INFP things

  • Is afraid of breaking rules (sometimes)
  • Has dark humor but always makes people laugh
  • Humor fixes everything
  • Tries to help relationships but won’t leave their own
  • Picks up bad habits but tries to play it off like it’s nothing
  • Fearful of the future
  • Music heavily depends on their mood
  • Multiple playlist for different moods
  • Often mixes up their sleep schedule
  • Feels detached when their friends argue
  • Needs background noise to sleep
  • Doesn’t like to make the first move, but will if needed
  • Isn’t keen on social events
  • Hates eye contact
  • Has difficulty being their own person
  • Hates math but not bad at it
  • ‘Social Outing’ is going to walmart
  • Would prefer Netflix and pizza over a highschool football game
  • Hates when people don’t like them but they act like they don’t care
  • Aren’t violent but has anger built in them
  • Always tries to make sure someone is okay before ending conversation
  • Won’t condone violence but will beat the shit out of someone for upsetting their friend
  • Fear that they talk too much about themselves
  • Sits in back of the room
  • Doesn’t raise their hand unless they absolutely know the answer
  • Will plan out everything but ends up going wayy off track
  • Doesn’t text first….or back
  • Impatient (don’t deny it)
  • Remembers everything anybody said to them ever
  • Not the popular kid but not the nerd
  • Sports? What are sports?
  • Thinks out loud
  • Fearful of confrontation
  • Builds up a tough shell but is really an emotional ball of feels
  • Fills their cart on amazon but never buys the stuff
  • Buyers remorse. For 6 minutes
  • Has zero games on their phone but solitaire
  • Will not accept the fact that they are wrong
  • Procrastination
  • Will wait until the episode is finished to pee
  • Prefers Internet friends
  • Always afraid they’ve overstepped boundaries
  • Doesn’t care how bad terms are, if someone asks them for advice they give them the best advice possible

camilla’s night table was littered with empty teacups, leaky pens, dead marigolds in a water glass, and on the foot of her bed was laid a half-played game of of solitaire. the layout of the place was peculiar, with unexpected windows and halls that led nowhere and low doors i had to duck to get through, and everywhere i looked was some fresh oddity.  


Aries: No. Listen you’ve got enough floss. You have enough to complete more projects than you actually have time to in your life and then some. What are you, a fucking floss dragon?

Taurus: The smol demon demands cuddles. Get to it.

Gemini: All that glass scattered about came from your eyes. You should get that checked.

Cancer: Even the most foolish of creatures can accidentally spout wisdom.

Leo: You know it isn’t normal to bleed silver and mercury, right?

Virgo: What the fuck even is that?

Libra: A hundred mason jars filled with the fragments of rose-hip hulls and bat wings. What a lovely collection.

Scorpio: The playing cards keep trying to tell you something important during every game of solitaire you play.

Sagittarius: The whatcha-ma-call-its are displeased with your lack of attention.

Capricorn: Tall people in tiny hats.

Aquarius: Well ain’t you just the prettiest princess around.

Pisces: Sigils made to ward off ancient beings made of smoke and sulfur are ideal to place over your door. Just because they are ancient does not mean they are gone.

Scoups: jihoonie I’m coming in [enters woozis studio]

Woozi: [turns off his game of solitaire on the computer] hey hyung what’s up

Scoups: can I get you anything? you’ve been in here all day

Woozi: no thank you I’m good :)

Scoups: oh okay [leaves studio] he is such a hard worker….

Woozi: [goes back to playing solitaire]

anonymous asked:

Okay so I have a Wayhaught story for you. So I was thinking about how Emily was saying Wynonna definitely has opinions about Waverly and Nicole being together so what if Wynonna takes a moment with Nicole to have "the talk" with her about how she better not hurt her or end up like Champ (but she knows she won't) and Waverly hears part of this conversation and runs aways and now is very distant with Nicole bc she thinks Wynonna scared her away but later she assures she's not going anywhere

So, I couldn’t help myself and i wrote a whole fic for this. Hope you like it!!!!

Waverly was finally back from that creepy possession ordeal that they had to deal with, and she will absolutely tell you, that she will never be touching any strange gunk that she finds on the ground or otherwise, ever again. But everything is okay now and Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Nicole have taken over the Black Badge office in their search to try and find and get Dolls back.

It is had been a few days and the four of them have been locked up in that office. 

Waverly has been pouring over books and the internet, searching for anything she can wrestle up about secret government agencies that she can.

Wynonna was going through Dolls’s computer while she drinks whiskey out of his X cup, and muttering curse words under her breath since frankly there isn’t anything useful or entertaining of the hard drive.

Doc was sitting alone, at the far corner of the table. At first, he had spent a lot of time examining the vials that he had injected into Dolls before the showdown are Shorty’s. Now, though, he has moved on playing Solitare with an impossibly old set of cards.

Nicole, she has been sniffing out every gun and other weapons she can find in the office, she has been cataloging them and cleaning them, even going so far as to dismembering and, all the guns. At one point she even managed to wrestle PeaceMaker away from Wynonna. It was a very difficult feat and she found out that it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time, probably since Wyatt himself had it.

Now it has been a couple of weeks, and with all the stress, Wynonna had pretty much forgotten about Nic and Waves dating, and reverting back to her normal self, had become totally oblivious of the lingering eye contact between her sister and the officer, not so subtle touching that they exchanged whenever close enough, and that whenever one of them left the room the other followed. She was so wrapped up in herself she had pretty much forgotten about the two dating.

At the end of the fourth night, after all of them had done almost as much as they could. Wynonna hadn’t found anything on the computer. Waverly hadn’t found anything mention a Black Badge Division. Nicole had run out of weapons to clean. And Doc, well how many games of solitaire can someone really play before they go insane? They all had started to sigh heavily and push their work away.

Grabbing Nicole’s hand, and looking across to Wynonna who’s face was buried in her palms, Waverly clears her throat, “You know Gus left me a message early and said that she was going to open Shorty’s back up tonight, invited us to stop by.”

“Got Dolls and I’s mess all cleaned up then?” Doc asks when he perks up at the idea of going to the saloon for a drink.

