Working 101 hours this week and a half, so close to having all the money I need for my surgery, I’ve been working my ass off the last couple of months to get everything I need together. A year a go I didn’t think this was possible, I didn’t think this would become a reality, I put my mind to something and I don’t stop until I achieve it, keep your head up and keep pushing through even when it seems impossible and you will get where you need to be when the time is right 👍✌️



Every summer, hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pilot whales are deliberately and helplessly stranded before their spinal cords are severed with knives in a centuries old bloody 'ritual.’ However, once the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society heard about this heart wrenching, inhumanely horrific massacre, they headed straight to the Island to challenge their ways. To make matters even more horrendous, pregnant females also fall victim to the knives of the Faeroese with their fetus chopped out of them and dumped into bins carelessly. 

“What the Faeroese do is even more cruel than the slaughter of the dolphins in Taiji, Japan,” said Sea Shepherd Chief Executive Officer Steve Roest from the United Kingdom. “What Sea Shepherd began in Taiji led to the production of the Academy Award film The Cove. We need to put a similar spotlight on the Faeroes.”