• <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Why would Ishida show us that Touka is pregnant, if she is just gonna have a miscarriage? The baby in gonna live.<p/><b>Also me:</b> But basically everything we learned up until now about human-ghoul pregnancies is that the ghoul mother can not carry a child with human DNA.<p/><b>Me:</b> But we don’t know for sure what Kaneki is now. Also, we don’t know if having human food will be good or bad for the baby.<p/><b>Also me:</b> But all the ghouls are starving now. It makes more sense if her body just absorbs the baby.<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> please stop.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Could someone PLEASE make a gif of the Ballonboys at approx 3:00? They seem to have noticed Even and Isak, and they are swaying to the music, looking about as far from agressive as possible.

Yes please.

What we think we know probably isn’t what happened haha. When Sana’s talking to Chris, we can see Yousef, Adam, and Elias looking outside/looking for someone?. At this point Mikael and Muta are missing. One can guess that maybe? maybe??? Mikael wanted to talk to Even? Maybe??? To fix the mess? I don’t know. Elias looked pretty riled up/angry and so did Jonas and Mahdi. The rest of the boys looked chill. 

One could guess that Elias punched Isak given how Mahdi was ready to kill lol. Jonas was in Mikael’s face, but before that he was pushing Adam. So I’m guessing he was just trying to get to Elias/or help out Mahdi. Both Adam and Mikael were trying to break the fight and so was Mutassim. Idk, fights get heated and you can lose track of who’s doing what, but Elias was definitely the one fuming among the boys. 

Now why punch Isak? Gosh. I don’t know lol. But I’m thinking Isak could have started this. He’s so protective of Even. I can totally see him doing that. Maybe he didn’t throw a punch (although he does shake his hand when they’re walking away. though it could be because he has blood on it), maybe he just said something that was totally wrong and that got Elias super angry. Basically, it’s open to interpretation but we will find out. I just doubt it’s because they’re homophobic. (can’t see Julie going in this direction)

I just think that those girls’ comments in the bathroom are so revealing. They immediately say that it’s because they’re muslim and that Isak and Even are a gay couple. They immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s because they’re homophobic. And I find it interesting how the fandom thinks that way too but still finds those girls horrible. The thing is Sana will start thinking this, too. She was so sure that hate doesn’t come from religion, but this will mess with her head. Basically I’m sad.

I know everyone and their dog is calling the balloon boys ‘rats’ (I won’t even mention how hurtful that is lol). But we honestly don’t know shit about them and it annoys me how people completely miss the point of the show by jumping to conclusions and putting everyone in categories: good and bad, my babies and rats. Like talk about harmful generalizations. Good people can do shitty things sometimes. Doesn’t make them satan.

My point is that Julie would never in a million years make the muslim boys the villains of the story. The point of this season is to tell a story that’s never been told before, to show people who don’t normally get represented in television. So far, she’s doing it right (she is!). I’m not saying what they did before (essentially giving up on Even) is all good. No. That’s fucked up. Mikael was definitely homophobic when he turned his back on Even. But people change. People go through stuff. I don’t know. It just reminds me of how everyone wanted to burn Even after Isak saw him kissing Sonja in 3x05. People are completely missing the point of the show by turning this into Evak vs the balloon boys. Like no…

This is Sana’s season. So everything has to ultimately have to do with HER story and her development. And it is happening. Let’s just not jump to conclusions.


Niall’s snap from yesterday had me feeling some type of way, so here’s some smut for y’all. Enjoy!

