1. Walter and I are moving out Saturday. This month just whooshed on by. He’s going to move back home until he gets a job offer since he doesn’t want to commit to an apt lease without knowing where he’ll eventually end up. He’s waiting to hear back from a few companies and he’s had another 4 interviews this week!
  2. I’m driving Walter’s car today and I can’t stand driving his car. It’s a stupid hatchback and it feels like driving a big yacht around.
  3. I tried Kerrygold butter for the first time after reading such life-enhancing reviews about it. It tasted like regular butter to me? :/ Kinda sad because I’m looking for that one holy grail butter.
  4. Walter’s birthday is Sunday but we’re going to celebrate it Friday night because I have a midterm on Monday. And since we’ll be moving all day Saturday, It kind of only leaves me with Sunday to study. 
  5. I’m at the library right now and a dad and his 2 kids are roaming the aisles by where I’m sitting. The kids are in the toddler age range and they are the cutest, most well behaved kids I’ve seen in a long time. When I see kids like this I always get that, “aww… I can’t wait to have kids” feeling. But then I see those wild kids that run around and tear shit up and it’s just like :/ … nevermind..
The Five

1- I’ve had the iPhone 6+ for a week and I love it!

2- Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my first date with L. A lot happened in that year and no one died.

3- I’m at a happy place in my life but I wonder if I’ll be able to love someone again.

4- Im back in a good workout routine, workouts have been really good and I really like the results I see.

5- VEGAS!!!! Flight arrives at 3:35. I hope to fill the dash with some craziness!!

Guys, don’t let me forget, I have a twelve pack in the fridge. It’s double-bagged, so don’t worry, no one will find it. I mentioned that to the lady in front of me in the store when she saw I had one item, not sixteen in the fourteen items or less line like her, and she said, hey, we all have our priorities. I told her I’d take two of her items so she’d be under the limit, and she declined. She did tell me I should come eat it with her, so that was nice.

My favorite pen just ran out of ink. I threw it away with a sigh. My second favorite pen is dangerously low. I don’t like where this is going.

I’m the only one in the office and I’ve done nine thousand things already. My boss has called me three times. Whenever you think a day alone will be smooth sailing, think again.

The weekend is booked. There’s a fundraiser in my hometown starting today and Fin will get some of the benefits. The guy that helped arrange it is a boyhood friend. We did everything together from seventh grade through high school. He made me join the golf team, I made him try out for a play. He got frustrated one day and yelled, “I suck at acting!” But he stayed in and finished the production anyway. Now he’s a security officer with like fifty detectives under him. Good people.

Tomorrow is also the cancer walk at the hospital. We go every year and walk and run and have a good time. It’s particularly pointed this year as one of our dear friends deals with yet another recurrence. The battles that people go through, you just never know. There’s almost no such thing as regular life, until you realize that all those battles make up your life.

Dean, You're Kind of A Dick

Cas turns to Dean over dinner and says, “You know I didn’t like you very much when I first met you.”

Dean wants to do a spit take, but he doesn’t have anything to spit out. His beer is a few inches away and he considers picking it up and taking a swig just to spit it out. “What? What the fuck does that even mean?”

“You didn’t like me either.”

“But you rescued me from hell!”

“I had to. It was decreed by heaven.”


“You were so whiny, Dean.”

“I went to hell. I tortured souls in hell!”

“Yes, Dean. We know. We all know.”

“Well—but—you were an asshole! And you were loud.”

“And you shot me and stabbed me and then cried a lot.”

“I never cried in front of you.”

“But I watch you constantly, Dean. I had to watch you cry.”

“I probably cry just as much now.”

“But now I think you’re cute,” Cas says, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to Dean’s cheek. “You’re adorable.”

Dean blushes and turns his face away from Cas. “I think I liked it better when you were complaining about me.”

“Want to talk about the time you slept with Anna? That was horrible. I was starting to like you and you did that and I didn’t like you again.”

Dean groans and covers his face with his hands. “This is the worst date ever.”

Cas takes Dean’s hands in his own and kisses his fingers. “But I love you now. It didn’t take a lot for me to love you. You just annoyed me.”

“You annoyed me too,” Dean says, letting Cas kiss his knuckles. “You still annoy me. You snore.”

“And you hog the blankets.” Cas smiles at Dean affectionately.

Dean tries to scowl, but finds that he can’t. “Let’s say we settle tab and go home.”

“I love that plan.”

Dean pays and Cas takes his hand as they leave.

Friday Five Fever

1- Mel will be here tonight, no plans just us being together.

2- A lot of money leaving the checking account in November, had been a little stressed about it but yesterday came up with a plan I feel good about.

3- next week is a big week.

4- IPad Mini is out today.

