P̢̩̬̗ͭ̃̒̐ͭ̄̄̍͘͜l̴̴̤͔̳͉̱͕̮̥ͬͭ̃͘a̢̢̫̣͎͈͔̓̃͑̀̋͆y̴͎̭̓̒̃ẗ̸͚͇̜̜̙̹́̍i̥̟̩͔̰̊͂̿͊͛̀ͅm̸̥̯̝̺̝͙͓͚̍̉̚͟͠e̢̛̙̟͎̼̝͉͌͛́'̊ͪ̆̌ͦͭ҉̢͍̼̞̮̕ṣ͕͒͂ͫ͆ͤ͑̒͂̚͞ ͈̞̞͉̊̿͂̿ͫ͊̕͢͢ͅǫ͈͍͔̩͇͙̣͉̂̀̎͂̈ͮ̉v̢̩̠͕̈́̈́ͪ͐̓ͩ̓́̚é̻̻͚̒̒ṟ̵̡͇̗̗̅ͥ̎̆͊ͤ̏̏̾ͅ!̢͙͎̣̪̬͇̦̍̊̋̏ͦ̃

one of the things that makes demersa hard to read for people who don’t know her well (and very fun for me to write) is she is aware of and adores the fact she possesses an ambient sense of foreboding and people aren’t totally sure what she is exactly, and she will absolutely work with it, both because it’s advantageous for her to maintain that mystique, and because she likes to troll people just as much as The DJ does.

and aside from having the level of skill to back up her reputation, she also doesn’t flinch or have any tells when being facetious. she will seemingly materialize in the room to interrupt a conversation about her with her own 2 cents, and when met with the standard “JESUS WHERE DID YOU COME FROM” she will reply, with her unfaltering dour countenance, “uttering my name invokes my presence” and never address it further, so they can only guess if she’s being serious, or if she simply nailed the stealth check to noiselessly sneak in through the window and is just messing with them

Tentative plan for the kind of drizzly day it does so well here:

Instead of hovering around here stressing about getting even less done on a creaky, particularly low physical energy day greatly enhanced by the damned weather? (And probably getting even less accomplished that way…)

Bundle myself (and at least one power bank!) out to the nearest stop and try the Hop on a bus going nowhere Pokemon Go approach. May head toward Stratford, and get a break from the bus and some kind of snack there. May only make it to Ilford, depending on my public transport tolerance. It doesn’t really matter.

Also: Suggest Curryout Night to save some hassle and energy, because I really need to get a big aquarium water change done later, regardless of whatever else is going on.

A.k.a., actually take some time off and try to do something just for fun, for a change! I’m also getting some cabin fever going, low on physical energy or not.

Mr. C took off for the other side of London this morning, to buy some kind of metal pieces for a metalworking project he’s apparently planning. (I couldn’t hear what he said specifically, but probably some kind of blade.) No reason I can’t get out and do something just because I want to, as well. Or try to take it easier over the weekend, gainfully employed or no. If it were literally anybody else, I would say of course they deserve a break.

It’s no wonder I’ve gotten so depressed and burned out, tbh. “The beatings will continue until morale improves?” :-|

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I read this fix ages ago and it was so good but I would always check for an uodate and there was never one sadly now I've forgotten the name of it do I relallyyyy hope you can find it?bacially Dan and Phil were in a car accident, Dan died and Phil was in the hospital. Phil almost died and was put in a coma like state in the hospital where some grim reaper person in the form of Dan showed up and told him that if he went to different universe and found his Dan everything would be good. Thanks!!!!!

In the End, I’d Do It All Again (And Again, and Again) - After Dan and Phil are in a car accident and Dan is killed with Phil left in a coma, Phil is offered a choice- live through thousands of alternate universes fighting for his and Dan’s one in a million chance at life, or walk away unharmed.

- Thea

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So there's a wind ensemble (band) piece called "Riften Wed" by Julie Giroux, and she wrote it about the marriage in Skyrim and how easy it is, in a real world context, for your spouse to die. (She was actually inspired by her own spouse's death in-game, which sounds pretty grim now that I say it) It's a BEAUTIFUL piece and I highly recommend that you listen to it! I'd love to know your thoughts!

