The Fort of Fortitude (Hogwarts AU) - Prologue

Summary: Camila Cabello is attending the Goblet of Fire ceremony for the 127th edition of the Triwizard Tournament and her only concern seems to be that her best friend Shawn won’t be chosen, but an unexpected rerun of events can make her life dramatically change.

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The Ancient Indian City of Mandu: A Fort and Pleasure Palace

The city of Mandu is located in the present day central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Perched atop a 20 square km plateau, the ruined city is not only endowed with beautiful natural scenery, but also occupies a strategically important location in the landscape.  Mandu was a key fort at least 1,500 years ago and is also home to the famous Jahaz Mahal. 

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Halloo everyone! I’m sorry i wasn’t able to go to the meet up yesterday, so I hope some of you may still be on Chocolate Cupcake today! I would love to meet some of you and am going online! :) 

Currently it is 4:05 eastern time. It’s not really a formal ‘meet up’ just if anyone wants to hang out i would love to meet you :D I will be hanging around Moorland and Fort Pinta because of non star rider appreciation week!