the signs as shakespearean archetypes

aries: the honorable but temperamental soldier (hotspur, coriolanus, pericles)

taurus: the sassy servant (mariah, mistress quickly, paulina)

gemini: the impish but omniscient jester (feste, puck, lear’s fool)

cancer: the puppyish lover boy (romeo, orlando, valentine)

leo: the wronged but extremely glam queen (cleopatra, titania, hermione)

virgo: antonio

libra: the ambiguously gay best friend (horatio, benvolio, don pedro)

scorpio: the creepy duplicitous one no one suspects of being creepy and duplicitous (iago, richard iii, lady macbeth)

sagittarius: the “i fucking told you so” character (kent, queen margaret, prince escalus, )

capricorn: the controlling single dad (polonius, prospero, baptista)

aquarius: the spunky cross-dresser (viola, rosalind, imogen)

pisces: the manic pixie dream virgin (miranda, perdita, cordelia)