I hope each and every one of you will be watching the game tonight. And watching it with a smile on your face because what we are seeing, be it the last game of the season, or the first of something even more amazing, is a wonderful thing! This season, these crop of players, I firmly believe, are once in a lifetime. We got to watch that, watch them, firsthand. We got to watch the beginnings of something great. Countless broken records, amazing, exciting plays and players, beautiful stories of players playing for a team they grew up cheering for, some of the players, kids in their own right, becoming inspirations for future hockey superstars. They beat the odds, they defied expectations, and they proved to everyone that they deserve to be counted among the best. So no matter what happens today, be proud of this team, be proud of what you have been a part of, and be excited for what you will be a part of in the future, because these boys are nowhere near done!