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What are you doing awake a this hour young lady

1. I’m gonna kick ur ass for calling me young lady

2. I often go to between 5am-7am I’m nocturnal and it helps me draw better LOL

Okay, one thing I do like about this season so far is that, as I predicted a few months ago, there are going to be parallels between Matt and Fisk. We know Matt is at his lowest but at the same time, Fisk is at his lowest as well.

I like the duality. Both hero and villain are at the darkest, lowest points of their lives and they’re both trying to reclaim their former glory. It makes their rise to power much more satisfying.

Also, Fisk just lowkey checked out Bullseye’s ass. 

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dude one of her boobs would be the size of our heads??????? we'd just fuckin outright die.

that’s how i want to go though

stuffed between chahuts tits

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Yeah, let's not be like Lar*ies, please. I'd hate to think of Seb and Chris losing their friendship (or whatever they have) because of a few overly vocal psycho fans. Whatever they are to each other (and I do hope they've got something going on between them, but it's NOT UP TO ME), it's a privilege, not a right, to be able to witness the sweet moments between them.

yeah and dont fetishize it too because its “gay” and stuff idk . just dont interfere with what they have going on because you want them to be out

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What do you think a Sawyer would do on a lazy Sunday?


sundays are family affairs for the sawyers, even if the family is smaller now than it once was. there used to be aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins and people that no one was quite sure how they were related but they were sawyers nonetheless; now it’s just the brothers and grandpa. still: long hours spent over the stove, in front of the barbecue, at an open fire pit with dutch ovens. they start cooking meat low and slow the night before so it’s practically melting off the bone by the next afternoon. bubba helps go between the pans and the pots and the skewers, stirring stews and turning ribs and checking the oven. 

it’s nice and it’s easy and relaxing. especially compared to saturday, because saturdays are always busy. they have a lot of visitors on saturdays.

How Tony differentiates the many personalities of Hydra’s Fist

Winter Soldier: growls possessively

Bucky: growls seductively

James: kinda just stares into space/keeps to himself but will reflexively pull out a shiv when someone gets within five feet of Tony

So I was watching Mystery Skull’s “Hellbent”

And You know, watching it again, I think I may understand Shiromori’s story and her background with Mystery. I think long ago, she a flower that grow in a dead forest, most likely will wilt and die.

But then Mystery as his true form appear and with his blood, save her or at least give her power to grow of some sort. Then together they have like this toxic relationship (Romantic, maybe? Given the official tumblr blog hinting that but is probably just a relationship regardless).

I think with Mystery feeding her with blood (maybe with his blood or victims) and she continues to grow given to one image with have Mystery lounging in a white forest. Then this female warrior (Resembling Vivi) came to fight Mystery and Shiromori because maybe she was close to a samurai who had fell in the forest (Seeing his helmet on floor near the tree Mystery was lounging).

I’m not sure what happens after they fought but what I theorize is the warrior won and maybe made Mystery see morality and errors of his way.

Mystery tried to leave Shiromori (ending a toxic relationship?). She probably is addicted to his blood and furious of him leaving her, Shiromori wound Mystery but he was save by the same female warrior.

The warrior probably won against Shiromori and took Mystery with her. Either passing Mystery through her descendants or reincarnation, which explain Vivi resembles her. Shiromori now probably healed is after Mystery in a yandere fashion given that when she cut through car window to cut Mystery, seeing his blood excited her and see him with Vivi is likely with jealousy.

Again, this a theory but is what I think of what going on between Shiromori and Mystery.

Harry treasures these moments. He lies boneless and sated in Draco’s too big bed, allowing his heart to settle and find its rhythm again, after a half hour of being taken apart carefully by expert hands. His skin still tingles where he cast a cleaning charm, and he slowly regains control of his lungs, synchronizing his breath with the quiet rustling of cloth as Draco gets dressed at the foot of the bed.

He’s beautiful, standing between Harry and the window, the low evening sun shining behind him and giving him a halo of floating particles. For a moment, he seems imaginary, elusive, like light. Then his eyes meet Harry’s as he finishes buttoning his shirt and the corner of his lip turns up.

“You have no idea how beautiful you look,” he says, eyes fixed on him, and Harry’s heart stutters. “I almost want you to stay like this, not wear clothes ever again.”

There’s people outside the room. Harry can hear them, but it’s as if they don’t exist. Draco’s voice is the only thing his consciousness latches onto.

“Unfortunately, we’re already late for dinner,” Draco continues. Harry’s eyes follow his movements as he bends down to pick up a white shirt. He motions at Harry to sit up, and he does, sliding closer to him on the bed, until he has him standing between his legs. He helps Harry slide his arms into the sleeves of his shirt, and buttons it as he speaks. “Someday, though, when we’re out of here, I’ll have you all for myself, and we won’t have to wear clothes at all if we don’t want to.”

Harry can imagine it. Both of them out of Hogwarts, spending their nights together and finally being able to sleep in. Not having to be a secret.

He smiles. “Is that a threat, mister Malfoy?”

“A promise, mister Potter.”

