i do love my period though for the power it gives me to horrify and silence men. they never shut up usually!!! but you can just whisper, “my UTERUS is BLEEDING” and they instantly turn pale, start trembling, cross themselves, run away crying softly and tripping over themselves… and that is a Good Thing

And here we see a sea otter and a strange triangular sea otter baby cuddle and nap together in their smaller than average lake

Again for @forsaken-skies because she needs more lapidot. Who doesn’t I guess lmao. Was gonna be a doodle but then I got carried away :P How the fuck do you draw water ugh.


The click of steel-bottomed boots echoed behind him as Roderick walked the halls of the Undercity, his own shoes giving nothing more than a soft ‘paf’ on the hard stone. The Deathguard behind him was impatient, trying to hurry him along, but Roderick would have none of it. His waxed cloak dripped rainwater in the guard’s path and every once in a while the soldier would stumble in it only to catch himself on the side of the hallway. It amused Roderick to no end to hear the squeaks and clacks of steel on stone, but the joke wore thin and he drew his cloak up a bit, letting his boots catch the excess drips. It would have been rude to make the poor man fall. He was but a servant. Weren’t they all?

The Undercity’s layout was not difficult for many to understand. To outside observers, the only truly important areas were in the Quarters – Apothecarium, War Quarter, Magic Quarter, and Rogue’s Quarter. There was also the Dark Lady’s ‘throne’, more like a dais. There was little else to see. The shops were along the inside of the two circles, the organizations and guilds on the outside. Simple. Few bothered to ask what lie behind the doors behind these shop’s counters. Roderick could count on one hand the numbers of the Living who had been down these hallways. They held laboratories, apothecaries, ritual rooms, homes, storage…

He remembered using these tunnels to attack orcs during the rebellion. They had taken back the Undercity with these halls, leading the occupation forces to their doom in the musty stone. Now they only served as convenience in secrecy. They were but one of the Forsaken’s thousand secrets, kept hidden from the Horde because… well, the Horde could not be trusted with the knowledge. Trust no one.


“Mm.” A grunt from the guard’s mouth, perfectly encapsulating what he was.

“Are you escorting me for his sake, or for yours?”

“Told me to take you to him.”

“I see. Alright, then.”

That was all either of them had to say to one another. Eventually they came to a starkly bright wooden door, inlaid with shining bronze that flickered in the low torchlight of the hallways. Roderick glanced back to the guard who nodded at him and stepped away. Roderick opened the door. A candelabra lit with faint purple flames illuminated the room, which was little more than a desk and a bookshelf. Each of the books on the shelves were marked with letters and numbers. A-1. A-2. A-3. A-4. So on and so forth down the list, all the way to Z. The ledgers made Roderick uncomfortable. Those little letters and numbers were a graveyard. The figure sitting in the decayed chair was ancient even by undead standards, and beside Roderick looked more like a skeleton than a man.

“I do hope you did not pick on him too much, commander. He is new.” Roderick closed his eyes.

“From where?”

“Duskwood. Can you believe they’re still burying people there? The graverobbers are having a field day, all of the Night Watchmen are busy helping fight the Legion. Oh, why so uncomfortable, Roderick? It is the way of things. No grave will be safe from us, after all, everyone is needed to fight the Legion, correct? It is the way of things. Really, it is selfishness to try and hide them away in the dirt when our world is in such dire need of good bodies, wouldn’t you think, commander?”

“I said nothing, Apothecary.”

“Mm. Ah, well. It always is that way with you. I never get a hint of what you’re truly feeling, and I am an expert on such things. They called it Phrenomancy in Dalaran and I made top marks in it. Your eyes denote you to be a Murderer, but your chin a Savior. Your nose is that of a Magician, but you hold no magic, only those obnoxiously loud pistols of yours. And your hair… that you still have that much hair alone PROVES you to be a Thief, but you’ve never stolen a single thing.”

“Not quite true.”


“I once stole a box of sweets for a girl I was interested in as a child.”

“And where is that girl now?”

“The Forsaken killed her.”

“And you harbor feelings of hatred…?”

“Not really. In the end, she was not that important. You asked me to come, Apothecary.”

The withering man sighed with a sound like dust being blown from an old tome and leaned his hand against the desk, nodding. “The Legion are encroaching on Silverpine. One of my old haunts in Ambermill… You and your team, what are they called-“

“The Emberstone Dead.

