I made a glow cloud c: Complete with raining animal carcasses! It fades through all the colors of the rainbow and has a party cloud setting for those especially fun PTA meetings as well as a strobe light for giving out seizures and the occasional rave.

Eventually going to add a soundbox to play music and a timer so that it can automatically turn on as my morning alarms go off.

All hail.

(x) credit for the nightvale art
fivearch helped v much with the construction of the cloud cause shes awesome.

They say that Emrys is no common clay

He’s got the fire, and he was born in the flames

A/N: Beware folks, beware! This creature is an utter badass evil sorcerer, he is burst with the lava of wrath and he kills for fun. :-0  The dark young warlock has been sitting on my harddrive, like any other wip companies of his, waiting sulkily to be eventually finished for a quite loooonnnng while. And whenever I saw his intimidating eyes, I felt the urge to get this done somehow. So…here we are. Not 100% happy with this tho, thought I could have done a bit better with the concept, but what‘s done is done, there’s no doubt that  I’ll only make it worse if I work on it for another couple hours. ((Shrug)) Sorry evil Merlin, don’t burn me with your magic.

[Hope you enjoy it, it’s also on deviantArt ]

I have never in my life seen a woman happier when she was pregnant. She was in the best mood all the time, she was always joking, always laughing. She’s an incredibly positive person anyway, but she was so good at being pregnant. The entire time I just couldn’t believe that she was handling it, because it’s a demanding role on top of everything else: squeezing into that suit and having to do stunts and fight scenes and just in general being on your feet all day. Not only did she come to work so professional, but she was just so happy. She was glowing.
—  Chris Evans on Scarlett Johansson