You have HAPPINESS and you keep throwing it away. STOP the drama and just GET ON with it already!…

You freaked out because it’s against the rules… WHO CARES ABOUT THAT? NO ONE!!!

Get it together sisters!

—  (And brothers, and everybody else!) Meredith Grey to Amelia Shepherd & Maggie Pierce (Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 12 - You’re Gonna Need Someone on your side)

The grey side of life. Spread 22.

Steve Jobs. 

The thought that I won’t have this sketchbook with me anymore makes me sad. I don’t wanna let go of this sketchbook. I feel super attached to it more than the usual; it accompanied me through one of my toughest, darkest journeys yet. 

Thank you, sketchbook. You supported me in one of my battles agains society. I shall keep going.

I’ll always think of you, I promise. (and one day I’ll visit you)<3


WIP. Sketchbook project 2012 cover.

One thing you probably know about me: I’m lazy. And when i’m lazy I tend to take the most primitive methods to achieve a simple small task such as TYPE TRANSFER! :D

I completely ruined it when I colored over the text with the stupid grey marker. Ufff.. all my efforts gone to waste. I wonder what I could do here to fix it… I am completely out of ideas! I blame the day.