every night after 9:00 pm i put on my skeleton mask and black grim reaper robes and i fly around the world in my bumper car visiting the homes of good children and giving them the gift of Art

So its 2:51am rn and i was thinking about the Grim Reaper.

I get that he portrays death and all but why is he portrayed as a spooky scary skeleton that wears a hooded robe?

The scythe makes sense because thats how farmers used to reap crops, so he uses one to reap souls.

But usually the word “grim” means slightly dark, or bad circumstances. Wouldn’t that make the Reaper rather reluctant to do his job?

Like “Hi joe, I’m really sorry.. but according to my schedule it’s your time to go.” Not “Hello joe. I am death. HIYAH *scythe* *+1 human soul*”

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18 and tomlinshaw please!

things you said when you were scared

“We could stop,” Nick murmurs into the dip between Louis’ collarbone and neck. It’s too sweet there. He doesn’t want to stop.

“Why would we do that?” Louis huffs, curling against Nick like a cat trying to get comfortable in a sliver of sunlight shining onto the floor from a crack in the curtains. Luckily his claws are in. They aren’t always. Rarely, actually.

“Dunno, just. Not sure what we’re doing,” he waves his hand in the small space between them where the duvet is scrunched up. “You know. Not sure what this is. Christ, Lou. Don’t make me spell it out for you.”

It’s dark but Nick can still see Louis’ grin, white and jagged.

“Spell it out, Grim. That’s what you do, isn’t it? You tell people what they want to hear. So what do you want? What do you want this to be?”

There’s a faucet dripping somewhere in Louis’ gigantic house and the steady tap tap tap against porcelain is driving Nick mad. 

“Something real,” he says simply, and Louis lets out a tired breath.