“Yup, I guess some town’s folk pitched in,” Waverly starts, “Gus said they wanted to try and make it up to Wynonna, the whole trying to kill her thing.”

“Strange,” Wynonna finally adds, “They’ve never felt bad about my near death before, I guess people are growing around here.”

“Oh come on Earp,” Nicole can’t help but attempt to protest that, “not everyone in this town hates you.”

Wynonna scoffs at that, “You clearly did not grow up around here red. But that is a conversation for another night when my brain doesn’t feel like soup. I think we ought to head down there, support Gus.”

It didn’t take them long to pack their things up and head to Shorty’s. Wynonna had already slipped behind the bar and found a bottle of whiskey and four glasses. Doc had stepped out to get some air for a few minutes. Waverly and Nicole had claimed a booth and were cuddled up pushed into the corner of the booth and were enjoying a slightly discreet and satisfying make out session.

“What the hell is this, guys?” Wynonna almost demands as she sets the bottle and glass down on the table.

“Uh, it’s me kissing my girlfriend Wy,” Waverly answers, with a very confused tone.

“Oh shit.” Wynonna declares as it dawns on her. “I, uh, I forgot about that.”

“No shit Earp,” Nicole adds after she lets out a giggle.

“I guess you and I need to have a little talk then Haught,” Wynonna replies as she starts the red-head down.

“I think that may be my cue to go find Doc,” Waverly says as she gives Nicole an apologetic smile for throwing her to the wolves or rather wolf that is Wynonna Earp, and then heads away.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing with my little sister?“ Wynonna asks, jumping right in.

“Honestly? Loving her.” Is all Nicole offers her in response.

“She’s been loved before Haught. What’s supposed to make you think you’re any different?” Wynonna questions the red head further.

“The way that I look at her.” Nicole challenges.

“And what way might that be?”

“Like she, herself, hung the moon and the stars, just for me.” Is all Nicole gives in return. Honestly, if you Wynonna hasn’t figured it out by now, she figuring she’ll have to draw it out for the woman.

“Champ used to look at her like that until she stopped being a trophy for him to win and became the strong young woman that she is. How am I supposed to know that you’re different than him?” Wynonna challenges Nicole. She knows that Nicole is different, but she needs to get a promise right from the woman.

“Because I’m not a boy-man-child like he was or is or whatever. Come on Wynonna, you’ve known me for a while now, do you really think I have it in me to treat anyone like crap, let alone Waves?” Nicole asks the question almost beginning to feel hurt.

“Well, I guess you’ve got a point there. I just have to make sure to give you the shovel talk or whatever. You know, Waverly is the most important person in my life and I haven’t really been there for her until recently, and I think I’m still a little too caught up in the curse bullshit to truly give her the attention she deserves.” Wynonna offers the confession as a peace offering of sorts.

“I get that Wy. But you are here now, and you’re not going anywhere. Plus, she has me now too, so I think she’ll be just fine.”

As Nicole finishes her statement, Waverly is walking back up to the table and notices the two other women completely emerged in the conversation but doesn’t catch anything, until Wynonna’s final statement.

“I get that. But just to put it out there, if you so much as crack her heart, or treat her even a little poorly, I swear to you, I’ll be using PeaceMaker for more that putting down revenants.” It’s an empty threat as she knows Nicole is better than that. As she finished though she notices Waverly within earshot and is completely unaware that she has been standing there long enough to hear the threat. 

“Hey, Baby Girl!” Wynonna greats Waverly with a broad smile. “Did you find Doc?”

“I ummm, I’m not feeling well, can you take me home Wynonna?” Waverly asks, not even responding to the question, she’s so shaken up from hearing the threat, scared of what it means. Does Wynonna no like Nicole as much as she’d been letting on the past few weeks?

“I can take Babe.” Nicole offers before Wynonna gets a chance to respond.

“No, I want Wynonna to take me.” Is all Waverly offers, and honestly the way she says it is a little cold. Before either Nicole or Wynonna has a chance to interject again, Waverly has headed out of the building. Thinking, dammit Wynonna, I finally found a good one, and you’re going and scaring her away, you can’t threaten lesbians with guns, it freaks them out. Admittedly, Waverly may have recently delved into gay culture and learned a lot about lesbian tropes.

“You’re not driving her anywhere Earp.” Is how Nicole decides is best to start the conversation.

“Why the hell not Haught? If Waves wants to go, I’ll take her where ever she wants.” Wynonna defends herself.

“No, you won’t. You’ve been drinking Whiskey all day, and you’ve drunk half that bottle by yourself while we’ve been sitting here. It’s not safe for you to get behind the wheel.” Nicole offers as she stands up and slips on her jacket.

“Fine. You going to go get her then?” Wynonna reluctantly asks.

“Yeah. Y’all can come sleep at my place when you get done here if you want.” Nicole presents the peace offering.

“Thanks, but there’s a room upstairs here, we’ll just take it. Let’s meet in the office at noon tomorrow? Give everyone a chance to get some extra rest.” Wynonna offers in return, her own peace offering of sorts.

“Sure, see ya then.” And with that Nicole has turned to head out the saloon herself. 

Nicole runs through the bodies as quickly as she can, pushing through the front doors, and scanning her surroundings. She finds Waverly sitting in her Jeep, letting it run. As Nicole gets closer to the Jeep, she notices hard sporadic shaking of Waverly’s shoulders, a clear sign of the tears that a certainly falling down the girl’s face. Wasting no more time, she runs to the driver’s door where Waverly is sat and pulls it open. Before she has a chance to protest or even notices who’s arms are enveloping, Nicole makes quick work gather Waverly up, rubbing her hands up and down the younger woman’s back.

“What’s wrong baby?” Nicole whispers in her ear.

With the question, Waverly starts to push Nicole away but doesn’t have enough strength to get her too far away.

“I asked for Wynonna,” Waverly states through heavy breaths.

“I know, but I don’t feel comfortable with Wynonna taking you anywhere. She’s had too much to drink.” Nicole offers, loosening her grip while looking down to search Waverly’s eyes to try and figure out what is going on. “I was thinking we could go to my place and I would take care of you.”