Ohhh, that is beautiful and somehow it manages to capture the Skyrim atmosphere just right. I think I’ll leave this playing on the background while I work today. Very inspirational - thanks for sharing! :D

♫  Listen: Riften Wed | Homepage

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Alright .. Lastly .. A short fic about Denmark visiting Norway while he's still with Sweden. Yes you can make it angsty or what. Love you and thanks~! (Fic anon)


Sweden opened the door, a grim and borderline malicious look on his face.
There, shivering in the cold, stood Denmark. He looked absolutely awful. There were heavy dark bags under his eyes, said eyes lacking the brightness they held last time he saw him. His hair was still as defying and bouncy as ever and his cheeks and the tip of his nose was red from the frosted cold.
“… Denmark,” Sweden greeted with a bitter tone, to which the Dane replied.
The tension was visible and Sweden could see Denmark was still very angry (mostly driven by grief) but it was taking all of the Danes strength not to strangle the Swede. He’d been allowed this privilege and he couldn’t blow it.
“Ya have ten minutes,” Sweden said coldly. Denmark nodded and pushed past him into the warmth of the house. Sweden had only allowed this forbidden ten minutes for Norway. The Norwegian was obviously depressed and missed his family, so he had had the idea to let Denmark visit him briefly. Perhaps then it would lighten his mood. Of course, Norway had no idea about this secret meeting, so Sweden was anxious to see his reaction.
It was then that Norway appeared at the top of the stairs, his eyes sad and dull, clad in a long tunic with elaborate patterns and a small hat.
“Who’s at the door… Sve…” He began, but trailed off, his eyes widening when he saw a certain Dane standing in the hall. Suddenly, it was as if a switch had been flicked on and Norway let out a choked sound.
Denmark’s whole demeanour lit up like a Christmas tree and he let out a strangled cry. “Norge!”
“D-Danmark!” Norway responded to the call, his stoic façade lifting as he rushed down the stairs and straight into the awaiting Dane’s arms. “Danmark… Oh, Danmark…”
The Dane had enveloped Norway in a tight hug, their bodies pressed flush together. “Norge… Norge, I’m so sorry…”
“Shh, shh…” Norway hushed, running his hand through Denmark’s hair and burying his face in his shoulder, attempting to conceal the tears working their way up. Denmark on the other hand was weeping openly.
Sweden watched in an almost mournful silence, the image of Norway and his enemy creating a hollow feeling in his heart. The hole grew bigger as Denmark gently grabbed Norway’s chin and tilted it up, pressing their lips together in a messy yet desperate kiss.
When they broke apart they went back to their close embrace, holding onto each other like vices. “Iceland…?” Norway asked softly.
“He’s fine. They’re all fine,” Denmark choked out. “I’ve… I’ve been neglecting them a little-”
“Denmark,” Norway pulled back and stared him in the eyes. “Those children depend on you. Don’t you dare neglect them.”
Denmark nodded solemnly, a hardness in his eyes, before pulling Norway back into the hug. They stayed like that until Sweden cleared his throat awkwardly.
“Ya hafta go.”
Denmark reluctantly broke away from Norway and gave him one last kiss, before heading back towards the door. “Don’t worry, Norge! I’ll come for you!”
Norway simply nodded and watched him leave with a saddened expression. “Denmark!” He called, as the Dane stepped outside. “I… I love you.”
A smile appeared on the Danes face, similar to one that use to take over his features, showing underneath the sadness that the old, cocky, obnoxious Denmark still lived. “As I love you.”
And with that he was gone.
Sweden and Norway stood in the hall, Norway with his fingers on his lips as if he were trying to savour the kiss.
“… Sweden,” he said after a few minutes.
“Thank you,” the Norwegian responded and- to Sweden’s delight- a small smile crossed Norway’s face before he turned and headed upstairs again.
Sweden watched him leave before he locked the door and let out a long sigh. Oh, how he wished Norway would love him like that…
The Swede swallowed thickly. Damn that Dane… Damn him… Damn him…