never forget when brian said his “dick game is the truth”

its from this performance of hey mama at like 1:28

Whole crew got the juice, my dick game the truth

Your screams is the proof, them other hoes get the deuce

When I speed in the coupe, leaving this interview

It ain’t nothin’ new, I been fuckin’ with you

None of them bitches ain’t taking you, just tell them to make a U

Huh, that’s how it be, I come first like debuts

Hey baby when I need that, I’ll give you a word I’ll be good, I’ll be bad for my baby


The Outsiders

Ponyboy Curtis:


Dallas Winston:

I Look Good 





It’s Bad for the Baby 

I Forgot My Jacket

Darry Curtis:


Book Worm  


Sodapop Curtis:

Marry Me  

Johnny Cade:




Steve Randle:



Two-Bit Matthews:


Can’t Live Without You 



“I’m Naked, Can You Grab Me a Towel?” 


Gang’s reaction to your boyfriend breaking up with you

The gang’s reaction to being cat-called

Darry having a Short Boyfriend (Darry Curtis)

Sylvia wanting him back (Dallas Winston)

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A Wolf and His Mate

Pairing: lay x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 1,607

Originally posted by daenso

Maybe aggravating him was not a good idea.

You knew how testy he got when your period was approaching, you knew how it affected him when your body was starting to ovulate and you knew what it did to him when you purposely went around other males.

Throughout the week lay had been more on edge than he usually was when this happened.

At kai’s party: his hand placed its self on the top of your knee underneath the table. As you engaged in conversation with one of your friends you tried desperately to swat his hand away, knowing where this was going.

However, his persistence worn you down. As you struggled to breathe let alone spit out a sentence his fingers were furiously pumping in and out of you.

after your stomach had knotted up and you had given up on conversating, you turned to him desperately. You didn’t know what you were desperate for, whether it was for him to stop or keep going; however, the smirk on his face and the gleam in his eyes told you this would not end well for you either way.

As you were closing to your finish he pulled away from you, shooting you an innocent look as he licked your juices off his fingers, if looks could kill, he would be dead.

This, unfortunately, wasn’t the only incident of the week.

You sat comfortably on the couch as you spoke to your boss over the phone. You had a presentation next week that could lead to a promotion so you wanted to do it right.

As you hummed in agreement, you watched with careful eyes as lay slowly approached the seat next to you.

The look in his eyes screamed red flags and you knew what he wanted. Any other time you would have gladly applied to his needs and wants, but right now…you were busy.

His arm wrapped around your shoulder as you shook your head slowly trying to inch away from him. A soft growl emitted from his throat before he pulled you back.

As his lips traced down your neck, you knew it was game over.

You tried your hardest to keep the conversation with you boss going but the feeling of his love bites had you stuttering and trying to control moans.

Ending the call you let lay pin you down as his hands travelled up your top.

‘I hate you’ you muttered before realising how long your night was going to be.

But lately you had been feeling a tad mischievous; walking around in nothing but skimpy underwear and his shirt, bending over to pick up something you had ‘accidently dropped’.

They were little things. But little things were the ones that hurt the most.

And now here you were, laid down on your shared bed, your legs wrapped around his shoulders and your hands weakly pushing his head away as he devoured you with no mercy.

“l-lay, baby please” you begged as sweat dripped down your forehead. His tongue flicked around your clit as he inserted a finger into you with no warning.

With a yelp, you quickly tried to grind your hips against him to amplify the pleasure you were feeling.

He added another finger as your stomach started to nod; You gripped his hair causing a stomach-turning growl to emit from his throat.

Your moans filled the room as you were getting closer and closer to your undoing.

“l-lay! I-i-m so close” you stuttered as your breath was hitching.

As you released you let out a string of soft moans of his name, he helped you ride out your orgasm before pulling away from you.

“baby please” he begged as he tried to control his breathing. Before you could ask what he was pleading for you noticed his boner painfully trying to burst through his jeans.

The sight of him glistening from need and

“Why do you do this to me” he sighed as he rubbed circles on your thighs with his thumb.