“I don’t expect you to take care of me Nic. You don’t even want to be around me, I’m sure.” Waverly states, not being able to help herself and leaning into Nicole.

“What the heck are you talking about Waverly?” Nicole asks shocked.

“I heard what Wynonna said. She threatened to kill you.” Waverly makes the statement though another round of tears.

“Oh baby,” Nicoles starts, with a grin playing at her lips. “She didn’t mean that.”

“Yes she did, she doesn’t joke about using PeaceMaker,” Waverly mumbles into the collar of Nicole’s shirt, that is quickly absorbing tears and most likely a gross combination of slobber and snot, not that Nicole minds. Waverly can bawl into any of her shirts any time she needs to.

“No babe, I promise she didn’t mean it. She knows I would never hurt you. She knows that I love you too much. She knows that I will treat you better than anyone else has ever treated you. She just said that because she felt like she had to finish her shovel talk.” Nicole whispers it to Waverly as she combs a hand through her hair.

“Are you sure?” Waverly asks, starting to regain her composure. 

“Yes, I promise. Now let’s go home and go to sleep. I think you may be a little over exhausted from the past couple weeks.” Nicole says as she lifts Waverly up, letting the smaller woman cling to her like a Khola bear, and walks to the other side of the Jeep. “We can sleep in and go get breakfast, Wynonna doesn’t want us coming in until noon.”

As she lets Nicole settle her into the passenger’s seat of her own car, she watches Nicole intently. Nicole just pays attention to what she’s doing. She buckles Waverly in and leans across her to turn the heat up a bit. As she is pulling herself out of the car, though, Waverly grabs the lapels of her jacket and pulls her so the forehead to forehead.

“You promise you want to be with me?” Waverly asks gently, her breath tickling Nicole’s lips.

“I promise Waverly. Ther is nowhere else, I would rather be.” Nicole makes what is probably the truthful statement of her life, and she is rewarded. She is rewarded by Waverly who leans in, gently pushing her lips to Nicoles, it’s the kiss of a promise, a kiss that means I love you, a kiss that says thank you for loving me. It gently but still passionate. Their lips move together like a choreographed dance. It is as though they were made for kissing each other, and honestly, they probably are.

“Good, because I feel the exact same way.” Waverly states as she pulls away but stays close enough to punctuate each word with another kiss.

Shorty (TadashixReader)

As a shorter person, I very much relate to this.


You wouldn’t go as far to say you were short- you were only a little below average and you were just dating a tall guy. No biggie.

But it was a big deal. Your boyfriend had almost eight inches on you. You didn’t really mind until you wanted to kiss him. You always had to stand on your tiptoes.

Tadashi hadn’t ever noticed this. He loved you very much, no matter what you looked like.

“Good morning, babe,” you greeted as you walked into his lab. He’d been sleeping his lab for the past few days against Aunt Cass’s wishes. He was working like mad to finish a project. You set a cup of coffee down on the desk and turned to your sleeping boyfriend, who was stretched across the couch. You smiled at him. He had class in forty-five minutes; he definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

You walked over and shook his form lightly. “Tadashi, wake up,” you quietly said. When shaking him didn’t work, you sat beside him and nudged him harder. “Tadashi, you have to wake up now. Class is in forty-five minutes,” you tried. But that didn’t do much either.

You gave a sigh and pressed a warm kiss to his lips. Slowly, you seemed to get a response out of him, as his arm came around your waist and pulled you into the couch with him. He broke the kiss and opened his eyes slowly. “I wish I could wake up like that every morning,” he joked sleepily. You smiled in return.

“Class is in forty-five minutes. You have to get up.” He groaned and sat up. You could tell he was tired by the way he sluggishly moved and the dark circles under his eyes. You stood from the couch and brought him the cup of coffee. “Here, that might help.”

Tadashi took the cup from you gratefully. He looked up at you with a bit of a pout. You reached down and planted a kiss on his lips before he took a sip of the coffee. “You’re the best, sweetheart.”

“I know,” you replied and looked over at his desk. Everything seemed to be strewn everywhere. You didn’t have class today, so maybe you would tackle that mess for him. He got up off the couch and began to get ready for the day: fixing his hair, straightening his clothes, and freshening up a bit. You looked over the pile of papers on the desk.

Tadashi came over to you about twenty minutes later. “I’m going to get going and grab an apple on the way over. Will you be here when I get back?”

“Yes, dear,” you said. He smiled. You stood up on your tiptoes and kissed him sweetly. He seemed to look suspiciously at you for a minute before heading off. “Love you!” you called out.

“Love you, too!” You looked down at the pile of papers on his desk. You began to sort through things, trying to fix his workspace. After that, you folded the blanket on the couch and fixed the pillows. Then you decided to sweep the floors a bit.

Two hours had rolled by. You still had another thirty minutes to go. With a sigh, you plopped down at his computer, hoping to find something like Minesweeper on his computer.

The door to his lab opened and in strolled the other SFIT Hamada. You looked over at him before going back to your game of solitaire. “Whatcha doing?” he asked, placing his chin on top of your head.

“Entertaining myself,” you said as you moved your cards around. Hiro hummed in reply. “Let me guess, either you’re bored and you came in here to bother your brother, you’re bored and you came in here to bother me, or you have no money and want something.”

“Sheesh (Y/N), maybe I just wanted to say hi.”

“Tell the truth, Hiro.”

“…I’m bored.”

“Don’t you have something to work on?” you asked as you spun the chair in face him. Hiro shrugged.

“I guess. But it’s not interesting. You’re much more entertaining than schoolwork,” he confessed.

“Well I’m flattered you picked your brother’s girlfriend over homework. That just made my day,” you said somewhat sarcastically. Hiro rolled his eyes. Then he looked you over, almost analyzing you. “What?”

“Are you slouching in that chair?” he asked, pointing to the chair.

You shook your head. “No.”

“Then you’re short,” he joked. You stood up, facing him now. Hiro had grown and was now a few inches taller than you.

“I think you’re the short one.”

