcee with a bit of a rocky past. Though he is the younger brother, Atticus’ autism often means Scout takes on the role of the more practical, caregiver. At first, he’s reluctant to get involved in his brother’s impromptu investigations, but he’s soon pulled in, whether he likes it or not. 

Fans of Scout McLaren from the first book, Murder at the Museum, will be happy to know that he takes an even bigger role in the second book, Digging for Skeletons. Book two of The Atticus McLaren Mysteries will be out on Amazon, August 2016.