Italics= your texts
Bold italics= Niall’s texts

You had gone with Niall to the Modest!Golf offices that day because you couldn’t bear to be away from him that day. You had walked out of the bathroom, dressed and ready, to see Niall shrugging on his coat. You stopped in your tracks, mouth slightly open. He looked positively amazing. His new haircut, which you already loved, was styled in his usual quiff. His hair was now a gorgeous dark brown, with loads of natural highlights that were gleaming in the light of the room. He was wearing a cream-colored collared shirt with buttons, dark skinny jeans, and lace-up shoes. The coat completed everything. You knew that minute that you weren’t letting him out of your sight for the rest of the day. He noticed you staring at him and smirked. “Like what you see?” he asked. You snapped out of your stare and went about finding your coat and shoes. “Yeah, babe. You look good,” you responded, downplaying the fluttering in your stomach that he had caused. “Not so bad yerself there, love.” he told you, and you could feel his blue eyes raking up and down your body. You had opted for gray Vans, leggings, a white henley that was actually Niall’s, and you’d thrown a button up over top of everything. He walked up behind you and helped you into your jacket, placing gentle kisses on your neck as he did so. You moaned lightly, letting your head fall to the side. His lips coasted up your neck, by your ear, and on your jaw. You spun around, ready to lay one on him. “We gotta go love,” he said quietly. You pouted and rested your hands on his face, feeling the tickle of his stubble under the pads of your fingers. He smiled at you and placed what he thought was going to be a quick kiss on your lips, but you pressed yourself against him, deepening the kiss. Your hands ran down his body to rest on his chest. His resolve crumbled instantly, and his arms wrapped around your waist. His hands rested just above your ass, one slipping down to squeeze your bum. You smiled against his lips and slipped your tongue into his mouth, tasting his toothpaste and something distinctly Niall. He pulled himself away from you, trying to regain his bearings, and rested his forehead on yours. “Yer killing me, darlin’” “Sorry. You just look so good. I want you so bad, baby,” you told him. “I know, and God I want you too, but we’ve gotta go to the office.” “Fine,” you sighed dramatically, exaggerating the injustice of not being able to jump your boyfriend’s bones.

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i just can't help but to send ask for Y/n baby jeon + "what good and bad habits of the boys include baby jeon?"

y/n: “okay we’re gonna speed through this because that’s seven boys and times two traits i’d need so seokjin’s good at keeping his cool but he’s bad at acknowledging his mistakes sometimes,”

seokjin: “…valid.”

y/n: “jimin and taehyung are similar. their good habits are that they’re really nice and are really affectionate with jungkook (and other people) but their bad habit is feeling insecure because the person they’re so affectionate with has other people that treat jungkook (for example) the way they do to them.”

jimin, taehyung: “we can’t argue with that.”

y/n: “hoseok’s bright and radiant, an overall good mood he brings but a bad habit of his is that sometimes he doesn’t sense the situation enough to know that not all times are happy ones. so it might seem inconsiderate,”

hoseok: “okay that was deep as fu-”

y/n: “namjoon’s rational and logical with his thinking but in actions… his words seem better than them.”

namjoon: “my mind and body agrees.”

y/n: “and yoongi has this good habit of fixing anything in the house that needs fixing but his bad habit is insisting he can fix everything.”

yoongi: “hey, at least give me credit for my plumbing abilities.”

y/n: “okay i’ll let you have that-”

seokjin: “and everything else is down the drain.”

everyone but seokjin: “please stop.”

send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty

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any daddy kink fics o.o

this is like my secret fave k*nk ogmskf here are like a lot heheh 

›› Baby Good Night by  himrj02   
›› Bad Babies Get Punished by  Baezi_and_panda   
›› Call Me Daddy by  Kora_Khan and sudaddykim  (this one is top!baek i believe?)
›› Can You Shut Up? by  blehmeh   
›› D is for Daddy by  kaisoo_thighs   
›› Daddy by  Baezi_and_panda   
›› I’ll Be Your Drag Queen If You Be My King by  sim_mona  (crossdressing in this)  
›› I Dare You To Laugh by  Meggs13   
›› Look Your Eyes on Me, Daddy by  xlifeless-seoul   
›› Of Ragged Gasps and Large Glass Panels by  museofthedawn (only a tinyyy bit of daddy kink in this but the smut is still pretty good)
›› Oral Fixation by  se-tnet   
›› Punish Me ♥ Daddy Park!  by  Kuma-rin   
›› Such a Tease by  -magicians   
›› We’ll Be All Night, Love by geraldinedragon
›› You’re Mine, Not Hers by  EXOverdose_ (this is like a full-chaptered fic with lots of smut scenes in it)