“Whoa whoa! Who’s the taller one here? Me!” Hiro said, pointing to himself. You were about to open your mouth to argue, but Hiro’s phone rang. He picked it up and carried on a quick conversation before hanging up. “That was Fred. He said Baymax is having a low battery freak out and he can’t get ahold of Tadashi. See you later, shorty,” Hiro teased as he headed out. You picked up a pad of stick notes and threw them at his retreating form, hitting him square in the back of the head. He glared at you before continuing down the hall.

Hiro passed Tadashi in the hallway on his way to see Fred. “Your girlfriend is a twerp,” Hiro told a confused Tadashi.

Tadashi kept walking to his lab to see you sitting in the chair at the computer. “You must’ve straightened up in here. I certainly don’t remember leaving it this neat,” he joked. You smiled at your boyfriend. “Thank you.”

“Of course, dear.”

“Now do you want to tell me why Hiro thinks you’re a twerp?” he asked as he set his bag down. You shook your head in disapproval.

“He called me shorty. I threw post-its at him,” you confessed, focusing on the solitaire game you probably weren’t going to win. Tadashi laughed as he put his books away.

“Well, you are on the short side,” Tadashi told you. You glared at him over the top of the computer.

“I am not,” you bantered.

“You have to stand on your tiptoes to kiss me,” he said and slyly looked over at you.

“I do not!” you yelled, embarrassed that you’d finally been caught. This only made Tadashi laugh more.

“It’s cute, babe. Don’t be embarrassed,” he reassured you and came around to where you were standing. He dipped down a bit and kissed you gently. You kept your arms crossed against your chest and frowned. Tadashi sighed and grabbed ahold of your waist, lifting you up. You shrieked and wrapped your legs around his waist in an attempt to keep from falling.

Tadashi smiled at you and kissed you sweetly and slowly. He poured everything he felt for you into one kiss. Once he gave you air, you pouted, making him laugh. “Short isn’t a bad thing,” he told you. Your cheeks were bright red. “Maybe I should tell you that more often.”

“Why? So you can tease me more often?”

“No, because whenever I call you short, you blush. You’re really cute when you do that.”

Things to do during a power outage

(Feel free to screenshot for later use)

Read a book

Write some poetry


Draw your own comic

Build a blanket fort

Build a jigsaw

Play some board games

Play card games like Go Fish! or Solitaire

Practice some extreme makeup looks

Clean your room (And maybe the rest of your house too)

Take a nap 

Do some exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, planks, star-jumps etc.

Take some cool photographs

Play some competitive games with another person you may live with

Study (Throwing in this one for myself because I’m failing everything :,) )

Indoor bowling 

Play with your pets 

Look through old photographs

Make a new invention with things lying around the house

Game Salesman ME2 quotes:
-Have you tried “Galaxy of Fantasy” yet? I love that game. It’s based on turian mythology, but it’s really fun. I hear it has 11 billion players now.
-Do you have any games you’d like to trade in? You get two credits toward a new game.
-You know what’s good? “Alliance Corsair.” The battles are pretty realistic, but it’s still fun. And you can install it on an omni-tool.
-For 10 credits, we offer data protection for any game we sell. If the copy protection ever malfunctions, you can download a new copy free.
-Those asari-hanar porn games they sell in Shin Akiba are really nasty.
-Hmm? Oh, sorry. I was playing this fascinating human game – “Solitaire.” Did you need something?
-I wish they still made roleplaying games like they used to. These days it’s all “big choices” and “visceral combat.”
-I miss those old games where you had to remember to drink water, and it took five hours real time to fly somewhere.
-Do you have an account with us? If you open one, we have a special this month – you can download a game free!
-The worst thing about extranet games is when some batarian comes on and insists on speaking his own language, without auto-translation.
-I don’t get the complaints about the “Grim Terminus Alliance” games. So what if you can capture and beat slaves? It’s just a game.
-You know anyone who plays that extranet game, “Third Coil?” Me neither. You sure hear about it a lot in the news, though.
-I know it looks like I’m not working, but there’s only so many times you can sweep the place. If games were still available on OSD, I could alphabetize the racks or something.
-Do you play those human sports games? They sell well in the Alliance – and to krogan.

Arab/Middle Eastern!Harrison headcanons by an actual Middle Eastern
  • Says ‘bolice’ instead of ‘police’
  • Throws a fit when someone pronounces ‘hummus’ wrong
    • You know how non-arab people say ‘hum-as’? That’s his pet peeve
  • He would rather die than eat unseasoned salad
  • Has no idea what the arab-english keyboard thing is called but can only read every fifth word
  • “No I can’t read that” “I thought you could read Arabic” “Yes but I can only read Lebanese I can’t read this one” “What”
  • Accidentally gets REALLY aggressive when he switches languages
  • Really loud, especially on phones
    • Accidentally spits when he talks
    • Talks waaaayyy too fast
  • WhatsApp and Viber
  • Is it just me or does every arab play that pool game
    • If it’s not the pool game it’s solitaire
      • I just asked my Dad and yeah apparently like 98% of Arabs have either pool or solitaire on their phones
  • Can play Tables/Tama (that game similar to backgammon)
  • Constantly trying to grow cucumbers or tomatoes
  • Randomly starts singing arab songs at the top of his lungs and whoever knows the lyrics will join in
  • Always feels the cold
  • “How can you be arab you’re not fully clothed” 
    • Harrison: *looks into camera like he’s in the office*
  • His mum or grandma rubs oil on his stomach instead of giving him medication if it hurts
  • His dad has a deep fear of weird things, like shoes being upside down, cracked mirrors, the number 13, etc
    • His dad taught him to throw a bucket of water outside the door if someone close to you dies to scare bad spirits
      • His parents did that every day for a month after the Brother Incident™
  • S w e a t s
Scholar Questions/Prompts!