5- Next Wednesday I’m going to the All Time Low, The Summer Set and Hit The Lights concert at the House of Blues. It’s going to be a great concert, wishing I had someone to go with me.

Haven’t done a fiver recently
  1. Early this morning I had a nightmare about bugs on my leg that was so epic I still feel them there. It’s comforting, somehow, that after 48.7 years, my brain is still finding new, novel ways to fuck with me. I’ve still got it.
  2. That article about male body image that went around a few days ago really spoke to me. During the last two miles of the 10k I ran recently, I knew I had major chafing issues and that taking my shirt off would alleviate them. I chose instead to worsen a very painful medical condition to the point of bleeding, even (maybe especially?) in a context where hundreds of other men were shirtless. I can hear the women rolling their eyes, and I know the body image issue is far, far worse for them for all the terrible cultural reasons. I also know there are guys who have it a lot worse than me. But it’s real.
  3. I made a really, really good career decision this week. I was tempted to jump out of the frying pan and into a laser-generated plasma field hot enough to induce nuclear fusion, but I opted to stay and simmer. For now.
  4. Two weeks from today: Nashville. Pedal steel shopping. Consuming music, food, and alcohol. Sleeping late-ish. Hustle up, calendar.
  5. Regardless of how well things may be going otherwise, there’s always parenting.
September Topics

9/4 - 5 Songs from Films You Love

9/11 - 5 Songs that Make You Cry

9/18 - 5 Favorite Songs from One Decade Before 2010 (you could do 5 favorite songs from 2000s, 5 favorite 90s songs, 5 favorite 80s songs, etc.)


With the wildcard, here’s your chance to do a category that may be specific to you or from a specific genre - i.e. favorite country songs, favorite hip-hop songs, favorite musical theatre songs - or you can get totally creative and crazy and come up with a random topic - 5 songs about faces or 5 songs about spiders or basically anything!


I. I had to go back to work today after two days at home with LM who has strep. She stayed home again today with Josh.

II. I’m sad. And bored. And generally unfulfilled in this materialistic culture of greed and institutionalized racism that preys on the weakest to benefit the bullies of the world. And I’m pretty sure my monthly existential crisis is coming on.

III. I finally got my new insurance cards, which is great news because I don’t think I’m gonna survive the next year unmedicated.

IV. Making ‘your mom’ jokes to my own kid is still the highlight of motherhood for me.

V. Seriously, though. I need Valium or my heart just may seize up. Ugh.

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1. Everyone at work left me. My manager didn’t come in today and my co-worker left two hours after she got here. One day I’m going to not be a responsible adult either! Who am I kidding, that’s a lie but it’s nice to dream!

2. Veronica is the best person to have in life. She likes to remind me that I do my deeds in life and so what if we like to drink and get shitty drunk at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon? She’s right because I did get out of bed yesterday to make my 11am appointment even though I was extremely hungover. *good job self* 

3. I booked our tattoo appointments for next month! I feel like getting it done in Portland will solidify our commitment of making that our permanent home. We’ll probably get hammered after that too.

4. Getting my CA license has been the longest process of my life. This state does not fuck around at all. I did go to the DMV in a shady part of Sacramento and I made it out alive so I feel like I’ve got a lot going for me now.

5. I HATE when my residents call me and ask if they have a package. I’m sorry, did you get a slip in your mailbox? Is there one on your door? DID YOU EVEN FUCKING CHECK?! Unless you’ve done all of the above do NOT call me because I might be in the middle of something important or updating my Tumblr. People are so rude. 

Friday Five

1. Writing day today, but I’ve been struggling with it lately. I hope today is better.

2. Marriage Counseling appointment this afternoon and I’m seriously dreading it, but you know, we want to stay married and all, so I guess it’s necessary.

3. Dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in months at a bar that makes the best cheeseburgers ever. You better believe I’m eating one.

4. Hanny is still sick and I just realized I gave it to her by letting her use my lipgloss. #momfail

5. I’m seriously dreading weighing in, and am considering skipping it altogether. Why do I always put so much pressure on myself?



Five more for a Filtered Freyeday

(I’m feeling wordy and a little more cheerful)

We planted butterfly attracting plants in our backyard a couple of months ago, and we now have a big crop of larvae that have just hatched. It’s really exciting to walk out there every day and watch them grow into bigger caterpillars. Really cool. I’m going to call us “butterfly ranchers” from now on.

Tomorrow morning we are taking the Duo to a charity Princess Pancake breakfast. Y'all light a candle, say a prayer, send some good vibes, whatever. I may need it not to punch some other princess mommy. I usually do not excel in those sorts of situations. Is 8am too early for wine?

Every time the Husband talks about me seeing the chiro, he says “crack your bones” Izzard-style, and then that bit is stuck in my head. But yeah, it is kind of like that. Now that it’s the afternoon, I’m a little sore from my adjustment this morning. I need a massage.

