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“You what? Why are you keeping food dye in here in the first place?” Jules raged, albeit hoarsely, from the operating table. The fact that he was awake to complain about this was just another reason he hated seeing doctors.

Well… doctors involved with this job, at any rate.

“What a stupid question,” Sylvester huffed back, shaking some gunk off one gloved hand before reaching into the gaping cavity in his patient’s chest again. “How else do you expect the medicakes to be decorated when one of you has a birthday coming up?”

“IN A BAKERY, YOU IMBECILE! GET IT OUT OF ME!” Struggling, however, was ineffectual - in part for fear of his own safety, and in part due to the fact that he was snugly strapped down.

“I’m trying to! Stop squirm… oh. Ah, nevermind.” Sylvester retracted his hand, the glove stained a disturbing shade of… well, magenta. “Expect severe discolouration in your… digestive functions. For… eh, probably several weeks.”

“Please tell me there’s a loophole in our contracts that will let me sue you.”

“Oh, hush. It’s not like I’ve poisoned you this time. And look on the bright side - there can be no more adorable poop colour than such a delightfully electric shade of pink!”

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I love how that devil person conveniently forgot about rukias vice captain gloves. Like bruh ori/hime ain't the only one to ever wear glove, those hands in the amv are in fact rukias. To bad so sad but little devil Chan is wrong on that point. Though I'm surprised an they wouldn't remember since they apparently love rukia so much and are so utterly happy that became a captain and married her abus..I mean childhood friend. You'd think they'd remember this little detail about their beloved rukia.

Ugh that troll….did he really forget? I think not he just wants to say stupid things even if he knows he doesn’t make sense, that’s what trolls do. Also Ino/ue didn’t wear gloves it was just the sleeve of her dress and the form is more oval, so different from Ru-kia’s gloves, the ones that wear gloves that look similar are Ru-kia, Byakuya and Soi Fon. 



One thing that gives me joy is the heavy parka Cassian wears all the time, when everyone else is wearing relatively mild weather clothes. Like the trip to Jedha? Jyn wears a light jacket, a scarf just in case. Poncho for the rain on Eadu. Bodhi? Coveralls are fine. Baze and Chirrut? We will wear the same outfit everywhere. But Cassian? Let me wear this Very Large Coat. With a Fur Hood. Everywhere.


hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)


Here the part ^^ ♥ Enjoy! (sorry for the hitch in the audio ;;)

Dancetale belongs to @teandstars

live with a man who knows you

do you live with a man who knows you / are you living the life you chose?

Summary: Victor has spent nearly his entire life being cold, from being born in the dead of winter through growing up in northern Russia to deciding to dedicate his life to ice rinks. He’s never thought much of the cold—until spends enough time feeling warm. (Or: adjusting to domestic life in St. Petersburg, the fanfic)

Word Count: 3,569

A/N: Annnnd it’s finished! This one gave me an unusual amount of difficulty to write, but I really, really wanted to do it anyway.  It can also be found posted to AO3 here.

This is the second of a few fics I plan to write for follower requests after I hit a milestone about a week ago. @subteraneans and @demisexualmako both asked me for domesticity in St. Petersburg, and @comet-kind requested something fluffy and sweet and snowy for the season. The two requests ended up in combination here. 

Thanks to @subteraneans for helping me with Russian terms of endearments, and happy belated birthday to @comet-kind, who shares the day with Victor!

Call it a weakness, but if there is one thing that will keep Victor lingering in a store for hours, it is the search for a perfect pair of leather gloves.

He has a whole drawer full of them in his closet, bunched behind soft-knitted scarves and few mismatched fuzzy socks. Yuuri discovers this when helping Victor pack up his room in Hasetsu, his eyes wide with a disbelief Victor rarely gets the pleasure of seeing on him in such a mundane setting. There have to be at least fifteen pairs, he points out. Yuuri pulls each pair one by one from the fingertips and deposits them on the floor in front of him in a damning spread of evidence. For what on earth does Victor need so many pairs of gloves?

The answer is simple: absolutely nothing.

Victor likes the scent of leather. It’s that somewhat sweet, somewhat sharp tang that wears away with age but never fully disappears. He breathes it in from his hands when it clings to his palms and cracks it in the air when he curls his knuckles, flexes fingers with each new glove pulled snug. Good leather, soft leather is pleasant to touch. And most importantly, whether each pair of gloves is lined with fur or fabric or nothing at all, they keep out the cold. 

He jokes to Yuuri that since he has to wear cheaper, moisture-wicking gloves for exercise when he’s skating, he’s had to buy so many other nice ones to make up for all the lost time. Yuuri rolls his eyes and tells him this is absolutely terrible logic. 

Victor laughs and falls back with his head in Yuuri’s lap, holding up a white fleece-lined glove to Yuuri’s cheek.  “Hm,” Victor murmurs. “Perhaps a brighter color would be better with your skin-tone, Yuuri.”

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i looove bodyswap au’s like imagine if something happened and keith and lance switched bodies and they try to outdo each other with ridiculous really bad imitations of one another

keith (in lance’s body): ohhh look at me……. i think im hot shit…….. is that a girl???? better flirt with her and fail because im a giant DWEEB whose pickup lines are worse than that of a beached whale. also i am a loser

lance (in keiths body): YEAH well look at me, im the edgiest loser youll ever see……… i waited a half hour outside hot topic for it to open to get these fingerless gloves  

keith: one time i flew my lion and she was so offended by my terrible piloting skills that she ejected me and launched me towards the nearest moon, killing me instantly

lance: i spent a year in the desert and, as an emo, listened to only numb by linkin park every day on repeat

keith, offended: fuck you lance that is a good song


I’m not sure with the gloves off one-by-one is even properly *A Thing* as such, but who the hell cares when you see how much Peter enjoys the image he’s just created with his own fingers.

Also, (and speaking of Who who) just from the state of The Greatest Mustache it’s clear this interview was done very very early on in the filming of The Musketeers. So what we know that Peter didn’t know when he said he’d been waiting his whole life for a role like the cardinal is that he was just about to be given the role he’d REALLY been waiting his whole life for.

Which of course was great for Peter, but meant Armand’s reign of delicious theatrical villainy was oh so tragically short-lived alas.