Draco picks up a tie and wraps it around Harry’s neck, he begins to tie it with the easy confidence that comes from performing a well practiced motion. His pale eyebrows are furrowed as if in concentration, but Harry knows he could tie a windsor in his sleep. He bites down a smile.

“Mister Malfoy?” He sing-songs.

“Yes, mister Potter?”

“That’s the wrong tie.”

He doesn’t get an immediate reply, but he sees Draco’s smile widen as he finishes the knot. Once it’s done, he wraps his fingers around the green silk carefully and pulls, bringing Harry up. Grey looks into green, smug, playful.

“Is it? I hadn’t noticed.” His hands come to Harry’s face and straighten his glasses.

“Unless you’re calling me a snake, I believe my tie is over there,” he points at his desk with a finger, where he can see red and yellow spread on the backrest of his chair.

“I’m not calling you a snake,” the smile is evident in Draco’s voice, a glint in his eyes betrays excitement. “What would your friends say if you walked into the Great Hall like this? If they knew you’re mine?”

The words travel down Harry’s body, straight to a recently fulfilled part of him, that nevertheless recognizes the attractive promise in Draco’s elegant voice. “They would think something’s going on between us.”

“Yeah. They would.”

He stands there against the light, an angel, ethereal, and until very recently, untouchable.

Harry wants him. He wants to wear his colors, he wants the world to know he would do anything to keep him smiling like that.

“You wear mine,” he whispers. Draco’s grin transforms his teasing expression into one of triumph.


To hell with the consequences. He’s Draco’s. It’s time for the world to know.


Enormous thanks to @buttertyrant for reading over it, and @mzuul because pretty much everything I write these days comes from my conversations with her ❤️

Is this how it feels?

This was requested by an anon. I was going to make a quick blurb out of it but it kind of got out of hand lol. So here you go

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Imagine shawns gf going away for a while and the night before she leave shawns like wow this is how if feels for you? You’re so strong to do this all the time!

Genre: Just Pure Fluff

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Shawn watches you with a small frown on his lips sitting on the bed. You go back and worth between the bed and the closet placing different articles of clothing onto the suite case for the early flight you have for the next morning.

“Baby” Shawn mumbles out catching your attention

“Hmm?” you question folding a pair of paints in your hand

“Do you have to go?”

His question makes you look up at him, you feel your heart swell at the site in front of you. He looks like a little pouting kid that his parent has scolded for doing something bad.

His shoulder is slumped down and he is playing with hands.

“Baby” you say walking up to him and he immediately  opens up his legs so your standing in front of him as he wraps his arms around your torso burying his face on your tummy hugging you tightly.

“It’s just for 4 days” you say as you run your hands through his curls kissing the top of his head

“I know but I just came back from tour and you’re leaving me. I didn’t get enough of you”

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the voice of criticism

Saturn in the 1st: Here the person feels very conflicted between their independence and their sense of responsibility. Saturn here confuses the impulsivity and recklessness of the 1st house. Until fully developed these people are going to be battling between those key things I mentioned above. The person with this placement needs to live through a lot of experiences to be able to do the right things and decisions which is one of their main goals. We have the instincts and intuition of the first house with the discipline of Saturn helping the person want to make the right choice and go through their options. But of course, the critical voice of Saturn may make them insecure for sometime until they figure out things. That is how they are gaining their maturity, becoming very disciplined and responsible with time. Also these people are very cautious , calculating all the consequences once developed, because the nobility within this placements tries to do the right thing everyday.

Saturn in the 2nd: These are people who are very comfortable in their position. This is as a result of them being very responsible and cautious (the 2nd house agrees with Saturn). They only need to pay attention to getting out of their comfort zone once in a blue moon, because that will bring them freshness and a new perspective on things, which sometimes is very hard with the critical voice of Saturn. Usually they are very reliable, a pillar which is pretty much aware of their routine and doing things their own way. The 2nd house brings sensitivity to these people, they might be sensitive to the critical voice which is why fear is created about taking risks, but that is something they need to do and chase their pleasures. Very responsible and practical.

Saturn in the 3rd: Saturn here quiets down the 3rd house, making them more precise and a listener which helps them gather the necessary knowledge for their further development, but they still possess the qualities for communication. These people put more effort into their work, and the thing they need to work on is balancing out their communication skills and their newly learned listening skills for their own benefit of choosing the right opportunities to take risks. When developed in the right path they become very confident in their abilities. That effort I mentioned above is also making them very dedicated and careful with everything.

Saturn in the 4th: Here Saturn is in contact with the 4th house, making these people appear more cold and aloof than other 4th house placements, with the critical voice that might in the beginning make them a bit insecure about their nurturing feelings and in general feelings. With the toughness of Saturn they learn how to repress them and focus on their work, in a sense of their feelings not getting in the way. These people are still very nurturing and appreciative of their home space, which is something they need to re-fill their batteries. These people are people who should not be afraid to embrace the feelings of wanting to be around their closest ones, because they are still aware and cherish the real values of life which is exactly that. Saturn when developed, also helps them that not everything is in their control, but with the tough love of Saturn they can control how they react to things happening to them. Letting go is also a key for these people, because that is one step closer to growing emotionally and spiritually.