“-will accompany me to collect a tome and then burn that old library to the ground.”

“With the rest of the books inside?”

“Yes, commander, with the rest of the books inside! We cannot let that knowledge fall into the hands of the Alliance, after all.”

“Yes, apothecary.”

“So why do you not call me Sir or Mi’lord? It is my honored right…”

“I do not presume to call you something you might not be, Sir.”

The corpse laughed in a wheeze and shook his head.

“You are a foolish one, Roderick. I will have my eye close on you. The Dark Lady watches over us all… do not presume to think she has not noticed you or your failures.” The apothecary stood up and leaned over to look at his face. There was not a hint to prove that Roderick was even an undead beyond the glowing yellow of his eyes, and his face didn’t move an inch as the ancient apothecary grew so uncomfortably close. “This may be one of your only opportunities to prove to our Queen that you are still competent after losing so miserably during their… crusade…” He said the word as if it was bitter on his tongue.

“Of course, sir.”

Roderick turned on his heel and stepped out, letting the door shut on its own behind him as he took a few steps.

“Did you get most of that, Carolyn?”

“He is so very talkative. Should I ready Michael and Misty?”

As the commander stepped through the halls and let his duster drag along the ground with a fush-fush of leather on stone, softer steps were muffled by the sound. The Lightslayer stepped beside him in perfect sequence, the light of lanterns not so much failing to catch her as much as fleeing her presence entirely.

“Yes. Give Falstarn a chat as well.”

“Heh, heh.”

The two continued down the hall in silence.

In Silverpine, the rain only came in drizzles and occasionally. It was a welcome respite to the pounding torrents of Gilneas and the grim haze of Tirisfal, both of which’s rain served to dampen you and drag you downward. Silverpine still held some of Lordaeron’s old heart, if only the darker parts of it. The trees stretched upward like enemy spears thrusting into the belly of the sky, jabbing the grey and blue, tips that once held the white blood of clouds now washed clean. They took the southern routes and avoided the mountainsides until Ambermill was in sight, guiding their horses away from the rocky paths. No undead horse would have trouble with those, but there were worse than Worgen or Alliance waiting in the hills.

Roderick and Carolyn had point, their coats and cloaks pulled tight around themselves. The Phrenomancer was in the middle, preoccupied with a tome of some eldritch horror. Michael took up the back, his simple clothing blending in well if it weren’t for the absence of a left arm at his side. Behind him, Misty giggled and chittered, catching and letting go of a butterfly that had decided to follow them. The apothecary had objected to her company, but Roderick had insisted. In truth, he didn’t know why he had been so adamant. He didn’t like Misty being in harm’s way, or to have her too close to another apothecary. They were the reason for her Crazy title.

Still, when his gut spoke, he listened. Many Forsaken lost their fear and worry and replaced it with paranoia and cruelty, but he prided himself on keeping a sense of instinct. Something had told him to bring Misty along, and he had brought her, ditzy though she may have been. There was something about the forest that set him on edge today. He only realized what it was when his band had passed the Sepulcher.



“Hear any howls?”


“That isn’t good.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“What’s this about howls? Hm?” The Apothecary looked up from his book and chuckled lightly. “You wish to turn back because the Worgen stay away from us? Come come now, commander. Do not take us so lightly. There is nothing to fear.”

Misty gave a sudden laugh. “The fluffy don’t want to play with bones anymore.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It mean that they’re avoiding us, sir.” Roderick spoke up, interrupting the apothecary’s next words. “And it means that there’s a reason they’re avoiding us.”

“Perhaps they are preoccupied with the Legion?”

“Hopefully. Still- “ The commander turned his coat aside and undid the latch on his pistol’s holsters. Carolyn drew one of her daggers. Michael sighed softly, reaching down to put a large, heavy tome in his lap. The apothecary’s head spun back and forth, looking between the three fearfully. “-better to be safe than sorry.”

“Are you sure that is entirely necessary?! We aren’t very far now, yes, but there’s been no hint of danger!”

“You don’t get out of the city much, sir. Here, silence is a hint of danger.”

The apothecary’s eyes stayed wide and he drew the long, sickle-like dagger from his side. The weapon irritated Roderick. It clearly hadn’t been used to actually stab or cut anyone in a serious fight.

