The Mortal Instruments Creatures: Faeries 

“Faeries,” Jace went on, as if Simon hadn’t spoken, “are the offspring of demons and angels, with the beauty of angels and the viciousness of demons. A vampire might attack you, if you entered its domain, but a faerie could make you dance until you died with your legs ground down into stumps, trick you into a midnight swim and drag you screaming underwater until your lungs burst, fill your eyes with faerie dust until you gouged them out at the roots—”

“Jace!” Clary snapped, cutting him off mid-rant. “Shut up. Jesus. That’s enough.”

Getting ready for our holiday show with Casanova Frankenstein and Dark Citizen!

It’s also our one year anniversary as a band, and looking back at the past year, it’s been pretty amazing. We’ve recorded our EP, played with some stellar bands, and had amazing adventures that we sort of remember. What I do remember, though, is putting our trusty steed (van) Helga through a lot while playing all over Florida. You should not light fireworks inside moving vehicles. Sombreros and Greek food. Torturing whoever was driving, trying their best to keep us on the highway and out of some ditch. The Taxpayers covering “Sink, Florida, Sink” and bringing the house down. Anthony’s birthday in Deland. Breakdancers in Ybor City. Meeting total strangers and 30 minutes later running rampant around some downtown district with them. Free pizza. Free beer. Praying the gas gauge is lying, and we have another 25 miles left in the tank. That nerve-wracking “everything is gonna go wrong” feeling before we jump onstage, and how quickly it disappears.

Alright, enough rambling. We love you guys. Thank you for reading, listening, watching, dancing, supporting, laughing. We love showing you a good time.

Also, Trevor’s whipped up a little Christmas jingle for the show. See you soon!


Holy Ground
  • Tonight I’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been through:
  • Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius.
  • But I don’t wanna dance if I’m not dancing with you:
  • Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces.
  • Tonight I’m gonna dance like you were in this room:
  • Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn.

-Out Of Nowhere-

I’m all about the stars, the seasons, the exquisite wonders of our planet, our universe.

Look up to the skies and view the galaxies, smell the wet autumn breeze filled with the scent of fallen leaves, be dazzled by the lightning that strikes the ground, travel north and wander upon the aurora that dances in the sky, look upon the ancient volcano’s that remind us of natures force, sink into the depths of our blue oceans and float above the miles beneath you, stand in an open field and listen to the wind blow and and surround you, .

Smell, See, Feel, Love, Live!

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They asked me what it was in you that I fell in love with. What made you the earth my moon revolved around? And my neurotransmitter started working. How do I capture your beauty in a sentence? How do I explain the way you tilt your head when you laugh or the way you kiss when you’re sleepy to people who are too mundane to understand? How do I begin to define you? I could say that you are the sunshine seeping through my shut curtains after a night of a hurricane. I could say that you are the feeling of the airplane rising from  the ground and that you are the beauty of watching the clouds dance with you as you flew. Being with you is that blissful moment when you jump off a swing for the first time, oblivious to the fact that you are falling.
You are tangled among the loose threads of my thoughts inevitably lingering in my dreams. You are first to appear on my mind when I wake up in the early, hazy hours of the morning and you never leave not even when I fall asleep much too late at night. Although sleeping without you next to me is considerably more difficult than sleeping with you silently wrapped around me your heart, beating with mine, your gentle breathing on the back of my neck sending warm shivers down my spine. You are the fragment between awake and asleep, that state where dreams begin. Your name is my heartbeat but it is also the onomatopoeia of a heart breaking beyond repair. You are the stars and you are the storm and you are the calm sea with all its secrets. You are the moment of hesitation, looking both ways before I cross the street. The reason why I fear death and oblivion. You are the speechlessness of a poet, the girl worth a thousand words but is incredibly indescribable. And I guess that is why I can’t define you. Because definitions are often a conclusion, only for things that  are constant and unchanging. And you aren’t that. You are the moon’s unending phases. The sea’s wild waves and boundless horizon; the ever changing boy who remains perfect. I know that the words I’m saying now aren’t nearly enough to suppress my emotions but understand that I’ve spent hours contemplating over the right words but no combination of twenty six letters could ever capture even a fraction of this feeling that I have for you.
—  s.a., words will never be enough

On November 11 (that’s Friday!), we are releasing our EP, This Is How We Survive, digitally through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and CdBaby. It will also be available to stream through Spotify, Bandcamp, purevolume, and even Napster!

1. Traffic Beats
2. Perks
3. We Both Know
4. Autumn Queen
5. Mexico

But today…

check out our video for Perks! It’s basically our scrapbook from the last year, with lots of singing and dancing.

Let us know what you think!
~The Ground is Dancing


What is this…?

For those of you who believe electronic music (of the more uptempo type) can’t be incredibly melting and heart rending, I beseech you to listen to this brand new remix by Dutch production duo Deepend. They turn London based Swedish singer songwriter Alex Vargas’ Solid Ground into a deep and melodic track both chill and exhilarating. Alex Vargars’ emotive crooning shines ever so brightly on the delicately polished and crisp beauty. This one is going to draw some sighs out of you.

at night, she dreams with the ghost of his anatomy,
hallucinating limb to limb and skin to skin.

his bones remind her of the twisted metal on an empty ship;
bent like her father’s back over the future,
tattooed with white ink tales of humanity lost.

his skin reminds her of an overcast storm;
lines revealing the years he hasn’t aged yet,
a cratered moon, and she wants to be its first explorer.

and his eyes, they remind her of everything but the color they are;
far away like space from the ground,
haunted like ghosts dancing along his irises
until he clenches his jaw and blinks them away,

but worst is what she sees when she looks into them last,
wide and desperate -

and so much of herself.

—  i have ghosts on my back and they’re all you || naiche lizzette

On our way to the Deland Music Festival yesterday, Trevor wrote a beautiful and moving song expressing his angst towards the “no profanity on outside stages” rule at the festival.

Upon arriving at the festival, we found out the rule wasn’t really being enforced, so we improv-ed a full band version after our last song.

Telephone wire!
Rats in the grass
And the lunatics yelling in the streets!
It’s the end of the world! Yes!
Telephone wire!
Hunchbacks dancing!
Stirrings in the ground
And the whirring of giant wings!
Watch out!
Blotting out the moonlight,
Thick black rain falling on the
Telephone wire!

Telephone wire!


anonymous asked:

Minerva McGonagall

ooh goodie! i’m going to do young minerva in her hogwarts years!

  • spent her first two years having a hard time making friends, not because she was unsociable, but because she was the type of person that was good at everything she did. it was off-putting to a bunch of students. once they grew up a bit, though, they stopped being sore and realized there was no point in acting like babies
  • smuggled in multiple cats, and usually made it seem like they were other students’ so she wouldn’t get in trouble. the girls dormitory was swarming with five cats that were lounging about on beds, trunks, windowsills, or the ground
  • absolutely loved dancing of all kinds, even if she wasn’t great at it. if she couldn’t get anyone else to dance, she could usually get pomona sprout to
  • loved playing with hair and styling it
  • also a giant fan of sweets and was known for swapping out meals for sugary things
  • hated nicknames. not even her closest friends called her anything besides minerva. she felt as though a name couldn’t really be changed and wanted the name she was given to be remembered
  • woke up at 4 or 5 in the morning nearly everyday. sometimes she would practice flying, other times she would just like to get some work done or wander around the grounds
  • cared for her friends, even when she didn’t know what advice to give them. she didn’t have much to say when it came to boys but usually whatever she said was helpful. she never put up with them moping, though. she was the type of person to straighten their backs, snap them in shape, and tell them that pity was worth nothing. it was effective