Waiting for the night pharmacist to make extremely important IV meds and your bag runs dry even though you asked for a new bag well in advance...

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Letters (pt. 5)

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Summary: It’s been months since you left the Avengers base, and moved into a little apartment. Everything seems to be at peace except for, well, you. After finding an envelope between your windows, old feelings begin to resurface.

Words: 976 whoops

Warnings: Misuse of shower curtain rod

Notes: I’m sorry I take so long to update. If it helps, I’ve been side-writing (is that a thing/word?) a few other fics? :D Maybe not.. I should stick to one fic at a time hahaha. Anyways, enjoy this short part. ~ feedback is rad.

By the time one o’clock rolled around, your room was completely full of light. The oiliness that coated your forehead and around your nose made you cringe. As you stretched out your limbs, a lengthy yawn escaped your mouth. You sat up on your bed, realizing how incredibly icky you felt. You were never one to sleep in worn day clothes, despite how tired you were.

It didn’t help that you had left your windows completely uncovered, basically granting permission to the sun rays that radiated their heat all throughout your room. You could feel the atmosphere still warming up, so you covered half the window and dragged yourself into the bathroom. 

The feeling of regret from your attempt to stay up all night and morning caught up with you, with tired eyes and exhausted mind. 

While the shower ran, you idly stripped the clothes off your body. Right away, goosebumps decorated your skin. Even with the warmth engulfing your apartment, the lack of clothes still caused a chill to run down your spine. Before stepping into the shower, you connected your ipod to the speaker and hit shuffle.


Why didn’t you stop me?
Please, for the love of god, let me help you remember. You’re missing the important parts of us, of those memories. Going back into cryo was your decision, and even though it hurt like hell to leave you, I didn’t stutter when I said I can wait. You remember me crying, begging… But not me telling you that it’s worth it? I don’t care how long it takes Bucky. Days, months or years. If it means that we have a future, then I will wait. I can retire, the both of us can find Steve and the others. We can help you put the pieces together.
You managed to remember some parts of us, wouldn’t you like to know the rest?

If you really are reading this, come home.

Bucky sighed as he found himself walking down the familiar path, with your letter folded nicely in his pocket. Sooner or later, he would have to face you. He wouldn’t have any choice. There was no escaping the memories that were left of his past. It would be better to get this over with. The worst you could do, was reject him.

He walked up to your side of the building, noticing the window half covered right away. Considering the fact that your window was completely uncovered when he grabbed your letter, he knew you were up. As he made his away into the complex, he took the stairway that led to your apartment.

Barely halfway up the stairs, he felt his heart beginning to speed up. Maybe it was because of the stairs? No, of course not. It would take dozens of stairs to raise his heart rate. This was different. By the time he made it to your door, his heart was nearly pounding against his ribs.

What if she isn’t even home? What if she changes her mind? It’s not too late to turn back now?

Slowly, he raised his left fist up to your door and knocked gently.

Now it is.

No response. For a moment he thought he knocked too softly; only to realize the sound of metal on wood isn’t a soft sound. You definitely would of heard that. Immediately, panic started to set in. Without even thinking of possible consequences, Bucky punched a hole through the door and unlocked it from the inside.

Frantically, he looked around the apartment for any signs of struggle. Nothing. The only thing that caught his attention, was the music that was blasting from the backside. Cautiously, he made his way past the small kitchen, through the living room and finally, outside the bathroom door.

Bucky knocked once again, calling out your name right after.

“Y/N?” he called out. No response still. He gripped the doorknob. Locked. At this point, the panic had created even more adrenaline.

“Y/N, I’m coming in!” he yelled, kicking the door in with ease.

As you finished rinsing off your body, a loud noticeable thud echoed through the bathroom, slightly shaking the walls. You knew for a fact that it wasn’t anyone you know. The idea of Nat breaking into your place seemed valid at first, until you recalled telling her about the spare key under one of the flower pots outside your apartment.

You turned off the water, but let the music stay on. There was an absence of movement from outside your bathroom, which was reassuring and terrifying at the same time. It meant that whoever was in your home, wasn’t looking for anything to steal. But it could also mean that they were looking for you.

Quickly, you wrapped your towel around your body and as quietly as possible, you grabbed the rod and gently removed the shower curtains off it. You weren’t going down without a fight.

Your body tensed up when you heard the knock on the door.

“Y/N?” a voice called out. With the music still playing, the voice sounded unrecognizable. The doorknob fidgeted for a second, making your heart stop. Your body relaxed when you realized you had locked the door.

