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So are you saying that I'm allowed to use daydreaming as a coping mechanism? Even though I'm an adult? I've been told that I need to grow out of that stuff but... I really miss creating my own worlds

After thoroughly investigating “maladaptive daydreaming” literature, I could find no actual evidence that daydreaming is, in itself, maladaptive!  The problem is usually a skill gap where the daydreamer ALSO doesn’t know how to deal with a problem.

A problem that occurs in countless other people who don’t daydream.

Meanwhile, my main area of study is complex trauma, which field is full of cases of, “This horrible trauma/neglect/deprivation should have totally fucked this person up and would have produced a human being incapable of anything resembling a normal life–but because they had a rich imagination and abundant inner resources, they were able to create an inner narrative that gave the safety, control, love, and meaning that their real life utterly lacked.”

So I was gonna say “ehh, I’m new to the field, IDK that I’m allowed to give anyone permission to anyone” but—

DREAM THE FUCK ON.  Learn to deal with real life too, but if daydreams are there for you to fall back on? DREAM.

anyway, the other day I was cleaning out the group head of the espresso machine at work and the espresso ground smears made a dancing penguin.  a blessed image.

273-TERRACOTY [Terra Cotta-Coyote]
-The Trickster pokemon
-Ability: Prankster - Magic Guard(HA)
-Dex: “This mischievous pokemon is known for its childish behaviour, and are often attracted to small children who they like to amuse with their psychic tricks. Their bodies are made of hard clay, and it is part of many native myths that this pokemon where sculpted by the gods.”

–>Evolves at lvl 20<–

274-COYOTRIK [Coyote-Trick]
-The Trickster Pokemon
-Ability:  Prankster - Magic Guard(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon enjoys playing with others, doesn’t matter if they are pokemons or humans. This pokemon likes to play tricks on anyone unsuspecting of its presence, making use of its psychic powers to achieve all kind of pranks and tricks. It is believed that if you are having a party and a COYOTRIK shows up, you will be blessed with happiness and good luck.”
    -Stomping Tantrum
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Trick Room

–>Evolves at lvl 42<–

275- TOTEMAGO [Totem-Mago]
-The Totemic Pokemon
-Ability: Sacred Land*
-Dex: “This pokemon can live for over a hundred years and was considered by many native tribes a sacred creature. Unlike COYOTRIK this pokemon is very serious and will reflect over its actions for hours, standing perfectly still while meditating. Many come to this pokemon seeking its experience and wisdom.”
    -Earth Power
    -Dragon Dance

*Ground moves are treated as Psychic Moves at the same time.

  • Tim McGraw: The name of my first summer love.
  • Picture To Burn: Someone who's picture I'd like to burn
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: The last time I cried during a song
  • A Place In This World: The Place I'd like to live the most
  • Cold As You: The worst rejection I've ever gotten.
  • The Outside: When did I feel most alone?
  • Tied Together With A Smile: Who is the strongest person I know?
  • Stay Beautiful: Who is the most beautiful person I know?
  • Mary's Song (Oh My My My): The name of my first crush
  • Our Song: A song that means a lot to me.
  • I'm Only Me When I'm With You: A person I can be myself with
  • Invisible: An awkward confession.
  • A Perfectly Good Heart: I'll tell you something sweet about your blog.
  • Fearless: My biggest fear.
  • Fifteen: A memory from when I was fifteen
  • Love Story: A story about something romantic that happened to me.
  • Hey Stephen: The name of my crush
  • White Horse: Have I ever been in love with someone who was taken?
  • You Belong With Me: Which celebrity shoyld see, they belong with me?
  • Breathe: Something I can't breathe without
  • Tell Me Why: A question of mine that has yet to be answered.
  • You're Not Sorry: Something I'm sorry for?
  • Forever & Always: What do I wish to have forever and always?
  • The Best Day: What was the best day so far?
  • Change: What do I want to change about myself?
  • Jump Then Fall: Who's laugh is the best sound I have ever heard?
  • Untouchable: My biggest dream
  • Come In With The Rain: My favourite kind of weather.
  • Superstar: My celebritycrush
  • The Other Side Of The Door: The last person I fought with
  • Mine: The best thing that's ever been mine
  • Sparks Fly: Who captivates my like a fireworkshow?
  • Back To December: If I could go back in time, where would I go?
  • Speak Now: *Insert any question here*
  • Dear John: Something I wanna say to my exboyfriend/girlfriend/crush
  • Mean: The meanest thing someone has ever said to me.
  • The Story Of Us: Tell a story about someone you know
  • Never Grow Up: A memory about growing up
  • Enchanted: Someone who enchants me.
  • Better Than Revenge: Someone you want to teach a lesson
  • Innocent: How easily do I forgive?
  • Haunted: A memory that haunts me.
  • Last kiss: The last person I kissed/wanted to kiss.
  • Long Live: Who will I remember forever?
  • Ours: Who has a pretty little mind?
  • If This Was A Movie: If my life was a movie, who would play me?
  • Superman; If I had any superpower, what would it be?
  • State Of Grace: Who is my achilles' heel?
  • Red: Someone I just can't forget.
  • Treacherous: The most dangerous thing I have ever done
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: The last time I got in trouble
  • All Too Well: Something someone said, I remember all too well
  • 22: My best birthday ever.
  • I almost do: How often do I doubt myself?
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Together: A couple you wish would get back together
  • Stay Stay Stay: Someone you can depend on
  • The Last Time: The Last Time I....*insert something here*
  • Holy Ground: I don't wanna dance, if I'm not dancing with....
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Something that makes me sad
  • The Lucky One: My biggest dream
  • Everything Has Changed: Something that has changed about me
  • Starlight: The most marvelous tune
  • Begin Again: What would I do again and again?
  • The Moment I Knew: The moment I knew...*insert something here*
  • Come Back...Be Here: Someone I miss
  • Girl at Home: Have I ever cheated on someone?

