Reita: I’m seriously loving this jacket.

  • Aoi: moooorniiiing! seems that, you know, that GazettE world tour thing is on sale today! the highlight is definitely that thing, you know. uuuumn, what was it, I forgot the name, but that thing, you know, that that guy does. it’s definitely a must-see!
  • so guys, that thing from the GazettE is on sale now ! !
  • Aoi: but it always happens that some well-meaning person tries to spread the word of what we released by uploading a video. that only brings about a "sudden important notification" so please don’t overdo it, ok? 

  • sorry to bring up an unsettling topic first thing in the morning but there’s always someone that does it, so please forgive me ! !
  • Aoi: we, well, I mean, I want to be forever laughing with all of you guys. if the (music) industry is a place of quickly passing trends, I wanna try to stay with you guys as long as possible, even for just a second more. 
so, I’m telling you, that, you know, world tour thing is on sale now ! !
  • Aoi: 📞missed calls
  • Aoi: whyyyy aaaareee youuuuuu sleeeepiiiiing?! leeeeet’s plaaaay!
  • (I’m done with work and I just got home a little while ago. I’m totally sober.)