1. When is your scholar’s birthday?

2. What are some hobbies your scholar has?

3. Do they have any pets?

4. Does your scholar have any irrational fears?

5. What is their biggest fear?

6. How many siblings do they have, if any?

7. Do they have any other important family members/role models in their life?

8. Does your scholar excel in anything besides their chosen field? (dancing, academics, debating, failing, etc.)

9. Has your scholar ever lost something important to them? (a person, pet, item, etc.)

10. Does your scholar prefer to confess or be confessed to?

11. What is their first reaction to figuring out they have a crush?

12. Is there any other people your scholar is interested in besides their main crush?

13. What genre of music does your scholar like?

14. Does your scholar have a place that they like to go to often? (a shop, restaurant, park, etc.)

15. Are there any activities that your scholar doesn’t like? (swimming, drawing, etc.)

16. Name something your scholar is bad at.

17. If your scholar could have a different hairstyle, what would it be?

18. What is their favorite animal?

19. Does your scholar want any tattoos?  If they already have some, do they want more?  And of what?

20. How many stuffed animals did they have as a child?

21. Do they still have their stuffed animals?

22. Name a food/drink your scholar loves.

23. Name a food/drink your scholar hates.

24. What is your scholar’s dream date?

25. Who is their celebrity crush, if any?

26. What is their favorite song?

27. Do they have a song they hate?

28. Does your scholar sing in the shower?

29. Name any disability your scholar has. (some might not have any)

30. Is your scholar self-conscious about anything?  If so, what is that thing?

31. Does your scholar get along with their parent(s) or guardian(s)?

32. What is their sexuality?

33. What is their gender? (boy, girl, trans, etc.)

34. What is their favorite part of their crush’s body? (their hair, eyes, etc.)

35. What is their favorite part of their crush’s personality? (their kindness, generosity, sarcasm, etc.)

36. Is your scholar selfish at all?

37. Does your scholar have any silly secrets?

38. Does your scholar have any big secrets?

39. What is their favorite article of clothing?

40. What is their least favorite article of clothing?

41. Does your scholar have a middle name?  If so, do they like it?

42. Does your scholar have any grandparents?  If so, which side of the family are they on?

43. What was your scholar’s first word?

44. Does your scholar get sick easily?

45. Is your scholar ticklish?

46. Does your scholar have any triggers? (the sound of keys jingling, the sound of a garage door, the sight of blood, etc.)

47. How does your scholar wear the uniform?

48. Does your scholar like Coach Davis?

49. Does your scholar like Lady Arlington?

50. How would your scholar’s life be different had an important event in their past happened differently? (if their mom/dad/guardian was still alive, if they hadn’t lost that one item, had they listened that one time, etc.)

51. How did your scholar meet their crush?

52. Does your scholar like cold temperatures?

53. Can your scholar tolerate hot weather?

54. Where was your scholar born?

55. Does your scholar believe in aliens?

56. Does your scholar believe in ghosts?

57. What was that one embarrassing thing they did a long time ago?

58. If you have more than one scholar, how to they react to each other?  Do they get along?

59. How did they meet their best female friend?

60. How did they meet their best male friend?

61. What is, according to your scholar, the most sensitive part of their body? (neck, ears, feet, etc.)

62. What was their dream as a child? Has it changed since growing up?

63. Does your scholar still like to watch cartoons?

64. Where were your scholar’s parent(s) or guardian(s) born?

65. Is there anything about your scholar’s past that they don’t want anyone to know?

66. Has your scholar ever kissed anyone? 

67. What is your scholar’s favorite holiday?

68. What do they enjoy dressing up as on Halloween?  If they don’t dress up or go trick-or-treating, then what do they do instead?

69. It’s your crush’s birthday!  What does your scholar get/do for them?

70. How would your scholar react to seeing their crush crying?

71. How would your scholar react to seeing their enemy crying?

72. Can your scholar eat spicy food?

73. Does your scholar like to show off?

74. Is your scholar a wallflower or the center of attention?

75. Does your scholar cry easily?

76. Who is your Scholar’s enemy, if they have one?

77. Have they ever been bullied?

78. Have they ever bullied?

79. What is their favorite fairy tale, if they have one?

80. Is there an animal/creature they wished was real? (unicorn, pegasus, elf, mermaid/merman, etc.)

81. Do they enjoying school?

82. Do they have any bad habits? (nail biting, smoking, drinking, etc.)

83. Do they have any good habits? (always applying sunscreen, always washing their face, etc)

84. Is there a reason why your scholar acts the way they do? (always happy, always kind, always breaking rules, etc.)

85. What is their favorite card game? (slap jack, solitaire, uno, etc.)

86. What is their favorite board game? (monopoly, chess, clue, etc.)

87. Does your scholar have an accent? If so, is it heavy or light?

88. What do they like doing on the weekends?

89. What kind of clothes does your scholar prefer? (comfy, casual, elegant, etc.)

90. Is your scholar allergic to something?

91. What does your scholar like about their body the most? (their hair, eyes, legs, etc.)

92. What does your scholar like about their personality the most? (their quick wittedness, their sense of humor, etc.)

93. Can your scholar run fast?

94. Does your scholar like to exercise?

95. What does your scholar prefer, cats or dogs?

96. Does your scholar like anime?

97. Does your scholar like kpop?

98. Is there anything that inspires your scholar? (a person, certain music, art, etc)

99. Is your scholar flexible?

100. If there was something they could change, what would it be? (something in their past, something about the present, their person or another person, etc.)

101. Are they submissive or dominant in their relationship?

102. How tall is your scholar?

103. How would your scholar’s parent(s) or guardian(s) react to them having a crush?

104. How would your scholar’s parent(s) or guardian(s) react to them introducing their crush?

105. Does your scholar have any powers? (flying, invisibility, time control, etc.)

106. How does your scholar like to cuddle with their crush? (spooning, one on the other’s lap, laying next to each other, lap pillow, etc)

107. How would your scholar react to their crush finding out about one of their secrets? (silly or big) (bonus question: how does their crush react to it?)

108. Does your scholar have any old friends from their childhood that they are still in touch with?

109. What is their favorite color?

110. What is their biggest regret?

Group Project... (Parker x Reader)

(A/N) HII! So, I’ve been working on all the requests so far and I’m so excited for what I have in store for you guys, in the mean time, I hope you all can enjoy something I’ve been working on for a while. While there was no official request, it was something I had a lot of fun writing, enjoy!

“I have no clue what this is supposed to be.” I said, my eyes widening as I glanced at my friends laptop screen.

