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first of all… 5? this how i know the devil is real… but anyway lets get into it.

5) John at the Graham Norton show. listen..a sweater+a suit jacket (in deep fall colors) was enough but what pushed this over from “i just look this good” to “fry an egg on me” is the hair - the fade, the lineup, the LINE on the side. 

4) The Queen of Katwe London Premiere. I love me some John in print. I love me some John reminding me he’s Nigerian.

3) BAFTAs. Even when he’s wearing classic colors he does it big. Why settle for boringass matte black when you can go velvet.

2)Promoing TFA - random place. The look that changed me. The long coat, the shades, fitted jeans, all black, the way he’s standing, one hand in his pocket, gazing to the side, serving LOOKS. this look changed me as a PERSON. i went from a northface jacket kinda girl to wearing on sale matte brown coats from zara.

1) TFA Premiere. Are you surprised? You’re not. The day he reminded all these regular-degular hoes at the premeire w/him that HE was the ONE. he told us finn was gonna be a jedi with this look. he came into my house on this day to wipe away my tears w/his one gloved hand, slick down my edges, steal me from star trek and i embraced him into my heart as my main. i actually didnt know sw existed before this look and really…did anyone?

Marichat ‘Cliche’ Balcony Make Out Scene

Take One: Romeo and Juliette

Here it is, special dedication for that anon who specifically hates cliche marichat balcony scenes. I wrote one at least. 

Tagging @baneismydragon who apparently has a throne of Marichat cliches like wow I’m jealous. And it is also for everybody who was super sweet with me yesterday, thank you guys, I love you all <3

Side note: Juliette is the French version of Juliet so no, it isn’t a typo.

Marinette paced from one end of her balcony to the other, while glaring at the papers in her hands. It was well past midnight and she could be seeping just like Tikki was doing at the moment, in her comfortable bed. But no, she was out, repeating the lines for the stupid play. Why did she let Alya convince her she should be in it. Ah, screw that, why did she let Alya convince her she should try for Juliette’s part out of all things. Why was the school doing a Romeo and Juliette anyway? Did they run out of French plays? And even if they had to do it, couldn’t they do the modern version? Which didn’t require excentric old words no one used anymore?

Marinette groaned exasperatedly, before trying another line. Trying to sound sad she recited.

“The only man I love is the son of the only man I hate! I saw him too early without knowing who he was, and I found out who he was too late! Love is a monster for making me fall in love with my worst enemy.”

Marinette let her shoulders drop. That sounded lame even to her ears. Honestly, how was she supposed to make that sound sincere? She was a bad actress, she knew it. The only way she could pull off that line was if Adrien’s father was Hawkmoth or something. Which was ridiculous, of course. Honestly, she should just give up on this, Alya would get over it.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliette is the sun.”

Marinette turned around, startled to see Chat Noir on the chimney. With all the feline grace he possessed, he jumped on the lower one. Marinette was wonderstruck when she noticed his look. He seemed to be really into it.

“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou, her maid, art far more fair than she. Be not her maid since she is envious. Her vestal livery is but sick and green, and none but fools do wear it. Cast it off!” Marinette watched flabbergasted as Chat tip toped on the side, careful to not kick her plants while gesticulating wildly, emotion raw in his voice. Extending his hand towards her, he continued. “It is my lady. Oh, it is my love.”

Marinette almost yelled in panic as Chat Noir let himself fall over the edge, but stopped just in time when she heard his voice continuing with the lines. Her eyes trailed across the railing of the balcony as she followed the sound of his voice. And just then Chat appeared again over the railing.

“As daylight doth a lamp. Her eye in heaven would through the airy region stream so bright that birds would sing and think it were not night.” Marinette stood frozen in amazement as Chat stepped towards her. She was captivated and she wouldn’t even bother lying. It was impressive. Not only the fact that her dear partner knew the whole damn monolog of Romeo, but also the way he recited it. It truly made her feel like she was watching one of the most skilled actors putting on a show just for her.

“See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand.” Marinette looked up in surprise as Chat leaned towards her, his next words being whispered. “ That I might touch that cheek.”  one gloved finger caressed her cheek gently.

“Oh, my.” Marinette wasn’t even sure if it was her gasping that out loud. Chat got awfully close, but she didn’t mind it, not quite. Marinette realized, she didn’t quite appreciate how nice Chat’s eyes were, even with the cat-like look, they were complementing beautifully his blond hair. She leaned in without really realizing. Not until she captured his lips.

Chat melted against her. It was so much better than that kiss on Valentine’s Day. It was no rush to break a curse or run to detransform. And she could appreciate so much better the softness of his lips and the faint taste of mint. Chat wrapped one arm around her waist bringing her closer. Marinette sighed against his lips. She felt warm and it was such a simply pleasant sensation, their lips against each other.

Marinette let out a grunt of annoyance once they broke apart. It took them a couple of seconds to stare at each other before they jumped away. It finally seemed to drown on them what they had done.

“I um…er….”

“I got a little… um.”

“And you were…”

“And you just…’

They both rubbed their necks awkwardly, while glancing at each other. Marinette decided she won’t let the awkwardness ruin this night which just took a wonderful turn.

“Do you… do you want to stay for milk and cookies?” she glanced at Chat, waiting for his response.

He smiled shyly, a little blush appearing on his cheeks. “I’d love to.”

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Omg love your HCs!! They are all so cute!!!! >V< can u please do RFA +V and Saeran x MC first time holding hands? Like what would their reactions be?? Again LOVE your HCs!!! Omg bye!!~~

