sing me a line from your favourite song 
(a mixtape for barbara holland)

side a.
1. stevie nicks; edge of seventeen (sometimes to be near you is to be unable to hear you) | 2. frida; i know there’s something going on (won’t be long before you’re gone) | 3. the runaways; fantasies (am i dreaming?) | 4. abc; the look of love (one thing that turns the grey sky to blue) | 5. blondie; angels on the balcony (like a fire burning in a stone) | 6. the cure; m (all the directions were wrong) | 7. visage; fade to grey (wishing life wouldn’t be so dull)

side b.
8. patti smith; because the night (they can’t hurt you now) | 9. mike oldfield; moonlight shadow (the trees that whisper in the evening) | 10. tom petty & the heartbreakers; i need to know (all of a sudden it’s me on the outside) | 11. billy idol; rebel yell (i’d give you all, and have none) | 12. marianne faithfull; guilt (i’m like a curious child, give me more) | 13. the only ones; another girl, another planet (i think, i’m on another world with you) | 14. irene cara; what a feeling (first when there’s nothing, but a slowglowing dream)


The grey side of life. ( in case you still don’t know what I mean by that, it’s the title of the theme I’m working on for the sketchbook project 2012 - only 7 more pages to go!)

So, in the past hour, one of my colleagues came and invited me and Kevin to lunch at the Majlis. I asked her what the occasion was, she said the salary raise! What exactly was the lunch? Pizza Hut! I hardly finished a small piece. Not because i’m not hungry; Pizza Hut is too greasy and too unhealthy..! I generally love pizza’s, especially Pizza Inn and Papa Johns! :D

Anyways, almost an hour left and then it’s time to go home. I think it’s safe to say that we actually survived day #1 with the new attendance system! :nod:

The grey side of life. Spread 22.

Steve Jobs. 

The thought that I won’t have this sketchbook with me anymore makes me sad. I don’t wanna let go of this sketchbook. I feel super attached to it more than the usual; it accompanied me through one of my toughest, darkest journeys yet. 

Thank you, sketchbook. You supported me in one of my battles agains society. I shall keep going.

I’ll always think of you, I promise. (and one day I’ll visit you)<3