Things bitty has totally 700% googled at 2am and promptly deleted from his search history:
*How do I put protein powder into baked goods and not have it taste like a hockey player that hasn’t showered in a week has rubbed them in his ass crack?
*what’s a bad bob
*Am I still gay if I would jump on the chance to have Beyonce’s babies?
*How to set a couch on fire and make it look like an accident and also not burn the house down
*Am I the mom friend which was promptly followed by
*how to stop being the mom freind
*Really gay hair cuts that won’t alert your parents to the fact that you’re about as straight as Liberace
* How is jack Zimmermann’s jaw line possible
*Is it possible to die and still be alive (after lemonade was released)
*What to do when squats aren’t enough to get the booty I deserve
*Does my stuffed bunny know I love him
*Forums for people who have been personally victimized by jack Zimmermann’s butt

okay I’ve had a little processing time

Highlights of Hayes Code/ Red Scare Les Mis:

-Actual Highlight: Valjean’s trial and time in prison, which has a lot of good ol’ Christian Symbolism!! and gets across the brutality of the whole thing very well

-The little bickerwar between the men of M-sur-M. “Yes, I could continue on s Mayor–” “NO WE WANT MADELEINE” okay guys 

-Crying Baby Javert

-Fantine’s whole three minutes of screentime 

-Valjean’s …unusually smooth…acquisition of Cosette from the Thenardier’s house, which consists of following her out to get water for his(!) horse and then…just leaving together… 

-Cosette gets to be reunited with Sick Fantine! And then just…doesn’t care…she’s totally gone for Valjean though, in an 8 year old way

-PUNISH ME MISTER MAYOR OH PUNISH ME  Javert brings the Emotions more than anyone in this movie and it’s sort of weird 

- Toussaint?? in M-sur-M?? 
-Valjean’s intimate fondling of the GIANT CANDLESTICKS 

-FANTINE DIES AND NO ONE CARES, Javert yells at her and she dies and all and then Valjean knocks Javert tf out and it’s just “welp Cosette let’s go” and they DO

- And Cosette’s never been anything but happy since meeting Valjean!:D :D :D

- Valjean creeper-watching the convent school girls 
-Valjean and teenage!Cosette KISSING IN FRONT OF THE NUNS 
-no it’s not cute it’s gROsS

- “We’re not revolutionaries!” says Marius, incredibly correctly.  They just want sentencing reform! Even STRICTER sentences for some crimes! Just slightly milder sentences for others! 

-Eponine is…Marius’…secretary….


-John Carradenjolras and his “If they have bayonets, we have knives!!”  speech (and only lines) , because apparently he wants to make sure everyone knows they’re gonna lose

- “I feel for him what every girl feels for the man who’s to marry her!”  “ And ME! Cosette, What do you have for ME” aaagh noooo 

- Eponine’s–death?  She maybe gets shot, says “OW” and falls over 

-do the not-revolutionaries win?? Lose?? ANSWER TOTALLY UNCLEAR, there’s just a whole lot of people waving sticks with gunshot noises going on …somewhere 

does anyone besides Eponine and Marius even get shot we just don’t know we never even see Carradenjolras again


- Hi Cosette I brought you this sewer lawyer let’s put a cloth on his head wow now he’s cured  

- Javert just waiting in the hall 

- “It’s not me that wants you… it’s not me! It’s…the…Law…” says Javert, while looking lovingly into Valjean’s eyes and stroking his chest 

- Javert jumping into the river literally in sight of Valjean’s door while Valjean rushes forward all OH NOOOO NOT MY COP BOYFRIEND (y’all know I don’t even ship this so you just have to believe me it’s  STRONG in this movie)

This movie doesn’t care about anything but Valjean and-sort-of-Javert– and unfortunately that includes the machinery of society that pushes both of them to behave the way they do. Is Javert an outcast too? You sure wouldn’t know it from this!  Fantine’s  story gets NO time, Eponine’s only problem is that Marius doesn’t love her, what even is a Gavroche?,  and I”m GLAD the Revolution (or here, “Demonstration”) storyline was five minutes of background noise, because there’s no real room for it at all, and Valjean’s whole self-exile really does seem to be him planning to go to England?!? and that’s…it…



this movie is not very good

anonymous asked:

