Things I wish was in the IT 2017 movie (I do get that they couldn’t include everything as the movie would be 50 hours long)

  • The turtle (they do find a turtle in the ocean and bill holds a lego turtle when he first meets pennywise, but the actual turtle isn’t there)
  • The ritual of chud (like them talking about it, anything)
  • The slingshot and the silver slugs
  • Richie calling Eddie cute and pinching his cheeks
  • Eds
  • Eddie telling Richie to not call him Eds
  • Mike’s whole backstory
  • Mike and Stan being more important characters
  • Patrick’s backstory
  • More Henry
  • The Bowers gang being even worse
  • Bev immediately knowing it was Ben who wrote the poem
  • The Aladdin, Bev with the yo-yo 
  • Ben’s mummie, Mike’s bird, Stan’s ghosts, Richie’s statue, Georgie’s photo book thing 
  • Stan going bird watching 
  • Eddie’s asthma attack 
  • The dam
  • Beep beep, Richie (Pennywise says it oNe time, that is nOT enough)
  • (Edit: The battery acid oml how could I forget
  • Haystack, Big Bill, Stan The Man
  • Mike’s dog
  • Smoke illusion thing)

I’m 100% sure I forgot a million things please do add more

The White Lady of Worstead Church

In August of 1975 Diane Berthelot was on vacation with her husband and son in North Norfolk, UK. Diane had been sick for quite some time and the heat was beginning to bother her, so they went into a church to rest up. Diane sat in a pew and took advantage of the time to pray for better health, during which her husband snapped this photo of her. When their vacation had ended and they returned home they noticed the strange white figure sitting behind Diane who wasn’t there when the photo was taken.

They returned a year later with Diane in better health and showed the photo to a vicar who explained to them the legend of the White Lady. She is said to be a healer who brings good health to people in need of it. Diane’s sickness had indeed gotten better since their vacation ended and its believed that is all owed to the mysterious White Lady.

Ghost Soldier in Devils Den?

Gettysburg is said to be the most haunted place in America. It’s even claimed if you spend an entire night on the battlefield it’s impossible to not have a paranormal experience. However not every paranormal encounter happens at night, this photo was taken in broad daylight. A woman snapped this photo while in Devils Den. She claims there were no reenactors in the area, what do you think?