• Honestly, it wasn’t very long in your relationship you started holding hands.
• Basically it was your first date.
• The both of you were just walking in the park together. Laughing, and getting to know each other.
• And my god you looked so perfect. He actually wanted to just kiss you. I mean, the sun was shining on your flawless skin, the wind blew stands of (H/C) hair in your was breath taking.
• He slowly inched his hand down beside yours, and began interlacing your small, delicate fingers in his larger ones.
• After that, he never really likes going out in public without your hand in his.
• This cheeky little sh-
• After he finally realized his true feelings for you, and stopping pushing everything and everyone away (anti-social much? Me too.)
• He asked you to go to a cat shelter with him.
• After all, Vanderwood didn’t say his partner couldn’t have a cat and just so happen to..bring it over. A lot.
• Does this count as your first date? Well, technically. You’ve hung out a lot, but never really anywhere but the parties and RFA members houses.
• “(Y/N)!!! This cat is just so cute! You should have it! I’ll even pay!”
• “Seven- I- I can’t take care of a cat?!”
• He B E G S.
• And for the first time, he gently grabs a hold of your hand, holding it tightly in his.
• He places a kiss on your cheek, and gives you the cutest little pouty face.
• At this point, you’re a blushing, awkward mess.
• “Uh-m uh..some soft hands you got there..”
• He smirks for a moment, before thinking of the dumbest thing he can say in that moment.
• “thanks, I use a lot of lotion. If you catch my dri-”
• But you never did seem to let go of his hand, the rest of the day, at least.
• You would think it would take a while for him to get all..lovey dovey with you.
• But it was kind of a happy medium.
• So basically, it was the 4th-5th ‘date’
• Really doesn’t want to rush things. He’s a firm believer that love takes time.
• But when it happens, it’s actually kind of sweet.
• You’re lying on his couch, waiting for him to come back in with the breakfast he ‘couldn’t wait to make for you’
• He walks in the living room to check on you, smiling over at your resting figure.
• He can’t help but want to keep walking towards you.
• And soon, he can’t even control himself?
• “Jumin? What are you-”
• He picks you up, and sets you down in his lap, all whilst placing you hand in his.
• And he doesn’t even really say much. Other than he “felt like it” when questioned on what he was doing.
• This was cute, comfortable and all, but..
• “whats that burning smell??”
• “..Shi-”
• okay this is so obvious but.
• Or at least, on your way to.
• It’s a really cold morning, the two of you have been dating for a couple weeks now. So, you decided to bundle up, and grab some coffee.
• Now, she didn’t have gloves. You would think she would, but ohhoho, Nope she is not prepared.
• Thankfully, you have a trick up your sleeve. A smoothhhh move, this way it won’t be awkward to make the move. You go, (Y/N).
• You take off the glove on one of your hands, and hand it to her.
• At this point, she’s looking between you and glove, a bit confused.
• You then place your uncovered, warm hand in her freezing one.
• “What are you waiting for, silly? Put on the other glove~”
• You smooth mother-
• She’s a blushing mess, really. But she adores you.
• Sweetbbyboy
• he’s so innocent. He’s never even held hands.
• One day, you’re playing games with him at his place, and well…beating him.
• “How are you so good at this?!” Yoosung frustratedly says.
• “I guess I’m just a pro.”
• He gives you an 'o really’ look, with the intent of picking up his game.
• But he needed motivation.
• “if I win this next round, you have to hold hands with me the rest of the day. Minus when one of us needs to go to the restroom.”
• He still lost tho, lol.
• But, you couldn’t help but want your own prize.
• “how about we do it anyways?”
• Yes, you’re that couple.
• The one that is always painfully close and always holding the others hands.
• But he loves every minute of it. And so do you.
• It was not long at allll before you help hands.
• Before he got eye surgery, he needed your “help” to get around. So, he wanted you to hold his hand and guide him around so he could get the things he needed to get.
• But he could actually see well enough.
• He just wanted to hold your hand.
• You had butterflies, he had butterflies, you two were honestly just lovey messes on the inside.
• But you loved it.
• (bonus)
• When he got the eye surgery, you had no idea. And he made you hold his hand again…however, something was off. It seemed he was bringing you along more than you were to him..
• “V- can you..”
• You were then cut off by none other than Jumin, who just so happened to be driving by.
• “V! How’d that surgery go?”
• gASP!
• Okay so he was not getting physical ATTT ALLLL!!!
• And this kind of frustrated you.
• Yes, sweetie I know you’re bad with human interaction buT WE HAVE BEEN DATING ALMOST 2 MONTHS PLS LOVE ME.
• So, RFA helped you come up with a plan. A jealously plan.
• Yep, you were gonna try and get Saeran to get all jealous and protective over you. Maybe even get him to get a little closer.
• It started small, You’d have Yoosung start flirting a little with you in the group chat.
• Plan fails, and Saeran just leaves the chats with no word.
• You knew you had to step up the game.
• One day, you and Saeran go out for a walk around town, just casually talking with each other.
• When you 'coincidentally’ run into Zen just up ahead.
• “(Y/N)! Hey! You look cute today!”
• You weren’t expecting him to say that of all things, so you couldn’t help the tiny blush that appeared on your face.
• “Awh, tha-”
• This is when you felt your hand get tightly enveloped by another.
• Saeran was jealous.
• And unafraid to show it.
• “Looks like I’m interrupting a little date~ see you on he messenger, later! Have fun you two!”
• When Zen leaves, Saeran still doesn’t let your hand go.
• “You know..this is actually kind of..nice..” He awkward says.
• From here on, he starts becoming more and more physically affectionate~ thank you, Zen!

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ANGSTY CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: The reader is best friends with Peter Parker (and they're in love with him, but he doesn't know), but she doesn't know that he's Spider-Man. One day, the reader is caught in the damage of some kind of villain, and they get severely hurt (something bad enough that it's basically fatal). Spider-Man is there trying to keep her from bleeding out, and the reader is like "Please don't let me die, I haven't told my best friend I'm in love with him" and angst ensues

A strangled scream burst from your lips as you were thrown through the air, tossed aside as if you weighed no more than a rag doll. All the air was knocked from your lungs as you collided with a parked car, before falling to the ground.

Your ribs felt as though they were shrinking in around your organs; your vision was flickering and blurry; blood was pouring from a wound somewhere on your stomach. You squinted your eyes as you lay in agony, and managed to make out an unclear image of the enormous robotic creature which had just sent an entire street into chaos.

You breathed in sharply as a familiar red-and-blue figure soared overhead, however instead of attacking the villain, Spiderman landed clumsily and sprinted to your side.

“Oh God, (Y/N), I’m so sorry,” he murmured repeatedly, his hands hovering over the wound in your stomach. You were in too much pain to wonder how he knew your name.

“You need to…help the people,” you managed to whisper hoarsely, tears welling in your eyes. “They’ll d-die.”

Spiderman shook his head rapidly, taking one of your hands in both of his gloved ones. You frowned; there was something familiar about the hands, something which reminded you of-

“Peter,” you wheezed. The superhero’s head jerked in your direction, and his whole body became tense.

“What did you say?” he asked, his voice rising in pitch. You narrowed your eyes to try and see him.

