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“You sure you–”

“Yes I’m sure,” Sam pointedly replied through Danny’s headset. 

“Okay,” he said back, stringing out the syllable, expressing how unsure he was about her decision. “Sam, you know a lot of weird stuff has been happening lately.”

“D, I’m sure. I need a break, and what are the chances that something’s going to happen anyway? It already has, right?”

You need a break?” he chuckled, rolling his eyes. 

“Oh grow up. This is what you do, remember? Anyway, goodnight.”

He smiled. “Goodnight Sam.”

Danny took the headset off, dropping it on the nearest rooftop. It had Fenton written all over it, literally, so it would be returned to Fenton Works by the morning if it was found, and if not he knew where it was and would get it later. 

He smiled as he shot off into the night air, enjoying the cool breeze hug his body as he flew through it. He loved the chill. Not necessarily the frosty cold, but the occasional slight nip in the air. A few times a year the air outside matched his ghostly lowered body temperature, and he loved it, even though it was only a few weeks into the school year. 

Looking around the city so that he at least looked like he was actually doing his self-appointed job of protecting the city instead of enjoying the crisp air, he happened to glance into one of the many alleyways, noticing an unfamiliar purple glow. Lowering himself into side street, Danny examined the brick walls on either side of him as they began to glow, the purple light washing up from behind them, fazing through the clay. He gasped, jumping back as the glow slowly collapsed around itself, shrinking in size to a small ball, the color matching Sam’s eyes as it reflected in his own green ones.

Danny watched from the entrance of the alley, curious. He guessed it was some form of teleportation, but he’d never seen it so… concrete. Whenever he saw it it was misty, smoke-like. This time it looked almost solid, tangible. 

Suddenly the light zoomed in like a spotlight, shining straight down, making Danny wince. “What the–” he muttered as a body formed from inside the column of green light. “Hey!” he called, running forwards, catching the girl as she fell forward. The instant his hands touched her body the light and glowing sphere disappeared, leaving burning spots in his eyes. 

He blinked, rubbing them as he set the girl down on the pavement. “Hey? Are you okay?” he asked, searching her as she stirred. She was scratched up, most likely injured judging by the pained look on her face. 

Danny went to speak to her some more, unaware that another glowing sphere, this one red instead of purple, was forming behind him. Suddenly a blast hit him in the back, throwing him over the body and into the street. He rolled, gasping as he looked up, seeing a man form underneath the spotlight of red, reaching forward to the girl.

“Get away from her!” Danny yelled, shooting a blast of green from his palms into the man, tossing him back into the light. Danny jumped up, flying forward and grabbing the girl. He held her bridal style as he shot some more at the portal, ensuring no one followed them as he flew off, carrying her to Fenton Works.

The Time to Change | Closed Danny Phantom RP

The Ghost Zone was in a quiet, docile sort of mood. Danny had been exploring it, updating the Fenton maps, and what not al afternoon without a single trouble from any ghosts. They either waved at him or ignored him. Most chose the latter, but he was okay with that.

“Just the sort of way to spend a lazy afternoon, am I right?” he asked, pulling his hands from before him to casually float by his sides. It reduced his speed, but who needed speed.

“Yeah, thrilling,” Sam replied sarcastically, crossing her arms as she leaned back in her desk chair.

“Oh come on Sam! For once I’m not actually fighting the ghosts! I’m saying hi and they’re saying hi back.”

“Yup, let’s all invite them for a backyard grill when you’re done,” the goth replied from the Ops Center. Even though the basement still had the Ghost Portal and fighting equipment in it, Sam preferred the metaphorical attic nowadays.

“You seem disappointed I’m not getting my butt kicked.”

“It would be more entertaining than this.”

Danny rolled his eyes. Suddenly he slammed head first into another ghost, the collision knocking both of them onto the nearest floating island.

“What the heck—” Danny muttered, grabbing his earpiece from the dirt. “Hey, you okay?” he asked the kid, ignoring Sam’s petrified ramblings on the other end of the headset as he stood and walked over to the body, offering his hand to the fallen spook.

A Boy and his Dog

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He runs in small excited circles around Danny, clearly excited to see him, yipping happily.

“Whoa, easy Fido,” Danny laughed, situating himself into a kneeling position, the puppy still running around him. “You’re going to give yourself a hernia. Or heart attack, or something,” he added quickly. 

Bringing one hand up, he swung it down suddenly, grabbing the ghost dog by his collar. He stood, cradling the puppy in his arms as it barked, clawing at him excitedly and zipping around the platform Danny made out of his arms.

“Ow, geez,” the ghost boy yipped, clumsily dropping the dog. “Talk about a handful. Were you always this crazy?” he asked, kneeling again and scratching the puppy’s ears.

Rock of Ages | Danny and Ember | Closed RP

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Ember half smirks at the pathetic attempt the ghost kid had made to threaten her. “How much do you wanna catch Skulker?” she says non-chalantly then watches as the expression on Danny’s face changes slightly, and lets out a chuckle.

