Driving Miss Crazy Behind the Dialogue: Our First Kiss

Because I love @inukag-4ever as much as I do, here is the first kiss. I’ll get around to writing the first date.

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Kagome was still fuming after her run in with Inuyasha. She didn’t care how adorable his ears were and how beautiful his eyes looked or how fucking gorgeous he was— Kagome shook her head vigorously. She was supposed to be mad at him, not listing all the reasons she found him atrractive. Seriously, she needed to get a grip. Silver caught her attention our of the corner of her eye and her aggravation resurfaced.

Stationed at the nurses desk on the far back of 2M, Kagome glared at the man who interrupted her mid-print. Asking him what he wanted with a tone that was far less than pleasing. The half-demon only rolled his eyes as he told her he just needed to give report. It was quick and straight to the point and when he finished, he asked her how she was feeling.

Kagome sighed. He wasn’t that bad of a guy, yeah he had a nasty attitude, but he was concerned about her and that was heart warming.

The RN smiled. Maybe she should have a bit of fun with him. Granted she didn’t remember much about the ambulance ride, or the accident for that matter, but she remembered a few things, like asking him to dinner and calling him out on his good looks.

When he told her she looked like crap, she was a little shook and spat that she had dental work done the morning of. He crossed his arms over his broad chest as scoffed. Arguing erupted from that point on until she asked him what she had said that day for fear she had embarrass herself while under the influence of anesthesia.

When he proceeded to tell her what they argued about that afternoon, a brief moment of panic flashed behind his golden orbs. Kagome urged him to continue and the paramedic sighed as he told her what she had blurted out.

Kagome was taken aback, but she smiled anyway. She definitely remembered asking him out and how he had looked flabbergasted with his mouth gaping like a fish. The memory was foggy, but it was there. Blue eyes shined with mirth as she told him that asking him out was still an open offer.

He didn’t know what to do. Golden eyes bulged as he sputtered that she couldn’t just spring that on someone, that it wasn’t the right way to ask a person out.

That was her ticket. It was time for a little reverse psychology and when she was successful with getting him to ask her out instead, she played innocent and accepted wholeheartedly. Inuyasha snapped his mouth closed and called her a wench before she winked and called him puppy.

The raven, haired beauty grinned. The way his face scrunched up when she called him puppy, made her heart nearly burst from her chest. He was incredibly handsome, more so now that her eyes weren’t nearly swollen shut. His ears drooped back against his skull and his golden eyes narrowed as he barked for her not to call him that.

Well, he never really finished his sentence. The temptation was too much. Inuyasha’s lips were practically begging for her to kiss them. The top lip was pulled back over a glistening fang and she wondered if he could smell the desire rolling off of her in waves. Kagome tightened her thighs together, as if that would mask the scent. Pulling him by his collar, Kagome brought his mouth to hers in a quick peck of the lips.

Stunned, the half demon pulled back to the nurse grinning like the cat who ate the canary.  When his brain stopped spinning and his heart came out if V-tach, he asked her what the hell she was doing.

Kagome calmly explained what a peck on the lips was and that he didn’t need to flip ou about it, but before she could finish, he had her firmly pressed against him. Inuyasha had one large hand fanned around her hip and the other gently cupping her bare neck. At that moment the paramedic wished he could see her raven hair around her shoulders. Kagome was shocked, pleased and confused all at the same time.

She was equally shocked when his tongue pressed against her pink lips. Gasping slightly, Kagome grasped his shirt and pulled him closer as she graciously returned the kiss. It started go get a little heated, until Inuyasha remembered where they were and what exactly they were doing. He reluctantly released her, because fuck, she smelled so delicious and he knew exactly what that smell was. When he opened his eyes, Kagome’s blue ones were still glossed over and she couldn’t help but ask why he did that.

The half-demon smirked, telling her if she was going to kiss someone, then that was how it is done. Inuyasha felt a pang of jealousy as the words left his mouth. He didn’t like the thought of her kissing someone else. Kagome eyes lit up as she smiled and he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had met in a while.

The nurse giggled, telling him she looked forward to the date on Friday. Folding his arms against his chest, Inuyasha scoffed when she told him she couldn’t wait to get more surprise kisses

Inuyasha couldn’t help but smile back as he told her they’d have to see about that. The cheeky wench grinned because they both knew it was going to happen. When he opened his mouth to reply, the half-demon couldn’t remember the last time he had honestly felt excited about something.

Inuyasha told her to get back to work before someone died as she laughed and waved him off. Thoughts of Friday running through both their minds.

You couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces, even if you tried.