i sincerely hope that jason derulo brings up the 1D talk dirty to me video and harry puts his face in his hands because he’s embarrassed

bonus points if james shows the clip where harry picks up that giant roll the canvas on the ground and starts dancing with it and then niall looks over at him for a second before continuing to dance like that wasn’t fuckcicing weird as hell

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I did a study (survey type) ten years ago about daydreaming and found that it was related to "openness to experience" and "creative problem solving. Maladaptive daydreaming was defined in the literature as ruminating on negative thoughts or feelings. Side note: I did the study before I knew I have combined type ADHD. So I was probably projecting a bit trying to justify my inattentive zoning out habits (aka world building inside my head time).

High five from the ADHD-PI chick over here.  Since starting on this topic I got lost for half an hour down a research rabbit hole and then remembered I had a ton of personal projects I want to do, plus actual real for-pay work I’m behind on. So.

The classic Eli Somer definition of maladaptive daydreaming is “an extensive fantasy activity that replaces human interaction and/or interferes with academic, interpersonal, or vocational functioning” (his scale doesn’t address content almost at all, but focuses largely on behavioural criteria) and to me it’s a very tail-wags-the-dog thing. It’s like stimming in autism.

The behaviourist approach to autism, or the maladaptive daydreaming approach, focuses on the end result (daydreaming, hand-flapping) and says that, THAT is the bad thing, and if we can diminish THAT, then the child can spend more time doing math homework or the person can spend more time socializing. Which is why you get “autism experts” who make children sit on their hands, or just tie or tape the children’s hands down, to make them “pay attention”.  Behaviourists devote ENDLESS amounts of time to making autistic people stop stimming.

Meanwhile, if you ask the people inside the situation, the actual problem is emotional or physiological dysregulation; the problem is being so distressed and overloaded that it urgently needs soothing, either through sensory or imaginal self-stimulation. 

The actually useful solution is helping the person find easier, more efficient ways of self-soothing that they can then go do their math homework or talk to people.  Which can be big–medication, less stimulating environments, schedule changes–or small, like having a fidget toy or worry beads.

Whereas the actual “experts” who have targeted stimming or maladaptive daydreaming as the bad thing are the kings of their little theoretical castle and by GOD they’re not admitting that the thing they’ve sworn to eradicate is actually a useful coping skill.

concept- we burn this town into the ground and dance on the embers and then we watch the stars and listen to neck deep and kiss a lot


After school, John Watson would always stop by the dance studio, even though it was out of his way. He’d climb the stairs and sit by the little balcony that overlooked the studio area, watching the afternoon ballet class. 

Girls in pink tutus and leotards sashayed and pranced across the floor, but John only had eyes for the single boy in the room, the one with the curly locks and the skin-tight black T-shirt that bounced every time he leaped. 

The boy whose skin looked so soft, pale as it was, and whose feet didn’t even touch the ground when he danced. The boy whose movements flowed into one another, twirling with his arms outstretched, his eyes screwed up with concentration, but the tiniest hint of a smile barely noticeable on his face.

