Imagine you, pocket-sized Dino, and the rest of pocket seventeen going on a mini road trip to wherever. Pocket Dino is the first one to get out and all you see is him on the ground doing his little dance while happily singing.
“Dududududu~ we’re here~ finally here~”
*pocket dk joins*

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Aesthetic impressions?

Light that is not of this world, fleeting and brilliantly white, the jet of a pulsar creating jagged lines on the readout. A trinity of colors, olive-green and sand raked by the wind and quiet black. The sound of summer rain on a tin roof. Wind chimes made of sea-glass, soft and bottle-green, and the ground underneath them dances with the bright green stars of the sun passing through. A sense of distance, the type you only encounter far from civilization. 

Getting ready for our holiday show with Casanova Frankenstein and Dark Citizen!

It’s also our one year anniversary as a band, and looking back at the past year, it’s been pretty amazing. We’ve recorded our EP, played with some stellar bands, and had amazing adventures that we sort of remember. What I do remember, though, is putting our trusty steed (van) Helga through a lot while playing all over Florida. You should not light fireworks inside moving vehicles. Sombreros and Greek food. Torturing whoever was driving, trying their best to keep us on the highway and out of some ditch. The Taxpayers covering “Sink, Florida, Sink” and bringing the house down. Anthony’s birthday in Deland. Breakdancers in Ybor City. Meeting total strangers and 30 minutes later running rampant around some downtown district with them. Free pizza. Free beer. Praying the gas gauge is lying, and we have another 25 miles left in the tank. That nerve-wracking “everything is gonna go wrong” feeling before we jump onstage, and how quickly it disappears.

Alright, enough rambling. We love you guys. Thank you for reading, listening, watching, dancing, supporting, laughing. We love showing you a good time.

Also, Trevor’s whipped up a little Christmas jingle for the show. See you soon!


✿ ❀ ;; She’s a sight to see with her tattered dress and wild hair almost like a scared little child as the woman stretched out along the sidewalk of the street. Vibrant red hair cascaded over her shoulders as she lent with her ear to the ground, a pained expression dancing across soft features as she listened. Her plants were in trouble – she could hear them calling for her from miles away. “What have they done to you?” Her voice was soft, sadness lacing her tone before green irises darted up as she felt a presence around her. “Never listened to the plants before?” Pamela questioned, as she pushed herself upwards. “The concrete jungle hurts them.”


On November 11 (that’s Friday!), we are releasing our EP, This Is How We Survive, digitally through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and CdBaby. It will also be available to stream through Spotify, Bandcamp, purevolume, and even Napster!

1. Traffic Beats
2. Perks
3. We Both Know
4. Autumn Queen
5. Mexico

But today…

check out our video for Perks! It’s basically our scrapbook from the last year, with lots of singing and dancing.

Let us know what you think!
~The Ground is Dancing

Happy Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day!

You guys, not only is writing a supreme form of self-care for me (surprise! who knew?!) but for even longer, reading has been a huge source of care, comfort, light in the darkness, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! 

Here are some Steggy favs (by no means a comprehensive list)

Ain’t Love a Kick (WIP) by @roboticonography

All the Days by @theawkwardterrier

And the Sun Hits Ground by @steggyisimmortal

Dance Lesson by @littlereyofsunlight

Distant Shores by @indiefic

Flames We Never Lit by @roboticonography

Homemakers by @theawkwardterrier

if this is home by @siriaeve

Meant For More by @littlereyofsunlight

Mending the Empty Bones by @indiefic

Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered by @indiefic

And I have been reasonably good at tagging things I repost to read. 

Hooray! Happy Day y’all! 