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Can you please change all the characters to masculine men? I want the MC to be a gritty Mexican bodybuilder who holds on to his golden pocket bulge. And instead of having girly regalia, have him collect protein shakes in order to unlock his true gains. If this does not happen within the next two weeks, I will have to be forced to unfollow your group on Twitter. Do not disappoint me. Or else.

A-Alright! ( ´^ 0 ^`””) P-Please stay tuned for Bara Mirror c-coming next week! 

Teeth (00q)

TW: mild, very mild, dubious consent

This is the result of bingewatching all three seasons of Gotham in six days

Since becoming a Detective Inspector, James had lost count of all the times he had ended up running into damp and dark basements where some psychotic criminal was waiting for him to play their personal variety of twisted mind games - James often wondered, why didn’t they get laid instead?

His partner, Alec Trevelyan, had uselessly pointed out that the freaks probably slept together and fed off on each other’s madness - reason why being a cop was at the top of the “Worst Jobs In London” chart - and then had proceeded to toss back an abundantly healthy dose of Russian vodka.

James had done the same because, honestly, either one accepted that reality or ended up in the loony bin together with those you had put in there: not an even remotely appealing prospect for someone wearing the badge and wasn’t crooked - personally James would take waterboarding every day over going bonkers and dividing a cell with some of the monsters he had faced off in his career.

Such as the one currently having a laugh - throaty and deep, satin unfolding against overheated skin - at his attempts at freeing himself “Why are you doing this?” James spat out, his voice more annoyed than scared: he had lost his sense of fear - and, admittedly, part of his humanity - somewhere in the maze of London’s alleys.

Gabriel Boothroyd - dubbed Q by the newspapers because of his penchant for asking rhetorical questions from which he started to spiel some truly crazy monologues - cocked his head to the side in a way that made him look like a curious cat “Why does everyone in this city want a piece of you?”

That was an answer that James thought Commissioner Mallory would appreciate too “Because I’m an unbearably handsome fellow?”

“Oh, Bond. I just love your sense of humour but no, that isn’t the answer to my question” Q chuckled, sauntering - and no, James wasn’t exaggerating: the young man always walked as if he was a model on a runaway - close to the chair the Detective Inspector was tied to and bent down, lips trailing along the sharp edge of the man’s stubbly jaw while he cupped his throat “Do you want another shot at it? I’ll let you go, if you guess it”

“That depends on the price” James answered not even trying to get away from Q’s invasive touch: in his experience, that would only make the situation worse and result in a lapful of murderous beauty sensually squirming against his chest while holding a knife perilously close to his carotid artery.

Q might have loathed and been scared of his former boss - not that James would blame him for it: Raoul Silva, who now had made the aforementioned loony bin his kingdom, was a real piece of work - but he had taken some pages out of the other’s book.

“See? That’s why you’re so much fun to play with: you know the rules” Q purred, fingers briefly tightening around the Detective Inspector’s throat before sliding down that muscled chest in a self-indulging caress and even lower to his waist to draw his gun out of the holster “Raoul liked you so much” he pointed out, not without a hint of jealousy sharpening the edges of his consonants.

“He says hi” James grinned, eagerly taking the opening offered to him: Q was known for his rationality, making him loose his cool was one of the few ways to distract him long enough to gain the upper hand - or at least level the playing field.

Q hummed, straightening up to efficiently take apart the gun in his hands, letting every piece fall onto the concrete in a cascade of loud metallic cracking noises; busying himself with his hands helped to keep the thought of Bond going to visit that bastard of Silva in prison, when he actively avoided him: it wasn’t possible, once he had helped the police to get Silva behind bars, Bond was supposed to be his.

His plaything and no one else’s.

Possessiveness knotted his stomach tightly and Q chucked the bullets at Bond’s bound feet with a sneer of disdain, mind whirring in an attempt at finding a way to properly mark up the older man: if Bond didn’t understand he had to stay away form other villains, he’d make sure that his colleagues got the message and steered clear of his man “I bet he did” he replied, wrinkling his nose at the dryness and lack of originality in his comeback.

Satisfaction made the corners of James’ mouth curl up “He still calls you his clever boy”

Thinking back on it, he should have at least expected the hard slap that split his lower lip and made his head harshly turn to the side, producing a burning ache in his neck that he was sure would take days to fade - really, James should have been thankful that Q hadn’t decided to use one of the knives he was so fond of.

