cishets going to pride in support of their lgbt friends/family:

cishets going to pride to be politically active and do things like register voters:

cishets going to pride because they were invited by an lgbt person:

cishets going to pride because “gay people know how to party”:

cishets going to pride because they treat lgbt culture like a zoo to gawk at:

cishets participating in pride because it gets them good guy points:


Barrett M468

Known primarily for their legendary .50 caliber rifle, the M468 was Barrett’s first entry into the AR-15 market. Originally created in hopes that the 6.8 SPC would replace the 5.56x45mm cartridge, the M468 ended up being offered to the civilian market. This example has the very rare factory made suppressor designed specifically for this rifle. Although the M468 is no longer in production, it’s successor, the REC 7 is still available. (GRH)


American Derringer Model 1

Although it looks like your standard derringer that would be chambered in .38 Special, this one uses the .223 Remington cartridge. Some would expect the bullet to be sticking out of the barrel considering how small the pistol is but apparently it fits. I suppose if you have an AR-15 and need a tiny little backup gun that uses the same cartridge, then this would be an option. (GRH)