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Oh Man
1) I saw Drowsy Chaperone at this high school, and during a big dance number the girl had a part where the flipped her, but as she was flipping her mic pack came off her dress so, anD SHE CAUGHT IT AND PUT IT BACK ON WHILE STILL SINGING AND DANCING AS SOON AS SHE WAS ON THE GROUND I WAS SO IMPRESSED DANG (also that one scene where they stop the music mid note, and then like 3 minutes later they resume the song?? That guy nailed the note I can’t imagine having to sit there with that perfectly in place and not mess up even the tiniest bit I was amazed tbh)
2) my friend was playing Nurse in R&J and it was like Kinda Modern-ish but they had her character constantly sitting in a folding lawn chair, and had a servant bring it out and set it up for her if she wasn’t preset, and there was a scene where the servant sits in it while she isn’t looking BUT HE MANAGED TO BREAK IT BY ACCIDENT and my friend just improvised something to yell at him and every time she was on stage after that she just snapped and made him get on all fours to sit on him it was Legendary
3) I just realized I’m writing moments not scenes I don’t remember what the question is and mobile won’t let me look oh well but 3) bruh I saw Legally Blonde live one time and cried like heck during the number Legally Blonde. The actress was just so so so so good wow. She made it feel so real and connected it was honestly breathtaking
4) can I say the entire play of Noises Off or is that cheating (I’m doing it)
5) I saw Much Ado at the Oregon Shakespeare festival last summer and the scene where Beatrice asks Benedick to Kill Claudio was so. Good. You could feel the shock in him and the silence throughout the theatre. It was one of those moments where everyone kinda stops breathing, even though most knew what was going to happen. It was so. Good.
Idk if this was what you wanted and the list would probably change if I thought more haha but this is what I though of now!!’ You da besssssst

EDIT 6) one time my friend was the female lead (the sister I can’t remember her name bc I’m a Failure) in Harvey and she BROKE HER FOOT. ON STAGE. IN THE SECOND ACT. AND. SHE. FINSIHED. THE. SHOW. I was a tiny freshman and I had never been so and still have not been as impressed in anyone’s dedication as I was then

On our way to the Deland Music Festival yesterday, Trevor wrote a beautiful and moving song expressing his angst towards the “no profanity on outside stages” rule at the festival.

Upon arriving at the festival, we found out the rule wasn’t really being enforced, so we improv-ed a full band version after our last song.

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Hi chams, I wonder y hobi left the livestream so fast :( I hope he wasn't sad that ppl kept asking about other members :(

honestly i hope so too. we rarely get any solo hobi streams and he is absolutely lovely to watch. my heart melted to the ground when he started dancing. i also noticed the literal spike in viewers when hobi left and it was just jimin. it was really sad. i hope hobi does more streams in the future :( 


“Hoseok?” I called as I walked towards the BigHit dance room. I had passed the BTS boys and saw that Hoseok was missing. Jin said something about him staying behind to practice longer, and that I should just head on up to see him. So I did.

“Hoseok?” I called a little quieter as I approached the dance room door. I expected to hear music blasting, JHope inside to practice, but all I heard was silence.

I turned the knob and pushed the door open a little, but I didn’t see him at all. His dance bag was on the ground, so I knew he was still there. I walked in, closing the door quietly behind me.

“Hoseok?” I questioned one last time, this time getting a response.

“Shit, Jagiya. What are you doing here?”

My eyes landed on a frantic looking JHope, sitting on the floor with his dick in his hand. He was trying to cover it before I could see, but failing miserably.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, a smirk playing on my lips. I took a step towards him.

“You weren’t supposed to be here until 7:30,” he said, instead of answering my question.

“Baby…” I started, holding out my watch to show him, “…its 7:45.”

He dissolved into a fit of cursing at himself, all the while with his dick in his hand. While he was busy shaming himself, I knelt down next to him.

“Finish,” I ordered, causing his mouth to snap shut.


“Stop babbling and finish,” I repeated, taking my hand and placing it around his. I started moving his hand back up and down his cock.

“But we’ll get caught,” he breathed, a moan escaping his lips. His eyes were closed and his head thrown back as I let go and his own hand kept moving.

“You didn’t seem to worried about that before I came in.”

“Fuck,” he cursed as he slid his hand up and down his shaft. I hate admitting it, but it was turning me on.

“Keep going baby,” I breathed in his ear, then bringing my lips down to suck on his neck. A whole new string of groans were brought from his lips as I sucked large purple marks onto his skin.

“God your moans are so hot,” I whispered against his neck. My pussy was throbbing at that point, so I pulled away, pulled my pants down, and pushed my fingers inside of me.

