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Tell us about the parrots and the zipline? That sounds like the worst thing to happen ever.

Oh boy ok brace yourself cause this entire debacle was just a mess. Imma tell the story of this entire day cause it was just absolute bs 

So I’m in Mexico with my family, yknow, having a nice vacation. My dad doesn’t do heat, so it was just my grandparents, my mom, and me. Keep in mind, I was like, 16 at the time, so this was a few years ago now. 

So, i fully admit, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Always have been, always will be. So when they said we could go to a massive park that was 90% underground, and the rest was like 300ft in the air, i jumped at the opprotunity.

so we get there and I immediatly beeline for the ziplines. Now, you can’t just do one of these suckers. Once you do one, there’s no going back until you’ve conquered all 12 (or something like that, there was a lot.) It took the better part of two exhausting hours to get through them all. 

So before the parrot issue there was some other bs first. We brought my best friend with me that year, but because we were both too light, we had to go tandum for a lot of the lines, or else we wouldn’t make it across. We’d just get stuck in the middle of the line dangling like a pinata, and no body wants that.

so the first bs comes along. I’m singing the batman theme song to keep my friend calm, because she is not a fan of heights. Like, we are screaming NANANANANANANA BATMAAAAAN at the top of our lungs. And we look ahead and see this massive gap in the trees. Now, we’d gone over a couple cinotes already where we could see the people doing the under ground activities. We figued, hey, let’s laugh at the people doing the river swim that’ll make us feel better. SO we get up on it and my friend starts freak tf out. It wasn’t a cinote.

it was a snake pit.

A massive round, man made snake pit will with hundreds of writhing snakes. They were climbing the walls, even the trees that were like 3ft from our toes. So we’re freaking out like “I don’t wanna be indiana jones i’m too young!!” But we pass it with no problem. We keep going another few second or so, and we see another break in the trees. We’re bracing like cause we assume it was another snake pit. It wasn’t.

It was a crocodile pit.

cue freak out number two.

but we pass it and all is well. Then we come onto the landing strip. We were just starting out so this one was pretty low to the ground. And then i see a weird shape on the grass landing pad.

There was a crocodile on the lawn

we freaked OUT like you wouldn’t believe.

so we’re soaring at this thing and there’s no stopping. We’re waving at the guys who are supposed to catch us with a net like “yo guys u got a coc problem.” and they don’t seem bothered in the slightest. We pass over this thing and it doesn’t move, but i’m 99% sure i tried to kick it. Now we’re free we’re safe and we should be slowing down…why aren’t we slowing down.

we slam into the safety net full force and bounce back a couple feet. When we manage to unhook ourselves we find the two duded pissing themselves laughing.

it was a fake crocodile. i tried to kick a concrete lawn ornament.

onto the parrots.

for this next one my friend was freaking out, as we were over 300ft up. I wanted to go asap so i went attached to my mom instead. At this point, i am alrady 5′8″, and my mom is like 5′5″. so you have this massive beanpole of a child strapped to her tiny mother. So we take off and our combined weight has us absolutely flying down the line. It’s all idealyic and serene, and i’m enjoying my crocodile free cruise. I look down and through a break in the trees i spot the amphibian vehicles going in and out of the cave systems. All good. Right beside them is a pack of leopards sunning themselves on a rock, which is also directly below us. and im thinking “wow, this would a crappy time to fall” immediatly i hear


my legs hurt all of a sudden. I glance down and see blood dripping down my leg. Mom is screaming/laughing.

we hit a flock of parents mid flight

and they were pissed.

So im screaming and swatting at them, they’re screeching like little feathered demons and pecking t us, some were dangling off my shoe laces, shriekingly like hellions. I still have scars from those suckers. They eventually fly off starnig us down like “dont ever come to our terf again” 

we finished the ziplines without incident after that.

but my day isnt over yet.

we have a wonderful lunch, i get my legs cleaned up, and we make the trek to the amphibian vehicles i saw earlier. We hop in and we’re going through the motions. Up and down, into caves and out. Super cool. Loved it.Then we come to where i saw the leopards.

all the cars in front of us pass without incident.

the second we roll up the leopards perk up and start running after us

cue freakout number 4654783

now, my grandpa is driving and i’m sitting there, with nothing but a mesh door between me and a pack of leopards

“grandpa go faster, we gotta goooo” and he just looks at me all calm like

“i know why they’re here.”