Before Bond could recover from the blow, Q climbed in his lap and held his head still in his hands as he harshly kissed him, purposefully biting down on the cut oozing blood and tongue forcing its way past the other’s teeth “The price is a piece of your skin” he hissed, cock painfully hard at the thought of carving his mark into Bond’s flesh, tanned golden and tight over bulging muscles that were enough to make Q’s mouth water.

Much to his chagrin, James’ body reacted to the stimuli: he wasn’t blind and, no matter how insane and completely out of touch, Q was handsome with his riotous curls and lithe figure “My limbs are all staying attached, no nerves or tendons get damaged and you can’t nick any veins”

“Deal” Q agreed immediately, fingers quickly undoing the man’s shirt: he had just the right spot in mind, one that everyone daring to undress his plaything would see - there, right around the perfectly circular bullet scar on Bond’s collarbone, was going to be his mark “Do you want to guess now or after I take my payment?”

“Does it make a difference?”


“Then, I’ll answer after” James decided, knowing that whatever Q had in mind it would be painful and, therefore, helpful: he needed the blood to leave his interested cock and flow back to his brain, where it would be of more use; it wasn’t that he didn’t have faith in Alec eventually finding him and saving his arse - his friend seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to getting him out of troubles - but if James could get out of the madman’s clutch sooner rather than later, he would be grateful.

“Excellent” Q leaned over and pecked Bond’s lips, that kiss gentle and tender and everything the previous one hadn’t been. His lips caressed their way down to the base of Bond’s throat, tongue swiping at its hollow before Q moved his head to the side as his hands slipped to the man’s shoulders to clamp down on them and hold him still.

Almost with reverence, Q licked over the smooth scar tissue and James felt his ribcage heave with panting breaths even as his muscles went rigid in the wait for pain to come and tear through the thick veil of arousal. When sharp teeth bit down harshly, James let out a groan, which turned in a shout when the pressure increased until the skin ruptured, and instinctively jerked in his bonds “Bastard”

Q raised his head, a shit-eating and blood stained manic grin etched on his face “Might be - I’m not sure, never knew my parents” he shrugged, looking down to admire his work: red and inflamed, his bitemark looked like it would scar like he had planner.

“You belong in the loony bin”

“I’m a certified genius” Q pointed out as he stood up, getting off of Bond’s lap and putting some distance between them: even if restrained, Bond could still headbutt him - a not-so-unlikely possibility after he had riled him up in such a way - in the face and Q liked his glasses and nose too much to risk them.

“Madness and genius are not mutually exclusive” James spat, craning his neck in an uncomfortable position to look at the damage.

Even more irritating, it was the fact that a part of his mind didn’t even mind - he needed a holiday, possibly somewhere really warm and as far away as possible from England.

“Why does everyone in this city want a piece of you?” Q repeated his original question “Do you want an hint? It comes for free”

James nodded, his brain filled with images of the beating he would give Q once he got out his bonds.

“You shine so bright”

Well, it was a shitty hint, like most of the things that came for free in the world - one guaranteed to even lead James into a wrong line of reasoning. But something about it, it resonated in James’ memories: Vesper had whispered a similar judgement in his ear once, comparing him to a lonely candle lit up in the dark; Le Chiffre too had likened his work to shining a light in the shadows; Oberhauser had philosophically mused about the symbolic contrast between light and dark.

Apparently, it was a common topic of villainous monologues.

“I’m a challenge”

“Elaborate, please”

It was a good sign, it meant that he was very close to the answer. James closed his eyes to briefly focus on his intuition, putting the words in order in his head “You’re all competing to have the privilege of saying that you have tainted me”

“Very good, Bond - always a pleasure playing with you” Q conceded, snapping his fingers; one of his lackeys appeared and Q gave him a knife “Free him when I’m in the car” he ordered before turning on his heels and walking towards the exit of the basement.

“You will never succeed, Q!”



You fiddled with the lock on your bike, and couldn’t get it jammed in. You sighed in frustration.
“Need help?” A charming sounding voice said behind you making you jump. You turned to find a bright blue eyed guy, giving you a smirk.
“Uh ya, thanks…” Stepping aside, you let him take over at the tricky lock.
“So are you a freshman?” He asked hunched over.
“Ya, you? I just moved here…”
“Same, I just transferred,” he fiddled, “there you go!” He got up and placed his hand on his hips, satisfied.
“Thanks!” You smiled, “where did you transfer from?”
“Devenford Prep…”‘he looked away annoyed.
“My brother used to go there!”
“Really?” He didn’t look interested at the coincidence so you decided to gather your things.
“Um, so what’s your name?” He asked.
“I’m Liam!”
“Hello, Liam,” you smirked.
“This may seem a little fast, but I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat after school? I mean starting at a new school is tough and all, at least not when you don’t got a friend….maybe we can make it together?”
You didn’t know. You never really went out with a guy before. You’re really shy and always the known as the dorky girl hunched the corner. A cute guy like Liam at your old school would never have given you the time of day. “Sure,” you said without realizing it.
“Alright! I’ll see you uh, here? After school?” He squinted, biting his lip.
“Sounds like a plan to me, see you then,” you waved walking off. He waved back.
“Hey!” You heard a shout as you were walking up the stairs, “watch where you’re going!!” You turned around to Liam yelling at a scrawny freshman. You cocked your head a little, and then caught Liam staring at you, his eyes sparked a yellow color, which startled you, making you hurry up to your class.