I’m crying i put in so many but oh well enjoy!! ;) - Admin N~

A Short List Of Weird Phrases I Have Used When Talking About Zach Woods

“A cute exhausted noodle”
“A very bony octopus”
“Legs, mostly”
“A very pale string bean”
“My precious noodle monster”
“A greyhound made human by a witch’s spell, not sure if the witch was good or bad”
“Sweet lil baby stork”
“A very tall smol”
“A surprisingly huggable tangle of limbs”

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Can I do an ask for the dying of the s/o during birth. Like the Mukami one but with the sakamaki bros

Shu Sakamaki:

• You hadn’t seen a bigger smile on Shu’s lips before announcing you were pregnant. Eventually as the pregnancy advanced you learnt that you and baby might not make it. The doctor told you to rest and of course Shu took care of you.

• Shu made breakfast, cleaned the house and spent his free time relaxing next to you, hiding his worries the best he could he often put his hands over you belly to feel the baby move. He even bought one of those pregnancy headset so the baby could listen to his music.

• The birth was arriving faster than planned and one night, as both of you were soundly asleep, painful contractions started kicking in. Shu woke up as he felt you toss in the bed, just with seeing your pale face he knew.

• He immediately took you to the nearest hospital where the doctors quickly took care of you. After painful hours of labor the baby had been born. It was a beautiful little girl with you (E/C) eyes.

• That night only one of you made it, as Shu was waiting in the corridor, walking back and forth the doctor came out along with a nurse who held the baby. At that moment he knew, if his heart would’ve still been beating it would’ve stop at this instant. Speechless tears rolled down his cheeks, making his deep ocean blue eyes shine even more than usual.

• The nurse stepped forward and handed him the new born, he took it with hesitant arms and despite the pain of losing his beloved he smiled at the little girl who had her mother’s eyes. “I promise to love you…” he whispered.

• Years passed quickly, the little girl was now around eight years old and as she was playing around in the house, she walked into her father’s bedroom. There she found a picture of him and some woman. She took the frame and hurried to her father to ask who that woman was.

• Shu smiled softly and took his daughter on his lap before explaining it to her. “This lovely woman here, is your mother. She is with angels now” he said in a tender voice. The little girl was rather confused and smiled “Do I look like her papa?” she asked innocently. ”Yes, a lot sweetheart” he replied with a gentle smile. “Did you loved her?” she asked again with bright eyes. “Enormously, and I still do” he replied while hugging his daughter. “I miss her every single day, but you make it easier “

Reiji Sakamaki: 

•You weren’t the one who noticed your pregnancy first, Reiji being very observant has noticed a change in you alimentation and sleeping schedule. You recently seemed more tired, and ate things you didn’t normally. That early morning when you rushed to the bathroom was only confirming his thoughts.

•After checking up with the doctor, came out you were pregnant. You and the vampire were very happy, a little too soon you both started preparing for his or her arrival, buying toys, plushies and even started decorating the room.

•On your sixth months pregnancy you started feeling some pains in your womb, at first you thought it was due to the baby kicking. You didn’t mention it right away your lover and simply did your best to handle the pain,

•On morning as Reiji was already up in the kitchen cooking you woke up. Uncomfortable by the wet warm sensation you pulled the covers. An horrifying sigh struck you. The bed was drenched in blood, your blood. Panicked you called Reiji who immediately appeared in the room. His eyes widened. He immediately thought of miscarriage but wouldn’t dare to say it.

•After hurrying at the hospital, the doctor came to see you. He had a good and a bad news. “The baby is fine, but I’m afraid the pregnancy is getting quite dangerous for you” he advised you to stay at the hospital for permanent care. Reiji didn’t let you complain and was staying next to you day and night. 

