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Interesting that in the Daily Mail's non-story to accompany the shirtless Niall photos, ghost gets a shout out (yay Ghost!!) but not his imminent solo career. I mean, it would have made perfect sense to reference Simon's comments about Niall about to sign with Syco since it mentioned Niall relocating to LA & made it seem he was pretty aimless. Come to think of it - his Modest golf project wasn't plugged either. Only the ghost.

Yeah, I was surprised that the article missed all the Syco/Modest talking points and just talked about the ghost. That was odd. I still find it very telling that this alleged Syco solo deal hasn’t really been brought up again by anyone relevant in awhile.

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Known today as the Haunted Major Graham Mansion in Max Meadows, Virginia, the property was originally purchased by Major Graham’s father, Squire David Graham, in 1826.     It was purchased from the son and heirs of Joseph Baker.   Baker, known for being a distiller, was killed on the site of the mansion in 1786 by two of his slaves, who struck him in the head with an axe.  The slaves were later hung from the branch of a tree near where the mansion now stands.

Squire David built the 2,000 acre farm up to become a 6,000 acre estate complete with 12 iron furnaces, a forge, a gristmill, some rolling mills, a nail works, and even a general store.   It’s believed that the Graham mansion was built around the old Baker cabin.   

The first part of the mansion that was built was the rear wooden portion of the structure.  It was completed in the 1830′s.    Then, the front brick addition was built in the 1850′s.    The bricks were hand made on site.   The huge front columns are original and one-of-a-kind; and they were also cast right there on site in the estate’s forge. 

Major David Graham, Squire Graham’s firstborn, was born in 1838; and he then, with the exception of the four years he spent serving in the Civil War, lived his entire life there on the farm.   Major inherited the estate in 1870, after his father passed away. 

Members of the Graham family continued to live in the mansion until the 1930′s, when the final residents moved into Wytheville.   Ownership of the mansion remained in the family, though, and it was used for holiday gatherings and family outings for many more years. 

From 1943 until 1989, the mansion passed through the hands of several owners, one of whom had it placed upon the National Register Of Historic Places in 1984.   It was left abandoned for many years during this period, and it was broken into and vandalized often.

In 1989 the present owner, J.C. Weaver, bought the mansion and its accompanying estate, and he began to make the much-needed repairs to the house.   He also brought in full time caretakers to keep vandals from causing any more damage.    Soon, he discovered that there was a great deal of local interest in the mansion.  

From 2007 through 2010, the property was the site of the yearly GrahamFest, which was a music event.   Then, starting in 2011, there were history tours, ghost tours, paranormal investigations, etc.    In 2012, the mansion was featured in an episode of The Sci-Fi Channel’s show “Ghost Hunters”, which firmly declared that the place was, indeed, haunted.   Since 2013, the mansion has been the site of “The Haunted Graham Mansion” haunted attraction every fall.  

“So, is the mansion really haunted”; you ask?   Yes.   It is.   Those of you who follow our blog know that we’re very careful about always giving you the best information we can.   Yes.   It’s haunted.     Watch for more photos in the next few days, and we’ll tell you more about this explore.   


HAUNTED DOLLS” - a small Edwardian girl made ghostly by her movements as she plays with her dolls on the floor. The effect makes it seem as if by some special lens we are able to see the ghost attached to a collection of haunted dolls, “evidence” captured by a turn of the century ghost hunter.