“Tell my f-friend, Peter….Parker, tell him I love h-him?” you requested, tears flowing down your cheeks and mingling with the blood.

Spiderman looked over his shoulder briefly, before doing the last thing you expected; he tugged his famous mask off of his face to reveal-

“Peter?” you whispered in confusion, trying to reach up and touch his face. He grabbed your hand and pressed it against his cheek, trying to smile reassuringly at you even as your blood smeared against his face.

“I’m here, (Nickname), don’t worry,” he told you. “You’re going to be okay, I promise. Oh god, I’m so sorry, this is all my-”

“I love you,” you blurted out again, wincing as you accidentally put pressure on your undoubtedly broken ribs. It was getting harder to breathe now.

Peter let out a heartbreaking sound which was somewhere between a laugh and a sob.

“I love you too, I love you so much,” he replied desperately, leaning down to press his forehead to yours. “I’m gonna get you out of here, hang on.”

He tried to lift you and you screamed in pain, your ribs turning to daggers within you. Your head fell against his chest, and he cradled you carefully, as if you were the most fragile creature in the world.

“Keep your eyes open,” he begged, stroking your hair, which was now matted with blood. “Please, (Y/N), don’t make me lose you too.”

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, struggling for breath now. “I love-”


Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton One Shot

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

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- Knuckles Playlist

Talk about a third date. 

If it were any other boy you’d probably be out at a restaurant or something on a night like this, flirting nervously across the dinner table while you try to decipher if he likes you enough to take your relationship to the next level. You’ve gone through the dating routine once or twice before, and had a pretty good idea of what to expect; if someone had told you a month ago you’d be standing right outside of a boxing ring while your date and another shirtless man beat each other to a pulp, you would’ve thought they were crazy. 

The crowd around you gasps and your own stomach lurches, empathetically feeling the punch that Ashton just took to the cheek. Blood is already dripping down his face, the source of it located just over his left eyebrow. He looks like a mess yet he’s still on his feet somehow, determined to keep retaliating, apparently even if it kills him. 

“Don’t worry,” Calum says next to you after noticing your concerned expression, “I’ve seen him win in worse conditions." 

You want to smile, appreciative of his effort to ease your mind, but every couple of seconds Ashton keeps getting hit, hard. It doesn’t matter to you whether he wins or loses, you just hope that your fourth date won’t have to take place beside a hospital bed. 

"Is it almost over?” you ask Calum, too new to this sport to know the ins and outs of the rule book. 

“One more round after th–Oh!

You missed what happened, but look back at the ring to find the opponent, a man named Donovan Diaz, struggling to stand up. Given the cheers from the audience, it sounds like most of the people here have their money on Ashton, and he just brought them one step closer to profiting. 

The round concludes and the fighters return to their separate corners, two teams quickly making their way into the ring to begin fixing up their boys. You wish you were allowed up there, yearning just to talk to Ashton, to treat him gently after witnessing the beating he’s taken for the last half an hour. Sitting on the short stool between rounds is the closest he’s been to you all night, each break like a minute-long tease that only makes you want to be near him more. You haven’t even said hi to him yet, not given the chance to do so before the match started. 

He knows you’re here, though. He spotted you next to his friend Calum after walking away from the first round, and lost focus for a brief second to give you a smile and a flirty wink. Some crowd members noticed, chiming in with playful remarks and whistles, causing your cheeks to burn bashfully. Ashton seemed so confident and well put together then, but that spark isn’t as evident now that he can barely keep his swollen eyes open while his crew tidies up his blood-splattered face. 

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  • Isaac: What the hell is that?!
  • Derek confused, looking down at his bags: I went to the farmer’s market....
  • Erica, smirking: I don’t think we can all eat that.
  • Derek: ...
  • Boyd: You weren’t supposed to bring back the farmer.
  • Stiles, looking at his plaid shirt, pointing at the pack while walking away: I’m putting you all up for adoption!

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I know your crazy busy with life and use your writing time for drive and winter song but... Could you write a smol sick fic? Nothing long or extravagant! It would be a blessing.

Summary: Yuuri falls ill during a practice at the Ice Castle. Pre-Episode 5.


When Victor excused himself from practice to take a quick phone call, Yuuri was fine. Perhaps a little quieter than normal while he rehearsed a combination spin out on the Ice Castle rink, one gloved hand extended gracefully overhead, but there was no indication that anything was wrong.

He was fine.

How that changed so quickly was anyone’s guess.

Victor was gone for less than five minutes, and when he returned, Yuuri was on his knees in the center of the rink with his head in his hands. Victor took one look and started running, even before he fully registered what he was seeing. He wasn’t wearing his skates for practice today, but that didn’t stop him from running out onto the ice and slipping and sliding for the first few steps before he regained his balance.

“Yuuri.” Victor came to a clumsy stop in front of him, and when he dropped to his knees, the ice soaked through the fabric of his pants. He grasped Yuuri’s shoulder and said, “What happened. Did you fall?”

Yuuri was shaking. His face was so pale that even his lips had lost their color, and he kept squeezing his eyes shut and reopening them as if to clear his vision. “Dizzy,” he said.

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“Keith…”  Lance reaches across the couch they’re sitting on and holds his friend’s bare hand.  “Buddy, no.  You’ve got control.  You just showed me that.  What you don’t have is confidence in that control..”  He pauses and gets an idea.

     Lance smiles and pulls his hands back, cupping them similarly to how Keith had held his hands before.  He focuses and builds up an intricate sculpture of ice in the shape of a heart.  Once it’s made, Lance meets Keith’s confused look with a grin.  “Take your glove off.  Yes, don’t give me that look.  I know what I said.  Look.  This is really, really delicate and thin ice.  I made it that way on purpose.  I want you to hold it without melting it.”

     “Lance, I can’t do that,” Keith says, his gloves held in one hand.  He’d been following Lance’s instructions but now he looks like he’s going to argue.

     Lance doesn’t give him the chance.  He puts the sculpture in Keith’s open palms and watches as it sits there.

-Excerpt from Pyro- and Cryokinesis

More Skyhigh AU !! (by @ming-chan )

This time it’s fanart for a scene in this lovely fanfic by @klance-and-a-half 

It’s very very cute, only one chapter long, so go and read it!

