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  1. something about us - daft punk 
  2. zelda theme remake - scott pilgrim vs. the world ost
  3. everything’s not lost - coldplay
  4. dad museum - steven universe ost 
  5. hillcrest park - scott pilgrim vs the world ost
  6. the moon song - karen o 
  7. memories of the garden - persona 3 portable ost 
  8. on melancholy hill (acoustic) - gorillaz
  9. love me some walking - scott pilgrim ost
  10. all that matters - estelle
  11. yellow - coldplay
  12. the legend of korra credits song - legend of korra ost
  13. empire ants - gorillaz
  14. safe & sounds - taylor swift (ft. the civil wars)
  15. falling - florence + the machine
  16. lions & dragons - Zach Williams 
  17. Wanderers Lullaby - Adriana Figueroa

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AU Crossover: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World/ 5SOS

Luke Hemmings- Scott Pilgrim

Michael Clifford- Ramona Flowers

Ashton Irwin- Kim Pine

Calum Hood- Todd Ingram

A/N: This isn’t really a AU more like a crossover idea I had when the boys visited Toronto on tour, and I even drew it out because the idea seemed great at the time.. I don’t know if I should really continue this (???) It was really just an idea for fun. If you guys like the idea maybe I’ll continue it and edit out a few scenes.

Not my gifs just my edits. All gifs were found here.


  • Alec:Have you ever dated someone who wasn't a total ass?
  • Magnus:So far you're not a total ass.
  • Alec:But I'm part ass?
  • Magnus:If it makes you feel better you're the nicest guy I've dated.
  • Alec:Wait, is that good?
  • Magnus:It's what I need right now.
  • Alec:But not later?
  • Magnus:Alec, I don't have all the answers. I just like to live in the moment if I can.

About that DC/Marvel post, I’m amused and annoyed that they put the speed dating as a LOL SO ZANY BEST THING like it’s the pinnacle in Loki’s current run, because there’s so much hilarious stuff that the 616 Lokis (in plural) have been doing in the last three years, like

  • Blowing up Stonehenge and British landmarks in general with a smartphone while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and quoting Oppenheimer (the monuments get better.)
  • Asking for donations for a puppy on Tumblr.
  • Just the fact that smartphones and Instagram accounts are a thing with Lokis now.
  • Downloading movies in the “torrents of bits”.
  • Counting Internet memes as arcane studies.
  • Milkshakes. Bacon. Breakfast meats.
  • Planning that involves a circular table game as diagram.
  • Making references to Game of Thrones, Scott Pilgrim, and The Princess Bride, among others.
  • Pretending to be Harry Styles and being called “one-direction-y”
  • Singing Wicked songs in the shower.
  • Let us not forget killing off a mythological fish monster in the past with a bazooka.

Lokis are just ridiculous creatures now, and speed dating isn’t even in my top ten of cracky shit they’ve pulled off.

I once had a guy tell me “typical of most girls, because you all are just some jeallous plane janes” when I told him that I had mixed feelings about the comic character “Ramona Flowers” from Scott Pilgrim. This has happened before most of the time I want to express an opinion on a female comic/animation character: it seems that we only are some “ugly jeallous bitches” if the character is a female and is pretty.

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Scott Pilgrim annoys me so much I actually have to write a post about it..

idk what to tell you guys.. I just read the first Scott Pilgrim comic book (christmas gift from a friend), and I gotta tell ya.. it’s baaaad.. it’s like.. okay.. 

the art looks so half assed it’s not even funny.. I know tons of artists here on tumblr who would draw circles around this guy (myself included, the few times my brain lets me pick up a pencil). 

and the script reads like a classical whiny cis het white male who can’t even be bothered to be honest to the girls he’s dating. the ONLY source of drama in the ENTIRE 190 page book is because HE’S NOT PRESENT ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY TELL THE GIRL HE’S DATING THAT HE LIKES SOMEONE ELSE. and then ofc queue trite old unoriginal “love triangle” bullshit.. (polyamory and honesty? never heard of it apparently!) 