The five continued down the road until they approached Ambermill, the bubble of fluctuating arcane energy around it wobbling and vibrating. The commander peered at it carefully, pulling a pair of binoculars from his coat pocket and looking around it.

“Seems you were on the money about one thing, sir. Legion sure are attacking Silverpine.”

The meteor that struck the side of the building was the hint that everyone else got to Roderick’s vision. It unfurled itself, green fire streaking across it’s form as the Infernal struck the side of the bubble with its rocky hands, sending ripples across the magical barrier that sent lines through it like cracked glass before the magic reoriented itself in defense. The Apothecary shouted in protest. “We have to move quickly, then! There may not be much time-“ Roderick held up a hand, frowning heavily and lowering the binoculars to stuff them back into the coat pocket. Imps, Felguards, Reavers, Doomguards… they swarmed around the road, though the Infernal was the only one all five of them could see at the moment. Demons, he didn’t have to worry about. The inside of the bubble was his concern.

“Sir, we need to go around. There is a path on the other side that I believe will be of use in getting into the village proper. Going in directly is suicide.”

“That could take HOURS, Setterson. By then, the demons could break in!”

“The alternative is charging forward into their ranks, sir. My men and I will do so gladly in the Dark Lady’s name, but we would die quickly. Then, the demons would only have you to look forward to.”

The apothecary stopped talking. Ah, there it was. Put a thousand troops between death and a man in the Society, he was a patriot with one hand on his heart and the other on the flag. Remove the troops, remind him of the death he was robbed from, and suddenly he stopped waving the flag to be pragmatic. Roderick frowned and drummed his fingers against the grips of his pistols, waiting for the man’s mind to be made up before the apothecary finally gave a sigh for effect.

“That would not be preferable, Commander. Take us around.”

“Affirmative, sir. Carolyn, fire off a flare. Make them think we’re attacking from the front.”

The Lightslayer dug the flaregun from her coat and fired it off as Roderick turned his horse around and charged it down the pathway, the four following close behind him. The flare sparked and hissed across the air, striking a doomguard in the back- even the brilliant chemical flare doing little damage to the creature’s fel hide. It looked around, as did a few others, to find nothing.

“Sneaks. Keep your eyes open!”

Behind the barrier, feral eyes opened in the dark. They shined.

The apothecary had been right. The detour costed them hours of precious time, the sun dipping down lower and lower as they drove the horses onward, forced to abandon them at the entrance of the cave. Its entrance loomed before them, the light of the day only reaching a few feet into it before being swallowed up by the blackness. Roderick was the first off of his horse. The Apothecary was the last. The Commander and the Lightslayer shared a look for a moment before they marched onward into the dark.

“Stick close to Michael, sir. He knows the way well, and will be able to tell you if there is danger near without wasting his eyesight.”

“This is growing tiresome; Setterson- we will light lanterns!”

“There are things that live in dark caves that don’t like lamplight and do like to devour dead flesh, sir.”

Despite his annoyance, the apothecary huffed another artificial expression and nodded, following close behind Michael as the five dipped into the dark. Roderick sniffed ahead. Wet dog. Fear. Blood. A pond, somewhere in the dark. Four paces, turn, fifteen paces, turn, six paces, turn… the group soon found the light at the end of the tunnel and stepped out into the village of Ambermill. Not even the crickets could be heard here. He turned slightly to Carolyn, tapping his ear in indication. She shook her head.

“Step lightly, sir. This is suspicious…”

The tunnel opened behind the blacksmith and let the party out into the town proper, but only offered a view. The apothecary gave a smile as he started towards one of the many buildings in the north. “This way, Forsaken! Finally, I’ll be able to show up Esenberg once and for all…” He practically skipped along, looking down the road. “And look! Even the demons have fled. Convenient…” He spoke skeptically, stepping over and looking around at the barrier. The Emberstone Dead followed him close behind, their hands on their weapons. “Seems like the barrier kicked back against them! Ha! Otherworldly fools.”

Roderick kept a stone face as the apothecary walked by him, nodding. Michael grinned. “The Kirin Tor are good for something then, I suppose.” They followed the apothecary to the building. Which as it turned out, was a shack.

