When love isn't enough:It's only see you later

Mature content and strong language
Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC
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At Dauntless there are seven different roof tops. The fourth one has a stunning view of the city. It also has a little shack that years and years ago used to house a species of birds called pigeons. This was my daddy’s spot. This is where I am hidden crying for all I am worth when Amar finds me.

“Little Bit, you understand nobody,especially not your mother, wants to leave you. We have no choice. In order to survive you and Eric are our last hope.”

“I know you can do it, but ONLY if you do it together. This is the only way we can survive and hope to be able to one day return to the city. Have I ever lied to you before? ” I shook my head no too upset to speak.
“So why would I start now? Do you trust me baby? Trust Eric?” I nod yes again.

“Good. Are you ready to come back? We have alot of work to do and very little time to do it.”
I cried harder first. My uncle put his arms around me and we just sat until I finally calmed myself down. Twenty minutes later I re-enter my mother’s home.

Eric stands and wraps his arms around me. He sits down pulling me into his lap once again.
“Sweetheart I am sorry. None of us meant to take your choices away from you.” he takes a deep breath before he continues.
“Aleisia I meant it when I said I love you. You mean more than anything to me. I would gladly sacrifice my own life if it would save yours.”
“You are my family now. So that means so is the rest of your family. They are in danger as Audrianna. I intend to fight for them, keep them safe. I want to take back our city so they and other’s like them don’t have to live in fear for their life.”
“There’s just one problem. I can’t do it alone. I only trust you to do this with me. I won’t force you to stay and fight. But I will ask you this. Do you trust me? Will spend the rest of your life letting me make you happy and stand by my side no matter what until one of us can’t stand anymore?” a few tears roll down his cheek and his eyes are closed.
I put a hand on either side of his face and rest my forehead on his. I press a soft kiss to his lips.
“Yes. I love you too.” my mother moved her chair next to us and took a hand from each of us to hold in her own.

“I love you so much baby girl. So much. I don’t want to leave you. I know you have already lost so much. That’s why I had to make sure that Eric thought you are as special as I do and would love and protect you like I would before I left you with him.”
“After today it will break my heart a little bit less knowing you have each other.” What will I do without my mother? Why do I loose everyone I love?

“Alright Eric first and foremost you will need to train Aleisia to literally be the female version of yourself. How to fight, how to carry herself in a confident cynical manor. Share all of your intelligence and help her succeed. This is a critical part of this plan. Can and will you do that.” Spoken like the trainer he is.
“Of course I can and I will. It will be an honor and privilege.” He kisses me with a need to make me understand.

“Baby girl. It will be your job to never let either of you loose your humanity behind closed doors and in the presences of each other. To be great leaders you will need to be stern and firm and to protect the people you will have to carry on the farce of stone cold killer. People will have to believe you are capable of evil. Don’t loose yourself. Can you do that? ” I can tell it hurts my mother to ask this of us.

“In order to protect my daughter and her assets and make sure there is iron clad security for her membership in Dauntless I am going to ask if you would be willing to marry my daughter.”
Both of us looked at my mother to judge if she was serious. She indeed was. I couldn’t seem to find my voice, but Eric found his.
“I am. But only if she willing excepts my proposal. Only if she wants to be my wife.” his eyes tell me he meant every word.
“We need a definite answer from both of you by Tuesday.” My family looked to eager and pleased at the idea of Eric and I married.

“We need you both to become the absolute best, efficient divergent hunters Jeanine ever asked for and be fucking academy award winning actors at the same time. This is how you will save innocent lives. Can you both do this?”

“You with me no matter what Aleisia? ” for the first time I saw Eric’s fear of rejection plain as day.
“I promise to be anything and everything you need me to be.”

The list off demands went on. The how"s, when’s and why where laid out on the table. This was really, truly happening. An offer was also laid on the table for Eric in regard to Audrianna. They offered to take her with them to ensure her safety. He wanted to discuss it with her first. I was happy that was his answer.

By midnight I could see Eric was dead on his feet. He still had to complete stage three in about five to seven hours. I decided it was time to put my foot down. I also wanted to do it with style and flair.

“Alright it’s time to call it a day. My fiancé has a long day ahead of him tomorrow.” Three pairs of eyes turned to look at me.

My mother smiled at me. My uncle winked. But the only pair that mattered to me took on an aura I had never seen in them before.

“Do you truly mean that. You can’t joke about this or take this matter lightly Aleisia.”

“Ask me,” I schooled my feature to give nothing away in true Eric Coulter style.

