red-roses-forever asked:

I'm planning on making an Amythythest cosplay for a local convention soon, and I have two questions - how would I go about making a gem and making it stick to the skin (spirit gum comes to mind), and how would I make a wig floofy like her hair using hair styling techniques? Anyone have any advice they could offer me please? <:)

The Gem:
First off, I will suggest buying it as an option to consider because I’ve seen a lot of people selling them and it would probably be cheaper to purchase than make your own. 

But if you wanted to make your own you have a variety of options depending on how heavy you are willing to have it and the look you want. Methods can include sculpting it from a lightweight clay*, creating it with cut plastic sheets like acrylic, transpart, PETG or even clear plastic file folders, 3D printing, or sculpting and casting it from resin or silicone

* Sculpey is heavy, I suggest something like paper clay. If you want to use sculpey, give it a tinfoil base to make it lighter.

Floofy Wig:

It’s going to be hard to get that kind of volume with one wig, you’ll probably want to combine two wigs or add wefts to a wig to make it a lot fuller. 

You can add further volume by teasing (or backcombing) the wig. Mostly near the roots, and you may need to backcomb and then comb it out a couple times to get it to look right. Hairspray helps add texture to make teasing easier and has the added benefit of holding the style in place. 

Hope this helps!

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