The boy who made John’s heart flutter in his chest every time he turned briefly in his direction.

John would always try and work up the courage to talk to him after the class ended. He wanted to get to know this boy who made him feel so warm and melty inside. But every time, he decided he wouldn’t, for fear of embarrassing himself. He’d just continue to be the one who watched from afar, mesmerized by the silky hair and the movements that flowed like the breeze.

He wished that sometime, the boy would look up and notice him, just once.

But what John didn’t know was that he himself was being noticed. 

After class, Sherlock Holmes would immediately run to the door of the studio, still in his ballet clothing, and watch the blond boy walk away. He longed to say something to his secret admirer, maybe just send a nod or a wink up to the balcony during the class, but he was unbelievably shy, and couldn’t work up the courage.

The truth was, he loved dancing, but it was made hundreds time better every time he was able to glimpse the adorable, intrigued face of the boy on the balcony.

He loved dancing, but it was a bonus when his heart danced, too.
Maybe someday he’d be able to express that. 

But for now, it was just the dancer and the admirer, each not knowing that the other was there, each full of longing and the sort of warmth that could only be put there by love.

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Title: Singing in the Rain (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: It’s a cozy, rainy night in after studying for the reader, one that Peter happens to sneak up on

Word Count: 1566

Warnings: Fluffy, cute, cuddly!

A/N: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH UGH I CANNOT TAKE IT. It’s so cute? And also tugs at my heart ok I hope you enjoy! Song.

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Your idea for the Guide to the land of lost children reminds me a lot of maladaptative daydreaming. I don't know if you have heard of it, it's being studied by only a handful of mental health professionals. I think it was Eli Somer who first noticed it and coined the term, and I know he has published several articles about it. There's also several support groups for people who claim to suffer this condition on tumblr and other websites.

Apologies if maladaptive daydreaming resonates for you.

I’ve studied maladaptive daydreaming and I… kind of have to admit that I hate the concept?  “Maladaptive” is such a judgmental word. Like I’ve said, it was anti-daydreaming attitudes that made me give up the coping mechanism keeping me sane and nearly drove me to suicide. I don’t remember that period of my life very well but my journals from the time are VERY bleak. 

I also have journals of the time in grad school I ran across the “maladaptive daydreaming” research and basically screamed in anger and frustration and rage for two weeks straight.  There’s an EXTREME difference between “daydreams can be maladaptive, we need to address how to help this person deal with reality better” and what happens in the research, which is literally, “This person is psychologically fine except she daydreams a lot and feels weird about it; here is the medication cocktail we put her on that made the daydreams go away.”

Now as a psychologist I’m a narrative therapist with a keen interest in helping writers and artists, and the psychologist I see for my own therapy is a Jungian who works with dreams. In my personal life, I’m a writer and paracosmist. If there’s anything I can do with my life and career, it will be to challenge the psychological field’s phobia of daydreams and champion peoples’ innate creative ability to use their inner resources towards their own health.

Not the One

Summary: The reader has a massive crush on the Winter Soldier but he has eyes for a red headed 

Warnings: Cussing. Angst. Fluff? I honestly don’t know. 

Author’s Note: I have been feeling really down lately so I wanted to do something to get it out. 

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Y/N was a very unique addition to the team of superheros. She was an excellent  sniper, she had the power of fire, mind control, and a few other powers. Y/N mostly kept to herself and was mainly found in the library but during any events with the team, she was there. 

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To second chances

What if Killian had found out the truth before finding David in that cell…Based on a scene I wrote once in another fandom and suddenly seemed super appropriate to captain charming.   

(Because darn it I wanted this drama wrapped up in one episode) 

The click of the cuff around his wrist was far more insulting than anything else and Killian watched in annoyance until David’s truck vanished from sight.  But there were only so many places to go in this town.  Lifting the chain from around his neck with his hook he found a small silver key, hidden amongst the charms,  very convenient thing to have around, living in close proximity to Charmings.  Taking the key in his teeth he made quick work of the handcuffs and sprinted to Granny’s pushing open the door and calling inside.  

“Drinks on me for a week for the first person to give me a ride-” he gestured in the general direction David’s truck had taken.  

“Sure, why not,” August spoke up from behind him. Killian turned around to see the puppet had pulled up on his infernal contraption.    “But you’ll have to wear the pink helmet.”

“I’m not wearing the bloody pink helmet.”  

