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OMG! Matt Letscher ships Malcolm/Damien!!! More love for the Legion of Evil Husbands!

“Eobard sending Damien to medieval times! On a separate note, many have commented that the Time Sphere is a one-seater, yet is presumably forced to carry two at times. This is true and perhaps the key factor in creating one of the greatest bromances television has ever seen between Damien Darkh and Malcolm Merlyn. Or #Darlyn? Hard to imagine their effortless mind meld and witty banter comes to fruition with out a few trips spent stuck together in what’s essentially a Time Vespa. Eobard (typically) wasn’t thinking of others when he designed it, however, much like like the discovery of penicillin, it’s now one of history’s “happy accidents.” (Seriously though, you want a gang of baddies, you can’t do much better than the amazing McDonough, Barrowman and Miller. So much fun.)”

Borra: The Greatest Bromance Ever Told

After re-watching Book 1, I found myself wondering why it was that Korra wasn’t into Bolin. On the surface these two seem like a great match: they’re both amiable, tend to joke around, are at times socially obtuse, and fearless. Moreover, Bolin loves Korra’s strength and proactivity, and is perfectly content with women who call the shots. Korra, for her part, thrives on feeling emotionally supported (hence all her arguments with Mako about “sides,”)…something Bolin offers in droves.

Yet the thing is, Korra simply didn’t feel chemistry with him. On her end, there was no attraction. And that’s fine, that happens. What is absolutely fantastic about the Borra bromance is that aside from one line, “haven’t you already hurt me enough, woman?” (which could be read as a joke), Bolin takes no issue with that. He has a crush on Korra initially, but even despite a remarkably good date (and yes, Korra knew it was a date), was quickly able to let go of the idea of pursuing her once it was clear her feelings lay elsewhere. And then…that’s it! They work wonderfully as friends throughout the rest of the series. And in fact, a mere two episodes after total rejection, we see Bolin begging Korra to come hang out at Asami’s mansion simply because he wants to have fun with his friend.

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