✰ - C h e c k  p o i n t - ✰

  1. something about us - daft punk 
  2. zelda theme remake - scott pilgrim vs. the world ost
  3. everything’s not lost - coldplay
  4. dad museum - steven universe ost 
  5. hillcrest park - scott pilgrim vs the world ost
  6. the moon song - karen o 
  7. memories of the garden - persona 3 portable ost 
  8. on melancholy hill (acoustic) - gorillaz
  9. love me some walking - scott pilgrim ost
  10. all that matters - estelle
  11. yellow - coldplay
  12. the legend of korra credits song - legend of korra ost
  13. empire ants - gorillaz
  14. safe & sounds - taylor swift (ft. the civil wars)
  15. falling - florence + the machine
  16. lions & dragons - Zach Williams 
  17. Wanderers Lullaby - Adriana Figueroa

orphanmaslanyyleda-1995 asked:

1, 2, 4, 10, 12, 15 <3

Woooah thanks so much :)

1. What are you wearing right now? shorts and an oversized tshirt because its so fucking hot today

2. Top favourite 3 songs as of now? Oceans by Seafret, The Blur, The Line & The Thickest of Onions by Little Comets, and Scott Pilgrim by Plumtree

3. First kiss experience? lol it was ok, a bit slobery, a random guy who i ended up hiding from for the rest of the night, but still pretty fun

4. Who do you look up to most and why? i have this friend who is legit the best person on the planet, like so intelligent and he just cares so fucking much, so yeah i guess i look up to him, but thats kind of weird to say since he is a friend, hes just so fucking great

10. Has someone ever changed you significantly and how? yeah but not in a good way, which kinda sucks

12. Left handed or right handed? RIGHTYRIGHTYRIGHTY

15. Is there anyone you like and why? There are a few people at the moment, and theyre all pretty fucking cute, no major crushes though ;)

Look guys. Scott Pilgrim was a codependent assclown. Stop romanticizing Scott and Ramona’s relationship just because Romana had cool hair in a movie, and Scott was played by Michael Cera. Romana had just gotten out of a slew of extremely emotionally abusive relationships and settled for Scott because he genuinely liked her, even for the pettiest of reasons.

after seeing some Scott Pilgrim posts, it reminds me of the first time i got my friends to watch this movie. 

at this point in my life, i was only hanging out with guys and these guys are hardcore gamers, so to me, Scott Pilgrim is right up their alley.

except none of them had seen it.

so one weekend, we gather into garrett’s dads giant ass truck and head to the lake where his parents have a cabin. 

and we get fucking trashed, i mean trashed. so i’m like, we need to watch this movie now!

and Scott Pilgrim just reminds me of uncomfortably sitting on the floor (because Garrett, Cody and Skittles took the fucking couch and Matt had the bed) and listening to them watch it and how amazing they thought it was.

we watched it like, three times that night.

and it was a good night because i’m not a gamer and even though we were all friends, we didn’t have a lot of things in common to talk about, we were just good at hanging out together and this was our thing. 

and yeah, now i’m a little homesick again, but its a good memory.