Sitting here in the Los Angeles sun thanking the universe for my life. Overwhelmed with love for my family, friends, fans, and our ever evolving community. Thank you for believing in me and helping me along my path.

This Gaslamp Killer Experience that we are going to unveil on my 31st Birthday (November 7th) will include 15 phenomenal musicians that have agreed to join me in presenting my music LIVE for the very first time. I have never done anything quite like this before and cannot wait for us to experience it together!

This special guest lineup has never been more exciting. I put some of my favorite artists together for this ONE NIGHT ONLY. Come celebrate life, and one of the greatest lineups to ever hit Los Angeles on Thursday November 7th at the historic Mayan theater.

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The Gaslamp Killer is letting us bring you this world premiere! Watch as he brings his psychedelic compositions to life with a 12-piece ensemble and visuals in the new Gaslamp Killer Experience.