Do not repost without permission

Dear Evan Hansen QnA
  • Does anybody have a map: What hopes do you have for the future?
  • Waving through a window: When do you feel most alone?
  • For forever: What would be- in your opinion -the perfect day?
  • Sincerely me: Write a letter to someone you wish you were friends with.
  • Requiem: What's something you want to remember, and something you wish you could forget?
  • If I could tell her: Write something you wish you could tell someone but probably never will without any context.
  • Disappear: Have you ever wanted to be invisible and why?
  • You will be found: The most uplifting thing someone has ever done for/to you?
  • To break in a glove: Name one thing you never opened/used
  • Only us: Is it better to tune out the world or work with it?
  • Good for you: When did you feel the most guilty and why?
  • Words fail: Whats something you wish you hadn't done?
  • So big/so small: Name your favorite bonding moment with one/both of your parents.
  • Finale: Name a turning point in your life.
  • [BOUNUS]:
  • The most amazing trees: What's your favorite tree?
  • You scribble stars on the cuffs of your jeans: Name something you do when you're bored.
  • Tap tap tapping on the glass: Name one way you would try to get someones attention.
  • So you got what you always wanted: Name something you wanted badly but once you got it you wished you hadn't worked so hard for it.
  • All we see is sky, for forever: Whats something that makes you smile every time you see it?

So uh. Keith and Hunk yeah? Y’all ever notice how they both have crop top jackets with popped up collars. Huh.

And wow ah look at that….they also both have fingerless gloves and not one, but TWO fanny packs on their hips. Interesting.

And wow, look at here, their shoes have some uh…very similar designs. A lot of white with that black running down the front middle. Very nice.

Now, I’m not saying this means much but…. I am saying they have similar tastes when it comes to fashion. Interesting…. yeah?

Hold still... Did you just hiss at me?

Request: #22, #81, and #19 pleaseeee 😂 I trust that you’ll get creative with this one

Summary: hold still/did you just hiss at me?/you’re Satan. Peter visits you one evening as promised but he arrives late in his Spider-man suit.

Originally posted by hot-as-f

You sighed and stood up from your position on the couch and began making your way to your room. Your eyes trailed the ground in front of your feet as you opened the bleached door to your customized room. 

“Oh hey y/n,” Your gaze shot up as you jumped at the voice coming from the red and blue clad boy that sat on the floor beside your bed, his back resting against it. He greeted you tiredly, and leaned his head back on your soft mattress that was covered in soft floral sheets. His left arm slung over his abdomen, rising up and down with his panting. The spider-man mask laid on the floor next to him. Two cuts were visible on his face and a purple bruise was slowly showing itself underneath his right eye. His hair disheveled over his forehead, he tried blowing it out of his eye but only more fell back in place, “You should see the other guy,” he uttered to you. 

Your heart broke a little at the beaten boy placed in your room. It wasn’t unusual for him to show up in your room at various hours through a day. But seeing him look so shattered wasn’t something you were going to get used to any time soon. “Come on bug-boy,” you called to him softly, reaching your hand out waiting for him to take it, as you stood over his body. 

He let out a breathy laugh at your nickname for him and gladly took your hand in his glove covered one. 

The two of you trailed into the main bathroom of your apartment where the first aid kit and rubbing alcohol was stored. 

Peter hoisted himself onto counter and reclined his head onto the mirror behind him while he waited for you to take care of him. The first time he got seriously injured during one of his crime fighting incidents, he panicked. The first person he thought of was you, so to you he went. It was the best idea he had thought of. You were surprisingly more calm than he thought you’d be. He was nearly hyperventilating when he came to you, so you had tried your hardest to remain calm for his sake.

Peter watched you silently take out the bottle of rubbing alcohol and soak a rag with it. He curled his nose as you began bringing it up to the cut across his cheek bone. He hated the sting that accompanied the necessary care. Before you could wipe the substance covered cloth over his wound, he pulled away, “Peter,” you spoke in a warning tone, “we’ve done this 50 times, you know the routine,”

Peter sighed in response, “Yeah but, the routine hurts,”

“And getting your injuries doesn’t?” 

He shot you a gentle glare, and didn’t protest as you brought the cloth back up to his cheek. He muttered a few ‘ow’s as you ran it over both cuts. He sighed in relief as you finished, and resumed his position from earlier and leaned back. Upon his actions, you noticed and slash along his collarbone. Blood had stained the material surrounding it, but it didn’t seem to phase Peter.

You gasped at the size of it, surely Peter would have to go in for stitches. Your sudden change in attitude startled Peter, “What?” he asked frantically.

“Take your suit off,” you told him,

“Why? What?” he questioned you again. His gaze followed yours and he looked down to see the fairly sized cut below his collarbone. His eyes widened at the sight, “Oh. Well that’s new,” he squeaked.

“Take your suit off while I get ice for your eye,” You stated to him as you began to make your way to the kitchen, “What, you don’t wanna stay and watch the show?” he called after you.

You returned with a bag of ice, to see that he had followed your instructions and was now standing in nothing but a pair of boxers. You reluctantly kept your eyes on his brown ones, and handed him the cold plastic bag, “You know you wanna look,” he smirked down at you.

“Shut up and sit,” you chuckled at him, shaking your head. He sighed and sat back on the counter. 

“This is going to hurt more than the last ones,” you informed him. His face dropped and he began to whine, “Don’t tell me that,” he pouted.

“As if you didn’t know already,” You said, soaking more rubbing alcohol on the spots that weren’t yet used on the rag, “you shouldn’t even be here, you should be in hospital getting it stitched up,” 

“I can’t jus-” you cut him off quickly by unexpectedly placing the rag on his collarbone. You knew he’d hate you for it, but if you gave him any warning, he’d only make it worse. He shouted an ‘ow’ and bit his lip trying to hold back multiple colorful words. He pulled back and hovered his hand over the wound protectively, “That was just evil! That was- you are- you’re Satan!” He exclaimed.

You bit your own lip in an effort to hold back your giggles, “Hold still Peter! It needs to be cleaned,” you stated in laughter.

“This is not funny. This is abuse, I’m gonna have to-” again you cut off his rambling and pressed the cloth back to his chest. This time you pulled away abruptly at a hissing sound. You stared at Peter puzzled, “Did you just hiss at me?” you asked him, taken aback.

There was a moment of awkward silence between you two. He stared at you as he searched his mind for an excuse of any sort but all he came up with was: “No,”

You raised an eyebrow at him and laughed at his ridiculousness, “Stop laughing, this hurts,” he pouted. 