“My ‘ship’ my rules,”  August drawled,  then seeming to remember something he dug into a satchel.  “When you catch up with David, would you give these to him?  Honestly there’s nothing else in there but I thought he’d like to have them anyway.”   

Killian glanced down briefly and suddenly his blood turned to ice.  That face-  He must have hesitated for a moment because August looked back at him.

“Thought you were in a hurry, Cap?”  

Killian snapped the pink helmet onto his head and hopped on the demon bike without a second thought.  “We need to find Dave’s truck, now.”

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Within Woman, is power to create, nurture, and transform. Blessed are our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters. Woman is Womb. The Creation gateway, the mystery of celestial realms, the motion of life force energy. Remember your womb wisdom, the breasts that flow milk and mystic sagacity. Remember the women who birthed their own fierce souls at creation’s crowning. The women who learned how to burn beneath the wild and searing Sun, who made loud love against the star consumed night, who knew that strength is not always a matter of muscle. Woman is Moon. Woman is Cycles. The seasonal rhythms of the Earth, Gaia. Connected through blood, horomone, and Spirit. This is essence. When full and weeping, Moon steps from the shade of a tumult of mountains and stands in her power knowing no fear. Acknowledge your ancestresses, feel She who is Life. We have forgotten how to dance bare-footed on the Earth, and therefore we have forgotten our true nature. We are the ground itself! Let her dance! Let her flow through you! Blessed are the Men, the Sacred Masculine, who entangle and entwine in harmonious balance with love and worship to the Divine Feminine. Together, we are a celestial cataclysm. Blessed Be, All of We.

Little Moments

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,823 (with lyrics)

Warnings: none, just fluff.

Prompt: Sam’s always enjoyed the little moments he spends with Y/N. Every day with her is a new adventure and Sam wants to be in it for the long haul.

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining ‘s 1K Challenge. It’s a little late, but better late than never right? My song was “Little Moments” by Brad Paisley. My gif is below. Shoutout to @megansescape for betaing this for me! Thanks a bunch!

Well I’ll never forget the first time that I heard
That pretty mouth say that dirty word
And I can’t even remember now what she backed my truck into
But she covered her mouth and her face got red
And she just looked so darn cute
That I couldn’t even act like I was mad
Yeah I live for little moments like that

“It’s a stick, Y/N. You have to.. here, just… let me…shift -”

“I’ve got it Sam!” She argued, swatting my hand away. I gave a long sigh, holding my hands up in sacrifice. “See? I got it.” She pushed the clutch in, it growled a little, but soon enough, Y/N was driving a straight line down the road. When it needed to be shifted again, she slowed, put the clutch in and got right back up to normal speed. We drove around the block a couple times. It was 25 miles per hour, nothing too fast as she was just learning, but she seemed to be getting a hang of it quite quickly.

“Okay, let’s back up into the driveway,” I suggested, seeing as she was doing well going forward. Backing up was actually easier, in my opinion, but we’ll see how it worked for Y/N. “Clutch in. Gas off. Now shift to reverse. Okay… hover over the gas. You have to turn so you can see where you’re going Y/N.”

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So I saw that you liked La La Land, and I watched it. And I didn't like it. The ending made me feel empty. And I didn't like Emma's voice when I first heard her sing. But I keep going back and listening to the music. And I keep rewatching. So maybe I do like it? I'm confused. So I was wondering what you liked the most about it.

It took me a few days to form my opinion on La La Land after my first time watching it, too. And the exact same thing happened to me: I kept listening to the music. I had the soundtrack on repeat for an entire week. And as I listened, I thought about it more and more, and everything sort of fell into place.

This movie is incredibly well put together. The day before it came out on DVD I was still noticing little details about it! Here’s a list of some things I picked up on.