We got my dad a Bernie Sanders tshirt for his birthday, since he actually mentioned something he wanted, but we had to order it because we couldn’t find one in stores here (imagine that). It came in today. My dad is so cool. That’s what 77 should look like.

I have these delusions that I’m going to make and bake all kinds of things. Tonight’s goal is to make granola bars. And possibly banana muffins. I wonder if it will actually happen?


1. Going to Disneyland tonight with my girl friends. We had plans to go next Friday on my birthday but since the bestie got us Dodger tickets we had to move it up to this Friday. Woo hoo. I so plan on a getting a birthday pin, still counts if I’m a week early, right? I’m in need of girl time.
2. Tomorrow is my niece’s first birthday and baptism. I was iffy on going since it’s in San Diego. I don’t like being away from home too long or far in case my dad might need me. But they convinced me and it’s western theme. I’ll check everything before I leave, if his vitals aren’t normal, I won’t go. Hopefully I get to pop out my dancing boots.
3. I went undies shopping at VS but there wasn’t a lot to choose from ‘cause some genius (idiot) grabbed arms full and walked out. The employees were standing around in shock that the door censors didn’t go off, didn’t bother to offer any customers some assistance. It’s always just my luck. What are the odds they happen to grab the style and size I needed?
4. Fear the Walking Dead this weekend. I’m low key excited. There aren’t many tv shows that have my attention these days. Can’t for TWD.
5. High Five Bradley!


1) Every time I read or see something about the two women who graduated Army Ranger school this week I get a little verklempt. It is so awesome. They are so awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

2) At first I thought all the Trump mania was unbelievable, then I thought it was funny, then I thought it was good for Dems to have such a ridiculous candidate sucking up all the air on the other side and making the more legitimate candidates reduce themselves to address his vitriolic word-vomit. Now I’m just disgusted and fatigued. Stop it, Republicans. It’s enough.

3) I STILL don’t know when Josh will begin his new job. He’s talked with the project director and both team leads, and still no one can tell me when they’re stealing my husband from me. This is something I need to know. Now. It is easier to focus my anxiety on one solid thing than to have every possible thing to worry about until I actually know. Does that even make sense?

4) I’m afraid LM will not have many kids at her birthday besides neighborhood kids, and it’s my fault because I’m a scatterbrained disorganized, terrible mom. BUT! She will have a friend that just happens to be visiting from Washington come over tonight to spend the night and stay for her party, and she doesn’t even know it. So hopefully that makes up for me sucking and not getting invitations out in a timely manner. 😕

5) I don’t wanna work; I wanna eat all the foods.


Thank you followers for hanging in there during our super sweet and dorky anniversary day.

This bitch at work is just too much to handle, ugh.

My baby (11) starts middle school Monday. He is choosing a very 90’s kind of look, an under shave haircut, black eyeliner, knitted gloves. I hope it works out for him.

A co- worker is in a difficult situation with her daughter and I really wish I could help somehow. We are not close enough

Tomorrow we will shop until we drop for back to school.


Welcome to the first ever Friday Five!

Every friday I handpick five of the best, bundle them together, and throw them in your face, So without further adieu, here is the first selection;

Balance and Composure - Quake

5 Happy Things.

Since I’ve been complaining a lot as of late…

1. Birthdays! It’s Brent’s mum’s birthday today. Happy birthday, mum [in-law]!

2. twenty one pilots album Blurryface. Just. Yes.

3. Seeing a photo of my sister hanging out with my cousins. I may be extremely jealous but seeing them all together makes me happy!

4. Warmer temperatures and sunshine.

5. Learning. Slowly getting thru a social media marketing book and will be taking a barista class with Katie this week! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me, guys. Sorry I’ve been so negative lately.

Friday Five

1. I have no motivation to do anything. All I want to do is sleep. I could even skip out on eating if I could just sleep all the time. 

2.  This weekend I have to go do things with family, and an enormous amount of extended family. It’s a celebration of life party for someone who passed away. I’m really not in the mood. I want to stay in my protective bubble, aka my room, and not have to pretend like I’m okay and socialize with people. 

3. I’ve put some of my weight back on. That’s what happens when you eat your feelings. 

4. I’ve had the strong urge to get in my car and drive with no particular destination in mind. I was thinking it would nice to wait another few months and drive north to see snow. I’ve never seen real snow. It has snowed here before, but it’s not the same.

5. I have an appointment with the school board on Tuesday to turn in my substitute application packet, and get fingerprinted. I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet or not. It takes about 2 weeks to process. Now, more than ever, I’m really grateful that I was never caught and arrested for my past shenanigans. Honestly, it wasn’t anything horrible, but it would definitely be frowned upon. Stealing that street sign is a hilarious story, but was an incredibly stupid thing to do.