There was no other way to describe it. It seemed more like a toolshed than a library, and even when the apothecary opened the door, it was barely more than a few empty shelves and two shovels, the wood rotten and black with mold. “Here we are!” The man grabbed both of the shovels and tossed them to Roderick and Carolyn. “Get to work. Dig right here. Don’t stop until you hit the trapdoor. Quickly now, quickly.” The two looked at each other and shrugged, stepping into the shed as the apothecary stepped out. Dirt began to pile up outside of the door.

It was another hour before the two climbed out of the hole they had scraped up, tossing their shovels aside and marching up the steps they had uncovered, as well. The Apothecary, giddy with excitement, shoved past them before they could even announce their task, digging into his robes and drawing out a golden key. “Lantern, bring a lantern!” Roderick reached into his coat and struck a match to light the lantern as the trapdoor opened with a low groan. “Get in there. …Yes, you all will go first. I am not going to march into a trap headfirst, after all!” The commander stepped down the steps and then the ladder, following by Carolyn, Michael, Misty, and the Apothecary.

The inside of the library was more spacious than Roderick had anticipated. There were at least seven aisles chock full of tomes, all of them detailing from their spines herbalism, alchemy, and enchanting specifics. There were quite a few tomes on Necromancy as well, Roderick noted with a bit of a frown. His charge pushed past him, tracing a bone finger down the shelves and muttering to himself, his feet making the floorboards creak. Wood surrounded them on all sides, far better stained and kept than the shed above.

Carolyn leaned in and tapped Roderick’s shoulder, looking over to a book on one of the shelves. It read, Compositions of Early Arathorian Musicians: The Long Prosperity. The commander rolled his eyes and nodded, and the Lightslayer silently slid it off of the shelf and into her cloak. Michael perused the tomes on Necromancy, appearing quite disinterested in them. “Doesn’t have anything in here that isn’t a copy…” He muttered, shaking his head. Carolyn pulled two pieces of cork from her pocket and pushed them into her ears.

“AHA! Here we are. Perfect. Of Men and Rats: Disease in City Conditions. With this, the Society will have no choice but to accept my proposal.” The Apothecary chuckled, turning to his companions. “I trust you all brought plenty of incendiary material…?”

Misty burst out laughing and pulled her arms away from her cloak, revealing bottles upon bottles of clinking orange liquid. The apothecary jumped in surprise, but rolled his eyes.

“You thought it was a good idea to leave it with the madwoman?!”

“She will be fine. Oh, sir-“

The apothecary turned away from Misty. The gunshots was only amplified by the tight conditions, creating a box full of ear-splitting sound that still sent Roderick’s ears ringing as he put a bullet in each of the Society Man’s knees and hips, sending him crashing to the floor. The commander waited for the ringing to stop, fishing in his ear canal with his pinkies as he holstered the pistols and stepped over. The ringing was replaced with shouting. He would have preferred the ringing.

“-IN THE SHADOW’S NAME DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING, I’LL HAVE YOU FLAYED FOR THIS, YOU’LL BE BOILED IN ACID, YOU’LL BE- Gack, pluh!” He was forced to spit and sputter as Misty poured the orange liquid over his body, emptying all of the bottles and flasks onto the ground and books around her, tracing them out as she climbed up the ladder. Carolyn followed, then Michael, and finally it was Roderick and the apothecary alone. The commander stepped over and snatched the book from his hands. The apothecary looked at the Setterson with fear in his eyes. Roderick smiled.

“I like seeing that. You don’t get it often.”

With a flourish of his cloak, he climbed up the ladder, the screams and cries of vengeance slowly dying down as he stepped out into Ambermill again. The smell of kerosene was strong here, and as he turned he saw piles of wood and paper against the sides of the shed, soaked all the same. Carolyn had her mask pulled down to her neck, smiling at him softly. Misty was off to the side picking at grass, and Michael gave him a salute with his one hand. “All clear magically, Roderick. Should thank the good Apothecary. Can’t get a scrying spell through the barrier.”

Behind the Emberstone Dead, worgen stood hunched behind buildings and crouched in bushes. If it wasn’t his job to find them, he probably wouldn’t have seen them, but Roderick gave them a wave anyway. A figure stood from their ranks and stepped over, black robes concealing his form and a black biretta on his head. He handed Roderick a bottle with a wick in the neck.

“Take care of those books, Falstarn. I prefer you as gravekeeper.”