“Oh god!” JHope groaned as his eyes scanned over me, fingering myself next to him.

“Oh god!” I repeated, reveling at the feeling of my fingers inside of me. It was such a relief.

With JHope’s speed getting faster, I tried to match his pace, keeping at a speed that caused my eyes to roll back into my head. It didn’t take too long for me to feel my orgasm creep up, just for the fact that I was already so hot when I started.

“Baby, help me finish,” Hoseok’s meek voice stuttered. I tried my best to scoot over and wrap my hand around his thick member while still getting myself off.

My own fingers were replaced by his though, so I was left to focus on finishing him off while he did that same for me. We both looked at eachother, a simultaneous moan being the only sound coming from either of us.

“I’m gonna come!” I practically screamed as his long digits continuously hit my G spot. He nodded in agreement, his body starting to shutter.

JHope came first, his fingers momentarily stilling as he shot his load all over my hands. I whimpered at the loss of speed, but as soon as he milked his orgasm, his fingers picked up speed again.

“Come on baby. Come for me,” he demanded, his voice tired but still sexy. We didn’t break eye contact and I hit my high, falling so that I was laying flat against the floor as a scream emitted from my mouth.

My body shook and Hoseok’s fingers were pushed from me as come gushed from my pussy. Once I came down, I just sat there breathing heavily.

“We should do that more often,” he said, chuckling. I couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“Yeah. Yeah we should.”

Free Download of Our EP, This Is How We Survive

Our album is now available on Bandcamp for a pay what you want price. If you want it for free you’re able to get it for free. If you want to donate a dollar or two, you can do that as well. Please help spread the word and share the link. Every little bit helps. Thank you for the support you’ve given us so far. You do not go unnoticed. This one is for you.


Summary: The reader already lost first dibs on the shower to Sam. She’s not about to lose to Dean too.

Word Count: 1000ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Nudity, naked Winchesters, naked reader, naked (male/female only) wrestling, lots of nakedness and surprisingly no smut of any kind (sorry)…

A/N: This is actually a prequel to Thin Walls and a Tennis Ball (found Here) but it reads fine on it’s own.

The sun’s early morning rays danced across the ground still slick with the previous night’s rain. A heavy humidity clung to the air and mixed with the unyielding Oklahoma summer heat. The combination made the air dense as Sam and Y/N rounded the last bit of their usual morning run.

Y/N met the Winchesters when they saved her life on a wendigo hunt gone bad five months ago. They were stuck with her ever since and things had started to become routine. She and Sam would wake up every morning before dawn and go for a run. In the late night hours she and Dean worked off any pent up frustrations together. And somewhere between the three of them saved a few people and killed the things that go bump in the night. It might not have fit society’s normal but they were happy with it.

As far as Y/N was concerned, there was only one problem with their living arrangements. She was fine with having next to no privacy. She was even okay with only having two beds between three people. Usually at least one of them would be up most the night researching while the other two slept. On those rare occasions when they were all trying to sleep at the same time, she would share a bed with Dean. His calloused fingers would stroke through her hair until she fell asleep.

The only downside was the daily fight for the shower. If Dean made it to the bathroom first, there would be no hot water left by the time he finished. And there always seems to be thick pools of suds covering every surface. When Sam claimed the bathroom first, he left so much hair behind that the drains would clog. Y/N couldn’t even remember the last time she showered first.

“Dibs on the shower,” Y/N shouted to her running partner as the half-star motel they were staying at came into view. She wiped her hand across her face, hoping to lessen the thick dampness covering her body. Days like this made for a sticky run. Having to spend half the morning cleaning the disaster the boys would leave behind in the bathroom was the last thing she wanted to do.

“I’ll race you for it!” Sam called back with a smirk across his face. He didn’t bother waiting for Y/N’s protests before increasing his pace and leaving her behind. She huffed a sigh of frustration and sped up to close the gap between them. They were on each other’s heals in a neck and neck battle by the time the reached the parking lot.

Y/N was fast but Sam’s longer stride gave him an advantage. He burst through the door with his arms raised in triumphant victory and claimed his prize. Y/N staggered in seconds later mumbling profanities between heaving breaths. Dean’s eyes glanced her up and down. She paced the room several times trying to catch her breath, unaware that Dean hadn’t taken his eyes off her.

