McDonald’s Birthday Club 1975 by Waffle Whiffer on Flickr.

It’s the Pie Shops’ 6th birthday!

In 1975 you could sign up for the Ronald McDonald Birthday Club using this registration card. There’s no telling what sort of fabulous honors and benefits would be bestowed upon members!

This is the front side of the card, featuring Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese, Grimace, Captain Crook, Officer Big Mac, Hamburglar, The Professor and two French Fry Gobblins.

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Vanessa Bell, The Memoir Club, c.1943, oil on canvas, 60.8 x 81.6 cm, National Portrait Gallery, London. Source

Three portraits can be seen in the background of this particular meeting of Bloomsbury Group members and associates. They represent Virginia Woolf, Lytton Strachey and Roger Fry, figures who had once been prominent members of the group before their deaths.