The priest nodded and stepped back, clasping his hands in prayer. Carolyn struck a match and held it up. Roderick lit the wick, lifting his arm… he saw the apothecary’s hand just get to the top of the shed, his eyes glaring daggers of hatred before he spotted the Molotov.

Roderick liked to see fear in undead. He hurled the bottle, and turned to walk away. Behind him, the shed erupted in flame, and soon the screams of agony were replaced with only the pops and hiss of smoldering, rotten wood.

Official Report of Commander Roderick Setterson of the Emberstone Dead:

Mission was a success, but Apothecary Geoffrey was unfortunately killed. Group made it through Silverpine fine. Demons attacking Ambermill, so back entrance was used. Upon entering Ambermill, found that it was empty. Proceeded on the assumption that magic had handled the Legion. While preparing to burn the library as was our mission, Worgen ambushed us underground. Squad received heavy injuries, book was damaged slightly. Apothecary Geoffrey was unable to escape the burning library. Request more patrols in Silverpine to combat the growing Worgen threat.

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This god forsaken fandom forced Tord into hiding, made multiple people attempt/commit suicide bc they were attacked for not liking a ship, people shove headcanons down other's throats & say "it's canon srry I don't make the rules :)))" and then accuse people of oppressing a minority because they don't agree with their headcanons, they made Paul feel bad bc the "don't like the art style bc it doesn't look like Edd's", and they harassed Paul and Pat over Paultryk. What the fuck is wrong with y'all

yeah like im just here for the shitposts and Paultryk that doesn’t have anything to do with harassing and/or contacting irl Paul and Pat about the ship

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Fandom: Bleach

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot

Summary: Ichigo’s lips move tentatively against her own, soft and hesitant as they part to cover her with mellow kisses. [Ichihime]

Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo x Orihime Inoue (Ichihime)

Genre and Rating: Romance ; K+

Word Count: 577

A/N: You have no idea the amount of pain I went through writing this forsaken 500 word drabble. It was meant to be for day 22 of the Ichihime month (first kiss) but f*ck it all Momo out.

This is where it ends, Orihime thinks.

Right here, under the sweet pressure of his lips over hers and a firm hand nestling on the small of her back, is where he draws the line to a place she can never go back to —whoever she was before this moment in time, she can never ever become again— not after this.

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13 for hildavio! <3

My oh my, some diversity <3 Hildavio needs more love. On to the drabble :3

When Hilda thought of a miracle, she would usually envision something great and sublime. Yet, now she was holding a miracle in her hand.
“I thought they would never bloom again” she whispered, staring at the rose she picked up. “There’s still hope for us…”
“I told you, Your Grace” Ravio said. He stood behind her as she examined the garden. Those small things proved that life came back to her god forsaken kingdom.
“I wish I listened to you more often” the princess faced him. “You’re far wiser than I am, my friend” she smiled sadly.
Her eyes glistered. To Ravio’s horror she started crying. She sobbed quietly, trying hard to retain her dignity. He reached for hand clumsily.
“Princess” he said gently. “It’s all over. You have a future ahead of you.”
Hilda nodded, wiping tears with her gloved hand, yet they wouldn’t stop coming.
“Oh come on, you know I don’t know what to do when a girl cries” Ravio begged.
“I’m sorry…”
The boy took the rose from her hand and stuck it in her hair.
“Don’t be. You’ve sure been throug a lot…”
All of sudden, Hilda pulled him into an embrace. For an awkward moment he froze with his arms in the air, before finally hugging her back.
“Kiss me” she demanded.
“Wha-” Ravio moved back to look at her. “You can’t be serious”
The girl looked down.
“I’m sorry if you don’t want to…”
Ravio shook her lightly.
“Of course I do!” he exclaimed gleefully, before blushing and letting go of her. “I just didn’t think…you’d like that.”
Hilda laughed.
“Oh I would” she smiled, looking at him with hope.
Ravio stared back, smiling shyly before realising what she implied.
“Oh, right! But close your eyes!” he said before gently touching her lips with his.

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i listen to headfirst slide daily it's a mf jam my fave song ever on this god forsaken earth.

it’s too good for our world honestly……,,,it’s so fuckign good i just want to see the process of how everything was made like how the ideas came together to make this lyrical and musical masterpiece

Tagged by @forsaken-spirits! This was a fun little thing to do!

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