2016 Most Spooky Fort: Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Situated along the Delaware River below Philadelphia, PA is one of the most haunted places in America: Fort Mifflin. With reports of paranormal activity dating back hundreds of years, and a high frequency of reported sightings, Fort Mifflin is more than qualified to be the winner of this year’s Most Spooky Fort.

The Fort, which was originally called Fort Island Battery, was commissioned in 1771. During the American Revolutionary War, the British army captured the fort in 1777 during a siege known as the Battle of Mud Island. After this only the original stone walls of the fort, pockmarked by bullets and debris, survived. Later on, the fort was reconstructed and used to house prisoners during the American Civil War. Finally, after being used for as a military post in order to defend the nearby Fort Mifflin Naval Ammunition Storage Depot during WWII, the fort was restored and declared a historical landmark in 1969.

Although Fort Mifflin was restored in 1969, reports of paranormal activity date back to the 1700s. The first documented report of paranormal activity occurred in 1778 when those who inhabited the fort heard the awful wailing of a women crying out about their loss of their men at the Siege of Fort Mifflin. No women were present at the time.

There are also several well-known spirits who haunt the fort. One of these spirits is known as the Screaming Lady. Although she is rarely seen, her presence is made known by her loud desperate screams around the Officer’s Quarters. In fact, she has been heard on so many occasions that the Philadelphia police have been called out several times to investigate. However, upon arrival there is never any evidence of a distressed woman. The Screaming Lady is thought to be Elizabeth Pratt, who lived close to the Fort and took up with an officer. Elizabeth then disowned her own daughter, who died shortly after from dysentery. Elizabeth was so consumed with guilt that she eventually took her own life.

Another common sighting at the fort is that of a faceless man. The Faceless Man is a relatively solid entity, with the exception of his face. His face is always hidden in shadow. He frequents several areas of the fort, although most sightings of him are known to have happened in Casement 5. Supposedly The Faceless Man is the spirit of a war criminal known as William Howe, who was held in the cells during the Civil War.  Eventually William Howe was executed at the Fort by hanging. It was common practice at the Fort that before a hanging the victims would have their heads covered by a black bag.

Many other spirits also roam Fort Mifflin’s premises. One of these spirits is known as The Lamplighter. This spirit can be seen walking around carrying an oil-burning lamp, although all of the lights at the fort are electric. Another entity has been named “The Tour Guide.” This entity is known for dressing in period clothing and providing tours to guests when no actual guides are scheduled to be present. An apparition called “The Sad Looking Man” can be spotted walking alone down a road towards the fort’s entrance. He will then disappear into thin air. The Blacksmith is another spirit who is known to close doors in the Smithy. People have also reported hearing the phantom sounds of someone working within the Smithy when no one was present. The voices of children and the barking of dogs have also been heard by many visitors and staff when no children or dogs were near the fort. Finally, there have also been reports of a ship “seemingly plucked out of time” docked by the fort.

Other than these specific specters, other paranormal happenings have been reported in and around the fort. Some of these encounters include smelling fresh bread baking or the scent of a wood fire. People have also heard the disembodied voices of soldiers, sailors and civilians, or have been touched, pulled and sometimes restrained by invisible hands.



Shahi Qila (“Royal Fort”, aka The Lahore Fort),
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

The Lahore Fort is located in the northwestern corner of the walled City of Lahore in Iqbal Park. The existing base structure was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar between 1556–1605. It was upgraded by subsequent Mughal rulers and after the fall of the Mughal Empire, by Sikh and British rulers.

In 1981, the fort was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Shalimar Gardens.

Ils me disent que je suis forte. Ils me disent que moi, je n'ai pas le droit de craquer. Je n'ai pas le droit de baisser les bras. Ils croient tous en moi. Ils pensent que je suis puissante, dotée d'une force mentale qui leur dépasse.
Mais je suis un putain d'être humain, et ça arrive à n'importe qui de se laisser aller.
Manter um relacionamento é como ter um pássaro. Se segurar forte, ele sufoca e morre. Se deixar livre, ele voa e vai embora. Mas se você segurar com cuidado, ele se apega e fica para sempre.
—  Caio Fernando Abreu 💕
A Warning

Just want to share this ordeal that happened to a friend last Friday. She was held up at The Fort, where all her belongings were taken away from her–laptop, wallet, ATM cards, IDs, even her books. She decided to board a cab just to go home, but turns out it is also part of the modus operandi. Two men immediately got in and covered her face with a black cloth. They forced her to give them the PINs of her ATMs. After they withdrew all her money, they tried to grope her, and hit her head and body several times when she resisted. They eventually stopped when they sensed that she will not give in. After a long cab ride, they dropped her off, after threatening not to scream else they will shoot her. From The Fort, they took her to Cubao. With the help of a jeepney driver and his wife, she was able to report the incident to the police. Apparently, this incident happened twice already. Only she was lucky because the two other victims were not only robbed, but raped.

It might sound unbelievable, but this actually happened, and can happen to your loved ones, friends, family. No one deserves to go through this ordeal. Be vigilant and as much as possible, do not go out on your own late at night.

This is the taxi that was part of the modus operandi: CELYNN plate number UVY 636

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UPDATE: According to this news article, the said cab has been caught and the people involved are incarcerated. However, it appears to be part of a bigger operation/syndicate. Stay safe, and be vigilant!

UPDATE 2: This was featured in TV5’s T3 and reported in ABS-CBN. As identified by one of the victims, the driver used a different taxi operating the same modus last Sept. 30. (Thanks to tinerz for the update :)