•Contractions started kicking in during the last few months, they weren’t really close to each other yet. Despite all the troubles you had been going through you managed to keep a smile and positive attitude. Reiji hide his worries the best he could, but you knew him to well and could perfectly read his emotions into his eyes.

•The day of birth quickly arrived, around four in the morning you started feeling strong pains that went from your lower stomach to you entire back. Your arched your body in pain, covered in sweats. Reiji took you hand, he had never felt this powerless before.

•Soon enough the nurses and doctor moved you to the operation room. Reiji wasn’t allowed to enter, standing straight in front of the door, his eyebrows frowned he waited. Worries were slowly killing him.

•After four long hours the doctor came out, he wore one of those expressions that were very pale and he was clearly exhausted. Reiji knew a bad news was coming, he braced himself but remained composed.

•"Sir… I’m sorry. We did all we could but we couldn’t save your wife.“ At that moment Reiji’s expression turned sorrowful. He had never been this hurt before. As he was about to say anything he heard a loud cry coming from the room. He walked in without permission, despite the nurses trying to hold him back. There he saw her pale, dead body. He immediately walked to her but as soon as he was to reach her the cry echoed in the room.

•It was for him a surprise to see two newborns, it seems that you had been keeping it a secret. You always knew how much he wanted children, and when you learnt you expected twins you were overwhelmed with joy.

•He hesitantly walked closer to the babies, one was crying loudly. It reminded him of you, you had always been very loud, but he loved that about you. The other was calm and sleeping soundly despite the noise.

•With the tip of his finger he gently rubbed their cheeks, gently caressing their pink skins. He knew that from that moment he would be the only one to see them grow up. “It’ll only be us from now on…” he said with a pained smile. “I’ll do my best for you.“ He whispered before kissing their forehead.

Ayato Sakamaki: 

•You had always wanted to have at least one child, and often you told Ayato about it. At first he was reluctant, not because he didn’t want to be a father but because he didn’t know whether he could do it correctly. Of course with you by his side he didn’t doubt it anymore.

•That morning you locked yourself in the bathroom, carefully reading the instructions at the back of the box of the pregnancy test. Meanwhile Ayato waited impatiently outside. After following the instructions you waited for the results. The minutes seemed to be hours as when finally you saw the little lines appear. Before screaming in joy you double even triple checked the box to make sure two lines meant you were pregnant. You opened the door and threw your arms around his neck. Swirling around he smiled happily understanding right away.

•Months passed peacefully and everything seemed to be perfect, as if you were living a dream. The time came for you to learn the gender. Ayato wasn’t very fond on doctor so he waited outside, when you came out he stood up from his chair and rushed to you. With a smile you took his hand and held up three of his fingers. At first he looked at you very confused but suddenly his face went pale. "T-three !? As in triplets!?” You nodded while chuckling. He laughed nervously, he was happy but still a little shocked by the outstanding news.

•But the happiness quickly faded away, multiple pregnancies are rather complicated to live through and you had to get frequent checkups at the hospital. One day as you came home from an appointment your face looked dull, pale and a covered with worries. Ayato knew something was wrong. 

•You explained to him that you might not make it through giving birth, the doctor advised you to abort. You refused, and as you explained this to your husband his face grew paler than it already was. He wanted you to abort, he loved you more than those babies he had yet to meet. 

•That day you both had a fight, said things you immediately regretted. Crying you locked yourself in your bedroom, Ayato put his forehead against the door, his world had just crumbled. Your happiness had just vanished from your lives, only leaving worries behind. That night Ayato walked into your room, not saying anything he just hugged you. “I’m sorry…” he whispered, pain was audible in his voice.

•On your eighth month of pregnancy you already felt regular contractions which wasn’t a good sign. One night you woke up in pain, immediately you knew something was wrong with the babies. You woke up Ayato. Both of you headed directly to the hospital. 