“What, why? Since when did you have a beef with Skulker?” Danny asked, lifting one eyebrow. He had expected some sort of revenge plot from the rockstar, but never one against another ghost.

When Angels Visit earth


Hello my ghostly friend. *An angel with four wings landed beside the other having been flying over and saw him* My name is Vern. I’m an archangel. *He took a small bow before standing straight again* I don’t think I have ever talked to a ghost … I have talked to spiders, but not a ghost. *He smiled kindly*

Danny, who was sitting on a roof overlooking a part of his neighborhood turned when he heard the voice, silently watching the man land beside him. He smirked. “Like Jules Vern?” he asked standing to greet the archangel. “I’m Danny.”

He wasn’t sure what else to say; usually he had to explain to people the genetic anomaly that he was, but this kid seemed knowledgeable enough and was already easily grasping the concept of him being a ghost.

But when the archangel continued, Danny smiled unbelievingly, placing his fists on his hips. “Well I’m not sure I can offer you a whole lot more than the spiders can; it’s been a pretty slow day,” he explained good-naturedly, a cool breeze playing with his white hair.

He pulled his black and white letterman jacket closer to his body and tilted his head, facing the breeze, smiling as its fingers tickled his cheeks, tantalizing him with unattainable affection. Nothing made Danny more happy than the fall. The cool weather, the air so crisp it made potato chips look soggy. Not to mention the holidays, time off school, and his best childhood memories.

“What brings you to Amity Park?” he asked as he waved to Vern, offering him a seat on the edge of the roof as he sat down himself. He could tell this man didn’t want to fight, and, realistically, Danny didn’t want to fight him. He didn’t want to fight anyone right now. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t stand up for his town or classmates, but he wasn’t about to go looking for trouble. 

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Do you think you have any extra feelings for Sam

How many times will I have to talk about Sam. Honestly.

Any extra feelings? Like, what, do I get all jittery around her? Do I suddenly feel more lightheaded when she looks me in the eye than I do when I’m flying? Do I sometimes feel like a piece of clumsy crap whenever she shows off one of her many amazing skills because she’s too perfect and I hate that she has to settle for plain old me instead of the tough, strong guy? Do I stumble around my words and blush every time we accidentally hold hands? Did I feel like jumping for joy and rolling all the way into space and crying and screaming and hugging her so tight when she came back after two years? Do I ever regret feeling this way?

…No. No I don’t. Because Sam deserves it: She deserves to be praised like a goddess; to be worshipped like a heavenly body; to be admired like a budding, black, rose. She deserves it and more. For her every inch of earth she walks on to be kissed, for every smiled she gives to be framed and displayed as a masterpiece. Every word she utters is pure Shakespeare, and should be carved into stone. Every laugh she offers should ring in your ears for all eternity, and should be more cherished than the song of the sirens.

Because she deserves it. She deserves it and more.

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Danny eyed the taller boy suspiciously, almost refusing to introduce himself as they passed by in one of the school’s many hallways. Something about him seemed… off. His white skin, pointed hair. He was a freak at least, but the boy gave off a gut feeling that spelled doom.

Later that day, Danny saw him again as he was leaving the institution. Tucker was out of town and Sam, for one reason or another, decided to play hooky today, leaving Danny defenseless. At least from himself. Who knew when he was going to do or say something stupid. He just hoped that jogging after the freak wasn’t the first in a long string of bad decisions.

“Hey,” he said as he finally caught up. Sam would be proud; he was hanging out with her people without her. “I’m Danny. So, umm, not to be rude, but you’re not from around here, are you?”

10 Days of Danny Phantom


Day 2: Favorite Character(s)

1) Well this is kind of obvious, don’t you think?

Danny Phantom was really my first ever fandom. The first episode I saw was Lucky in Love and, even though it was at the gym, on a tiny, audioless TV with no captions, my sister and I were hooked instantly, desperately working our very young brains to figure out what, exactly, was going on. Describing our first encounter, even today a decade afterward, still gives me chills and a knot in my stomach. And who wouldn’t be in love with a teen age boy who disappears in these magic rings, inverts his colors, and shoots green rays out of his hands?

Danny’s got a great, likable character that goes through real-life problems in the most bizarre fashion. He matures throughout the series, in his powers and his personality, and has a great heart. Why do you think he cared so much about Dani being hurt even if she was nothing more than a cheap knock-off of him? He was even willing to surrender himself to his worst enemy to ensure her safety. That takes guts, guys. Guts and a genuine spirit. Pun intended.

Another thing I love about Danny is his relationship with his friends, Sam in particular. They carry on a maybe they will, they probably won’t romantic relationship, even though it’s not the premise of the series, that, too, blossoms right at the end. Danny, though he may be absorbed over Star giving him a back massage, always listens to Sam and Tucker (Beauty Marked) and is truly hurt when he upsets either of them. (Memory Blank)

As I read on the DP tag: If you did not have a crush on this boy you are lying.