THEN he goes on to make a section about “describing the characters” in which, the roommate is only defined as “gay”, the object of affection is just defined as “mysteriously hot” and the girl he’s already dating is “crazy” and goes from bookish to “super hot” in the course of like 3 weeks because he “opens her eyes to the music scene and she becomes TOTALLY SCENY!” (his words, not mine). Not to mention how he (author) writes about how she’s “an amalgamation of all the asian women I’ve known in my life” …….seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

………..this piece of shit has won AWARDS?!  

man alive this is some bad rubbish.. 

The Signs as Michael Cera Quotes

Aries: “I try really hard, actually” [Juno, 2007]
Taurus: “My mom uses color-safe bleach” [Juno, 2007]
Gemini: “And take off your vest. You look like Aladin.” [Superbad, 2007]
Cancer: “The other day I had a confrontation in the street cause a guy yelled at me ‘Michael Cera sucks!’ And I thought ‘Oh geez, that’s me’” [ The David Letterman Show, 2013]
Leo: “I asked for the Ellen Degeneres haircut.” [Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, 2008]
Virgo: “Unless you do drugs, in which case I do drugs all the time. Every drug.“ [Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010]
Libra: “We should just make out instead la la la” [Juno, 2007]
Scorpio: “Hi, I was thinking about asking you out, but then I realized that would be stupid” [Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010]
Sagittarius: (“I’ve never even kissed a guy before”) “Hey, me neither” [Scott Pilgrim vs. The world, 2010]
Capricorn: “Hey, does this coke smell funny?” [This Is The End, 2013]
Aquarius: “You know what sucks? Everything.” [Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010]
Pisces: “What a fun, sexy time for you” [Arrested Development, 2003-2006]

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Michael blurb on how he would act around his crush

He’d be like, really clingy kinda? Like, he’d just be the most around you at parties and hang-outs and stuff like that. 

i m a g i n e that you guys are at a party, actually. (Almost like that scene from Scott Pilgrim vs The World). So you’re already there, leaving against the wall in a somewhat vacant spot. Little cliques formed around you with a few drunk people were speaking to you about who knows what. But you were anticipating someone else’s presence. 

A few minutes later, the small group dissolved and you were alone once more with your red solo cup in hand. But your eyes wander to the door to see that red-haired dork you liked so much. You watch as Michael scoped the room and singled you out. He quickly grabs a red solo cup and approaches you. 

“Hey!” Michael says enthusiastically, smiling widely at you. He leans on the wall next to you, having you look over at him and grin for a moment. “Been here for a while?”

“Eh, a fair hour or so,” you admit with a shrug. Taking a sip from the cup, you yawn and give Michael a groggy smile. “It’s been such a drag, honestly. Getting drunk with boring, drunk people really ruins the mood.” 

“Thank god I came, huh?” Michael tries, hoping you enjoyed his company. And honestly, you did. Michael was always around when you needed/wanted him around. 

“Definitely,” you agree, giving him an honest smile. You two spent hours on that wall, 20 cups of beer down your stomach with constellations leaving your tongues. The both of you spoke of space and rollerblading and snow. With the more words being exchanged, the more Michael was falling for you, and you were joining him on the trip. 

“You’re gorgeous, Y/N,” Michael slurs, looking at you adoringly. His forest eyes study you like a rarity he’d never see again. It was the adoration in his eyes that was killing you. 

“Thanks,” you say, blushing madly due to the intoxication. “You’re not so bad yourself, stud,” you whisper, poking his prickly chin. Michael chuckles strongly, causing his eyes to close and his nose to crinkle up due to his genuine smile. 

“Mate?” Suddenly, Luke interrupts the two of you. His white shirt was coated with beer and some brown stuff, assuming he’s been near the chocolate fountain. “You wanna come play beer pong?” Luke asked Michael. 

“Later, I wanna chill a bit more with Y/N,” Michael said, giving you a wink. You blush, having Luke get the message before escaping into the crowd of sweaty bodies. Michael looks back at you and keeps his fixture on you. As the two of you got closer, Michael was able to lean his forehead on yours and deepens the conversation. 

And let’s just say; Michael never went to play beer pong with Luke.