mystic messenger except you’re already part of the RFA and you have the option to date the new member or get with another member of the gang

bonus: saeran’s route is where he tries to corrupt you but you end up changing him in the end (bad end is you both bring down the RFA)

v’s route is him getting his fucking eyes fixed and falling in love with someone who won’t fuck him up for life

Robin Hood (Part 1/?) (Clint Barton x reader)

Request: Clint & The Team are investigating a circus involved in the disappearance of some of its audience members. Clint goes undercover since he has a history with the circus life. There he meets the reader a singer. But every time she goes on he can’t remember any of her shows. the circus is a front for hydra experimentation. She has mind control powers. But she’s forced to do it. He informs the rest and when they try to rescue her the whole circus vanishes and Clint is determined to get her back Romance/Angst fic!

It wasn’t new for Clint to get a little teasing from the gang each time he put on his mission gear, more so lately now that he was trying a new one-armed top to allow him more freedom to move with the bow.  He had been accused of trying to look like Bucky so many times that he had lost count, going so far as to switch which side of the top was sleeveless, only to switch it back when the feel wasn’t right and an arrow came within inches of Steve’s head during practice.  

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Soleil Pt.2 (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Pairing:Newt Scamander x reader

Warnings:None, just some fluff

A/N: Hey guys, author~chan here. So for the first time, I got asked to do a part 2 of something. I got asked by @allineedisconnor if I could do a part 2 of soleil and to be honest, I wasn’t really planning on doing a part 2 but since I got asked, how can I not? Anywhoozers, hope you enjoy part 2, feedback is always appreciated. P.s. this one shot has correlation with the events in the movie


3rd person POV:

The gang with its’ new member make their way through the streets of New York to get to The Blind Pig to possibly get information from Gnarlak.

Newt and (Y/N) are a little behind because of them making small conversations, Just talking about random subjects; from school to their preferences, you name it. Queenie looks over her shoulder and can’t help but smile at the sight of them together.

Tina leads the group down a set of steps leading to a basement apartment and motions them down. The steps lead to a dead end since the doorway was replaced with bricks and has a poster of a woman in a dress, gazing at herself in a mirror.

Tine and Queenie stand in front of the poster and at the same time look at each other, raise their wands and their normal clothes turn into fancier attire. (Y/N)’s clothes also change.Newt gazes at the three of them and can’t help but help but feel a bit embarrassed at their new attire.

Tina takes a a step forward and knocks on the door four times.The woman’s eyes in the poster move and then a hatch opens revealing the eyes of a guard.

Inside, there are wanted posters lined up of every witch and wizard criminal in New York, including one of Gellert Grindelwald. There’s also a stage with a goblin band and a goblin jazz singer.

(Y/N)’s POV:

We finally here and I can’t help but feel out of place, so I stay near Queenie and the others.Jacob and Queenie go to the bar and I follow close behind whilst Newt and Tina go to look for Gnarlak. Queenie orders six shots of gigglewater and a lobe blaster.Jacob takes one of the gigglewater shots and emits a high-pitched giggle. Queenie and I laugh at his surprised look.

I turn around and spot Newt and Tina talking with Gnarlak and Newt offering him different until I see giving him Pickett and a frown appears in my face as I see Pickett clinging onto Newt’s fingers. I stay staring at the scene until someone screams.


Aurors begin to apparate and start to apprehend costumers. I see behind Queenie that the wanted posters updated to Newt’s and Tina’s faces. During the commotion, I see Newt on the floor as if looking for something. Once we all got back together, we disapparate.

~time skip~

We all stand in the outside of a department store, looking for any suspicious activity. We then see a handbag being taken from the arm of a mannequin by something invisible. We all quietly enter the store and hide behind a display.Then, the Demiguise makes itself visible and I stare in awe.

I’ve only seen a Demiguise in books and being able to see one in person is a spectacular experience. “You two… head that way. Tina, (Y/N) and I will head this way.” Newt whispers and we all nod at the plan.

The Demiguise heads up a flight of stairs and we all follow it quietly. We enter a dark and huge attic filled with different items, mainly kitchenware.

We see the Demiguise taking out a piece of candy and offering it to something.

“What’s it doing?” Tina asks.

“It’s babysitting.” Newt states.

“It’s babysitting what, exactly?” As I ask Newt, something shifts and to the light, I see the face of an Occamy approaching the Demiguise and i slightly freeze in place.

“You see, the reason the Occamy is of this size is-”

“Because they’re choranaptyxic.” Newt and i say at the same time and blush. Ugh.i’m so embarrassed but I start to spout out random facts and things when i’m nervous.

