Olenna poisoning Joffrey led to:

1. Tyrion getting wrongly accused.

2. This led Tyrion to kill his father, Tywin aka the guy who basically brought his House back from the ashes and alongside Tyrion, kept House Lannister afloat.

3. Tommen becoming king, and he was easier to manipulate. This led to his death too.

4. House Lannister losing Tyrion to Team Dany.

5. With the two politically smartest dudes out, House Lannister becomes dumber.

6. Which leads to them disregarding the importance of Casterly Rock. Casterly Rock was the symbol of their strength and power. Them saying it’s ‘useless’ shows that they don’t look ahead like Tyrion and Tywin. They don’t see the bigger picture.

Soooo, Olenna telling Jaime she killed Joffrey was basically her telling him: “You brought down my house now, but I’ve been bringing down your house right under your fucking noses.”

R.I.P Tupac Shakur

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I know most of yall prolly won’t care about this since I’m an XO fan account but I just wanted to say R.I.P to my legend Tupac Shakur.

Nobody will ever understand how much he means to me, even though I was never alive when he was he’s still impacted my life in so many ways.

I’ve made so many fond memories to his music and everyday he keeps me going through the good and the bad. He keeps me smiling. The way he was so unapologetic and didn’t give a fuck is something I look up to.

The words he raps are still true to this day and if people could just look past the image the media gave him they’d understand. He had his bad moments but so does everyone and that’s what makes him so real and relatable.

Anyway, this one’s to the best rapper to exist, the realest man to ever do it, my biggest inspiration.

Tupac Shakur, I love you and rest in peace.

I’m not gonna lie, it freaking hurt to see Usain claim the bronze behind Gatlin especially but he is and will always be a LEGEND.

Usain has done SO MUCH for our little island. Had us hearing our anthem on the world stage so many times, had us proud, had us coming together in the streets in joy and excitement. We will always remember what he’s accomplished and what he’s given us. The Legend. The G.O.A.T. We’ll miss you.