•The doctor was extremely worried, he took you to the operation block to proceed to an emergency Caesarea. It took more time than expected but after two hours the doctor came out with his assistant. “Sir, I regret having to tell you this but… Two of the babies were dead when born…. and your wife couldn’t make it. We did our best, we are sorry.” he bowed deeply. “If you wish to see your bab-….” he was interrupted by Ayato shouting “WHERE IS SHE? I WANT TO SEE MY WIFE!” He kicked the door open, only seeing a while blood stained crap over your body. The coldness of the room made his entire body shiver. He approached the corpse and gently removed it from your face. Leaning down he pressed his lips against your still warm body. “Please…don’t leave me… I need you… I can’t…do this alone…please wake up…. “ He said holding back his tears. "I love you…” Unable to hold it in anymore tears rolled down his cheeks and down on yours. “I’m sorry… I couldn’t protect you…" 

•A soft crying echoed in the room, the nurse held the fruit of your love in her arms. A little girl with brig green eyes and (H/C) hair. "Sir, would you like to hold her?” She said with a soft smile attempting to comfort him. He walked to her, gently she handed him the baby, helping him to hold her properly. “Yes, that’s it. You’re doing good sir" 

•Holding his baby for the first time joy slowly grew within his heart. He knew that he had to be strong for you and for his new born daughter. 

•Years passed quickly, it was almost as if she had been born yesterday. Ayato wasn’t the perfect father, he messed up many times and parenting couldn’t be taught by books. He knew he messed up a lot, but he loved her with all his heart. Seeing her smile was all he needed. 

•His daughter was now a fully grown woman, planning to go study abroad he had no other choice to let her go.

•Before leaving she left a letter on the bed. Ayato opened the little red envelope and unfolded the paper. "Dear daddy, uncle Reiji told me about mom and my deceased bothers. I was very sad to learn that but he also told me how hard you’ve worked to raise me properly. You messed up quite a lot of times but always did the impossible for me. For that I cannot be thankful enough, you were the best father I could ever had. Please know that to me you were perfect. I love you daddy. Your loving daughter.” Tears filled his eyes, he never had been this happy in a long time. He was glad his daughter thought this way about him. With a gentle smile he carefully put the letter away in his drawer and headed to his window gazing at the moon. “Oh (y/n) you’d be so proud of her…” he smiled softly.

Kanato Sakamaki: 

•You weren’t as happy as you should’ve been when you learnt about your pregnancy. You weren’t sure whether Kanato would be happy about it or if he would be able to take care of the baby. You had to face the fact that he was mentally unstable. He still had the tendency to go overboard, even you couldn’t control that.

•You hide your pregnancy for a while, but the vampire wasn’t stupid. He noticed a change in your alimentation and your belly was slowly starting to show. Not to mention you had a very different smell. 

• He didn’t mention anything for a while, as if leaving you one last chance before throwing a tantrum for lying to him. You played different scenarios inside your head, trying to find the best way to tell him but none satisfied you. 

•That night as you were heading to sleep and preparing the bed for both you and Kanato you noticed his strange behavior. “What’s the matter?” You asked in a soft voice. “You’re lying to me… how can you be so disgusting and still smile at me?” He said with a tone full of disgust. “I thought you loved me yet… you lie.” You didn’t know what he was talking about at first but eventually a light lit up inside your head. “Oh you noticed… you know I wanted to tell you but I didn’t know how …” you said guilty. “I see… is it because you’re afraid? AFRAID THAT I WOULD BE A BAD FATHER?! Hahahaha you hear that Teddy? She thinks I would be a bad father… how heartless can she be…? nee Teddy…” His mood went up and down just as if it rode a rollercoaster. 