You giggled as you sat upwards, his previous lust filled eyes had been replaced with loving ones as he stared at you with admiration.

“I’m sorry, I love you” you stated softly as you cupped his cheek with one hand causing his to snuggle into it.

He hummed in content before kissing your forehead sweetly. “I love you too” he whispered; you quickly dressed yourself and the two of you decided to spend the rest of the afternoon watching movies.

Love wasn’t the word to describe the relationship between you and lay; it was something so much more than that. He had tried his best to explain the whole mate thing to you.

at first, shock and fear were the only emotions you could gather as he told/ showed you what he was.

However, after coming to the realisation that your boyfriend was still your boyfriend, one that just turns into a wolf sometimes, everything has been fantastic.

You groaned in frustration as the light from the sun shone through your window. your body sinking into the soft sheets below and lays body warmth mixing together created an atmosphere that you didn’t want to remove yourself from.

“good morning” he whispered into your hair as he pulled you closer towards him if that was even possible.

“morning” you replied as you squirmed to turn to face him. His hair was a mess and his eyes were barely open, yet as the sunlight hit his face you felt your heart beat increase.

“has that whole heat thing gone away now?” you asked him as you lightly played with small strands of his hair.

He nodded his head, purring a little when you hand ran through his hair instead of just playing with it.

“I know I can get a little overbearing when heat comes around…I'm sorry” he stated as his eyes adjusted to the light, staring at you awaiting your response.

Lay always seemed nervous when anything werewolfey happened around you, he was always on guard and waiting for your reaction, not knowing if it would be good or bad.

“baby it’s fine…let me take care of you okay?” you asked as you bit your lip. You quickly flipped over, letting his back hit the mattress as you grabbed onto his waist band.

“jagi, you don’t have to if you don’t want to” he said but you could see the excitement in his eyes.

“of course, I want to baby, now be a good boy. No grabbing my hair” you said sternly. His dominant instincts often took over every time you tried to take the lead, it was hot but sometimes annoying.

He let out of groan of reluctance before his draws had been yanked down along with pants.

As you licked the tip of his cock softly, you heard him groan harshly as he tried to control himself from pushing your head down onto him.

You smirked knowing this was killing him, but you were planning on having some fun.

You slowly placed the tip of him inside your mouth before slowly working your way up and then back down again.  

He cried out as his breath started to get shaky and his fists clenched together “Please don’t tease me” he breathed out.

You smirked before harshly sucking as you picked up your pace. Moans were escaping his lips as you swirled your tongue around him, using your hand to cover what you couldn’t fit in your mouth.

“Y/N, fuck” he groaned as you continued to take as much of him as you could. A soft growl came from lay before he ignored your request and grabbed your hair harshly.

His hips came up to meet your lips as his moans got louder, an indicator that he was coming close to his release. You moaned around him as you continued to move up and down; a small tear escaped your eye as your gag reflex started to fail you. 

with a loud groan of your name, his warm release flowed down your throat. you took a deep breath as you removed yourself from his shaft watching as his chest rose and down. you giggled lightly as his hand came up to his heart and he let out a sigh of content. 

“lay” you called softly as you stared up at the ceiling.

“yer?” he asked as he held your hand in his noticeably larger one.

“Can a werewolf have two mates?” you asked curiously as his thumb rubbed over yours gently.

“no…why do you ask?” he asked worriedly as he sat up to face you. You sighed deeply before turning your head so your eyes could meet his.

“I know I’m your soul mate and all…but I don’t know I feel like the forever bit is a lie and you’ll leave me for a better mate or something” you said softly.

With each word you said lays heart broke a little and you could see it in his eyes.

“baby of course not, why would you think that? I would never want anyone else, I would never leave you for anyone else and god, I wouldn’t ever even look at any one else” he said in between kisses he planted all over your face.

You giggled as he continued placing kisses all over your face; he pulled away after giving your forehead one last kiss, lasting longer than the other.

“okay, as long as your happy” you whispered

“you here, so of course in happy” he said giving you a loving smile that melted your heart.

He was your wolf, and you were his mate. Forever.