Saturn in the 5th: Here Saturn walks through a fire house once again, creating the similar conflicts with the 1st house. These individuals become very conflicted because the 5th house is more on the free-will side, while Saturn is a bit more controlling and is always wanting to to the right thing, once these two clash the individual starts feeling very stressed and anxious. The stress and anxiety slowly goes away once they start understanding this, how to cope with it and balance out the qualities both sides offer. They will become less reckless in their choices and more confident with their choices, which can build a strong leader in these individuals. Saturn will really help these individuals become the best version of themselves. The flow of creativity and innovation should not disappear, once they learn to balance out their work ethics, moral and nobility they will be able to still be an individual who is independent and capable of doing things the right way.

Saturn in the 6th: There is harmony here, the 6th house is an earth house and responsible enough for the critical voice of Saturn. But until getting to the point where they can balance out things, they will go through a tough phase of over-working themselves, also they might become overly self-critical which can sometimes make them depressed but they almost never fail to deliver. The thing they need to work on is mixing it up a bit in life, getting out of their routine which they have probably mastered by now, their responsibility and reliability opens so many doors for them, but they should not forget about life and enjoying it. Life works in funny ways, taking a risk or just going with the flow can also bring them life-experiences feeding them with new knowledge and wisdom. They are also people you can always depend on.

Saturn in the 7th: These are people who should trust their instincts more. The insecurity and anxiety Saturn creates here makes them very indecisive and vulnerable to its criticism, making them feel helpless and a bit lost. Saturn just tries to make them see which is the right thing to do, which they probably already know but their insecurity makes them fall into those grey areas, but with experience and character development they will be able to blossom into their true selves. Their sensitivity is something that will help them learn so much, because of the influence of the things they are so sensitive to and also the things they so dearly adore doing outside that routine that Saturn has created for them. Once they gain their confidence and start going the right direction, they become very dedicated and focused.

Saturn in the 8th: Very, very stubborn. Their intense and sensitive nature clashes with Saturn’s logic and stability, making them very anxious, insecure and suspicious of everything and everyone at the beginning. The 8th house is also known to be quite able to find solutions, resolve puzzles and problems with their dedicated nature and analyzing, which can work so well with the logic that Saturn provides their way. Once they start blossoming they can become very successful. The 8th house is also known to have such strong intuition which can help with the demands of Saturn for doing and choosing the right thing. But the intensity of character these individuals possess can make them very stubborn as I mentioned but also very proud, thinking they can do it all alone, I know they can but asking for help and opinions would make them break out the routine and actually help them realize. Also very sensual beings. Those are all the struggles they need to go through.

Saturn in the 9th: Saturn here will try to make the individual confused about thinking and ideas, Saturn is more on the traditional, conventional side whereas the 9th house is all about originality, picking up different ideas and perspectives before forming their own opinion about anything. The clash here will be the battle they need to go through. They should have an objective opinion on things but never stop their imagination or limit it in any way, because it will stop the 9th house from growing in any way. They should encourage new ideas and individuality. Once they learn how to balance this out, their philosophical nature is here to stay alongside their ingenuity.

Saturn in the 10th: Saturn here is at home. These individuals are hard-working, noble, practical, fair everything Saturn wants gets here. These are people who are a force to be reckoned with. They are extremely organized, but what they need to be careful of is becoming their own worst enemy. Because these are people who are family people, they take love seriously and are super loyal friends. Once they are able to openly say it and search for just that they will also be able to win over their huge ego that might also be created due to all of their success. Once they succeed with having a family the voice of self-criticism lessens, because they have people who have their back. Also, these are people who are very self-reliant and they should be, they take themselves to the top.

Saturn in the 11th: These are people who can become so successful. The 11th house here listens to Saturn, which is why they need to be careful of becoming too proud of the qualities they possess. Because the 11th house makes them very different, original and with a different mindset than others, they take pride in that. They should always follow the hunger of their motivations and they will get far. They might be a bit more shy than other 11th house placements because of facing all the difficulties they need to get over before arriving to the finish line. Creative, extremely intelligent. Having so much qualities and the voice of criticism of Saturn, makes them afraid of failures, which is something they need to overcome. Once they overcome that fear, they can be very much fearless and gain so much wisdom under their belt, helping them become way more generous and the humanitarians who make the right choices (with a help of the voice of Saturn of course).

Saturn in the 12th: This is a placement which is a challenging one. The 12th house here is very much afraid, self-destructive, conflicted and insecure at the very beginning of understanding Saturn. Also they might have problems loving themselves, which is something they overcome with the strength and responsibility Saturn lends them aside the criticism. That criticism gets to them, because the 12th house people are way more sensitive than the rest of houses, but it something that is necessary for their growth in any sense possible. Once they overcome some of the obstacles, they become very powerful and need to be proud of themselves instead of thinking they are not worth it. They are still carrying their compassion, sympathy and sensitivity with them making them the ideal people for giving help, people are always drawn to them when they are having difficulties. They are extremely creative and imaginative, but also have the quality of nobility, perfect for advising others and setting them on a path. They are still healers with the help of Saturn directioning them towards the right path.