1D star Niall Horan's mystery blonde date unmasked as Raquelle Stevens
The 21-year-old singer's mystery date has been unmasked as LA based socialite Raquelle Stevens, who was reportedly introduced to the Irish heartthrob by her BFF Selena Gomez.

Niall Horan was spotted cosying up to a blonde girl during a night out in Malibu last week.

And the One Direction singer’s mystery date has been unmasked as LA based socialite Raquelle Stevens, who was reportedly introduced to the Irish heartthrob by her BFF Selena Gomez.

The pretty blonde looked very close to the 21-year-old star as they left popular restaurant Nobu the other night, rarely straying from Niall’s side and sharing a sweet hug at one point.

It seems Raquelle is well accustomed to the showbiz lifestyle since she is close friends with pop princess Selena.

The Come & Get it hit-maker is a regular fixture on the pretty blonde’s Instagram page, enjoying day trips and dinner dates together.Raquelle regularly promotes her pal Selena’s music on her account, recently enthusing, ‘Today is a GOOD day!! Number one babyyyyy!! 

Raquelle seems to be a real girls’ girl and her social media pages are filled with heartfelt tributes to friends and snaps of their outings.

Niall and Selena move in the same circles, with the 1D hunk spotted partying with the brunette’s ex Justin Bieber and Australian singer Cody Simpson over the weekend.

The cheeky chappy is thought to have been single since splitting from Australian student Melissa Whitelaw earlier this year.

Niall has previously been linked to a host of stars including Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin and singer Ellie Goulding.

The Kiss You hit-maker is currently enjoying a brief break in the midst of 1D’s hectic tour which is now seeing them make their way across North America.

The former X Factor stars have rallied around their bandmate Louis Tomlinson in the wake of the news the 23-year-old is set to become a first-time father with his friend and former fling Briana Jungwirth.
[Billboard] Swift's 'Bad Blood' & 2NE1's 'Come Back Home' Video Similarities
Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ & 2NE1’s 'Come Back Home’ Video Similarities Surface in VMA Spat

By Jeff Benjamin for Billboard

In the wake of Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj's “Anaconflict,” a new potential issue has been brought to light for the 1989 star.

Outlets like Jezebel, the Daily Mail, the Mirror and Kpopstarz have picked up fan discussion that Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, which was released last May and received seven nods for the upcoming 2015 MTV VMAs, is visually very similar to the music video for "Come Back Home,“ the 2014 single by massive K-pop girl group 2NE1.

One Twitter user put it: "Can we talk about how Taylor’s video isn’t original and was copied from a group of four women of color, 2NE1” with screenshots comparing both visuals.

As Jezebel’s culture editor Julianne Escobedo Shepherd notes, the “Bad Blood” video was directed by South Korea-born Joseph Kahn, who recently spoke to The Korea Times about how he was getting back to his “Korean roots.”

As 2NE1 continues to make waves in America (including earning the highest-charting K-pop album ever last year, garnering stateside radio play this year as well as announcing plans for a full-fledged U.S. debut from leader CL), it wouldn’t be a stretch to think the director, at some point, saw the K-pop visual with more than 39 million views on YouTube.

“Come Back Home” was directed by new, South Korea-based director Dee Shin. 

Watch both and decide for yourself:


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anonymous asked:

hey I'm not in the 1d fandom and super confused right now what's going on could you like please explain?

alright here we go, im bad at this so i hope i get everything

-people has “exclusive” that louis is gonna be a dad with some girl he met in may
-timelines that people give us don’t match timelines we all know
-several stories come out over today and yesterday, all telling different things and using different dates. stories are changing all the time.
-people start posting receipts of things they’ve heard from important people about larry
-a big UA is exposed to be a writer for the daily mail and the sun
-UAs start spilling secrets that UAs tend to know information and hide it
-dirty stuff starts getting spilt
-larry is real

and that’s what you missed on glee

anonymous asked:

Why is no one (tabloids and co.) questioning why private shy girl got papped as an exclusive from the sun, pap don't go around gas stations hoping to find a random blonde.

don’t know. because they know it’s fake anyway and they want the clicks on their articles? they are just going along with the official narrative? tabloids never wonder anything because the paps are often working for them (the pap pics of her mom for the daily mail for exemple). so calling out another tabloid doesn’t make them look smart because they do the exact same thing

anonymous asked:

what's going on twitter with that anonymous from twitter I don't understand ????????????

they’re “exposing” update accounts on holding back information about larry (LMFAO who cares) and how this girl that owns an account is a journalist for the sun and daily mail so that’s how she gets info and is always stalking them. They are also letting everyone know the “techniques” Louis’ friends (Oli, Calvin, Luke, etc.) and bodyguards use on fans like telling them they’re gonna meet the boys and stuff like that to get them to give them sexual favors, that part is very disturbing and totally fucked up bc they’re actual sexual predators but at least this way people will know what is going on and won’t fall for false promises and just be more careful

anonymous asked:

what is happening with 1D now omg catch me up on all the drama

well friend do i have news for you so a couple of nights ago big larry accounts started spilling some tea about larry and a bunch of receipts were given and most of them were legit and that was a fun night but now shit is getting so serious bc for some reason update accs are exposing other update accs they’re leaking shit from connections with modest and all that shit (this one owner of this update acc apparently writes for the sun and daily mail omfg) also info about calvin and preston sleeping with girls and offering them tickets so they can fuck them and then also some Wellington pics came out that’d hadn’t been seen before idk man it’s been a mess over here but things are gonna start blowing up even more pretty soon i know it so sit back grab some popcorn and wait for this train wreck to turn into a fucking clusterfuck

anonymous asked:

They made a whole article full of bs with photos of another girl. these kinds if things make it all seem so fake.

You have to separate out tabloids being tabloids from the actual narrative, and the actual narrative from the truth. This was just the Daily Mail being dumb, which they do all the time. It’s quite likely that they realised their mistake on their own, but it’s also quite possible someone from 1DHQ called them and told them it wasn’t her and asked them to delete the article.

Anyway, just because tabloids are ridiculous doesn’t mean that she isn’t pregnant with his kid.

Just because some parts of the official narrative are clearly lies (being told for positive spin) doesn’t mean she isn’t pregnant with his kid.

Coni, Argentina

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OK, we’ll admit it- you know those quizzes? The ones that tell you which Powerpuff Girl or 90′s TV show star you are? We pass them around like Tic Tacs here at SGPR HQ. So, when Contently posted a Which Media Company Are You? quiz, we were naturally all about it. 

See the results from our diverse team below and take it yourself! (Which one will you get?)

The Awl: Rachel, Gabby, & Alisa

BuzzFeed: Madison, Annie, & John

Time Inc: Kara

The Daily Mail: Lise

Vice: Bianca, Karen, & Landon

VOX: Mallory

Myleene Klass: I will never get married again

Myleene Klass has vowed never to marry again but says her girls need a man around to “help them ride their bikes”.

The TV presenter said her divorce from Graham Quinn in 2013 “rocked my whole existence” and that handing him control of her £11 million fortune was her “biggest mistake”.

This is the Royal Albert Hall – too much for even Myleene’s fortune (Ian West/PA)

“I’ll never let that happen again, so help me God,” she added during an interview with the Daily Mail weekend magazine.

“Fuck! I’m never getting married again. Never.”

She is adamant she will always be financially independent and insists she is a “working mum, not a silly pop star”.

Myleene looks casual on a popstars’ day out at the F1 with a couple of Spice Girls (Phil Noble/PA)

Myleene, 37, also said her daughters, Ava, seven, and four-year-old Hero, need a man in their lives.

“I’m aware they need male influences – someone to help them ride their bikes and all that,” she added.

Myleene is turning her attention to the kitchen in her latest project, hosting ITV cooking programme BBQ Champ.