Queenie takes a step forward and she accidentally kicks a Christmas bauble, startling the Occam. Newt and I try to calm it down, but the effort is fruitless.

“Teapot!” Tina screams.

The Occamy  keeps moving and it pins me and Newt to a wall and I heavily blush at our position. I put my hands on Newt’s chest and and try to separate us but the Occamy is too big to move. 

Jacob was also pinned but was able to capture a roach. “Roach in the teapot…” Newt whispers as to not disturb the Occamy. After a few seconds, Jacob throws the roach towards Tina and the Occamy starts to unravel causing me and Newt to separate and land safely on the floor. Tina runs with the teapot towards the roach and it lands inside, causing the Occamy to shrink in size to get inside and Newt putting a lid on top.

I take a deep breath of relief.

“That’s all of them, right?” Tina asks.

“Yes, that’s all of them.” Newt confirms.

~Time Skip~

We’re inside Newt’s case and I stay speechless at this amazing creation. I see Jacob taking Dougal back to his home. I keep walking around seeing the many wondrous and different creatures when I spot Newt lightly bickering with Pickett. “-come on, give me a smile Pickett…”

Pickett then blows a raspberry at Newt and I giggle at the bowtruckel’s childness. “Pickett, give Newt a break, you know he would never give you up if he was sure he was going to get you back.”

I extend my hand and Pickett climbs onto it. I softly pet the leaves on the top of his head and he seems to enjoy it. “Newt, I can’t get over how amazing this case is, it’s so…overwhelming but in a good way.” I sigh in content and put Pickett back on the table.

‘You’re amazing…” Thought Newt as I walk away before blushing and shaking those thoughts out of his head. You guys we’re only friends.

I look around and spot a gray and yellow scarf. I pick it up and examine. Could it be from Hogwarts. Maybe. But  what house? Let’s see we got Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor and oh, Newt was a Hufflepuff! ‘So Newt was a hufflepuff in school?Ugh just when I thought he couldn’t get any cuter…’ I internally argue with myself, me and Newt are just friends, (Y/N), get that through your mind.

I shake my thoughts away and see Queenie and Newt akwardly talking. Before I can say anything, Tina beats me to it.

“What are you two talking about?”

“School.” They both say.

“There’s a school for wizardry in America?” Jacob questions.

“Of course, it’s named Ilvermorny! Only the best wizarding school.” Queenie says cheekily.

“I for one, think Hogwarts is better.” Newt argues.

I playfully roll my eyes at their silly behavior. i was gonna add something to the discussion as we then hear the crack of thunder and see Frank agitated, as if scared. “What’s wrong with Frank, Newt?”

“He senses danger.”He replies. That can’t be good.

~Time Skip~

We are all on a roof under a sign that reads Squire’s and and we see all the chaos provoked by the obscurial Tina told me about.Newt hands Tina the case and a leather notebook tells her to take care of his animals.

Tina then gives it to me before disapparating too and I hand it over to Queenie and disapparate. If we’re doing this, we’ll do it together.

I apparate in the middle of all the chaos and find Newt and Tina behind a car and they explain to me how the obscurial is the second Salem boy. But that’s impossible. Don’t they say that obscurial don’t last more than ten years? But, it would make sense for why it’s so powerful.

Newt suddenly disapparates leaving me and Tina behind. “Come on,Tina.”

Tina follows me and we go to an alleyway for safety. We’re both slightly panting from all that running.”Do you know where Newt went?”

“No idea, you?” I shake my head in response.

We then see  something bright in the distance. “We should check that out, it seems suspicious.” Tina nods her head and we disapparate together. Once we apparate, we see a bunch of Aurors forming some type of barrier with Graves and madame Picquery inside.

“That must be where Credence is, come on (Y/N)!”

We both make our way through the crowd and we’re barely able to make it inside. 

We go down and see Newt trying to calm down Credence but before we can do anything, a group of Aurors fill the tracks and kill Credence. Graves then starts to argue and resist arrest until he is stopped by Newt. It is then revealed to all that he is actually Grindelwald and taken away.

“We we’re wrong about you and your creatures Mr.Scamander, but we can’t obliviate an entire city.” Madame Picquery states.

“Actually, I think we can.”

~Small Time Skip~

Newt opens his case and out comes Frank in all his beautiful and majestic beauty. Newt softly pets him and I smile. Newt then throws a vial into the air and Frank flies away with it.

“You think you’ll be okay without him?”

“I’ll miss him but I know he’ll be ok.” Newt reassures me.

“Is that No-Maj still here?” Madame Picquery questions.

Jacob comes out of hiding behind Queenie and nervously laughs.