You sighed and brought body closer to his, and placed yourself between his legs. Peter placed his forehead on yours, and fluttered his eyes closed. 

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “but it has to be done,”

“I know,” he agreed softly.

You tilted your head and pressed your lips to his in a tender kiss, which he gladly returned. Subtly, you brought the cloth up to his collar bone. He broke away from the kiss, because of the unexpected stinging. You pulled away, and he sighed. His gaze shifted down to you and glared while shaking his head, “Satan,” he muttered directly to you,

“You love me though,” you spoke innocently,

“Yeah, yeah,”

Was that lame.. it seemed lame.

Colony Vs. The Tax Evaders for Freedom and Justice

This fills the tentacle square on my bingo card. 
Challenger @rose-on-the-mountain, who is also responsible for the Tax Evaders. 

I’m not sure if this will actually fit into the Happy Lights ‘verse, or if it’s just a fun sort of what-if scenario, but I hope you enjoy it!

“They call themselves The Tax Evaders for Freedom and Justice,” Steve explained. He rubbed at the center of his forehead. “They’re registered as a church.”

“That is a joke,” Tony insisted. “There’s no way that is actually not a joke.”

Steve shrugged helplessly. “That’s what the file says. They’ve recruited some B-list villains including… The Kangaroo, Asbestos Lady, and… Flag Smasher?” He was miserable just reading the names and pushed his tablet away so he could put his face in his palm.

“Wow,” Clint said, “You are a massive troll, Cap, but I don’t think even you could troll this hard. Why are we getting called for this one? Isn’t this something that the cops can handle? Or, you know… the local biker gang?”

“We don’t really have anything better to do at the moment,” Steve pointed out, “And it would be a good training exercise for our newest member.”

The colony didn’t quite understand the point of chairs, but it was trying to imitate its human colony members. Several of the larger tentacles were coiled around the empty chair at the briefing table, and the rest were spread out over and around the table to keep limbs wrapped around their humans. It was a small subcolony of only forty-seven members who had come back with ‘Steve Colony’ after their last trip to the colony homeworld, and looked intent on setting up a permanent colony presence.  

“Can’t we just sic the IRS on them? I mean…The Church of the Tax Evaders for Freedom and Justice. Really,” Clint persisted.

Think of it like a team building exercise, Tony suggested, and the colony lit up gold at his mental voice. I have new arrows for you to try out.

Sold! Clint agreed.

Sold! the colony repeated, flickering through a quick rainbow of colors, and then asked, Sold?

The colony did not understand currency, and the last time Tony had tried to explain the concepts of buying and selling, they’d ended up in a circular loop of Why? for most of the night. About the only thing the colony had been attracted to during the conversation was Tony unleashing financial ‘logic’ into the colony mindspace. It was a good thing they weren’t interested in using the colony’s understanding of math to their own benefit, because they could just about take over the world with only minimal effort and the colony’s help.

Let’s not start that conversation again, Bruce pleaded. “Asbestos Lady?”

Steve checked the notes. He grimaced, but offered, “Apparently she’s fire-proof?”

“And dying of asbestos poisoning?” Sam guessed. His chair was conspicuously tentacle-free, but he had his head propped up on one fist and was casually petting the magenta tentacle that had wrapped around his water glass, the end periscoped up to eye level and nuzzling against his fingers. It flickered gold and the colony was suffused with a definite sense of smugness at the attention. “Has the colony been cleared to leave the tower?”

“Technically or theoretically?” Tony asked innocently. He was completely bound to his chair by a dozen thick loops and being towed around the table at the colony’s leisure.

Sam hastily held up a hand. “I don’t even want to know. Plausible deniability is a thing.”

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Against The Ropes

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Boxing au)

Warnings: Fights, injuries, blood, violence, anger, mentions of past abuse, swearing, angst 

Word Count: 2983 (Sorry not sorry)

Summary: You go on your fifth date with Bucky and it isn’t at all what you’re expecting. 

A/N: I have a real thing for boxing au’s at the moment and I loved this idea so so much. I couldn’t wait to show you guys and I really hope you love it. As always, feedback is welcome! 

Ps. I honestly have nothing against Sam ! I love him, I do but for the purpose of this fic he is an asshole…

This wasn’t what you’d been imagining for your Fifth date.

If it was any other guy you’d probably be out at a restaurant, making small talk across the table while you tried to gauge whether or not you actually liked this guy and whether or not you might be going home with him. The both of you would probably do a little nervous flirting, glancing up at each other while you think the other isn’t paying attention; you’d ask him questions about what it was he did for a living, whether or not he enjoyed it, blah blah blah. You’d done the dating routine a couple of times now and knew what to expect from it.

But Bucky Barnes was as different from every other man you’d gone on a date with as an apple was from an orange. He’d kept you guessing on every date you’d gone on so far; you never knew what he was planning or where he was going to take you. But if someone had of told you that for your Fifth date you’d be on the sidelines of a boxing ring, watching him and another shirtless, sweaty man dance around each other while dodging punches you probably would have laughed in their face.

The crowd around you gasps and you feel your stomach lurch, mentally feeling the punch Bucky just took to his right cheek. There’s blood splattered across his face, oozing from a cut above his eyebrow and you can’t help but think he looks like a mess. He’s still on his feet though, determined to keep this fight going, apparently even if it lands him in a hospital bed.
“You don’t need to worry,” Bucky’s friend Steve speaks up from next to you, noticing the concerned expression on your face. “I’ve seen him win in worse conditions than these.”

You try to smile back at him, grateful for him trying to ease your mind but you know he can probably see right through it. Your mind is completely focused on the fact that Bucky is receiving just as many punches as he’s dealing out. At this point you aren’t even worried if he wins or loses, you’re just hoping your next date doesn’t happen in the ICU.
“Is it almost over?” You ask Steve. You’d never seen a boxing match until tonight and you’re not too sure what the ins and outs of the rule book were.
“Yeah, there’s only one more round after this one, if neither of them go down that is,” Steve answers just as the crowd simultaneously gasps. 

You glance quickly back towards the ring as Steve shouts out, having missed what happened but gathering it was good for Bucky as his opponent sways on his feet, blood dripping from his nose. The man, you’re sure Steve said his name was Wilson shakes his head, wiping away the blood with the back of his arm before charging back to the center of the ring. Before his punch can swing home however the bell goes off and the referee is suddenly between both men, pushing them towards their respective corners. You release the breath you’re holding as Bucky sits down on the stool, opening his mouth so one of his crew members can take out his mouth guard.

