Gage: So how does it feel to be an old man now, dad?

Xavier: I feel suave and mature. Your mom still wants me so that’s all that matters. She also told me that now I’m older that we could finally go in the closet and she’d…

Shoawen: Too much info dad! 

Xavier: Well how did you think all you got here. Actually, I remember vividly how each one of you all were conceived. Brayan and Shaowen, we were….

Brayan: Dad, please! 


Buffy 10 #27: Own It, part two

Publication date: May 18, 2016

While Dawn and Xander are trapped in another dimension, Buffy, Willow, and Giles are deal with betrayal from the Magic Council, the faerie folk, and the military – no surprise there – all while trying to keep peace among themselves.

Writer: Christos Gage; illustrator: Rebekah Isaacs; colorist: Dan Jackson; cover: Steve Morris; variant cover: Rebekah Isaacs, Dan Jackson.

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Getting drunk with the maknae line and ending up hooking up with all of them on the same night sos save me

I WANT TO GET DRUNK WITH ANY OF BTS SO BADLY. But like imagine Jungkook being all shy but the moment he gets some alcohol in him, he is all over you, grinding against you, touching you everywhere he can reach. But then Jimin saunters over with that look in his eyes, you know the one, as he runs his fingers through his hair and smirks, grabbing your jaw with his fingertips and kissing you roughly. Meanwhile Taehyung observes from the side, biting his lips as he gages the best time to intervene, finding the perfect opportunity when you pull away from Jimin. You lean your head back on Jungkook’s shoulder, exposing your neck, and now Taehyung swoops in to grab your ass while licking his way up your skin, a smirk on his face the entire time.

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I was tagged by @kairis-matic to post a selfie & five facts then tag five people. 💜

1. I have a dog named Gage. He’s a pitt/hound mix.

2. I’m always drawing the Amis, but Enjoltaire is my favorite.

3. I reorganize my room at least once a semester, but I really like the layout now.

4. I hate work retail.

5. I got all the songs down in Hamilton except “Guns and Ships.”

& now I tag: @carissacovrea, @skeletonchanel, @pancourfeyrac (bc babe) , @babeofthebarricade (bc also babe), and @polyjolllly (bc damn) ~ also whoever wants to do this because you’re all cute.

Gaia was just done putting on her shirt, even though it was ripped from her last fight with some Masters, she didn’t want it replaced. She had recently reminded herself who she really was and what she had to do. Therefore, taking anything new from Covaire was not an option, given the fact she couldn’t stand anyone and anything. As she turned around, she saw the person in front of her cage staring at her. She had no idea how long they have been watching, but quite frankly didn’t care. A small, maybe even a smirk graced her features. “Yes?”

The Hateful Eight Movie (2015)

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The Hateful Eight

  • Director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Lead Roles: Samuel L. Jackson as Major Warren, Kurt Russell as John Ruth, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Daisy Domergue, Walton Goggins as Chris Mannix, Demián Bichir as Bob, Tim Roth as Oswaldo Mobray, Michael Madsen as Joe Gage, Bruce Dern as General Smithers
  • Initial Theatrical Release: December 25th, 2015 (Limited) by Weinstein Co.
  • Keywords: Bounty Hunter, Extreme Weather, Sex Crimes, One Location, Marooned, Cabin in the Woods, Ensemble, Directing Yourself, Voiceover/Narration, Non-Chronological, Wyoming
  • Classification: Original Screenplay, Western, Live Action, Historical Fiction

“They don’t bite you know, I mean unless you piss them off. But even then it’s like, whatever,” Gage spoke softly with a light chuckle, holding out one of his hands to the other person. The small snake was winding it’s way through his fingers. “Here, hold him.”