•You were used to his psycho-like behavior and simply walked to him, gently putting your hand on his cheek. “That’s not it… I didn’t expect this pregnancy and what scared me is that you might not want to have a baby… your ability as father isn’t what came to my mind at all. Who am I to say such things? I don’t know anything about parenthood either. That’s why I’ll learn, we will learn.” You kissed his cheek. Kanato swept his tears slowly pouting. “I see. Well then I forgive you this time. ” He said a little coldly. “But you should have told me sooner. I hate it when you hide things from me. So… about the baby I want you to keep it only if it would make you happy….if you’re happy I’m happy as well.” A warm feeling grew inside your heart and you threw your arms around his neck. “I’m so happy! I love you Kanato! I’m sure we will be good parents! ”

• Months later you gave birth safely, a little boy with round purple eyes and your (H/C) hair laid in your arms. As you were still laying in your hospital bed Kanato stood next to you. He stared at the baby curiously, he tilted his head with a slight frown as if trying to understand the living thing. “He has your eyes… Your beautiful purple eyes” you said smiling.

•Kanato slightly smiled and brushed the tip of his fingers against his cheek “it’s so soft…” he mumbled.  ” Hey… wanna hold him?“ You asked softly. The vampire seemed reluctant at first but seeing your smile he couldn’t refuse. Slowly you placed the newborn within his arm, showing him the correct posture to take. He held the baby as if he was holding a crystal doll, he didn’t dare to move and simply gazed at the baby’s face. Seeing your lover with such a gentle expression really relieved you.

• You felt really tired, you believed it was due to giving birth and started closing your eyes. “I’m tired… I’ll rest a little bit…” Kanato nodded at your words and sat on the chair still holding to baby and made sure not to wake him up. Due to minor complications during the birth you had to stay a few more day at the hospital for regular inspections. 

•You noticed your tiredness not going away as the days went by, you didn’t mention it to the nurse nor your husband. You didn’t eat properly and felt really weak, your whole body felt really sore.

•The baby was resting in the nursery room while Kanato went out to find something to eat.

• Your eyelids felt heavy and you felt that resisting was pointless. You closed your eyes falling into a deep slumber. “We are losing her! Prepare for CPR right away!” You heard voices around you, everything was pitch black. “Stay with me (Y/N)!” You heard Kanato’s cries echo in the bedroom. “But I’m here… I’m just resting… I’ll …wake up later…” you thought.

• The heart monitor suddenly beeped loudly, it was as if the beeping was not ending. “We lost her… time of death 3:56 pm.” The doctor pronounced your death. Kanato violently pushed the nurse aside and shook your body. “Oi wake up!! Wake up!! WAKE UP!!” He slapped your face angrily but tears immediately started dripping on his eyes. He was very angry but his sorrow was far more important. “You promised me… You promised me to stay with me forever! Why did you lie again!? I hate you… I should never have trusted you!” endless tears poured from his eyes.

• Kanato was now the only one to be able to take care of the child, he refused to do it and paid the maids to raise him. 

•Years had passed and the little boy was now around 12. He was now grown up enough to understand why he only had a father. One night as he couldn’t sleep he looked for his father bedroom, even though he didn’t had a close relationship with him he still wanted to be with him. The door was slightly opened as he peeked inside.

• “Don’t worry (Y/N) I’ll take care of you… hehehe… this way you can be mine forever right?” The boy witnessed his father brushing a doll’s long (H/C) hair while singing softly. “I know you’re here… why don’t you come in to greet your mother?” He said chuckling. The little boy walked in, the rotten smell of flesh immediately struck him. “Come give a kiss to your mother “frightened the boy ran away while his father’s devilish laugh echoed in the mansion. "What a shame, he got scared ~” he kissed your dead body’s cheek. “Looks like he won’t be coming back for a while, right (Y/N)?” he chuckled.

•The boy ran back to his bedroom and jumped on his bed, there he held a plush tightly against him. “Say Teddy… Do you think daddy is a bad person?”

Laito Sakamaki: 

•The relationship you and Laito had wasn’t like any other, the lovey dovey part most couple had was just something that wasn’t bound to happen with him. But despite knowing that you loved him anyways.

