‘Time Travel’ isn’t what anyone would traditionally consider a road trip, but in terms of going far from home and finding something you didn’t know you were looking for, it totally counts.

Which is why I’m counting this as an entry in Mcreyes Summer Break organized by @mcreyesevents because I need to post this (and I need to make this wild west time travel au happen goddammit)

Artists Birthdays

Here you can find KHH rappers/singers/idols date of birth. This is not only for fans who might have just gotten into KKH but for everyone else. Thank you for all your support.


Olltii- 2nd, 1996
Iron- 8th, 1992
San E- 23rd, 1985
Giriboy-24th, 1991
Paloalto- 24th, 1984
The Quiett- 29th, 1985


J-Hope- 18, 1994
Sik-K- 26th, 1994
CJamm- 28th, 1993


Simon D-  9th, 1984
Jooyoung- 9th, 1991
Suga- 9, 1993
Okasian- 11th, 1987
Dok2- 28th, 1990
Mino- 30, 1993
Yongguk- 31, 1990


Hanhae- 7th, 1990
Zion.T- 13th, 1989
Jay Park- 25th, 1987


Crush- 3rd, 1992
Taewoon- 11, 1990


#Gun- 26th, 1994


Rap Monster- 12th, 1994
Beenzino- 12th, 1987
Zico- 14th, 1992


Jooheon- 6th, 1994
Swings-14th, 1986
Sanchez- 17th, 1986
B.I- 22nd, 1996


Dean- 10, 1992
DinDin- 20th, 1991


Gray- 8th, 1986
Vasco-18th, 1980
Verbal Jint- 19th, 1980
Bobby- 21, 1995
Loco- 25th, 1989

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