before and after sim tag by my bb @soft-almond

rules: update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

i had to dig out old tray file backups because i had already deleted them but LOL on top is ellery she was the first sim i made from scratch and i’ve continually updated her over time!! on the bottom is alta i’ve made her over before but i wasn’t happy with it, i got her old tray files out and changed her up to match my style now :-) this was super fun thanks lauren!

i tag @bratsims, @kismet-sims, @goldenpixels, @ceiuu & whoever else wants to do this :’-)

There’s so many things happening in this clip and I can’t stop laughing 😂😂

Ladies and gentlemen, this is NCT 127. 😂

@fightmemogami​ I am. I freaking adore love triangles. Me shipping stuff is like a bunch of loosely connected lines everywhere.

He didn’t have to read the other boy’s mind to know he was trouble. The arrogance, the entitlement, the almost overpowering sense of ego. He’d seen this type before and they were always trouble. If he was an esper on top of that as Kageyama had said then even more reason to avoid him. The fact that Kageyama was friends with a person like that was none of his business. If he, in naïvety or stupidity, wanted to be around a person who was obviously bad news then that was his problem. Just because Kageyama could be too nice for his own good, too forgiving, too open to manipulation didn’t mean he had to do anything about it. It was none of his business.

Except it was.

Announcement (Where to find my comics?)

I’m working on an account at

So ya’ll can read my comics without going through a lot of trouble finding it and if ya wanna help me out you can donate to me too!! YEEY for me but not for you Cuz I got your munz Ahaha JK

I know some of ya’ll are like ‘Comix, Ya keep on makin’ comics but never really finish or start it’ yeah true that’s why I’m working my ass out at Tapastic so I can start and finish my long list of comics

Here is the list of comic I’m working on;

☆ Eddsworld: Age restricted (Fan Comic)
☆ Eddsworld: Unlock (Fan Comic)
☆ Eddsworld: Paint the town Redd (Fan Comic)
☆ Just Ask
☆ I Love my Male Parents
☆ She was here
☆ For Hire
☆ Don’t Sleep
☆ Fallen Leaves

I’m going to announce my account soon also my YouTube account


Happy birthday to the lovely, wonderful, beautiful @magerain!!!

May your special day be filled with happiness, delicious cake and good coffee! ^^ Keep dreaming and achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself! ^^ And, I’m gonna quote you here, you’re the best bro, bro!

I’d like to formally extend a hand of love and compassion to the Ymir fans. I’m so sorry for your loss. While I stand on my mountain and shout about my fortune, I do not forget that there are people with broken hearts. If any of my mutuals or followers - or anyone else in the fandom - are having a hard time this chapter, I’m here to listen to you and give you hugs. My chat is open (I’ll be at work all of today, but I’ll read anything sent to me as soon as I can, you won’t fall on deaf ears). At least today’s episode will feature Ymir alive as ever, hopefully that’s of some comfort to you. Take care ❤