Madame Picquery explains to us how there can’t be not even one witness but she’ll allow us to say our goodbyes. We all walk up to the subway entrance where Jacob stops and turns around to face us.”We’ll miss you, Jacob, but, we won’t forget about you.” I say softly. The others say their goodbyes and Jacob steps into the rain.

After a few seconds, Queenie makes an umbrella and goes to kiss Jacob, before she comes back and we all disapparate.

~A week later~

Me and Newt stand in the harbor since Tina couldn’t come because she’s been busier ever since she got her job as an Auror back.

“This has been an exciting few days.” I announce.

“It has. And I’m glad to have met you.” Newt doesn’t meet my gaze and I softly laugh at his cute and awkward nature.”Now, it’s time for me to go back to the England to finish my book…and give the Ministry my manuscript.”

“I’ll be sure to look out for it.” I exclaim.

“Or maybe I can come and give it to you personally?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever works out for you.” I blush. Why can’t this crush for Newt just go away? “I’ll see you around Newt. If I ever visit England, I’ll be sure to look for you.”

Newt nods and makes his way to the small bridge to the inside of the boat.He looks back to me and I smile and wave. He looks at me for a few seconds and he comes back towards me and stands in front of me.

“There is one more thing i’d like to do before I leave.”

“And what might tha-” Before I can finish my sentence, Newt leans in and crashes my lips against his. my eyes widen in surprise and they slowly close as I relax into the kiss. I put my hands behind Newt’s head and tangle my fingers on his soft hair and pull him closer.

When we pull away, we gaze at each other and I smile. “Since when are you so daring, Mr.Scamander?” I softly smirk.

“Since I decided your the most magical creature of them all.” I laugh at his cheesy remark. Newt kisses me once more time before leaving and going aboard the ship. I put my hands in the pockets of my jacket and start walking out the harbor and I carry a smile that i can’t seem to get rid of.

It is then that I realize that I’m still wearing Newt’s scarf and I run back to go give it to him but the already closed up the door leading to the inside of the ship. Maybe that trip to England will be sooner than I thought.

I’ve never really cared for the Fred/Daphne couple. They had some cute moments in Zombie Island and the Witch’s Ghost, but other than that more recent movies seem more interested in having them just getting really jealous whenever someone shows interest in the other (and vice versa) rather than showing why they’d make a good couple other than the fact that they’re the most attractive members of the gang.

‘the gang gets a new member’ is so good because they try to bring in this traditional hetero dudebro, the type of person mac and dennis see themselves as, but he's so completely bewildered by everything that they do.

‘flowers huh lol did you find these in the trash?’

‘no we bought them for you, please be serious, welcome to our friendship, let us light the ceremonial candles, why aren’t you wearing your matching ring, no we’re not trying to bang you (mac please), why won’t you let dennis choose your meals for you, let us dance for you, okay you know what you are not taking this seriously we’re just gonna push you outta this moving car’

alphamortal  asked:

So, what is this gang thing you're in? What do you fight for? -badlydrawnvampirehuntergiogio, Neh@Romeo


yeah we kill people for a living, and we get paid to do it…but we all love eachother a lot and look after one another!!! we’re always looking for new members, if you’re interested!! just take it up with @dailymomcellati !!

atomicwrongs  asked:

im soz that i keep bothering you but i like this scenario and i have more Qs: How would Anar try to 'break' Nye/turn Nye to his side, and what would he do with him if he succeeded? Similarly, what would Justin & Co do if Nye was forced into becoming a Dead Blood Brother, and how would Anar's buddies react to their new member? Finally, how would Anar react upon realising that the demon he's recruited is practically useless compared to most other demons because nye's a wet fuckin blanket sometimes

AHHHH I get to give more villain information!!!

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Fallen London, if London fell closer to the present day:

• You have a new pet: 1x Financially Dependent University Graduate

• You have a new item: 1x Unsustainable Mortgage

• You have a new pet: 5x Confused Pigeon

• An Occurence! Your ‘Getting Stabbed By Passing Gang Members With Shanks In White City’ quality is now 1.

• You have a new item: 1x Novelty Gift Item: “Banker’s Soul!” (You open it… but there’s nothing there. Ah. How funny. A little joke, one presumes. You hope the manufacturer has good enough protection to fend off the claims of libel from the Bankers, funded by their newfound best friends in Hell).

• Your Connected: The Permanently Pissed-Off Monarch is increasing! (5cp)

• An Occurence! Your ‘Known of by the Porcinophilic Parliamentarian’ quality is now 3.