Before you could do anything else, you heard the voice yell out.

“Y/N, I’m coming in!”

Promptly, the door flung open and hit the wall. Without hesitation, you ran towards the intruder swinging the rod at them. The rod came in contact with something hard, causing a loud cling.

“Hey! Wait, sto-” you cut their voice out as the rod collided with something softer. They hit the floor with a thump, a deep groan following right after. You stopped swinging the rod, and studied the person on the floor. Right when you were about to question them, you noticed the silver hand rubbing the trespasser’s head.


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I’m starting to realise recently I’m basically team ‘have vaguely given up on my own country and am now really invested in the US election because there’s still hope for them’

Goodnight! just a reminder NOT to vote for a third party this coming November because 99.9999999999999999999% it’s either Clinton or Trump! As a Bernie Sanders supporter, if you’re Bernie or busting you are wasting your vote! If you don’t want Trump to win you HAVE to vote for Clinton! He WILL WIN if you don’t!!! just a PSA!!!

Corporate has set our computers to turn off the screen after 15 minutes, and to hibernate after 24 hours. We are required to leave our computers on and our accounts logged in when we leave for the day because, after hours, Corporate IT will sometimes remote in and do necessary updates, but they don’t always reboot the system when done. (Yea, I’m cringing, too.)

I’ve taken up the habit of rebooting the system first thing on Monday morning regardless if I see signs of a reboot already completed. (I’ll sometimes close out everything but leave an empty Notepad file open. If the file is still open when I come in the next day, the computer had not been rebooted.)

This past Monday, I rebooted and watched as my computer gleefully installed several updates that took twenty minutes to complete. [Local IT] was working on a nearby system and was fussing at it.

“This damn thing won’t work. We need to get it replaced.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Word is hanging on a new document, and Explorer isn’t showing me all the files that I know is in that folder and… [more glitches]. It’s old. It needs to be shot. I’m going to put in a request for a new one. Maybe a new monitor, too.”

“Have you rebooted it?”

“I did. This morning.”

“You turned it on this morning.”


“But have you rebooted it?”

“… But it was off. So I booted it this morning.”

“It was in hibernation mode. All our computers were. The only way to make sure it has been rebooted is to manually reboot it. I’ll bet if I check the system uptime, it’s going to be at least three months.”

She looked at the computer. Looked past me to my monitor announcing updates were being installed. Looked back at her own screen. Then made me question the job structure in the company.

“How do I do that?”


What I did say: “Right-click on the start button. Select restart. Wait.”

Her response upon right-clicking the start button: “WOW! I’ve never seen this menu before!”

The next 35 minutes were spent watching her monitor announce the installation of updates and listening to her run from manager to manager showing off the new thing she just learned and isn’t she just a smart cookie for knowing what those other options are. I remained at my desk, waiting for my system to finish, so I could continue earning a paycheck that insults me every payday.

Quand j'explique à la nouvelle comment procéder avec les boîtes de prêt d'instrumentations chirurgicales, que je lui donne des conseils et l'informe sur les risques des maladies nosocomiales et qu'elle en a rien a battre qu'elle continue de mal faire son job et qu'elle parle sans gène devant moi à la chef du poste en CDI pour lequel elle va postuler sachant que je veux postuler aussi.

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[ no but can i take a moment to talk about how important lily is to mortimer? he doesn’t LIKE kids. kids don’t like HIM. yeah, he’s a creation for kids, but no one has ever really taken a shine to him and he’s just sort of put up with it. mickey was ALWAYS the favorite with the kids. so the fact that LILY likes mortimer means SO much to him and he will probably kick anyone’s ass who messes with her. he’ll protect that little munchkin forever. he’s never gotten this much attention from a kid. he’s never been liked by any kid– he’s down right desperate now and he has it in his mind that, at some point, she’ll realize how much he sucks and she’ll join everyone else on the mortimer hating train.

    – so he’s gonna try to beat mickey for the title of best uncle. NO MATTER WHAT. ]

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are you aware that cesare and lucrezia are brother and sister? and klaus and rebekah are also siblings. and jaime and cersei too. i don't think you are aware since you seem to like them romantically. i'm trying to save your soul. have a blessed day.

I also shipped Tony/Effy, Nathan/Peter, Alice/Ralph, Tristan/Aurora, Billy/Billie and plenty others romantically and platonically ship Sarah/Helena, Arby/Jessica, Elliot/Darlene, Bellamy/Octavia and several others.