It took all I had not to smile as I seen him nervous for the first time. He licked his lips and slowly and precisely as only a former Erudite could be got down on one knee in front of me. His palms were sweaty as he took my hand and placed it in his like it was fine china and might break. He looked into my eyes with uncertainty. This was a complete contradiction of everything that made him who he is.

“Aleisia would you do me the honor of letting me spend the rest of my life reminding you that it was and always will be only you.” he looked like he might just pass out.

“ I would love nothing more than to be Mrs. Eric Coulter,” I put my free hand on his cheek and kissed his temple as he kissed my left ring finger. He stood and picked me up and carried me to the bathroom so I could get ready for bed

He was already half asleep when I curled up next to him. He pulled me up on his chest and wrapped me up in arms
“You alright sweetheart? I know this is all alot to take in.” he started drawing circles on my shoulders with his finger tips.

The moment I decided I would except this mission with him was also the moment I promised myself I would never lie too him. We would or could not ever succeed if we weren’t honest with each. We were going to have to become like one perfectly in sync. Our lives and the lives of others depended on it.

“Not even close to alright. But I think eventually hopefully I will be.” he held on a little tighter.

“ I have faith we can do this Aleisia. It is going to be the hardest thing we will probably ever do in our lives. We will most likely be utterly miserable for the next two years of our lives, but I know with you and for you it will all be worth it. But sweetheart are you sure you want to do this?” he made sure he could see my eyes clearly.

“ I would NEVER force you to do something you don’t want to. I"ve spent my whole life being forced to do what other people desired. You are the first choice I ever made that was mine and for myself. That’s all I want for you. ”

I kissed his chest and laced his fingers with mine. He was right this would be the hardest thing we would ever do. But right doing what’s right was never easy.

“ I’ll be fine as long as whatever we do in life we do it together. Now go sleep. You need to be your normal, malicious, asshole self for tomorrow.”

things i’m thankful for this year
  • exoluxion 
  • exo in chokers and heavy eyeliner 
  • kai’s crying scene in chocobank
  • seeing ksoo cook 
  • sehun saying saying sehun’s anus out loud
  • lucky one hipster photoshoot
  • ot9 bowling + chanyeol’s death 
  • exo-cbx 
  • lay solo album 
  • that’s right my type
  • xiumin’s rap in hey mama 
  • vivi’s debut 
  • ugly gnome outfits
  • infinite challenge 
  • lay’s singing lines in for life chinese ver. 
  • baekhee
  • baekhyun with suzy and k. will 
  • all of lay’s hip thrusting
  • wolf baekchen remix 
  • that one scene of ksoo dancing in the street
  • chen not laughing at suho’s jokes 
  • chanyeol inhaling a burger at 3 am 
  • 11 minutes 
  • all of exordium
  • tao trying to survive the jungle 
  • tao trying to survive the military
  • xiuchen’s park date 
  • bbh’s monster solo
  • chanhun’s rap duet in every song 
  • you’re my 24
  • funniest in exo kim junmyeon 
  • all of exo’s pets 
  • xiumin’s call me bae 
  • 10th prince wang eun 
  • all of kyungsoo’s movies 
  • exo’s abs !!
  • all the autotune in lotto
  • 4th album of the year
  • all 1000 of chen’s osts
  • dear happiness photobook 
  • kai’s singing lines
  • i married an anti fan
  • loving the size
  • suho’s confidence in his own jokes 
  • sehun missing ksoo during the hawaii trip
  • suho’s hawaian shirt 
  • all the exo music video theories 
  • that one shady krislutao reference in lucky one
  • baekxing 
  • all of exomentary 
  • lay’s speech at mama 
  • coming over leather pants
  • xiuchen ft. bbh’s karaoke 
  • suho’s ugly exo cake 
  • sehun’s ot9 instagram pics 
  • kai’s one lotto performance
  • artificial love dance 
  • dancing king 
  • when suho sat on lay’s lap 
  • underground king/black white 
  • all the times bbh lost at LOL 
  • ksoo spitting water on pcy
  • exo vs. exo 
  • chanyeol’s soundcloud covers 
  • ratatatata tactix
  • sekai’s one and only performance
  • lucky one and monster choreography
  • ksoo’s señorita 
  • pcy’s rap in she’s dreaming 
  • triple million sellers 
  • the entirety of she’s dreaming 
  • kai killing the enemies with his dancing in lucky one
  • sehun exploding heads with his beauty
  • chansoo destroying justin bieber’s career 
  • mama being performed 4 yrs after debut 
  • exordium 
  • ex'act era 
  • ot9 
  • exo

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