The Five

1- I’ve had the iPhone 6+ for a week and I love it!

2- Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my first date with L. A lot happened in that year and no one died.

3- I’m at a happy place in my life but I wonder if I’ll be able to love someone again.

4- Im back in a good workout routine, workouts have been really good and I really like the results I see.

5- VEGAS!!!! Flight arrives at 3:35. I hope to fill the dash with some craziness!!

Friday Five Fever

1- Mel will be here tonight, no plans just us being together.

2- A lot of money leaving the checking account in November, had been a little stressed about it but yesterday came up with a plan I feel good about.

3- next week is a big week.

4- IPad Mini is out today.

5- Next Wednesday I’m going to the All Time Low, The Summer Set and Hit The Lights concert at the House of Blues. It’s going to be a great concert, wishing I had someone to go with me.

Halloween Week!

Have a great Halloween everyone! Check out our Halloween songs!

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Faking Five

I pretend all the time, everyday , I pretend I know what the fuck I’m doing at work, I really am just making it up as I go along. My boss totally can tell but maybe he figures were all faking it.

Took pretending to a whole new level when @watadad told people that I’m an amateur photographer. I have not even had my camera a month! Nevertheless, I went out and took the pictures! Just making it up as I go along!

Today I had to set up the projector for an office meeting. I have no idea how it works. I just put a serious face on and plugged stuff together and pushed lots of buttons until it worked. Faking it like a boss!!

I pretend to be a writer everyday when I post haikus here. If it’s something I do everyday, maybe one day it won’t feel fake anymore.

Faking Five, only had four but if I type a fifth line, it still counts!

September Topics

9/4 - 5 Songs from Films You Love

9/11 - 5 Songs that Make You Cry

9/18 - 5 Favorite Songs from One Decade Before 2010 (you could do 5 favorite songs from 2000s, 5 favorite 90s songs, 5 favorite 80s songs, etc.)


With the wildcard, here’s your chance to do a category that may be specific to you or from a specific genre - i.e. favorite country songs, favorite hip-hop songs, favorite musical theatre songs - or you can get totally creative and crazy and come up with a random topic - 5 songs about faces or 5 songs about spiders or basically anything!

Friday Five: 5 Songs That Inspire You

Happy New Year!! I’ve missed you guise and I hope you’ve missed me. With a whopping 10 posts for the past 2 months I have been a little distant. But that’s okay. I’m here now. Always thanks to @thefridayfivemusic for these awesome topics. 

Prepared x Jill Scott-Jilly from Philly always knows how to ground me and get me right. Prepare for my day, week, month, bae visit….get me together, Jill.

Alright x Kendrick Lamar-On the days where I feel like things are bleak I turn this song on. It’s a battle cry almost every day that I have to get up and work for the man. 

Q.U.E.E.N. x Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu-This song makes me feel like a true queen. Embracing all of my quirks and good qualities, staying true to myself, and cutting up on and off the dance floor.

Almost There x Anika Noni Rose (Princess and the Frog)-Princess Tiana reminds me that no good thing comes without hard work and dedication. Making sure I’m staying on my grind consistently all my dreams will come full circle. I’m almost there.

Angels x Chance the Rapper- A true ode to his city and style of rap, Chance is another artist who isn’t afraid to be himself and allow me to feel the same way. Knowing that there are some forces around me that protect me is such a secure feeling.

(Songs have been added to the #BINACT Spotify playlist. You should follow it.)

October Topics

A word about topics. These are very loose guidelines. The Friday Five is all about us having fun and talking about songs we love. So feel free to get creative and stretch any of these topics any way you want! You’ll notice a lot of them give you a lot of different options.

10/2 - 5 Favorite Songs with a Place in the Title (i.e. “Hotel California,” “Midnight Train to Georgia,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Uptown Funk”) (or even less literal like “Down Under” or super specific like “Cemetery Gates”)

10/9 - 5 Songs that Remind You of Autumn

10/16 - 5 Favorite Songs from Musicals

10/23 - 5 Favorite Songs from One Artist (pick an artist - Taylor Swift, The Beatles, TLC, whoever - and list your favorite songs from that artist - I will do this one again so don’t stress too much about the artist!)

10/30 - Halloween Week! (You can do 5 songs that scare you/creep you out, 5 songs to play at a Halloween party, 5 songs that remind you of candy - you could even dress up in a Halloween costume and do 5 songs that remind you of that character/costume - get creative!)

Remaining September Topics

9/18 - 5 Favorite Songs from One Decade Before 2010 (you could do 5 favorite songs from 2000s, 5 favorite 90s songs, 5 favorite 80s songs, etc.)

9/25 - WILDCARD WEEK! (Here’s your chance to do a category that may be specific to you or from a specific genre - i.e. favorite country songs, favorite hip-hop songs, favorite musical theatre songs - or you can get totally creative and crazy and come up with a random topic - 5 songs about faces or 5 songs about spiders or basically anything!)