Imagine if in “The good, the bad & the baby” Castle/Beckett fall asleep with the baby in his/her arms (or on his/her chest) and then the other finds them and looks down all lovingly and smiles and then tries to take the baby without waking them but the one holding the baby wakes up and smiles and they both put the baby to bed together. If this happens I will flip my shit! I am dying just thinking about it! asdfghjkl I can’t even!


Niall’s snap from yesterday had me feeling some type of way, so here’s some smut for y’all. Enjoy!

Italics= your texts
Bold italics= Niall’s texts

You had gone with Niall to the Modest!Golf offices that day because you couldn’t bear to be away from him that day. You had walked out of the bathroom, dressed and ready, to see Niall shrugging on his coat. You stopped in your tracks, mouth slightly open. He looked positively amazing. His new haircut, which you already loved, was styled in his usual quiff. His hair was now a gorgeous dark brown, with loads of natural highlights that were gleaming in the light of the room. He was wearing a cream-colored collared shirt with buttons, dark skinny jeans, and lace-up shoes. The coat completed everything. You knew that minute that you weren’t letting him out of your sight for the rest of the day. He noticed you staring at him and smirked. “Like what you see?” he asked. You snapped out of your stare and went about finding your coat and shoes. “Yeah, babe. You look good,” you responded, downplaying the fluttering in your stomach that he had caused. “Not so bad yerself there, love.” he told you, and you could feel his blue eyes raking up and down your body. You had opted for gray Vans, leggings, a white henley that was actually Niall’s, and you’d thrown a button up over top of everything. He walked up behind you and helped you into your jacket, placing gentle kisses on your neck as he did so. You moaned lightly, letting your head fall to the side. His lips coasted up your neck, by your ear, and on your jaw. You spun around, ready to lay one on him. “We gotta go love,” he said quietly. You pouted and rested your hands on his face, feeling the tickle of his stubble under the pads of your fingers. He smiled at you and placed what he thought was going to be a quick kiss on your lips, but you pressed yourself against him, deepening the kiss. Your hands ran down his body to rest on his chest. His resolve crumbled instantly, and his arms wrapped around your waist. His hands rested just above your ass, one slipping down to squeeze your bum. You smiled against his lips and slipped your tongue into his mouth, tasting his toothpaste and something distinctly Niall. He pulled himself away from you, trying to regain his bearings, and rested his forehead on yours. “Yer killing me, darlin’” “Sorry. You just look so good. I want you so bad, baby,” you told him. “I know, and God I want you too, but we’ve gotta go to the office.” “Fine,” you sighed dramatically, exaggerating the injustice of not being able to jump your boyfriend’s bones.

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Could someone PLEASE make a gif of the Ballonboys at approx 3:00? They seem to have noticed Even and Isak, and they are swaying to the music, looking about as far from agressive as possible.

Yes please.

What we think we know probably isn’t what happened haha. When Sana’s talking to Chris, we can see Yousef, Adam, and Elias looking outside/looking for someone?. At this point Mikael and Muta are missing. One can guess that maybe? maybe??? Mikael wanted to talk to Even? Maybe??? To fix the mess? I don’t know. Elias looked pretty riled up/angry and so did Jonas and Mahdi. The rest of the boys looked chill. 

One could guess that Elias punched Isak given how Mahdi was ready to kill lol. Jonas was in Mikael’s face, but before that he was pushing Adam. So I’m guessing he was just trying to get to Elias/or help out Mahdi. Both Adam and Mikael were trying to break the fight and so was Mutassim. Idk, fights get heated and you can lose track of who’s doing what, but Elias was definitely the one fuming among the boys. 

