It really annoys me when an artist, who draws mainly children cartoons characters, posts a poorly censored NSFW picture and then blames their fans for being “over sensitive” about it and have a “if you can’t handle this how will you survive in the REAL WORLD” mentality. I’m sorry but if I didn’t find the itself picture offensive that kind of attitude definitely is. There is no excuse to ever belittle other people for having a different comfort level then you. You like drawing porn of cartoon characters? Good. For. You. Maybe post it where people expect to find that kind of art, or actually crop it in a way you can’t tell EXACTLY what is happening in that picture, and don’t shame others for not liking it being unexpectedly shoved in their face.

I’ll admit it! I’m sensitive because I’ve been told this my entire life. “But this is what makes me happy!” *shoves porn links at me* “It’s natural! Don’t make me feel bad about it! =(” “Well clearly you aren’t mentally mature enough to be an artist” “Come back when you grow up” “Don’t be a prude” “She’s so innocent! Awww Let me fix that.” “Everyone likes it really!”. I. Am. Sick. Of. It. Stop disregarding other people’s feelings because you don’t mind it. Stop making people feel inferior or infantile or less then human because they don’t want to see it. Stop making people feel like they aren’t even allowed to object because god forbid anyone be less then 100% pro sex all the time, that their comfort doesn’t matter. I don’t know, maybe even admit your mistake when you misjudged you audience.

If you want to draw or post porn no one is stopping you. Absolutely no one. So stop acting like the wronged party, and certainly don’t laugh at the people who admire you! Just for heavens sake consider who may be viewing it. Crop and tag it appropriately so people aren’t forced to see it, or just consider posting it elsewhere if you’re likely to have a young audience… and if you’re posting porn of children’s cartoon characters please make sure that kids can’t actually see it!

the worst part is, with so many good new cartoons in the past few years, i was really starting to regain admiration for animation - the kind i had for shows i watched when i was a kid, but this time even better because they’ve all been so much more inclusive, progressive and downright well written in so many areas. so last year if a cartoon or 2 dropped off, we’d still have a dozen other masterpieces to get hyped about, but nowadays we’re being left with teen titans go, the powerpuff girls reboot, and, um…