Confirmed that CO:HRT’s Joon will be a lead in SBS ‘s new drama called “Master Life.”

It has been confirmed by SBS that the TQ idol auditioned for the role and was considered alongside with a few other idols, but he seemed to have the most passion among the options. This will be his first role in over a year so it is exciting to see him returning to the small screen. The plot is said to follow a family who gets mistaken for the wrong family by a gang member who is after them. Fearing for his family’s safety, the eldest boy, played by Joon, drops out of college to try his hand at the police force. It is not set to air for at least another month. Many fans are excited since there hasn’t been much heard from the idol once he began his college classes. 


[ 400+ -2659 ] is he even good still? i feel like he will be stale and stiff
[ 3256+ 4567- ]  can we just have a comeback instead? like all of them together? 
[ 2121+ -878 ]  The plot seems…weird? i dont know. when will sbs stop with these ideas?
[ 3045+ -500 ] such an old picture of him..he’s so much more grown now. i am looking forward to it!

@panthexon “Listen, I know it looks bad, but I don’t need to go to the hospital. It doesn’t even hurt,” Sebastian insisted, referring to the new bullet hole in his shoulder. Of course, that was a lie– it hurt like a bitch. He didn’t think he’d get over this without having to explain how he got in. In a gang fight, of course; he’d pushed one of his younger members out of the way and taken the bullet for him. And now he was bleeding out all over Eden’s couch. Fun.

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This weasel wants to bribe his way into the “hell bunny” bikers. If you want to join the gang you need to bring a bigger carrot than the latest new member. 

This is the  moment when the bunny alpha addresses the newcomer and describes what are they going to do with that carrot. The weasel just realized that it was a big mistake to seek this gang. These rabbits do fuck around.


So I’m getting the hang of this whole line work deal. If I want the line work to be the main subject I have to go for a simple direct color palette, clean shapes and rendering, this will showcase the lines better. 

I spent so much time on the weasel face, did 6 or so different versions from scratch , how do you draw a weasel?? it was important since it would tell the story cause no other character has a face.

The stickers on the alpha bunny finish the story by hinting to whats gonna happen to the carrot. Poor little weasel. -Gabo

Maisie Williams is held captive in trailer for Netflix’s sci-fi flick ‘iBoy’

With Game of Thrones sadly headed into its second-to-last season this summer, we’ll have to get used to seeing its cast members star in other roles. Therefore, the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi flick iBoy is good practice. It features Maisie Williams alongside fellow British actor Bill Milner.

The Adam Randall-directed film centers on Tom (Milner), a normal teenage boy whose life is drastically changed when he and his best friend Lucy (Williams) are brutally attacked by a local gang. When Tom wakes up from a coma, he finds he has strange powers. These new abilities stem from — really suspend your disbelief here — shattered pieces of his smartphone being embedded in his brain.

More: The Han Solo movie just added a major ‘Game of Thrones’ cast member

As one often does in sci-fi, Tom decides to use his powers to take down the bad guys. After failing to be the hero for Lucy before, he makes himself into a vigilante of sorts, and manages to get some payback. That only leads to more trouble, though.

“You don’t call the devil then get upset when he turns up,” a man tells Tom in the trailer.

While Milner is indeed the protagonist, he doesn’t do all of the movie’s heavy lifting. Williams gets in on the action as well, and we see her as both a captive and the one holding the gun. She doesn’t seem quite as able to take care of herself as assassin-in-training Arya Stark, but she may surprise us.

The movie is one of several that Williams has done since making a name for herself on Game of Thrones, with the most recent being 2016’s Book of Love with Jessica Biel and Jason Sudeikis. Meanwhile, Milner last appeared in 2016’s Anthropoid.

iBoy hits Netflix on January 27.

Good things about the Pokemon Anime:

Team Rocket

Proffessor Oak constantly getting pummeled by hoards of pokemon

Meowth was a homeless pokemon who left a gang to impress the girl he liked only to get rejected and join a new Gang

The way they handle pokemon contests was actually more interesting than the actual mechanic and i already loved the mechanic

Jesse is a poor girl who dropped out of nurse school and didn’t get to eat much and actually reveled in the idea of just eating flavored snow.

Squirtle Squad

James was a rich boy being forced to marry and awful abusive woman and ran away in order to be safe from that toxic environment


Meowth being friendly with other pokemon when not around the other team members.

“I’ll use my frying pan, as a drying pan!”

James’ obvious intense love for his own pokemon.

Jesse’s ambition to be a master coordinator even though she’s a criminal is so powerful that she dresses like fucking ass in order to participate.

Team Rocket

Did I mention Team Rocket?

Team Rocket.