“Oh, come on… it’s obviously something to do with chemical compositions of water…” (Y/F/N) said. My face read disbelief.

“You’re delusional…. how are you in AP CHEM?” I asked sarcastically. She laughed a little before closing the picture, returning to the random game of solitaire she was playing instead of working on our group project.

“Nick, you got anything on aragonite saturation? We should include that in our presentation if we decide to go in depth about the acidification effects on water.” Nick looked at me as I spoke.

“Yeah, I got some reports about the reliability of the testing, but it’s outdated and scientists have switched to more modern method of study,” Nick replied, pulling up the various articles he found to show me.

“Interesting, can you find more information about the new tests?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m on it.”

“Peter…” I called across the lab table, he looked up startled. “How’s your progress on the physical properties of water?”

“Uh… go—good.” He stuttered avoiding my eye.

“Do you think you have enough to pull the presentation together?” I asked hopefully.

“Oh… yeah—definitely…” he trailed off, glancing up once to meet my eye before blushing intensely looking back to the laptop screen.

“Good good…,” I trailed off returning to my own research.

It was obvious Peter was uncomfortable with the group he was placed in for our chemistry project, he clearly wasn’t friends with any of us, and he preferred to do his work alone as opposed to in the group, like I had been pushing for all of us to do. Peter insisted he could handle completing the work that was meant for two people on his own, leaving the three of us, me, Nick and (Y/F/N) to tackle the chemical properties of water, and its affect on the ecosystem.

“Ok, presentations are Monday, that gives us one more class day to work on it. We still need to start on the slideshow and practicing if we want a good grade,” I said with three minutes left in class.

“We’ll work on the slides tomorrow. Don’t worry, we got this,” (Y/F/N) said, still playing the solitaire game from earlier.

“Yeah, well that doesn’t make up for the fact that we’ll probably need to work on this over the weekend. We still need to incorporate all the information we’ve found into one, smooth presentation.” I glanced over at Peter who hasn’t looked up from his computer and who hasn’t said a word, apart from when I forced him to update me on his progress.

“Peter, what do you think?” I asked, curious about someone else’s opinion.

He looked up, his eyes shifting from me to (Y/F/N). He opened his mouth to respond when the deafening bell sounded instead. Nick and (Y/F/N) sprinted out of the room, having packed up a few minutes earlier, leaving Peter and yourself to pack up together.

“If you need any help at all with your part, I’m always open,” I offered Peter. He glanced up at me, mumbling a quiet thanks before looking back at his backpack.

“Honestly, I’m not just trying to be nice. Anyways, the whole project is about tying the chemical and physical properties together, so it might help if we collaborate or something…” I said, following Peter out of the empty lab room and down the hall to his locker.

“Ok, thanks… for the offer,” he said, opening his locker quickly and grabbing his sweatshirt before slamming it shut. “I’ll see you tomorrow, (Y/N).”

“See you…,” I trailed off, my voice quieting in the busy halls of the emptying school as I was left alone in a sea of people.

“So what’s our status on this project?” I asked no one in particular, closing my eyes and rubbing my forehead in attempt to alleviate the headache I have.

“We have the background and intro slide done,” Nick said, making a face as if we spent the entire class period working as efficiently as possible.

“Ugh….” I groaned, my head falling into the table as a sign of defeat. “So we definitely have to do this over the weekend…”

“Yeah… sorry (Y/N), not gonna happen. I have soccer practice all day tomorrow, and then playoffs Sunday. I’m booked solid,” (Y/F/N) said, her eyes growing tired at the mere thought of all the energy she’ll soon exhaust.

“Nick?” I asked hopefully.

“Sorry… the football tournament, we have like— three games.”

“Peter, please tell me you’ve got my back,” I begged my head on the table and giving my best pout to him.

“Yeah, yeah, I—I have no plans,” he said, his gaze quickly diverting back to the slideshow we had been working on.

“Great, meet me at the library tomorrow, noon?” I asked, hoping he’d look at me for confirmation.

“Noon sounds fine.” The bell rang, and the room cleared. Like usual, I was left the last in the room with only the teacher. I waved goodbye to him as I left.

I began my walk home, but the brisk wind cut against my cheeks, burning them raw from the cold of late October. Walking home in terrible weather was a usual for me, unless I took the subway which I hated with a passion.

I was one or two blocks from the apartment when, through my loud music I heard screams from up ahead. I stopped suddenly. They were abnormal, loud. It was a shrieking that seemed to rattle my bones. I was almost scared to continue walking—did I really want to know what was up ahead?

I took out a single earbud, listening again but only hearing the wind against my ears. Then, it happened again. A loud shriek, I swear someone must have been getting murdered. This time, it was followed by a noise that sounded like the air getting cut.

It seemed to be coming from behind me, and I turned just in time to see a red blob swinging down the middle of the street in record time. He must’ve gotten two or three blocks down before he swung to a right side street. Spiderman. I should’ve known. But, he was a legend; literally. Stories told in the streets. Rarely seen, but greatly appreciated. I was amazed I had even seen him at all.

I smiled an awestruck smile, and continued to walk to my apartment, taking extra caution, but keeping my eyes open for the man in a red suit.

“You should’ve seen him! It’s amazing! He’s amazing! I cant believe I saw him with my own eyes!” I exclaimed, recounting yesterday’s events to Peter. He sat across from me at the table in the library, and he seemed half-interested in what i was saying, half-focused on our science project.

“Imagine being that athletic, that—that fit. Having, powers—or whatever. He must feel like he could do anything,” I trailed off, my mind wandering to the hero I’d seen yesterday. “Don’t you think?”

“Sorry, who are we talking about again?” Peter asked jokingly, looking up from his computer with a small smile.

“Spiderman! Who else?” I played along, smiling back. My eyes trailed to my left, my thoughts traveling away as I began focusing on a bookshelf across from us. “But, I guess it isn’t always sunshine and flowers,” I said, I looked back at him, leaning slightly farther towards him.

“Huh?“Peter asked, maintaining eye contact with me.

“I mean, with any power, control, abilities—whatever,” I struggled to find the right wording. “There’s always gonna be responsibility…”

“I guess you’re right,” Peter said. He looked around the open room.

