What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: If Quasimodo is the child of Romani parents in the Disney version of Hunchback of Notre Dame, then why does he have red hair and light skin? All the other Romani in the film have dark skin and dark hair, so are we just supposed to believe that Quasimodo got the jackpot of recessive genes when he was born? Or does his skin tone and hair color imply that he was abandoned by other parents at birth, and that the Romani woman in the beginning took compassion and opted to raise him as her own? What if the reason the 4 Romani were sneaking into Paris at the beginning of the film was that they were trying to find the abandoned baby’s original parents? Or maybe they were sneaking in because they didn’t want authorities to think they had stolen the baby from a Caucasian couple in the city. That could explain why the mother ran rather than just show Frollo the baby in her arms. Oh god, this further emphasizes that in his life the only people to show Quasimodo compassion were the Romani. And Phoebus, although Phoebus marries into the Romani so yeah.

My thoughts/Elaboration on The Frollo Show

Link to The Frollo Show Playlist:

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History: The Frollo Show is a web series produced by a Mexican YouTuber called Chincherrinas. It first appeared as a YouTube Poop known Frollo Faps To A Fireman Calendar. This was at first intended to be a one time thing, however, the video managed to receive positive reception from viewers, leading to him eventually dedicating 26 videos to the series. (17 Episodes for the first season, 5 parts for Episode 8 Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, 6 parts planned for Episode 17 Frollo Finally Does It, 2 parts for episode 16 Frollo Gets Flashed By A Gothic Lolita, and even a sister series/spinoff/prequel called Leet Fighters)

Evolution: Over time, the show started to drift away from its YTP format and tropes and drift towards a more coherent, darker, & (somewhat) less lighthearted tone. When it first began, it was just your average YTP. It had a bunch of random jokes & bizarre lip syncing. But then it started developing more character interactions, plot slowly developing, & more friends & allies.

Thoughts On Episodes 1-5 YTP Era: To better explain my thoughts on this YouTube series, I have to evaluate into multiple sections (Note that from this on, this will contain spoilers. Please avoid if you want to see it for yourself first) Overall, the first 5 episodes are actually pretty entertaining. They often have brilliant timing, thought, and editing put into them, even if they don’t always turn out funny. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene with Achmed Frollo and the part with Panty, Stocking, and Wilford Brimley had me chuckling all the way through. Their is also a lot of other great clips that as much as I enjoy, but I feel that talking about them to be kind of redundant. (That, and I don’t want to do everything I can to fall under Fair Use) However, their are also a few parts that I don’t really enjoy on the level of humor, but I can still appreciate the thought and effort put into the video nontheless.

Rating For YTP Era: Overall, I had a blast binge watching the first 5 episodes of The Frollo Show and I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is into YouTube Poops. I’d feel it’d be best for me to give to this an 8/10.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in part 2. IN THE NEXT YEAR. AHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAH


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