Paradise For The Forsaken

Lucifer saw strange residents in his kingdom,
These were not the damned sinners,
Too common among his ranks,
But good souls, good people,
With but a small flaw in them,
They were abandoned by their Father,
With no light of glory and forsaken,
They found themselves among the darkness,
Among the sinners, the learned that justice was not real,
And they feared what they would endure,
In the depths of Hell. 

But the so called Devil,
He saw this and he wept. 
He knew all too well what it is
Being broken and cast out,
Forsaken at the moment of creation,
He knew the cruelty of God,
And how cold the darkness was.

If God does not offer Justice,
Then Satan took it upon himself,
To make it such a thing.
He took these fragile and broken souls,
Gathered them and showed them love,
Kindness, and hope, he gave them these,
Building a kingdom in Pandemonium,
A Paradise for the lost,
A Heaven, a haven for the forsaken,
And living up to his very name,
Helel shone his light upon them,
So they would know what it was,
To be seen, to be know,
To be loved wholly, by the divine. 

And those found,
In the deepest darkness undeserved,
Forsaken for being a flawed creation,
They will feel no hellfire,
Nor shall the fear their fate.
But patiently wait,
For the light of the Morning Star,
To shine upon them. 

( @wintermae

“I swear – I’m okay.”  He murmured, feeling someone near him.  Grady had sent Sable and Gareth away after they had come to check on him.  He adored both of them, but he wasn’t in the mood to talk to them.  They knew him too well – able to see through his bullshit.  “Promise – “  He added, looking up, realizing it was someone he didn’t know.  “Sorry.”  There was a faint darkening to the wolf’s cheeks then.

butchlinkle  asked:

the "adorable little pirate" beedle is talking about is aryll, not tetra :o after you save her from the forsaken fortress she spends some time on the pirate ship, she sends you letters about her shenanigans, and beedle mentions her

Really? Wow I should rewatch some gameplay again, because I don’t remember a lot of things! Thanks for clearing that up! :”D (X)

The Forsaken. A basic summary:

Aginor: Mad scientist. Never found his Igor

Demandred: Silver medalist

Sammael: Grumpy hobbit

Rahvin: Super creepy serial rapist. His friends call him “Roofie” Or they would if he had any friends. But he doesn’t because as mentioned he is a super creepy serial rapist

Lanfear: According to historians brand new stalker laws were created just for her in the Age of Legends. REALLY hates blondes

Graendal: Girl just wants to have fun… your expense

Balthamel: There are rumors that he was a professional twice over - an analyst and a therapist. The world’s first “analrapist”

Semirhage:…..wonderful woman. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about her. I am not terrified of her at all

Be’lal: Be’lal…..we hardly knew ye

Messana: Nerd who got picked on by other nerds until she flew into a nerdrage and joined Satan

Moghedien: the red shirt who somehow keeps surviving

Asmodean: That was actually a huge mistake. He didn’t really mean to join the Shadow  but he was too embarrassed to admit that he couldn’t tell the difference between the incarnation of chaos and evil and a music producer so he just went along with it

Ishamael: That emo kid who decided to destroy the entire world because he never learned to have fun and chill