Scott Pilgrim annoys me so much I actually have to write a post about it..

idk what to tell you guys.. I just read the first Scott Pilgrim comic book (christmas gift from a friend), and I gotta tell ya.. it’s baaaad.. it’s like.. okay.. 

the art looks so half assed it’s not even funny.. I know tons of artists here on tumblr who would draw circles around this guy (myself included, the few times my brain lets me pick up a pencil). 

and the script reads like a classical whiny cis het white male who can’t even be bothered to be honest to the girls he’s dating. the ONLY source of drama in the ENTIRE 190 page book is because HE’S NOT PRESENT ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY TELL THE GIRL HE’S DATING THAT HE LIKES SOMEONE ELSE. and then ofc queue trite old unoriginal “love triangle” bullshit.. (polyamory and honesty? never heard of it apparently!) 

THEN he goes on to make a section about “describing the characters” in which, the roommate is only defined as “gay”, the object of affection is just defined as “mysteriously hot” and the girl he’s already dating is “crazy” and goes from bookish to “super hot” in the course of like 3 weeks because he “opens her eyes to the music scene and she becomes TOTALLY SCENY!” (his words, not mine). Not to mention how he (author) writes about how she’s “an amalgamation of all the asian women I’ve known in my life” …….seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

………..this piece of shit has won AWARDS?!  

man alive this is some bad rubbish..