You unlocked your bike.
“Hey baby?” He a junior walked up to wrapping and arm around your shoulder and stroking your arm, “how you doing??”
Liam walked over and noticed how uncomfortable you were.
“Hey let her go!” He looked like he was bearing his teeth? You were puzzled at it, but the junior took off running.
“Ready?” He gave a half smile, very charming.
You were really uneasy now seeing him lose his temper but you decided to go anyway, have some fun for once. You were a studier, always got your head in a book. But it was the first day of school, you didn’t have any homework anyway.
You followed him up to a burger joint.
“Why don’t we try this place out?” He locked your bike for you and held open the door.
You walked in as he pushed the chair out for you and tucked you in, a true gentleman, you thought.
You ordered a regular cheese burger and he did the same.
“And a drink?” The waiter asked.
“Coke,” you both said at the same time smiling and blushing. You both looked down laughing.
“Ok, coming up…”
You made awkward small talk until then. You were so nervous around him, he just had this way to him, yet it was so intriguing and you couldn’t resist him.
The waiter came over and placed the burgers down. As she grabbed Liam’s plate though, she knocked over the coca cola on the tray, sending it flying and spilling all over Liam.
“Oh my god!” He got up, face flushing, you saw his eyes flash that weird color again, startling you.
“I’m so sorry!” She shrieked grabbing a napkin.
He started panting. but calmed down all of a sudden, “it’s totally fine,” he flashed a smile and sat down. “I got it,” he wiped his staining pants. “On well, accidents happen.”
He grabbed his burger and dug in, so you did the same hesitantly.
“This is really good!” He piped.
“It really is!” You smiled and he winked, causing you to feel a little tingle in your very bones.
There was just something with him. He kept flirting with you, making witty banter, you just ate it up surprisingly.
He paid for the quick me as it was starting to get dark.
“Here let me take you home. I don’t want you to go alone, now that it’s getting dark,” he placed his hand on your back after he tipped as much as he could and ushered you out. You hopped on your bikes and took off, directing Liam to your house.
“Wow…it’s real nice…” He whistled and looked at your giant home. Your dad was a business owner and came here for better opportunities.
“Ya, I guess, gets kinda lonely…” You walked up to the door, “well…I better go,” you said trying to break the tension, you hadn’t done this door end of “date” type thing yet.
“Wait!” He said as you grabbed for the handle, which startled you, thinking he was going to lash out again. But he leaned in and gave you a quick peck on the mouth.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Just trying to go for the classy door scene,” he laughed and his eyes flashed again, but you felt that tingly feeling again, this time in your stomach.
“Has anyone ever told you have the prettiest eyes?” He asked. His were still yellow, oddly.
“Yours are too. What are they? Like a golden-hazel?” He eyes bulged out, turning blue has he did. Causing you to step back. He took off without one word, clearly embarrassed.

Little did you know the real truth and that he was head over heals for you. He was going to become your little puppy, following you around everywhere. He fell for that little geeky girl still shining through from deep down inside you. He might have had a bad temper, and tried protecting innocent shy you, but he cared and he was going to treat you like his queen….

I hope you like it, it took a while. It was a tricky one…

I Went on a Croissant Safari in Paris

After having a Damascene moment with a croissant from a random bakery on a brief visit to Paris, author Seb Emina was determined to try and match—if not beat—the experience. He spent 12 hours wandering the streets in buttery delirium on behalf of MUNCHIES in search of pastry perfection.

On a brief visit to Paris about two years ago, I went to whichever bakery happened to be nearest to me and asked for a croissant. As soon as I bit into the bulging, golden crescent they handed over, I knew that this was the most perfect pastry good I had known. Unfortunately, the joy of devouring it was quickly soured by irritation about what it meant—that every croissant I’d ever been sold in London had been, without exception, a mediocre imitation and barely worthy of the name.