Rossy! She’s by far the youngest tour guide you can find in this world. 10 years old primary 5 pupil Rossy was our ( myself, stefan_hunt & @kambooo ) guide at Fort Williams in Cape Coast today. She’s super smart and very observant.

Fort Williams - Cape Coast

📷: Nana Osei - 2016

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S/O to SSO

Two posts in one day?! Whoa. So I had taken a picture or two of some details around Fort Pinta that I love, and I want to take a minute to appreciate the work the SSO team puts into this game :) 

Just… Beautiful colors, little details like these are what makes me love this game :) Also I had to throw in a little DC headquarters under the night sky ;)


This is just therapy 
Let’s call it what it is 
(Not what we were) 
With a death-grip on this life always transitioning 
This is just therapy
Cause you won’t take my calls 
and that makes God the only one who’s left here listening to me

Letting it all sink in 
It’s good to feel a sting now and again 
I hope it’s one less woeful thing there is to fight through 
Forgetting it all begin 
Fresh paper and nice expensive pen 
The past can not subtract a thing from what I might do 
For you 
Unless that’s what I let it do