I hope everyone realizes that when Ashton said “onions have layers” with a Scottish accent in that video with all the British food that he was quoting Shrek.

Onions have layers; ogres have layers.

anonymous asked:

ok but like I live in northern california and obviously california is in drought and it was kind of a tayvin drought and then calvin posted that cute ass cooking pic and the tayvin drought was over and i KID YOU NOT IT STARTED RAINING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW WHAT IS THIS VOODOO ASS SHIT??? TF!!!

It’s like that line from the greatest Hilary Duff movie ever made when Hilary drags Chad Michael Murray’s ass in the locker room for being an uptight tool and she says: Waiting for you is like waiting for this drought to be over, pathetic and useless. AND THEN IT RAINS THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH TAYVIN THEY CAN CONTROL THE WEATHER