Wow. Jensen & Danneel have seriously stolen the weird baby names crown from Misha & Vicki ("West Anaximander") with those names for the twins! (Which baby is "Zeppelin"? The boy or the girl?? Good lord.. LOL) Those are like.. almost Zappa level kid names. I wonder where they got "Arrow" from? (Until I hear otherwise I'm blaming John Barrowman.) "Zeppelin" is obvious and I'd guess "Rhodes" is a reference to Randy Rhoads? (Ozzy's legendary guitarist.) "Arrow" though? And "Bram"? No idea. #LOL #smh

Aw, it’s not that bad. Don’t hate. Zepplin, Arrow, and Justice sound like masked crime fighters. It’s awesome and super cute! I want to draw them as teen super heroes or as Deanna Winchester, Sam Winchester, and Castiel (Jamie Novak vessel).

Arrow may be short for Aerosmith, who knows, though I would like to think Rhodes is a nod at Kim, but I don’t think they’re exactly THAT close with her.

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Beginners Guide to B1A4

for @wlwheein i hope this helps you get into them “properly”, i didn’t add any live performances bc it would be too long but if u want them message me !!











Rocket Scientist’s Wife

Oh Weirdo, I know that people don’t change and that you are unstable enough to fake pregnancy #2, so I initially assumed that, yep, you did it again, but waited for visual evidence.  THANK YOU for confirming the FAKE PREGNANCY #2 for me when you wore that dumb black frock that was sheer enough to be able to see the fake baby bump through clearly.  CLEARLY, people!!!!!!   A fake baby bump prosthetic shaped like one on the market that’s easily Googled including a belly button. Good God it almost looked like you stuffed Gary Oldman's butt wig from Dracula under your gown.    I was sick at the time with a bad cold (I thought I might have been hallucinating the whole thing-darn those cold meds), but now I get to celebrate with Chaka Khan and vodka.  lol  


Yeah, I was fighting it as well Rocket Scientist’s Wife, but I’m now at 99% and waiting for her belly to deflate in an upcoming photo op before I fully tip over to Fake Pregnancy Number Two Camp.

Hope you’re feeling much better now!!  :D

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If your still doing the 3 sentence fics, then can you do a jikook one where Jungkook says their safe word and Jimin feels bad that he hurt his baby. Thank you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

— I’m not good with smut requests that required 3 sentences so I hope this is okay ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )

Moonlight slashing over pale, flushed skin, Jungkook lets out a strangled moan. It’s been too long since they’ve had privacy and time for their own. Maybe a little too long because Jimin wasn’t holding back. His thrusts were strong with no trace of hesitance. “Hyung, wa—wait!” Jungkook gasps. His small body lurching as every thrust found his prostate, abusing it mercilessly. “Hyung, pu—puppy!” he cries out, throwing his head back as another moan slips past his glistening lips.

At the call of their safe word, Jimin slowed down before stopping. He placed his palms on either side of Jungkook’s head. “Baby?” he coos. Jungkook was trembling violently with tears streaming down his eyes. “Did I hurt you?” The older male showed remorse through his voice and eyes as he scoops his younger lover in his arms. “I'm—I’m okay now,” Jungkook gives him an assuring smile but his trembling says otherwise. The overstimulation was too much for his over hypersensitivity body to take. “Want to rest, bunny? We can stop for awhile,” Jimin nods at him, brushing away Jungkook’s damp bangs away.

“Yeah, okay…let’s rest for awhile,” the youngest nods, sighing in softly as Jimin settles on top of him but careful enough not to crush him. “I’m sorry, Kookie. Hyung should have been more careful,” Jimin whispers against his flushed ear. “It’s okay, Jiminnie,” Jungkook shushed him, carding his fingers through his older boyfriend’s soft strands.

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Just a comment on that hedgehog video! Those looks like babies and yes it does kind of hurt when they bite but not so much as babies. Those babies look more like they are trying to suckle or play it isn't malicious so it probably doesn't hurt that bad! I had a baby hedgehog who was constantly trying to eat fingers when he got bored because he wanted to play and it never hurt, they have a good sense of smell and know who their friends are!

oh i know i had a hedgie a few years back lol!

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.