•Being together with Laito meant doing ‘it’ pretty much everywhere, anytime and in any positions. Most of the time it was unprotected sex, so when you were kneeling in front of the toilets and throwing up you knew what was going on. Problem was his reaction when he’d learn it.

•Wiping your mouth with a handkerchief you headed back to bed where Laito was now laying awake. “What’s the matter Bitch-chan? You look so pale… Could it be that you had too much of me last night nfufufu ~” he laughed. Not being in the best mood after vomiting you sighed “Isn’t it obvious…? I’m pregnant.” You said bluntly. His laugh immediately stopped. “I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner, with all we’ve done I’m not surprised that you’re pregnant. It could’ve happened sooner nfu~ Mah…There is not much to do now. Bitch-chan do you want to keep it?”

•After you and Laito agreeing on keeping the baby you headed to the obstetrician to check on the baby’s well-being. You were already three weeks pregnant.

•The first 5 months were passing by peacefully, now the only thing in your mind was knowing the baby’s gender. Like every months you headed to the doctor with your husband. You laid on the table and lifted your shirt up. You slapped softly Laito’s hands which were heading to your breasts before the doctor could see and waited. “The baby is healthy, we can see its sex would you like to know?” he asked softly. You nodded. “Well it’s a little baby girl, she seems to have a correct weight and size. Her birth is expected on December 25th, for Christmas.” He said while cleaning you up. “Christmas how Cute bitch-chan~” Laito laughed softly. You replied with a smile.

•The doctors hadn’t predicted the baby to be turned around the day you’d give birth. You ended losing a lot of blood, the doctors were doing their best for you to make it but in the end it was too late. They saved the baby and the surgeon headed outside the room to announce the horrible news to Laito.

• “We are sorry sir… She didn’t make it.” He said lowering his head. “You mean she’s dead?” he brushed his head back and looked at the ceiling before bursting out in laugher. “Hahahahah you mean she is dead!?” he stepped back against the wall. The doctor thought his laugh came from a shock state and simply let him be. “For the baby… You’re her only remaining parent… You’ll be able to take her homme tomorrow morning since she is very healthy.”

•The next day Reiji came to the Hospital, he learnt early in the morning that you had passed away after giving birth. He knew ell how Laito would be but didn’t expect him to look so empty. “Isn’t it time for you to go home with your Daughter?” he asked pushing his glasses up. “Home? I guess you’re right… It’s no use staying here anyways” he shrugged and headed back home with the baby and his brother.

•Years went by and the little girl was now around 7 year-old. The maids did a good job raising her, of course Reiji kept a close watch over that. He knew that Laito wouldn’t be good enough to teach her proper manners. He did at the very least put her to bed and tell her stories from time to time. What struck the vampire was the resemblance she had with her mother. He hated her for that, the look in her eyes, the shape of her thing pink lips, even the way she acted seemed to be the same as her mother. Forcing a smile when he was her but cursing her very existence when her back was turned was what he did.

•Since she was born he hated Christmas, the day he had lost you. This year he was ‘celebrating’ it alone with her like every year since you passed away. He sat at the piano playing you favorite song when she came in running while playing with her new toy. Not looking where she was going, she accidentally hit the small table near her and stumbled the frame that laid there.

•Inside was a photo of Laito and yourself smiling. Full of anger the vampire dashed to her and slapped her in the face. “Look at what you’ve done!” he said angrily and picked up the picture. She started crying while holding her cheek. It was the first time she was hit by her father. “I-I’m sorry daddy…I didn’t mean too” she sobbed. “Even your way of talking sounds like hers. I can’t stand it, don’t look at me with your disgusting eyes. You’re nothing like her!” he pinned her down and grabbed some shattered glass that was on the ground before stabbing her eyes with it.

• “I hate you! You snatched away the only woman who truly loved me! You deserve to die! What a fool to think that I would love you…nfufu~ I hate you with all my might. Just die already!” the little girl screamed in agony, her small and frail body trembling from fear. “Shut up! “he yelled and placed his hands around her small fragile neck. “I’ll give you the treatment you deserve…” he applied some pressure and choked her to death. “But…I … Love you …daddy…” she whispered as her life faded away, her hand who had been tugging on his sleeve slowly fell onto the ground.