1) I’ve basically stopped weighing myself. I used to do so daily. Um … several times a day. Like, an embarrassing amount of times a day.

2) I put on a t-shirt that has been sausage tight for ages today, and it felt okay. No sausage. I almost considered weighing myself, but didn’t.

3) Mostly, I have no desire to wreck how happy and proud I am that I’ve stuck with my resolution for what must be a record-breaking (for me, anyway) month+.

4) I asked my husband if I was okay last night. He said I should drink more often when people are around. Yeah, I drank on top of that Valium. Do not try at home, or whatever.

5) The Renaissance Festival starts this weekend, and I think for the first time in years, I’m going to miss opening weekend. LM has a class in the middle of the day tomorrow, and Sunday is the damn Super Bowl. 😒 My inner Ren Fair geek is super pissed at Josh’s inner jock guy. Super pissed.

Five for Friday
  • I stayed up a little later than I maybe should have last night, but it’s Friday, and I don’t have too much on my plate today.
  • The kiddo woke up this morning and asked for a bowl full of chocolate this morning for breakfast. At first we thought he was asking for maybe a bowl of chocolate granola, but nope. We compromised on a bowl of blueberries.
  • After being out of commission for most of the week the hot water machine in the break room at work is back on. Yay for lots of tea! Also there were donuts free for the taking. So I took one.
  • On Monday I get to build a fire at work and have somebody film it. Seems like an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.
  • I can’t believe it’s almost February, but just about 3 months to go until baby #2 arrives, that’s pretty exciting!
Friday Five: 5 Songs That Could Be Your Theme Song

Hay @thefridayfivemusic! Still loving the prompts!! These are songs that could be my theme song on Friday, January 22, 2016. Completely subject to change next year this time, hell maybe even next week.

Feeling Myself x Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce-This is honestly self explanatory. This song is perfect for when I feel hella fancy or even when I’m a bum. I might not have a black matted Maybach, an On The Run tour, or a Bulls leotard but I be feelin’ myself regularly.

You See Me x Childish Gambino-This song is the epitome of my swag. This would be the song I would have played every time I walked in a room. The beat is simple and brash, Gambino’s lyrics are clever nerd chic, and I know all the words to the last verse. EVERY SINGLE WORD.

When Can We x Kyle-Kyle is shaping up to be a hardcore favorite of mine (if you couldn’t tell by my King Wavy Tour write up). The song feels like high school, a time much more carefree and blissful. It’s a cutesy song that instantly puts me in a good mood. I’d like to think my aura sounds like this song (shoutout to Sax for telling me about my aura this week).

Shameless x The Weeknd-If you know me you should definitely know I’m a huge Baebel fan. This is the theme song for my heart. When I first heard this song it weighed me down because I could identify with its content so well. I can relate because I’ve been the lover and the lovee in this situation. 

Cheers to the Fall x Andra Day-Bringing it full circle is Madame Andra Day. I wrote about this song a week and a half ago (click here) and the love for it still stands. I feel like this song can lift me up from the darkest of funks. It’s perfect for remembering how strong you can be and knowing that mistakes are commonplace while on this journey of life.

Friday Five: 5 Songs That Make You Cry

HUGE shoutout to thefridayfivemusic for these lists. I said I was gonna catch up on them. Admittedly, I don’t see a lot of movies so I opted out of the movie one and I missed last week’s because of ONE so today I’m doing 5 Songs That Make You Cry.

We Belong Together x Mariah Carey

Turning Tables x Adele

Cause I Love You x Lenny Williams

1000 Years x Christina Perri

Say You Love Me x Jessie Ware

Now I don’t know if I’m a big softy but all the songs are about love. If some of these songs hit your soul, let me know!! Tweet me, write in the ask box, hit me up!

Friendly Fiver

They tried to take my excess vacation days away so I started a war. Is it selfish to try to take 18 days of vacation? Maybe, but can’t let the man win!

So, I am playing around with using my photography and haiku writing together. I’m doing this for multiple reasons but it doesn’t seem to be well received here. That’s okay, not doing it for the fame.

Doing taxes tonight. This gets more difficult every year. I may need a professional.

Twisted my ankle while doing my taxes, go figure.

Give me a high five! I have zero unfinished work on my desk!

5 Songs from Films You Love

Some great videos today!

Sara Crawford (me)

ChrisVigilante Reads

The Lawn Gnome

Rachel W

The Next Chapter

Stacy Wilson

The Reading Puppet

Allyson Tuggle




New video!


Welcome to the first ever Friday Five!

Every friday I handpick five of the best, bundle them together, and throw them in your face, So without further adieu, here is the first selection;

Balance and Composure - Quake

5 for Freeday


A steamy hot bath in about an hour

My mind is filled with images of ….things

One of the best things about winter is eating a cold sweet and tangy tangerine and feeling its juices slide down my throat.  I can eat 2 in one sitting.

I bet my secret is tastier than yours