Now why punch Isak? Gosh. I don’t know lol. But I’m thinking Isak could have started this. He’s so protective of Even. I can totally see him doing that. Maybe he didn’t throw a punch (although he does shake his hand when they’re walking away. though it could be because he has blood on it), maybe he just said something that was totally wrong and that got Elias super angry. Basically, it’s open to interpretation but we will find out. I just doubt it’s because they’re homophobic. (can’t see Julie going in this direction)

I just think that those girls’ comments in the bathroom are so revealing. They immediately say that it’s because they’re muslim and that Isak and Even are a gay couple. They immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s because they’re homophobic. And I find it interesting how the fandom thinks that way too but still finds those girls horrible. The thing is Sana will start thinking this, too. She was so sure that hate doesn’t come from religion, but this will mess with her head. Basically I’m sad.

I know everyone and their dog is calling the balloon boys ‘rats’ (I won’t even mention how hurtful that is lol). But we honestly don’t know shit about them and it annoys me how people completely miss the point of the show by jumping to conclusions and putting everyone in categories: good and bad, my babies and rats. Like talk about harmful generalizations. Good people can do shitty things sometimes. Doesn’t make them satan.

My point is that Julie would never in a million years make the muslim boys the villains of the story. The point of this season is to tell a story that’s never been told before, to show people who don’t normally get represented in television. So far, she’s doing it right (she is!). I’m not saying what they did before (essentially giving up on Even) is all good. No. That’s fucked up. Mikael was definitely homophobic when he turned his back on Even. But people change. People go through stuff. I don’t know. It just reminds me of how everyone wanted to burn Even after Isak saw him kissing Sonja in 3x05. People are completely missing the point of the show by turning this into Evak vs the balloon boys. Like no…

This is Sana’s season. So everything has to ultimately have to do with HER story and her development. And it is happening. Let’s just not jump to conclusions.

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any daddy kink fics o.o

this is like my secret fave k*nk ogmskf here are like a lot heheh 

›› Baby Good Night by  himrj02   
›› Bad Babies Get Punished by  Baezi_and_panda   
›› Call Me Daddy by  Kora_Khan and sudaddykim  (this one is top!baek i believe?)
›› Can You Shut Up? by  blehmeh   
›› D is for Daddy by  kaisoo_thighs   
›› Daddy by  Baezi_and_panda   
›› I’ll Be Your Drag Queen If You Be My King by  sim_mona  (crossdressing in this)  
›› I Dare You To Laugh by  Meggs13   
›› Look Your Eyes on Me, Daddy by  xlifeless-seoul   
›› Of Ragged Gasps and Large Glass Panels by  museofthedawn (only a tinyyy bit of daddy kink in this but the smut is still pretty good)
›› Oral Fixation by  se-tnet   
›› Punish Me ♥ Daddy Park!  by  Kuma-rin   
›› Such a Tease by  -magicians   
›› We’ll Be All Night, Love by geraldinedragon
›› You’re Mine, Not Hers by  EXOverdose_ (this is like a full-chaptered fic with lots of smut scenes in it)

I’m crying i put in so many but oh well enjoy!! ;) - Admin N~

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i just can't help but to send ask for Y/n baby jeon + "what good and bad habits of the boys include baby jeon?"

y/n: “okay we’re gonna speed through this because that’s seven boys and times two traits i’d need so seokjin’s good at keeping his cool but he’s bad at acknowledging his mistakes sometimes,”

seokjin: “…valid.”

y/n: “jimin and taehyung are similar. their good habits are that they’re really nice and are really affectionate with jungkook (and other people) but their bad habit is feeling insecure because the person they’re so affectionate with has other people that treat jungkook (for example) the way they do to them.”

jimin, taehyung: “we can’t argue with that.”

y/n: “hoseok’s bright and radiant, an overall good mood he brings but a bad habit of his is that sometimes he doesn’t sense the situation enough to know that not all times are happy ones. so it might seem inconsiderate,”

hoseok: “okay that was deep as fu-”

y/n: “namjoon’s rational and logical with his thinking but in actions… his words seem better than them.”

namjoon: “my mind and body agrees.”

y/n: “and yoongi has this good habit of fixing anything in the house that needs fixing but his bad habit is insisting he can fix everything.”

yoongi: “hey, at least give me credit for my plumbing abilities.”

y/n: “okay i’ll let you have that-”

seokjin: “and everything else is down the drain.”

everyone but seokjin: “please stop.”

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