This is the closest you’ve been to him all night and you wish you were allowed up there to see him, to talk to him for a minute. Each break between rounds feels like a short tease, only making you want to be next to him more, looking after him. He’d been through quite the beating in the last half an hour and you can see the exhaustion clearly in his eyes.

It doesn’t seem like long but soon another bell chimes and the mouth guard is being pushed back into his mouth, his coach clapping him on the back as he stands up, moving back into the center of the ring. The anxiety swells in your chest and you look away, back towards Steve.
“How long has he been doing this?”
“Boxing or fighting?” Steve snorts.
“Is there a difference?” You ask, almost scared of the answer.
“Bucky’s been boxing for a little over three years now,” He explains. “But he, uh, he got into a lot of fights before that.”
“You mean he was in street fights?”
Steve sighs. “Look, his childhood wasn’t the best you know, his step dad wasn’t the nicest guy. Buck took it, he didn’t want the same thing to happen to his Mum or sister, but the whole thing kinda messed him up for ages.”

You look back towards Bucky, tracing your eyes over his face. It’s mostly clean from the blood but you can see the dark bruises already blooming over his face. It hurts your heart to imagine a younger version of him enduring the same kind of pain.
“Maybe, just uh, don’t tell him I mentioned it,” Steve says, drawing your attention back to him. “It isn’t something Buck talks about at all and I don’t really think it’s something he wants the girl he likes to hear.”

You nod, knowing that if you had that happen to you, you probably wouldn’t want to talk about it either. 

The crowd is much louder now that the end of the match is in sight, aggressively calling out each of their names, encouraging their favourite boxer to win the match. You’re watching with bated breath as they circle each other a few times, every passing moment setting you further on edge. You just want this whole thing to be over with. Despite Steve’s promises of how tough Bucky is you aren’t sure how many more times the man can get hit without collapsing. You’d like to think that he was everything Steve said he was but the truth of the matter was, he’s still human and there is only so much the body can take.

Bucky dodges a sudden punch swing, retaliating straight away with his own fists, driving the other man back against the ropes.You bite your lip anxiously as Steve cheers from next to you with the rest of the crowd. It looks like he’s finally found his groove and might just win this thing; but his opponent doesn’t go down without a fight. As Bucky swings out another punch Wilson makes his move, blocking Bucky’s hit and attacking with his own, his fist landing straight into Bucky’s ribs. Bucky drops to his knees, one gloved hand holding himself up while the other covers his newly found injury, his breathing now slightly more labored.
“Come on,” You murmur under your breath, wringing your hands together in front of you as Bucky pushes himself up slowly.

Before he can push himself off the ground though Wilson strikes with a malicious punch to the jaw. Bucky hits the mat with a thump and doesn’t try to get up again. Your eyes widen with fear as everyone in the room starts booing and cursing towards the ring, sounding genuinely offended. Bucky is still lying there and it worries you more than you’d like to admit to yourself, the fear crawling into the center of your chest and settling there like ice. His team have surrounded him along with the referee, all of them trying to get him to respond.

“Cheap shot,” Steve mutters angrily. “I hope they disqualify him for that one.”  
You look to him, hoping that he might explain to you what just happened but he’s far too caught up in his own rage to be of any information to you.

The next minute feels like an eternity to you, but a sigh of relief falls from your lips as you finally see movement from Bucky. He lays there for another few seconds before two men grab hold of his upper arms, hauling him back to his feet and keeping a strong grip on him as he falters. Another man joins the ring to help get Bucky down the stairs, all of them holding up his weight as his head lolled from side to side.

Once his disappeared you look back at the ring and see the referee talking with Sam, a few other officials joining in on the conversation. You can’t hear what they’re saying from here but Wilson looks pissed as hell, his arms crossed over his chest defiantly.
“Can we go see him?” You ask, wanting to make sure Bucky was alright.
“Yeah, hold on a minute,” Steve replies, focusing on what’s going on in the ring. 

Finally the announcement is made that Wilson was disqualified. You still aren’t sure what exactly he did wrong but frankly you could care less as long as Bucky was okay.
“Good,” Steve growls his distaste as Wilson storms off, glaring him down until he disappears the same way Bucky went not long ago. “Alright, let’s go.”  

Nobody is still in their seats so you have to jog to keep up with Steve’s fast pace, keeping your eyes on the back of his head as he weaves around people. The noise lowers the further towards the locker rooms you get and you’re happy you can actually hear yourself think clearly again. Steve takes a left around a corner and you follow suit, almost crashing into his back when he stops in front of a guarded door. The man nods at Steve, opening the door to let him pass but stops you as you go to follow.
“Who are you?”

Before you can even think of reasoning with him, Steve peeks his head back through the door, speaking up on your behalf.
“She’s good man,” He says. “She’s Buck’s girlfriend.”
“Go on in then.”

You blush hotly as you step through the door, knowing that what Steve said isn’t entirely true but loving the way it sounds anyway. Butterflies erupt in your stomach at just the thought of being his girlfriend.

Bucky’s crew come into view as you walk into the room, Steve giving them a passing greeting as he starts making his way into the second section of the room, the place the actual lockers are located.
“He wants to be alone,” One of them warn and you feel your throat thicken nervously. He’d have every right to be pissed off after what just happened and you hope you aren’t intruding by being here and that he wants to see you as much as you want to see him.
“Yeah, yeah,” Steve waves them away.
As you follow you see Bucky sitting on one of the benches, his shoulders slumped as he presses an ice pack against the side of his face. His hands have been relieved of the boxing gloves but they’re still taped, his tattered knuckles showing through. You look him over, noting the way his body still glistens with sweat, the hair he’d secured in a bun for the fight now sticking to his neck and forehead. He looks like a proper mess, but a handsome one at that.

“You look like shit,” Is the first thing Steve says. Bucky looks up and smirks.
“You should see the other guy.”
“He wasn’t happy you know.”
“That’s his own fuckin fault,” Bucky spits, wincing as he moves the ice pack.  You step towards him as he directs his attention to you. 