  • The name of the movie, of course. Most of us know that “la la land” refers to a mental state where everything is whimsical and dreamy. But “la la” is also used for singing. LA is the abbreviation for Los Angeles. And Los Angeles is a city where people go to chase impossible dreams. That’s just the name, friend.
  • Mia and Sebastian’s Theme. Usually when we hear it in the movie, it’s the complete version, melody and bass. It’s beautiful, yeah? Sounds like falling in love. You know when we don’t hear it that way? At the end, right after the What If scenario. There we hear only the melody, and it sounds melancholy af without the bass. That is a musical cue to the audience that Sebastian is not okay.
  • We also hear it in the moments where Mia and Sebastian realize that they are supposed to be with one another. Did Mia really hear it over the restaurant speakers? Or was she listening to her own heart?
  • We can tell the relationship meant more to Sebastian than it did to Mia because throughout the movie, we see Mia with three total guys, while we only see Sebastian with Mia.
  • The scene where Mia is on the phone with her mother and Sebastian is getting dressed. We can tell from Mia’s one-sided conversation that her mother is kind of judgmental about Sebastian, and he hears that. Then he looks up and sees the stain on the ceiling. The scene was, what, a minute long? And it did away with so much unnecessary expository dialogue? Everyone who watches that scene knows exactly what’s going on and what it’s going to lead to: Seb taking up his friend’s offer to join the band.
  • More context for Seb catching more feelings than Mia: After the dance number on the hilltop, after she’s driven away and he’s walking back to his car, he drags his foot along the ground. One last dance step. Because she’s still on his mind.
  • And let’s not forget that he walked her all the way up there, claimed his car was just around the corner, and it was PARKED ALL THE WAY BACK IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. *pauses to whimper loudly*

Some more basic reasons:

  • It’s a cute and simple love story.
  • Mia thinking the next rejection will kill her is so gosh darn relatable to someone trying to make it in the arts
  • It wasn’t afraid to be brutal (no one showed up to her show! damn!!)
  • Pretty colors
  • The comedic moments, like when Mia forces Seb to play “I Ran” at the party and dances and lip syncs to it as her way of giving him the ultimate finger

I know the ending gets a lot of people but yo… that’s life, man. Sometimes someone walks in and changes your whole world, and then they walk out like nothing happened.

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A celebration of what we talked about today–

That waitress at Pete’s who took so long to seat you,
And left you to stand in the doorway,
With her stringy red hair and her thousand-yard stare,
In her mind, she’s the Princess of Norway.

As she takes down your order, she’s crossing the fjord, her
White stallion spits foam like a madman.
Many Vikings have died trying to take her as bride,
But her heart is reserved for a bad man.

Rich fantasy lives.
Somehow she survives in a world she contrives.
Inhibited husbands and frustrated wives
Lead rich fantasy lives.

That guy from IT ressurects your PC
With a boredom he barely suppresses.
Though he rarely converses, he has more universes
In his head than you’ve got addresses.

He wargames through weekends, leads armies and legions.
He doesn’t care how well you putted.
He’s browsing reality’s infinite palette, he’s
Seen yours, and yours doesn’t cut it.

Rich fantasy lives.
He quietly thrives in a world he contrives.
Techno-drone insects in cubicle hives
Lead rich fantasy lives.

We’re piling up fears, but we’re out of frontiers.
Some need to escape, but there’s nowhere.
Can’t go to the Moon, at least any time soon,
But an inner-space trip costs you no fare.

So don’t be unkind to a wandering mind,
Just say it again if we missed it.
Some whispering poem was calling us home
To a place we know never existed.

Rich fantasy lives.
Our peace-bonded knives and our hyperspace drives.
Until that steam engine to Hogwarts arrives,
We have rich fantasy lives.

Rich fantasy lives.
Our quests and our tribes and our Babylon Fives.
Until something better than this world arrives,
We’ll lead rich fantasy lives.
Rich fantasy lives.

Daily Self Love and Healing Pt. 1

I can’t afford therapy. I’m on my meds and they work, but the cost just went up. Fortunately, in the meantime, I’m working on ways to help myself both practically and spiritually. I carry a lot of spiritual baggage, which means this is doubly important for me. 

Some of these tips are based on my own experiences, and some of them are my attempts at using actual psychology tools to develop rituals to help me. I’ll take it by days of the week sort of based on this post and expand it to various practical and spiritual practices and rituals. (This got long so I’m splitting it up into parts.)

Monday - Root energy, grounding, interconnectedness


  • Wash a dish. I don’t care what dish. Just wash one. Picture yourself washing away the build up of mental health scum. Got enough spoons to do more? Awesome. Wash another. One dish all you can handle? Way to go, you just decreased the pile-up of dishes! 
  • Stand outside for a few minutes. I don’t care where. Just get some fresh air. Think about how everything is connected. 
  • Journal your thoughts. Tell your journal all. Even if all of it is just “I hate everything and feel nothing.”
  • Ack, intrusive thought! Have a few sayings written down somewhere to help you combat that intrusive thought. Suggestions:
    • That thought isn’t helpful right now.
    • This isn’t an emergency. I can think about this later.
    • I don’t have to be perfect to be OK.
    • These thoughts are not me and are not a reflection of my value. 
    • It’s OK that I just had that thought/image, and it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t have to pay attention to it.
    • This is irrational, and I’m going to let that thought go. 
    • It’s a good practice to let go of this worry, and I’m going to practice.
    • I can handle being wrong. 
    • I don’t have to have this figured out right now. 
  • Eat a vegetable. 
  • Text a friend. Doesn’t have to be a whole conversation, but say hi. 


