askdeterminedlosers  asked:

Frisk: "Chara look! This Chara has fluffy hair, too!" Chara: "And they're still dead. How weird and embarrassing for them." [lol Hello there!]

*So you are alive. How curious.
*And you- I saw you in the other Chara’s notebook. You’re a Frisk, correct?
(Pff hello to you!)

||KHR Week: Day 1 (August 15th)|| Rain||
|||Option A- Favourite Character ||Sawada Tsunayoshi||

If you ask me who my favourite character in KHR is- it’s always gonna be Tsuna, man. Always.

choco-bunni  asked:

I know you get this alot, but I really love your art and how you draw 'smol Genji and Hanzo ;-;!! I just want to touch Hanzo's hair because it looks so fluffy and soft *^* Can't wait to see the ending of both the Time Travel and the other one (i don't know the title :'D)! Keep up the awesome work <3

Uwahh thank you so much <3 that means a lot! ;v;

Hanzo’s hair looked so soft, it might be super soft, who knows!

I’ll do my best on both of the comic! ;w;