The German Captured PPSh-41

Perhaps the most iconic Soviet weapon of World War II, the PPSh-41 was also wildly popular among German forces who captured tens of thousands of the submachine guns and put them to good use. Among German soldiers they were popular for their ruggedness and their 71 round drum magazine. Chambered for 7.62x25mm Tokarev, the Germans lucked out in that they could used the German 7.63x25mm Mauser cartridge which was dimensionally similar. In it’s standard caliber, in German service it was called the MP717®.

While the MP717® was popular, there was a problem in that it’s 7.63x25mm Mauser ammunition was not so common.  Most German pistols and submachine guns used 9x19mm Parabellum. The 7.63 Mauser cartridge was developed for the C96 Broomhandle pistol, which was popular during World War I but not as common during World War II. As a result, the Germans developed a 9mm conversion of the PPSh-41 called the MP-41®. 

The conversion was produced by replacing the extractor and changing out the barrel for one used on the German MP 40 submachine gun.  The weapon used MP 40 magazines which were fitted with a special adapter.  Supposedly, around 4,000 of these conversions were made, although it is unknown how many were actually produced.


Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello: Bad Things


Hazard 4 Battle Axe

Marketed as a discrete rifle case disguised as a guitar case. There is enough room to actually put a real full size electric guitar in there, although it may be tight if you have your rifle packed. Comes only in Coyote Tan and Black at the moment, the shoulder strap is sold separately. MSRP is about $199. (GRH)


Waffenfabrik Bern experimented with rifles largely based on the German FG-42. This example uses a short 7.5mm cartridge similar to the German 8×33 (other prototypes used a short 7.65mm or the full size 7.5x55mm round). The mechanism uses a long gas piston and hinged lock to secure the breech. It fired both semi and fully automatic, both from a closed bolt.

A brief reminder that LSD was synthetized in Switzerland in 1938.


Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello: Bad Things