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Nepeta has anxiety.

awhile back i made a post breaking down gamzee’s character and explaining that, i believe, he has dissociative identity disorder.

well now i return to you with another one. our focus being nepeta leijon!

let’s begin!

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(click the link for her whole introduction! it saves space.)

this seems to fit the scene we are looking at,

Your daily routine is dangerous enough as it is. You prowl the wilderness for GREAT BEASTS, and stalk them and take them down with nothing but your SHARP CLAWS AND TEETH! You take them back to your cave and EAT THEM, and from time to time, WEAR THEIR PELTS FOR FUN. You like to paint WALL COMICS using blood and soot and ash, depicting EXCITING TALES FROM THE HUNT!

but there is also this.

You like to engage in FRIENDLY ROLE PLAYING, but not the DANGEROUS KIND. Never the DANGEROUS KIND. It’s TOO DANGEROUS! Too many of your good friends have gotten hurt that way.

despite her hunting large animals on her own each day, and her irritation with equius, she seems to have taken what he worries about to heart (eheh) and firmly believes that he is right, even if it is lame. 

infact, a huge part of her character is listening to people even when she doesn’t want to! because she has some terrible anxiety!

and she deals with it

by acting cute.

she hardly ever has a conversation without roleplaying and pretending she is something else. see, she is really tough and everyone knows this, but she is not very confident and she might not think that her accomplishments are very much because they are so normal for her. so she acts adorable and childish all the time, probably to come off as nonthreating and friendly. it’s the same concept as using a lot of exclamation marks and emojis to seem less serious and make a situation less scary for you. this is how nepeta copes. there is more evidence of this here:

she feels very guilty about “bugging” rose and  continually wanting to talk to jaspersprite, so rose teases her about it a little.

and as we all know, she was too shy to even TALK to karkat, and she was also afraid that she might upset and make her friend terezi jealous.

but sometimes she stops the adorable act too! to make sure she is coming off as very sincere and serious.

so while she can definitely handle herself in a fight, she has a hard time with people. does this sound familiar? that’s right, dirk shares some similar traits! i believe this is just a common heart thing in general.

thank you for reading this! 

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