Ho immaginato il mio futuro, e mi sono vista seduta comoda con le gambe raccolte su un dondolo, nel giardino di casa, di sera. Un libro tra le mani, i nipoti che giocano e io che li guardo.
Poi ho visto te, con la tua camicia e il tuo sorriso che mi ricorda sempre di essere forte anche quando tutto va male. Mi vieni incontro, ti siedi accanto a me sul dondolo, mi stringi la mano mentre intorno a noi il sole scende piano piano e le candele diffondono nell'aria il loro profumo.
Ho visto noi che ci sorridiamo su quel dondolo senza dirci niente perché, in quel futuro come adesso, non ci servirà dirci qualcosa per amarci, per sceglierci, per stringerci.

Fort Sumter Interior View- Charleston South Carolina

Where the American Civil War Began

Decades of growing strife between North and South erupted in civil war on April 12, 1861, when Confederate artillery opened fire on this Federal fort in Charleston Harbor. Fort Sumter surrendered 34 hours later. Union forces would try for nearly four years to take it back.

Amazing Photo Found on Ebay.

Field And His Staff Officers Of The 39th U.S. Colored Infantry,  in front of St. Petersburg Va., Sep. 1864- From: Mathew B. Brady and Levin Corbin Handy photographic studios collection

The 39th United States Colored Troops lost 38 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 3 officers and 239 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.


March 22-31 Organized at Baltimore, Md.
April Attached to 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 9th Corps, Army of the Potomac
May-June Campaign from the Rapidan to the James River, Va. Guard trains of the Army of the Potomac through the Wilderness and to Petersburg.
June 15-19 First Assault on Petersburg
June 16- December 7 Siege of Petersburg and Richmond
July 30 Mine Explosion, Petersburg,
August 18-21 Weldon Railroad
September Attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 9th Corps
September 29-30 & October 1 Poplar Grove Church
October 27-28 Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher’s Run
November On the Bermuda Hundred front
December 7-271st Expedition to Fort Fisher, N. C. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 25th Corps, then 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 25th Corps


January 7-152nd Expedition to Fort Fisher, N. C. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Terry’s Provisional Corps, Dept. of North Carolina
January 13-15 Bombardment of Fort Fisher
January 15 Assault and capture of Fort Fisher
January 19 Sugar Loaf Hill
February 11 Federal Point
February 18-20 Fort Anderson
February 22 Capture of Wilmington
February 22 Northeast Ferry
March 1-April 26 Campaign of the Carolinas. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 10th Corps. Dept. of North Carolina
March 6-21 Advance on Kinston and Goldsboro
March 23-24 Cox’s Bridge
April 9-14 Advance on Raleigh
April 14 Occupation of Raleigh
April 26 Bennett’s House. Surrender of Johnston and his army.
May-December Duty at various points in the Dept. of North Carolina
December 4 Mustered out

Archival Collection Details: Link to Finding Aid: Curatorial Area: Beinecke Library Catalog Record: A record for this resource appears in Orbis, the Yale University Library catalog

Series I. Mathew B. Brady Studio: Albumen Photographic Prints on “Original Photographs” Mounts


Ah, 1998. Back when it was a great idea to take a blurry, grainy, off-colored digital picture of some gameplay and in-game animation with your Nokia 3000 series cell phone and add it to your franchise history book, including on your Table of Contents page, because you have no other art for it…not like you had a manga artist to draw other images for you throughout…

Wait…, you’re telling me they weren’t cell phone photos, because camera phones didn’t exist back then? What sorcery is this?! Simpler times, how did we all exist back then? LOL

With sexy foldout pinup posters included inside, that’s how!

In all honesty, all the in-game screencaps in this book are a delight to look at. It was funny though, because there ARE actually some nicely captured pics of the animation from the Rockman 8 anime cutscenes placed sporadically throughout this book (on Duo and Roll’s profile pages for example), yet they include some awful-looking captures like on the ToC page above. So it makes you wonder, why? Still, it was a nice classic-focused compendium at the time.

Scanned from: Rockman 10years History Book (Comic BomBom Special #118), Circa March 1998.

My Friends and the Songs that Go With Them

I’m feeling sentimental.  Shush.

My six best friends on Tumblr and song lyrics I associate with them (keep in mind, the entire song may not be relevant, but these few lines are).

@thedarkmist27“Not turning your eyes from reality, with the courage to stand and fight, change anger and sadness to strength.” (Idk how you’re real sometimes, babe.  You amaze me.  Co-dictating bitches for life.)  (”Period” by Chemistry)

@classholemcasshat “Look at me still talking when there’s science to do.  When I look out there it makes me GLaD I’m not you.”  (I’m glad I’m not you because I prefer being your best friend.) (”Still Alive,” P0RTAL)

@eitta “It’s impossible to see the future, but I’m sure if we’re together, we can enjoy anything.”  (Even government class.  Thanks for making some tough stuff a little brighter.)  (”Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete,” Love Live! School Idol Project)

@uglybuffet “Doesn’t it seem we’re full of unanswered wants?  But that’s okay, because they led me to you.” (I’m indescribably glad we crossed pixel-paths on this site.  You’ve become such an amazing friend to me and I’m grateful.) (”Let it Out,” Miho Fukuhara)

@cheesyplagg “You got a piece of me, and honestly, my life would suck without you.”  (It really would.  You are my friend through hells of all sorts and I would not trade that for anything.) (”My Life Would Suck without You” by Kelly Clarkson)

@bunbun-buneary “I’ll always be here, just because I’ll always be here, until you lift your downcast face and smile.” (I’ll still be here past that, though.  You’ve done a lot for me in terms of my confidence, and I care about you very much.) (”Teardrop” by BOWL)