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You guys are really making this "consult every scriptfam member" journey difficult. (Just kidding. WELCOME.) But here's something: Exactly HOW easy is it to tap into/fiddle with/wipe security cameras and footage? How might a character do it?

Yeah, there’s a fair few of us, I think my last count was twelve :o

Ohhhh boy, that’s a question and a half. There’s a lot of elements in play here, so without further details I’m going to have to make a few assumptions.

-Assumption the first: modern day.
-Assumption the second: The security system you envision is the typical movie setup, with multiple closed circuit cameras all displaying on a set of monitors, and each feed being saved to a recording file that can be played back at any time.
-Assumption the third: The system is mediocre. Not the best out there, but not incompetent either.
-Assumption the fourth: There is only one site where all the data is stored. Not hugely secure, but more cost efficient. This is a mediocre system we’re talking about.
-Assumption the fifth: The character has physical access to either the security guard’s post.
-Assumption the sixth: The character wants to be sneaky and not have it be immediately apparent that they have messed with the system.
-Assumption the seventh: The character has already been caught by the CCTV system, but for whatever reason nobody has noticed yet, and they want to remove the evidence so that nobody does notice. If they haven’t been noticed it’s easier to disable the system first, then do the naughty.

Short version: Your character gets into the security room and is alone. Using the security station computer (breaking into it if necessary), they find the footage they’re looking for and export it to a useable format. Placing their new file on a USB drive, they can use their laptop to edit the footage however they please (this is a decent place to have someone come in all suspicious-like, because your character will have removed his USB and closed all the windows they used, making everything seem normal while they hide suspended from the ceiling). Once the video is edited (a process that will take a lot of time), putting it back is prettymuch the same process in reverse. import it into your CCTV recording software, encode it, overwrite the old file, and voila.

If they do the editing in a safe place, the amount of time they are exposed to danger can be as short as 10 minutes, or as long as 30 (all times are estimates, depend on skill, length of clip, preparedness, etc.).

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