•Reiji opened the door after rushing to the room. He looked at the lifeless child’s body and sighed. “How could you kill her like that… She was the only thing that remained from (Y/N)” he said walking in. “Don’t say her name… this kid wasn’t her…it wasn’t anything like her!” he raised his voice. “I think it is the opposite, I’m sure she reminded you too much of ‘her’ didn’t she? That’s why you couldn’t bear it.”

• “What would you know…?” he stood up and smirked. “At least I won’t have to take care of the kid now” he shrugged. “If you think that’ll bring (Y/N) back or that I will take your pain away you’re wrong. You’re just going to suffer even more now” Reiji said and walked out of the room leaving Laito alone.

•Tears rolled down his cheeks “What? I’m crying? How foolish of me… to think that I could be happy… (Y/N) I’m sorry… it shouldn’t have been like that… it was only supposed to be you and me…” he slid down against the wall while staring at the ceiling. “Don’t worry… I’ll join you soon… cause after all for us vampire… Death is only the beginning…”


•Since You and Subaru started dating you’ve always stated your wish to fund a family, of course the albino vampire was not against the idea. Few months after your marriage you had magnificent news for you husband, you expected a baby.

• Months went by quickly, your belly was now big and round. You knew you were expecting a little boy.  Just like every married couple both of you had arguments, Subaru’s tendency to punch walls was still very actual. Sometimes fights with him would get very violent yet he never got too close to you, he was too afraid to hurt you.

•One night after dinner both of you were arguing on top of the stairs, the small argument had gotten out of hand and you’d made the vampire really upset. You walked to him to try to comfort him and in a violent movement of his arm her swung around “Don’t touch me!” he said. You stepped back, your foot slide down a stair and you ended up falling backwards. Subaru attempted catching you but it was too late, your body was lifeless on the ground.

•He immediately called an ambulance, on the way to the hospital the guilt was already growing inside him, slowly destroying him. He knew just how fragile human life was, and since yours and the baby’s was endangered because of him he couldn’t bring himself to forgiveness.

•It was not surprising to see that the baby hadn’t survived, the hit was too brutal you had miscarried the fetus. Subaru stood next to your bed, holding you hand tightly. The doctors had managed to stabilize your state, but you weren’t fully out of trouble yet.

•Subaru was cursing himself mentally, filled with regret, self hate, guilt he looked down, trying to hold his tears back. “I don’t know if you can hear me but… I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry…It’s my fault…I keep destroying everything I touch… I’m a monster…” As he was speaking to you your heartbeat suddenly slowly down until reaching a full stop. The doctors immediately came in yet your heart wouldn’t restart despite their effort. It was with a heavy heart that the doctor announced your death to Subaru.

•Totally destroyed, Subaru headed back home, in a zombie-like way he headed into the bedroom and searched inside the drawer next to the bed to find his silver dagger. He sat on the bed, mumbling how sorry he was, how much regret he felt. He ended stabbing his own heart and as his body was slowly losing his blood he whispered “I’ll be there soon (Y/N) just wait for me…” he left our world with a sad chuckled mixed with painful tears. “I love you… forever and always…”

I apologize for taking so long to do this, I was busy with school and this really took me way too much time to do and I procrastinated a lot annnnnddddd well I suck at writing? Please bear with me…

-Tessa (₌ㅇᆽㅇ₌)

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I feel like Kanou will be salivating to get his hands on Touka if he finds out about the baby. Good news: baby might survive. Bad news: baby and Touka in ccg clutches. The one thing I wish people would realize is that being pregnant brings out a lot of strength in a woman. We might be surprised by Touka while in this predicament.

i agreeeee. just imagining how hard it must be for pregnant ghouls. jesus christ. kaneki shouldve pulled out man