in which Wymack runs The Palmetto Rescue, and has a few regulars.

( while watching Oliver & Co. clips, well, uhh, yep, one stuck out. ) 

( with the exception of allison and kevin, they’re all cross-breeds or mutts. with no exceptions, they’re the noisiest blight ever to grace a neighborhood. what a pack of cuties. )


It’s Blunt Weather in the Bean


UGK -  The Game Belongs To Me

I really love Pokemon fusions! I drew a ton way back when the site was created, but i really wanted to do this one since i saw Lunala! Its like that Pokemon was made for me, galaxies/space. bones and bats and the colours, omg!! And Charizard is an all time fave and i thought the two would make an amazing combo! Im also just experimenting with painting at the moment, so bear with me!

Expect to see more Poke Fusions when i get time, even send me suggestions!

Art/Fusion Design © To me, JunkYardRabbit
Pokemon belong to Game Freak, Nintendo, Niantic ect…

So! When or if I ever get a Pripara game, this would be my second oc I’d make!

Introducing Halulu my vocaldoll oc! Basically I was feeling lazy, but still wanted to draw, then it hit me: What if I made a vocaldoll oc? It was done. I took a reference of season 1 Falulu, traced it and colored it in with a specific color scheme ( I usually wouldn’t trace but I was lazy and vocaldoll ocs are usually limited to Falulu looking standards XD)

Anyways! This is Halulu! Look familiar? She’s the unachieved dreams of Hibiki, and her wish to be a vocaldoll in season 2. She wears the Chao Marionette Mu Cyalume Coord (sorry if this is the incorrect name X3)

She is partners with my other arcade/game oc, Hiroko!

Art/Character © me!

Original pose belongs to Takara Tomy Arts Respectively

Believe it or not I’m the owner of two San-Ei Sonic plushies.

The one lying seductively on top of a few of my games has always belonged to me.

The one sitting next to a few of my games however belonged to my late maternal great grandmother. She lived with and raised my cousin who was also a Sonic fan and would watch him (And me on occasion) play Sonic games in her lounge.

So when I received one of these plushies from a dear friend of mine in….2007 I think… as a present, she wanted one because she recognised him from the games and because she’s a collector of stuffed toys and porcelain dolls XD So she had my cousin get one for her.

Before she died of terminal colon cancer in January 2013, she gave me him to look after (My cousin has been incarcerated for reasons I’m not willing to go into) even though I already owned one.

I can tell which is which because my one lacks his tag. He was my first ever Sonic plush and sparked-off my plush collection but he’s gone to mutiple Summer of Sonic conventions and has been moved-around often hence his tag getting detached with all the freneticness of travel and such.

So yeah, his holy blueness sitting on the end there is a treasured thing.

I’ve never actually shared this with anyone else before.

Rise up sons and daughters of Moltres! Fulfill your destiny! We will all be conquerors!

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Picture edited by me, using Pixlr; images belong to Game Freak, Pokemon, and Square Enix (FFVII Supernova).