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➊. I won the grey beanie at a giveaway done by tinybigdreams. I believe she will be releasing it to the public at a later date.
➋. The hair is a conversion of kijiko-sims’ adult hair. It was given to me by a friend. Sorry nonny ;-;
EDIT: I was just told that inkwisteria released a conversion of this hair. You can download it here!
➌. This is a retexture I did of gabayaga‘s pocket shirt. It’s part of a new collection I’m working on called GreyHound. This shirt will hopefully be released soon.
➍. These leggings are also a retexture I did. I might release them at a later date.
➎. The sneakers can be found here!
➏. The bandana bib was created by yosimsima. You can download it here!
➐. This shirt is also a retexture and a part of the GreyHound collection. It will hopefully be released soon.
➑ These pants are by chisimi. You can download them here!
➒ These socks are by oneeuromutt. You can download them here!
➓ The sneakers are by pixicat. You can download them here!

And ahh that’s awesome! I’ve only met one other person with the same birthday as me C:

Note: Not all of the clothes labeled as “GreyHound” will be released. For now this corresponds to the ‘GreyHound Overalls’ and the ‘GreyHound baggy sweater’. I do not have permission to release these items.

anonymous asked:

Someone did make a Purple Greyhound shirt on Redbubble--the link is forever long so just search Sam WInchester and refine the search to Tshirts and its 3 pages in about 10 rows down.

AH i just looked for it, and found the one you’re talking about–it’s just…it doesn’t have quite that…that elegance to it that the true one has–

this may become a mission of mine

i may need to recreate…