“Hey beautiful.”
“How are you feeling?” You ask with a sympathetic smile.
“I’ve been worse,” He replies with a grin. “Trust me.”
“Not by much,” Steve interjects with a shake of his head. “One of these days you aren’t going to walk away from it so easily.”
“Aw Stevie, don’t tell me you’d miss me.”
“You’re a prick,” He jokes while standing up,clapping a hand on Bucky’s shoulder before stepping back towards the door. “I’ll give you guys a minute.”

As soon as he’s out the door you turn back to Bucky, sighing softly. You close the distance between you, gently taking control of the ice pack against his face.
“You shouldn’t have to see me like this,” He says finally, brushing his fingertips over your hips.
“A little late for that now isn’t it?” You joke.
“Hmm,” He hums his reply, scooting closer towards you, cuddling himself against your body and accepting your affection like a sleepy toddler. You know that despite his joking nature he is hurting a whole lot more than he wants to show you.

Your free hand travels up into his hair, twisting the strands around your fingers as he lets out a contented breath, relaxing fully into your touch.
“You scared me you know,” You confess quietly, feeling the blush return to your cheeks.
“Did I?”
“I didn’t think you were going to get up, honestly.”
He smiles, taking away from the seriousness of what you are discussing. “You don’t have to worry about me doll.”

You beg to differ, resisting the urge to scoff as you opt to holding off that conversation till later. You aren’t ready for him to know how much you already care for him, despite only knowing him a few short weeks. The information Steve let slip earlier on adding to it, your chest aching as you thought about the nurturing little Bucky was denied. You’re so focused on the task of lightly scratching your nails over his scalp that when he starts to talk you jump a little.
“You’re much better company than Steve is.”
“Am I?”
”Yeah, you’re better at snuggling as well.” 
“You know Steve told the guy out there that I’m your girlfriend?”
“Well, I’d kind of like to think you already are.”
“Oh really? You sure are cocky aren’t you?”
“Well doll, you wouldn’t have just watched me get beat to a pulp if you weren’t sure about me.” 

You’re about to vocalize your agreement with that statement when a commotion outside draws your attention. It sounds like someone has forced their way into the room despite the many shouts for him to stop. You tense.
“Where is he?!” The man calls out, sounding both angry and dangerous. “Barnes!” You feel Bucky go rigid as the man rounds the corner, stopping short when he sees you both locked in an embrace. “Well isn’t this just so sweet.”

You aren’t surprised when Bucky retracts his arm from around your waist, sitting himself up straight as he hardens his expression. He doesn’t look away from where Sam Wilson is fuming but he addresses you softly.
“Y/n, why don’t you go find Steve alright?”
You know he’s only asking so you aren’t in the middle of the confrontation in case Sam tries anything, but you don’t move either way, not wanting to leave the two of them alone..
“Yeah babe, why don’t you go find him” Sam mocks, clearly enjoying himself.
“What do you want Wilson?”
Sam rolls his jaw threateningly, taking a step closer to Bucky as he crosses his arms over his chest.
“I just wanted to make it clear that you didn’t win that fight out there.”
“No,” Bucky retorts stubbornly. “You just got disqualified. Thanks for that illegal hit by the way.”
“What can I say? I really don’t like you Barnes, I saw the opportunity and I took it.”

Your heart is beating rapidly inside your chest, threatening to break through if Sam so much as takes another step towards Bucky.
“Well I sure hope it was worth it,” Bucky laughs, smirking up at the man.
“Oh it was,” Wilson laughs and the sound turns your stomach.

You aren’t sure whether or not he’d start another fight right here or not but you’re not willing to wait and find out. Even in Bucky’s current condition you know he has too much pride to back down. Your protective instinct kicks in as you stand up, wedging yourself between Sam and Bucky.
“You need to leave,” You demand harshly. Wilson cocks an eyebrow, looking you up and down.
“That’s adorable babe, you really think you could stop me?”
“I wouldn’t mess with her,” Bucky warns from behind you, an intimidating edge to his voice.

Wilson looks between you both, rolling his jaw once last time before walking away. As soon as he’s out of the room you slump back to the bench, unaware of how much tension you’d been holding up to this point. Bucky wraps an arm over your shoulder, tucking you into his side.
“I can’t believe you just did that,” Bucky admits. “You just scared the crap out of me.” 
“He won’t hurt you while I’m around babe,” You chuckle, tapping the end of his nose with your finger tip. 

Bucky smirks, pulling you closer to his body before attaching his lips to yours, startling you for a few seconds before you start kissing him back fervently, your hands gripping his shoulders. 

It only lasts a few seconds before you’re both pulling back, your chest heaving a little, your cheeks no doubt flushed. 
“That was nice.” 
“Probably would have been better if I could feel my face.” 
“Well maybe we just need to try it again.” 

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Somebody give me Mamadoriya meeting Endeavor and being all nice and stuff until he casually refers to shouto in a demeaning way.

The gloves are off. No one in recent history has seen an utter smack down of this magnitude. Inko has not stopped lecturing Endeavor for a solid hour. The children have brought lawn chairs and popcorn. Todoroki is videotaping as Izuku cheers his mom on.

There’s a beautiful man reading a book in the field behind Zhenya’s backyard. The field is technically Zhenya’s property, but he never bothered to do anything with it. At first he thinks he’s dreaming. Then, after studying the guy’s clothing, looking as if he stole from the set of Little House on the Prairie, he thinks he’s seeing ghosts.

“Are you ghost?” Zhenya asks, reeling Jeffrey in, who is suddenly very interested in bounding over to the man and—sniffing him or mauling him, Zhenya isn’t too sure. “Please say no.”