“Sure, he might be fighting crime and being a hero, but whenever something goes wrong—whenever a criminal gets away—who’s going to be the first person to get blamed?” Peter was glaring at me intensely now, giving me his full attention.

“And then there’s the guilt, the guilt of not being able to save everyone. I mean, he’s just a guy right? He’s gotta have a life. What happens when one day, he’s not there to save the city?” Peter looked away, his eyes lost with his own thought. “Sorry, we should probably get back to work.”

“You make a good point,” Peter said after sitting in silence for minutes. “There has to be negatives to protecting the city. But he’s obviously willing to accept them, the consequences of the ‘job’, for the better good. He’s willing to accept that responsibility, so long as someone gets saved along the way.”

“I suppose,” I started, “he’s truly one of the good ones then. Willing to risk his life, his sanity, for a bunch of strangers in New York City.”

“What a guy,” Peter said, cracking a smile at me when I looked up at him.

“What a guy,” I repeated, laughing slightly. I looked back down at the computer screen and continued on the group work that had to be done Monday morning. It was a lot of work, but I had no doubt in my mind Peter and I could get it done.

After a long four hours, Peter and I had managed to completely finish the twenty slide PowerPoint, and write Flashcards for each one of us to read from when it was our time to present our findings. It was starting to get dark out, but I wasn’t going to admit I was nervous to walk alone. Fortunately, Peter offered to walk me back to the apartments. I’m pretty sure he lived nearby anyway.

“Thanks, for offering.”

“No problem,” Peter said.

I think that in a matter of a few hours, Peter and I had actually become friends. He wasn’t awkwardly stuttering around me, and he actually made eye contact and conversation. I hope this ‘friendship’ goes beyond this weekend, because honestly he’s pretty kind.

“You’re pretty cool, you know?” Peter said after walking in silence for a bit. “You’re not like the other girls you hang out with.”

“I’ll take that as a complement?” I questioned.

“Oh! Yeah! I didn’t mean anything by that just—,” he put his hands out in defense. “You’re nice, not hanging off every boy just to get laid.” He took a breath, a bit of hesitation. “You made an effort.”

I chuckled. “Thanks, I guess.”

We walked in silence for a couple of more minutes as we approached the block that I lived on. I dreaded having to end the walk, because Peter’s company made me feel happy.

“Well, this is me,” I said, stopping short at the apartment entrance. Peter looked at the building and turned to me.

“We should do group projects together more often, it was fun.”

“We should,” I said, “we work really well together.” I smiled slightly.

Peter smiled back, looking at his shoes quickly, blush taking over his face. “We should definitely do more group projects together.”

“Definitely,” I agreed.

“Even if like, it’s just the two of us, we could still, y'know, work together,” Peter was back to his stuttering self. Now, I was the one blushing.

“I’d like that,” I said, “if you’re up for it, of course.”

“I mean, definitely, I am,” Peter said, looking up again, his arm slightly reaching towards me as he spoke. He realized he was reaching for me and blushed intensely, immediately moving it to his head, rubbing it as he turned.

“I guess I should be getting inside then?” I posed it as a question, wondering if we were done talking around this subject.

“Of course, its freezing!” Peter said. “Sorry, I babble.”

I turned to go inside, my hand pushing the door open. I turned around, leaning into the slightly open door and debated saying the words on the tip of my tongue. I got enough courage to say it. “I’d love to go out with you.”

“Oh good, you see, I was going to ask…” Peter continued to talk mindlessly, seeming to speak a mile per second, I smiled again, rolling my eyes as I pushed the door open some more.

“See you Monday, Parker,” I said, turning around and walking through the door.

“Yeah, Monday,” he waved, smiling widely as I walked away.

anonymous asked:

omg you need to do more of the princess thing!

okay so i tend to write first drafts to fics and then decide to change everything and rewrite it but completely different

so here’s the first draft to the princess fic…it’s a similar concept but both harry and Y/N are a bit different character-wise and the plot is, while similar, different

part 1 and part 2 of the actual fic

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I have no idea what possessed me to write this, I apologize.

“Stop giggling,” Liam huffed out, trying to stifle his own laugh.

“Stop being ridiculous,” Zayn countered, still laughing, his tongue pressed behind his teeth, cheeks rising, laugh lines across his face.

“Come on Zed, let me take your photo,” he tried to convince his boyfriend for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last few minutes.

“You have enough pictures of me,” Zayn said, swatting Liam’s hands away as he started to make a grabbing gesture. “There’s enough pictures of me on the internet and this house.”

“Your Versace pictures deserve better,” Liam replied, dropping his hands and getting serious. “We’re supposed to believe someone who loved you took those photos. Please, my nan could’ve done better. Let me do it. You still have the clothes and I have wicked skills on my iPhone. Add a seductive filter or something.”

Zayn sighed and leaned his head against the back of the couch he was currently sitting on. The Versace photos were a tad abysmal, he looked great which was always a plus. But, the photos didn’t show off him or the clothes properly. His people and Versace didn’t seem to care, as long as they got a cut of the profits. It had bothered him for some time now, this was supposed to be a huge fashion campaign and it was being treated like a child showcasing their hobby. Newsflash, the child needed to find a new hobby. For the last ten minutes Liam was now trying to convince him to have their own fashion shoot, mostly to just cheer Zayn up.

“Please,” Liam begged, pushing out his bottom lip in an adorable pout that always got to Zayn.

Zayn lazily traced Liam’s bottom lip with his thumb, humming when Liam grazed the digit with his teeth. “Fi-fine.”

Liam immediately beamed with excitement, jumping off the couch. “I love you. You won’t regret this.”

Ten minutes later Zayn was standing in one of their numerous closets, pulling out the specific clothes he wore for the Versus campaign. Liam was doing something outside in the garden, only telling Zayn to hurry up before they lost the daylight. Zayn undressed in the middle of the room, pulling on a pair of black jeans and a leather coat. Liam wanted to be as authentic as possible, copying each look Zayn wore in the campaign photos. After he was properly dressed he checked out his hair quickly in the mirror, letting it out of the tie he had holding it together on the top of his head. He shook his head to let the hair fall where it pleased and walked towards their garden. Once outside he just observed Liam who was running back and forth setting things up, Watson running right behind him thinking it was a game. A boisterous laugh leaving Zayn’s mouth alerted Liam to his presence.

