I was just passing through. I said to myself, “I wonder if my brother remembers his brother.” Did I do wrong? It doesn’t matter–I’m very happy.

needed to finally open my commissions again; i need the money and i feel bad for asking for that cash without offering a thing soooo HERE is my commissions post!!!!

i can draw:

  • animals but not humans. im good at basic animals so far, and not good at furries or humanoid things, i apologize - if this ever changes i’ll let u know!! but pls dont ask for humans or humanoids or else it will be Ugly 
  • basically any animal!!! any animal can be either chibi or realistic / stylized - please note that chibi is ofc easier, and the price may change depending on how complicated the animal in question is.
  • ocs or canon characters - it doesnt matter!! pls send me refs of ocs ofc tho i dont wanna go digging

i wont draw:

  • anything racist / homophobic / transphobic / sexist / etc. i shouldnt have 2 say this but ppl are weird af as we all know
  • humans as i’ve stayed before; humans and humanoids are out of the question for now.
  • nsfw bc since i’m drawing animals,,, yeah. i think this goes unstated.

and thats basically it!! i know i’ve kept it brisk but if u have any questions, hmu!!! i prefer over paypal for payment, but i’ll accept either!!!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil....

He’s giving up,
sick of all this tragedy,
sick of the hatred.

So he turns his back
on the good,
the bad,
and the ugly
and he let’s it all burn.

The good.
The bad.
The ugly.

And he’s just as much to blame.

animated movies like Norm of the North and Foodfight! are just so bad, i can’t even hate them THAT much. one glance at that shit and you knew immediately that obviously no ones gonna like it. its films like Sing and the Secret Life of Pets that leave me haunted. made by people who know how to sell to the most broadest audience, yet both movies have landed around 75% on rotten tomatoes solely because they’re inoffensive and not as bad as they could’ve been for a NOT DISNEY animated movie. featuring messages like “friends are good” and “dream!”, while also looking ugly at 600 frames per second. 

i’m always amused when someone gifs an ugly gymnastics skill. like do you Know it’s bad and dislike the gymnast…do you not know…do you know but like the gymnast and are tryna convince yourself it looks good (relatable)? so many possibilities

“Bang! You’re dead, old man.”
“Someone had to do it, I guess.”

Mc76 commission for @spacemageember!

In which the former Commander and his spicy cowboy argue about who’s the good and who’s the bad, because none of them is the ugly. 👀

Thank you for commissioning me! °W°