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"griftkch" I think was his alternative to "wife" because "omg she's more than a wife to me", which first of all, way to shame every other female spouse out there for being "just a wife", and also is pronounced "grift" which cracked people up, because she's definitely a grifter. Anyway, the whole "griftkch" concept pisses me off, because not even "just a wife" should beat someone in the face. Super toxic relationship guys, well done.

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Because the world is fucking terrible, some of the AU @mzminola and I began working up the other night.

5.  Grifter

The Malfoy Family took off for the continent before enough of the dust cleared for the good guys–whoever they were–to start asking questions or decide what, exactly, ought to become of them.

It took about a week for Draco’s head to get all its thoughts lined up again and get a handle on just what the hell has become of his life in the past…

Month?  Year?  Decade?  His entire life up until this point, basically?  Every moment that ever led up to his existence going back all the way to the very first Malfoys running Muggle-hunts over the moors?

Well.  Yes, that, but also and more importantly: he and his entire family were at least nominally fugitives, and they’d left the better part of all their worldly possessions back in England.  Bugger all.

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I’ve been chatting with @squireofgeekdom​ about a Leverage AU and it’s getting MONSTERIOUSLY out of hand and I love it. So here’s 3 teams (Iron, Cap, and Super Spies) all running into each other when they accidentally target the same mark on the same day

Team Iron: Tony (Mastermind), Rhodey (Hacker), Pepper (Grifter), Peter (Thief)
Team Cap: Steve (Mastermind/Forger), Sam (Thief), Bucky (Hitter/Grifter??)
Super Spies: Natasha (Grifter/Hacker/can murder a man in a pinch, honestly), Clint (thief)