“Beautiful,” Liam declared after getting a good look at Zayn. “Let me get this terror back inside and we’ll begin. Stand by the tree and I’ll be right with you babe.”

Liam dragged Watson back into the home by his collar as he whined the entire time, disappointed that play time was already over. He made sure the door was closed securely to make sure none of their other dogs decided to crash the party. He walked to where Zayn stood by the tree and adjusted the jacket he was wearing, not saying a word. He kneeled down to adjust the jeans and smiled up at Zayn, wiggling his eyebrows as seductively as possible. Zayn just shook his head and laughed, he was dating a toddler stuck in a grown mans body, but he loved him anyway. Liam stood back up and slowly walked backwards, taking his iPhone out of his back pocket. He pressed a few button on his phone, just nodding his head the entire time.

“Okay, just act natural,” Liam instructed.

“Cause this is natural,” Zayn scoffed. “An impromptu photo shoot in me garden.”

“Quiet on set!” Liam barked out his direction. “We’re gonna lose the sun if you don’t pipe down.”

With another shake of his head Zayn got silent and just let Liam shoot away, only moving when instructed. He knew never to interrupt when Liam got into his creative zone. He trusted him, trusted that he wasn’t going to make him look foolish. Zayn knew that the photos were going to showcase him in a way he’d want. After twenty minutes in front of the tree he was told to put on a shirt and go into the bedroom for their next location. Once he was changed again he walked into their room as Liam was fixing the blinds, making the room as dark as possible. He had no idea what Liam’s plans were but he just went with it. Liam instructed him to lay on the bed, leaning up on just one elbow. Like before, Zayn just went with whatever Liam told him to do because he trusted him and his odd vision. After a few shots were takien as he leaned on his elbow he was told to move up towards the headboard to capture a more relaxed feeling. Whatever.

“Are these even coming out okay?” Zayn finally asked once they wrapped their second set of shots.

“Babe, you’re doing amazing,” Liam told him honestly, cradling his cheek in his palm. “They should’ve used me for the shoot. Now go put on the white outfit and meet me in the bathroom.”

Zayn sighed and shook his head once more. “You’re relentless.”

“Love you too,” he replied. “Now hurry.”

The last shoot lasted another fifteen minutes with Liam having Zayn sit in the tub as he took the photos. It was all a tad bizarre but hopefully Liam knew what he was doing and what his vision for this whole nonsense shoot was. After the shoot was completed Liam wouldn’t let Zayn see the photos until he was changed and back in their bedroom. Liam grabbed his laptop and his USB port and sat on the bed, working his magic and waiting for Zayn to change. Once Zayn got back in the room Liam was still silent, clicking away on his computer.

“Done?” Zayn asked, crawling into the bed.

“Shh,” Liam silenced him, never looking up from the screen in front of him. “Almost.”

“So secretive,” Zayn joked, trying to look over Liam’s shoulder at the laptop, but he just kept moving it away from prying eyes.

“Patience love.”

Zayn sighed indignantly as he waited, even though he really had no idea what he was really waiting for, but Liam told him to wait. He grabbed his phone off the nightstand and played a game or two of solitaire, losing each time, to take his mind off the wait. Liam kept tapping away at his keyboard, clicking the mouse a few times to probably seem busier than he actually was. It was slowly driving Zayn crazy. He wanted to know what Liam was doing, especially with some of the more seductive photos he took on the bed and in the tub. Those pictures were not allowed to leave this home and no one else but the two of them were allowed to see them. He could just imagine the joke Louis would make at his expense if he saw them. Like Louis hadn’t done something similar with Harry after he cut his hair recently.

“Done,” Liam declared proudly, shifting his laptop over from his lap to the empty spot between them.

“Li-Liam,” Zayn gasped in awe. He looked between the laptop and Liam a few times, making sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. The photos looks incredible, especially after Liam used his impressive photoshop skills. They looked way more professional that his supposed professional ones. He didn’t look foolish, he looked like a proper high fashion model. “Wow.”

“You like them?” Liam asked timidly, his top teeth chewing at his bottom lip. “I-I tried to make them look as professional as an iPhone can make them.”

“These are amazing,” he spoke in a hushed voice, his fingers ghosting over the screen. Touching to make sure it was really real, that he wasn’t imaging what was right in front of him. “They look, they look beautiful.”

“The photographer loves you,” Liam argued, smiling his wide smile. “Thinking about sending them anonymously to Versace, show them how good you truly are in front of the camera.”

“Don’t you dare,” he snorted, playfully hitting Liam’s arm.

“Fine,” Liam gave him. “Maybe I’ll make these our Christmas cards, send them out to our friends and family. Our mum’s would get a kick outta them.”

“Sure Liam,” he pacified him, knowing never to rile Liam up when he went on one of his many tangents, not matter where the tangent took him. “And the more provocative shots? Where are those going?”

“I’m blowing them up and putting them around the house,” he teased, laughing as Zayn’s eyes grew wider in shock and horror.


“I’m not kidding,” he replied, clicking the mouse to show Zayn the photos. “Babe, can you imagine them around the house? Over the bed? Maybe the tub?”

“I’m not going to win this fight,” he gave in with a sharp exhale. “You’re lucky I love you Liam James Payne.”

“I know,” he laughed gladly accepting a kiss from the love of his life and his lifelong muse in all things creative.

Too Much Too Late

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Summary: You were through with being ignored, with giving and giving and never receiving anything in return. One year later, you’ve cut all ties with Jennie, who only ever served to drag you down. But you’ll never be able to stop thinking about her.

Inspired by this song.

Word Count: 3,572

There were several reasons why you left.

You justified it in your head over and over, though it never felt right, what you had done. It had been a game of solitaire, your relationship–Jennie being the unsortable cards, and you being the one who attempted relentlessly to bring order to things. There had been nothing for you there. You’d give and give, and receive absolutely nothing in return.

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