Derren Brown’s The Great Art Robbery

This is a moment from Derren’s new special that will be coming out in December.  He trains a group of senior citizens to steal a painting.  And Derren sent these women to test their skills on an unwitting target by stealing one of his fries (aka a chip).  It’s too bad his TV specials are never aired here in the U.S.

Inspired by The Great Art Robbery?

If you were inspired by Derren Brown’s new show The Great Art Robbery, or feel that it made you look at the older member’s of our society in a different light, please consider donating to Age UK

Age UK is the charity featured in the show where the Chapman Brothers’ painting is taken (and sold to Ivan Massow for £1). You can donate £1 or be even more generous, but every penny counts!

As Derren has proven, OAPs are capable of wonderful things and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Let’s celebrate the elderly together by attempting to raise £500 by Christmas Day 2013, a day when many elderly people feel lonely and isolated, especially those who have lost their family. As Derren has said, one day, hopefully, each of us will be elderly. How would we want to be treated? Please donate. Thank you so much.

Show Derren just what his fans are capable of!