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That Quaint Small Town Named Sunnydale

Sunnydale, CA, just a couple of hours north of Los Angeles by car, must be the most interesting place to live! With a population of only 38,500 (as per the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign in 2x03 “School Hard”), this piece of suburbia has:

Geographical Features

  • A hellmouth (1x01 “Welcome to the Hellmouth”)
  • A lake (1x12 “Prophecy Girl”)
  • A beach (2x20 “Go Fish”)
  • A cliff called Kingman’s Bluff (3x10 “Amends”)

Government and Cultural Institutions

  • Sunnydale Zoo (1x06 “The Pack”)
  • Natural History Museum (2x04 “Inca Mummy Girl”, 2x21 “Becoming, Part One”)
  • Two hospitals: Mercy Hospital (1x12 “Prophecy Girl”), and Sunnydale Memorial a.k.a. Sunnydale General Hospital (1x07 “Angel”, 2x18 “Killed by Death”)
  • A military base, one with a rocket launcher (2x14 “Innocence”)
  • A secret military agency, built underground, called the Initiative (4x04 “Fear Itself”)
  • Several high schools (and presumably a number of elementary and middle schools as well): Sunnydale High, Fondren High (2x02 “Some Assembly Required”), Kent Preparatory School (2x05 “Reptile Boy”), Miss Porter’s (3x02 “Dead Man’s Party”)
  • Two colleges: Crestwood College (2x05 “Reptile Boy”), and UC Sunnydale (4x01 “The Freshman”)

Concentration of Consecrated Grounds

  • 43 churches (2x10 “What’s My Line, Part Two”)
  • 12 cemeteries (3x17 “Revelations”)

Transportation Hubs

  • Sunnydale Bus Depot (2x04 “Inca Mummy Girl”)
  • A port that can accommodate large cargo ships, possibly those bound for Asia (2x13 “Surprise”)
  • Sunnydale International Airport (3x19 “Choices”, 6x01 “Bargaining, Part One”). An “international” airport is one equipped to handle immigration and customs.
  • Sunnydale Train Station (5x14 “Crush”), also a terminus (a station at the end of a railway line)

Historical/Mystical Landmarks and Artifacts

  • The du Lac Cross (2x09 “What’s My Line, Part One”)
  • Glove of Myhneghon (3x07 “Relevations”)
  • Gem of Amarra (4x03 “Harsh Light of Day”)
  • The Scythe, forged centuries ago for the Slayer (7x21 “End of Days”)
  • Old Sunnydale Mission, a Catholic mission buried by an earthquake in 1812 (4x18 “Pangs”)
  • An Egyptian (wth, Joss?) tomb, sheltering the last of the Guardians (7x21 “End of Days”)

Other Unique Features

  • A high mortality rate (2x20 “Go Fish”)
  • A sewer tunnel network popular among vampires and demons (1x02 “The Harvest”)
  • A multitude of abandoned factories and houses (2x01 “When She Was Bad”)

Nearby Locations

  • Large woods (3x05 “Homecoming”, 6x02 “Bargaining, Part Two”)
  • A desert containing a sacred spot (5x18 “Intervention”, 7x13 “The Killer in Me”)
  • A dam (6x15 “As You Were”)
  • Shadow Valley Vineyards (7x18 “Dirty Girls”)

worstkeybladewarrior  asked:

I was wondering if you ever had ideas for what kind of kids Izuku and Ochako would have?

Of course! My friend @ximenib and I have been talking about it for quite a while haha// We ended up creating two kids! 

The one on the left is Tsuru (credit to @rex101111 for the name) and the one on the right is Toshi!

Brief Info About Tsuru

  • She was named after Tsuyu
  • She has her parents’ unwavering determination, but she does inherit most of Deku’s seriousness (in comparison to Toshi who inherits more of Ochako’s enthusiastic attitude)
  • She’s got Deku’s freckles, but has wayyy more; it nearly covers the upper half of her face
  • Tends to be protective over Toshi
  • Has a knack for moving around a lot/a bit hyper 
  • Has more of a strategic mindset/tends to overthink
  • Her and Toshi take gymnastics classes together
  • Very much independent/takes on a “leader” role
  • Her quirk is Heat Absorption! She can pull heat out of objects (including living things) by touching them with the little pads on her fingers (like Ochako’s) and absorb it; she can also return it back to the object or dispel it! Because of this she has an exceptional tolerance to facing heat, but of course, she has a limit on how much she can endure (before she ends up having a heat stroke or overheating). The amount of heat she can pull from objects depend on their heat capacities (the lower it is, the easier it’ll be to absorb/dispel and the less strain it’ll have on her body). When she manages to store a lot of heat in her body it’s best to not touch her because it’ll be like touching a hot stove!
  • Her quirk was influenced from Deku’s father’s fire breathing ability
  • Deku and Ochako had to buy her specially made clothes that would tolerate her high body heat whenever she would use her quirk
  • Before she knew how to control her quirk she would accidentally pull away some of the body heat from her parents when they carried her
  • She has to be careful not to get incredibly mad because that’ll result in her to actually blow off steam (she could overheat); due to that she’s pretty good at keeping her frustrations and anger at bay (though it is quite hard for her to actually become mad)
  • Lets just say that winter isn’t her favorite season in particular

Brief Info About Toshi

  • Of course, he was named after Toshinori
  • He loves his sister a lot, and they have a great sibling bond
  • When his sister gets too big for her clothes/shoes he ends up wearing them sometimes
  • He’s 2 years younger than Tsuru
  • He’s got rosy cheeks like Ochako, but he also has some light freckles sprinkled over his nose
  • A very easygoing person but rather shy, in comparison to his sister
  • Although he’s good acquaintances with a lot of people, he only considers a very few of them as his friends
  • He doesn’t really initiate conversations with others, but he’ll gladly speak up if someone else starts it
  • His quirk is Gravity Manipulation! He can basically control gravity itself; this means he can make any part of his surroundings really heavy or really light. In order for his quirk to activate, he has to touch the area he wants to manipulate with the pads on the palm of his hands. Once he does that he can expand the surface area by leaving his hand on the surface of whatever he’s touching for a longer period of time. The amount of gravity he can manipulate depends on the size of the area (the smaller the space, the greater control he has over it’s gravity). If he uses it too much, he will also suffer from nausea like Ochako.
  • Temperature and pressure can affect his ability to manipulate gravity
  • He can actually make himself float (this goes for other people and objects as well), but it uses a lot of concentration which leads him to become mentally tired; he doesn’t do it often because of that reason
  • At one point (when he was really little) he managed to create a mini black hole because he got very angry
  • Ever since that incident, Ochako got him special gloves to help prevent that from happening again
  • He owns a gazillion gloves because eventually he grew fond of wearing them, and now he can’t go back to not wearing gloves (his favorite one is the first pair he got which has paw prints on them)
  • He caused quite a bit of trouble for Deku and Ochako as a baby (i.e. furniture would start floating, things would get crushed, various parts of the house would have different Specific Gravities, etc..)

Now here’s some other doodles we made of them haha///

The both of us love these kids a lot, so it’s very likely that we’ll draw them more in the future! But yeah, those are the ideas we came up with!