  • Meditate! Take a few minutes, find some relaxing meditation music on youtube and just breathe.
  • Actually root vegetables like carrots or potatoes can help with balancing your root, so do one of those for your vegetable. 
  • Burn some incense or whatever you use as an alternative
    • Patchouli
    • Cedar
    • Myrhh 
    • Angelica
    • Cinnamon
  • Herbs for the root
    • Rosemary
    • Cinnamon
    • Cloves
    • Ground coffee (drink your fave!)
    • Sage
    • Cayenne 
    • Dandelion
  • Crystals for the root
    • Obsidian (one of my faves)
    • Black tourmaline
    • Bloodstone
    • Hematite
    • Red Jasper
    • Carnelian (red)
    • Smoky Quartz
    • Anything dark/earthy or red
  • Repeat affirmations! Okay I can’t stress enough how helpful this is. These can help not just spiritually but can help cognitively. As a person with ADHD, it can be really helpful to have a phrase or two to use when I meditate so I have something to focus on. Even if you don’t really believe these at first, they can help rewrite your neural pathways to more positive thoughts the more they are repeated. Here are some Monday Affirmations!
    • I am loved.
    • I love my body.
    • I nurture myself.
    • I am united with the world around me.
    • I am grounded within myself. 
    • I am brave.
    • I am courageous for fighting this illness.
    • I stand for my values, truth, and justice.
    • I have a right to exist. 
    • I am open to healing. 
  • Do a grounding ritual. Shake it off, dance around, whatever. 
  • Thank the Universe/deity of choice/power of choice for your existence and the world around you.
Ankles and Sweaters - Joe Sugg

Request: Could you do one where y/n calls best friend/secret crush joe to come help her go to the hospital from a hurt ankle Bc she falls in the shower while dancing? No smut just funny and fluff

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Awe! I don’t know why but I feel like this is totally something Joe would do. 

I hope you like :)


“Joe…” You said into the phone once he had picked up.

“What’s going on?” He asked, casually. He was currently filming with the boys and you didn’t want to disturb him but you didn’t know who else to call. Even if you had called one of the others, you still would have been disturbing the video.

“I need a ride somewhere…” You knew you were being vague but the thought of having to explain to him what really happened really embarrassed you.

“Okay love, what’s going on?” 

Love. Joe was the only person who called you that. He was also the only person who made you feel that. He had been your best friend since you could talk and somewhere along the line, you had fallen in love with him. But of course, he treated you like a little sister and you knew you could never escape the friend-zone.

“I just…I need a ride to the hospital, okay? I’m fine, I just need a ride.”

A couple of minutes later, there was a knock at your door and footsteps entering your apartment. You looked up from the ground as the footsteps got closer and looked at Joe.

“I fell…” You said, trying to get up from the ground. “In the shower…dancing to Conor…”

“Oh babe,” He said, trying to help you. “You never fail to make me laugh.”

“Ow,” You whined as you stood up. “Um…Can you grab me a sweater…I don’t exactly have clothes on…” You said, holding your towel to your chest. 

As you sat on the edge of the bathtub, you looked down at your swollen ankle and knew you had really done a number on it. 

“This is actually mine.” Joe said, holding out a sweater that you had stolen from him. You had spent the night at his place one time and fell asleep in the sweater and he hasn’t seen it since. “But it looks better on you anyway.”

“Can you…” You awkwardly asked.

“Oh right!” Joe turned around, letting you change. “Ready?”

Joe wrapped his arm around your waist, helping you walk. 

“Joe…” You said, as he helped you into the car.



“Always.” He said, kissing your forehead.

🐾💘 ‘Howl’ Love Spell 💘🐾

inspired by Florence + the Machine’s song howl, a spell to bring you courage, determination, and swiftness in going and getting the one you want

If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me
I held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free
The saints can’t help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground

play the song, dance and chant along if you like. 

🐾 gather a rosebud, two apple seeds, thyme, and storm water. 

🐾 bury the apple seeds within the rosebud

🐾 sprinkle the rose with thyme and the storm water, wait until it it dry.

🐾 wrap it up if you wish, keep in your pocket as a charm for when you walk to them.