“Your brother cheats!” she exclaimed, finally making eye contact with Dean.

“Yes, he does.” He nodded in agreement. “And by the way, I call next for the shower.”

“Nuh-uh Winchester! Not going to happen! You might as well sit back down and get comfortable. I got next!”

“No. No way. You take forever in there. I’m going next.” Y/N stood inches away from him and shook her head sternly. “What are you going to do about it? You going to fight me for it?”

A wicked idea suddenly hit her. “Sure. How about an old fashioned game of shirts and skins?” Dean cocked his head to the side and started to ask for clarification. Her meaning became clear to him when she pulled her shirt and sports bra off and dropped them both to the floor. He stared at her standing before him in nothing but those tiny shorts too short to be anything but underwear. Her skin, still misted with sweat, glowed causing him to lose all blood flow to his brain.

“Who’s cheating now, sweetheart?” he finally managed speak. She shrugged with her hands on her hips and a smug smile spread across her face. “Besides, two can play at this game.” Dean stripped down, dropping his shirt and boxers to the floor.

The two stood locked in a stalemate until the water shut off in the adjacent room. Y/N pushed past Dean to make it to the bathroom door but his arms wrapped around her waist and pulled back. He dropped her onto the bed and pinned her beneath him. She managed to buck her hips against him and push on top. The two tousled on the bed, back and forth, neither willing to give in. Y/N landed a strong foothold and locked Dean beneath her. He tried to buck her off but she held firm. One final push from him and she felt gravity’s effects take hold as they tumbled off the bed still locked together.

Sam had just hung his damp towel on a hook when he heard a crash followed by a scream from the next room. Without hesitation he flung the bathroom door open, prepared for anything. Or so he thought. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. Wedged between the wall and one of the beds, Dean stood with his back to Sam, bent over with his manhood exposed to the world. It was an angle Sam never wanted to see of his brother. Y/N lay on the floor under Dean. Her arm was twisted and pinned between the wall, the bed and her own body.

“I don’t even want to know what happened.” Sam started. “Just… Is everyone okay?” He set his eyes up to stare at the ceiling.

Y/N looked past Dean to find a naked, still damp Sam standing in the doorway. “Damn it, Sam! Cover that thing up!” Sam’s cheeks flushed red as he retreated to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. Dean pulled Y/N to her feet, trying to assess the damage. “I think I messed my shoulder up pretty bad,” she groaned.

Read Thin Walls and a Tennis Ball next!

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Hercules: Favourite instrument?

     //His favorite instrument to listen to is the lyre, especially in the hands of a skilled night elf. However, if it comes to instruments he plays, he only knows the flute - technically. While the flute is his favored instrument and it’s the only one he was really taught how to play, it can translate into some minimal skill on other woodwinds. He plays a mean Piccolo of the Flaming Fire js.

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I love Holy Ground so much, its so cute and great to dance along to.

holy ground is a blessing to human kind the chorus and the background vocals have legitimately allowed me to grow wings and fly over oceans on a number of occasions

     faith had DECIDED to avoid the night partying, instead finding herself back at home spending so much needed SISTER time with carmen. but it was the next morning now and her sister was off working— so naturally, she found herself where she’d spent MAJORITY of her time as of late. ladled down with a box of donuts and a tray of COFFEES, she carefully tiptoed through the apartment — they should really use their lock — and dropped some of the STUFF off in the kitchen. she flashed a sympathetic smile at the hungover and passed out FELIX on the couch before grabbing one of the coffee cups and heading to simon’s room.

             ❝ —figured you’d NEED this… ❞

     the SIGHT that awaited her had not been one she’d ever expect. fumbling with the cup, faith FLINCHED as she dropped it to the ground in shock, splattering the hot liquid ALL over her. her eyes danced over the view of her BOYFRIEND and another girl in bed together — diana, to be exact.

             ❝ ……sorry to INTERRUPT. ❞ ( and with a hurt expression on her face, she quickly turned away and headed out the bedroom door. )   

( @gonnabelegends )