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Is it my imagination or does Norman look worn out and tired in some of those comic con pics? He looks really old! I mean, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers, but he does look haggard.

I think he may be a bit tired in a few of the pictures. Is it me or dose he always look super worn out after getting off a flight. Crackers….😃😃😃

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Edi ba kanina umaga, sobrang sama ng pakiramdam ko tapos pagpasok ko sa clinic.. Ang toxic. May bago nanaman kami na PPE/APE, 200 clients :( Nakakaiyak kasi lahat may drug test tapos hinang hina na ako pero wala ako magawa kailangan ko kung kumilos kasi may sakit na rin si Ma'am Jen.

Tapos pinapakain na nila ako, ayaw ko kumain hanggat hindi nababawasan ang dami ng for drug test. Nalipasan na nang gutom lahat lahat, trabaho pa din ako ng trabaho. Pati yung mga clients ko, naaawa na sakin kasi sobrang haggard ko na. Mageextract ako ng blood then magdrug test tapos magrerecord ng kung ano ano tapos mananaway ng mga maiingay at pasaway, di ko na lam kung ano uunahin ko. Juskorudeeh, kulang nalang maglaslas ako kanina sa sobrang pagod, tapos nung hapon na naiiyak na ako kasi sobrang crowded na. Hindi na ako makahinga sa dami ng gagawin. Nakakapagod na talaga.

Nung malapit na maubos lahat ng client kanina, unti unti na silang umalis. Yung iba nagbabye sakin, tapos meron dun nakakaloko.. Nagbabye sakin sabay sabi ng “I love you, Ma'am! Thank you!” . Nagulat ako, ang nasabi ko na lang “Ah, oh!”. Nagtawanan tuloy sina Ma'am Loida.

For @wierdogal: “DO!Belle’s caretaker has magic” with cover art! We both got lucky! I love writing DO!Belle, and you love reading it, so that couldn’t possibly have worked out better! Also available on AO3:

The end of his chance at a good, normal life began with a cup of water…

A plea from the Duke of the Frontlands drew the Dark One to his stronghold in the early spring. Well, to be honest, it was the only stronghold in the Frontlands at this juncture, anything else resembling a structure demolished by Ogres over the course of fifteen years of war. Along with most of the young. If you could find anyone between the ages of twelve and forty with all their limbs attached, they’d either dodged the draft or were half-mad with the trauma of battle no one mentioned in great ballads.

Another cause for the haggard far-too-few faces of the refugees hiding behind the crumbling walls was the inevitable famine that came when farmers couldn’t tend to their crops and the game fled to safer fields. Or were also dead by Ogre hands. Then there was various illnesses that came with death-tainted water and cramped quarters as the courtyard filled with people and, quite honestly, it was a cesspool of desperation and grief.

The Dark One, Belle, almost found their united despair too much to handle.

Only something kept drawing her to the barely defended castle. It wasn’t the Duke’s whining for help, either. He could go march into the maw of a dragon for all she cared, he killed two baby Ogres and wounded a third that so enraged the mountain-dwelling Ogres that the whole damned war began!

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The Haggard - A 10'x10’ Owner Built Tiny House

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One of my regular readers reports becoming so inspired by tiny houses, that he built one himself! Here’s what Mark said:

“Hi, I’ve been looking at the pictures on the facebook page for a while, and in March I finally started one of my own. This is it so far; it’s called The Haggard. Its floor space is 10ft by 10ft and very nearly ready to move into. Looking at the tiny house facebook page made me want to do this so thanks for making it.” – Mark

Thanks Mark! You’ve done a great job! Can’t wait to see the finished result.

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Super 8 music video for “For Matthew Shepard” by The Haggard off their album A Bike City Called Greasy.  


1, 2, 9) Beyonce—Lemonade

3) Euripides—Medea

4) Sarah Kane—4.4.8 Psychosis 

5) Alice Notley—Negativity’s Kiss

6) Salma Deera

7) “Fury” by ranslated by Tina Tupikina-Glaessner, Geoffrey Dutton, and Igor Mezhakoff-Koriakin (revised)Yevgeny Yevtushenko

8) Alice Notley—”Love Song”

10) Ray Osborn–Yellow

Missed the songs list?
Here it is for you!
Also tune in by clicking on the below YouTube link:

Rock and Roll: The Hills by The Weekend

Love: Hysteric by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

High School: All Mine by Portishead

Reminds you of a city: Look out Cleveland by the Band

Dance to: Danger High Voltage by Electric Six

Performed Live: Little Red Corvette by Prince

R&B: Pyramids by Frank Ocean

Duet: Poncho and Lefty by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard

Parents Favorite Song: Drifter’s Wife by JJ Cale

Christmas Song: Lumberjack Christmas by Sufjan Stevens

Movie song: Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra

Happy Song: Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Fill in the blank (reggae): Riding for a fall by Delroy Wilson

Favorite of all time: Young Americans by David Bowie

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TS Flew Home On Private ✈️🤔

I received this tip earlier today:

Hey one of my friends works for a private jet company here in Oz and said that Taylor and Tom flew out last night to Hawaii! Btw my friend said he looked really old and haggard haha.

Private jets cannot typically reach the US from Australia so they stop in Hawaii to refuel. Tom has to be in the US on Saturday so I am confident that the Hawaii stop is not a vacation. It looks like Taylor is already back in LA.

The fact that they flew back on a private jet indicates to me that, in light of the Kim/Kanye backlash, Team Swift wants to keep Taylor out of the media while they strategize their next move. It also tells me that the Kim/Taylor feud is not a staged PR stunt as some have speculated and I had briefly pondered myself. Tom and Taylor flew commercial to Australia and made sure they were pap’d in LA and Australia …… so changing plans and spending a lot of money on a private jet to bring them back is interesting indeed. Notably, Taylor has not been seen with Tom since the Kim/Kanye stunt happened.