He just calmly, oh so casually, pulls out a hot dog from lunch.I just kinda stare at him like GRANDPA

Obviously i do the smart thing

i grab that stupid hot dog at chuck at the nearest leopard

i hit it in the face

they all fall on each other trying to get a taste of that mustardy goodness and we take that moment to make our escape

and that was my” wth is going on in mexico extravaganza”

and that day didn’t even include the sting ray incident

Brett Talbot's Hoodie

Warnings: None. Maybe slight language? Side note: Y/E/C = Your Eye Color

(Y/N point of view)

Being a new student at BHHS was difficult. As you weren’t familiar with the school, or it’s students. You heard that Beacon Hills was playing their rival…Devenford Prep. Since you hadn’t learned much about your high school, you assumed going to a lacrosse game would be a good way to get to know some of your classmates. As most of the guys played on the team. •••

As you arrived, the cool, fall air made you shiver.

“Damn…I should have brought a coat.” You scolded yourself. Lost in thought, you walked up the bleachers, and sat down on the cold, damp metal.

(Brett’s point of view)

The loud sound of the whistle filled the lacrosse field, bringing all your attention to the opposing team. Beacon Hills.

“You know you can beat them…I mean come on. You’re the team captain, Brett. Don’t get nervous, and lead your team” you thought to yourself, before stepping onto the field.

“Here we go.” You exclaimed, as the game began.

(Y/N point of view)

As the players violently ran into one and other, you couldn’t help but notice how your team captain, Scott McCall, was acting so…weird. From what you’ve heard, he was the star player. Yet, he had yet to make a shot. Devenford Prep was winning.

Scott began running towards the opposing net, he had the ball, and all he had to do was make this one shot to tie up the game….

You watched, as Scott ran full force to the net… The sudden sound of bone crushing sent chills down your spine…you could practically feel the pain yourself. The splintering bone, the agonizing pain of the break.

"Oh my god!” You yelled as you shot up to see who was hurt…and all you catch is a green number 28 laying on the ground.

His sudden outburst of pain caused the entire stadium to fall silent, just watching in anticipation.

He began sitting up, moving his injured leg ever so slightly, as medics ran over to him. They began to attempt to perform their job, but he stood up… As if nothing had happened. “What the hell…?” You wondered aloud.

(Brett’s point of view)

You stood up, slowly, wincing at the pain it caused your right leg, which began healing quickly. Looking around at all the astonished faces placed in the crowd, one seemed to catch your eye…a girl. She had gorgeous (Y/E/C) eyes, that seemed to sparkle in the light.

"TALBOT” a booming voice interrupted your thoughts.

"Y-yeah coach?” You managed to get out.

"Can you please explain to be what the hell that was? And why you’re not in the hospital right now?!”

"I’m not sure, coach. It didn’t hurt that bad..I’m good to play.”

"Mmm…I could have swore I heard…no, felt bones breaking. You tell me if anything goes wrong, Talbot. This is your team, and we need you to lead it.” •••

Devenford Prep won the game, and it ended up being one of Brett’s best games. After the incident, he scored every point offered, causing Beacon Hills to fall behind, resulting in a victory for Devenford Prep. ••• (Y/N point of view)

You stood up slowly after the game ended, waiting until all the other people left the bleachers before you attempted to leave. Walking down the stairs, shivering, you made your way out of the stands, but before you could walk to the parking lot, a hand grabbed your shoulder, yanking you back a little, resulting in a surprised scream.

"Sorry for scaring you…” The tall, Devenford Prep player explained, sheepishly taking his hand off you, and moving it to the back of his neck… A sign that he was embarrassed.

"Oh, it’s alright…I mean, I wouldn’t mind being stopped by someone so…gorgeo…oh my god, I mean…yeah. yeah. it’s okay.” You laughed nervously, earning you an adorable, lighthearted laugh from him.

"My names Brett.” He stated, happily. “I saw you in the stands earlier, and thought I’d say hi. Haven’t seen you here before.”

"I’m Y/N.” You smiled. “And yeah, I’m new here.” “Oh…and are you okay? That hit earlier seemed brutal.”

"Yeah..I’m fine. You’re right. Lacrosse is kinda brutal, sometimes.” He laughed.

The wind blew, causing you to start shivering, once again.

"Oh, here…” Brett said quietly, reaching in his bag, pulling out a green hoodie. “Hope you don’t mind it has my name on it…but you seem really cold” He winked at you.

"Yeah..thanks. And I don’t mind. It’s cool.” You laughed.

As you put it on, you couldn’t help but notice how good it smelt…it smelt like the woods, yet spicy, and sweet, all at once. It was amazing, and you loved it.

"Oh, hey, the bus is leaving…see you around, Y/N?” He asked before walking away.

"Yeah…..hopefully.” You said quietly as he ran to catch his school bus.

"Brett….Brett….Brett.” His name sounded so perfect. And you couldn’t get him off your mind. You laughed at yourself, causing you to hide your face…you inhaled that perfect scent again. How spicy, and sweet it was, and how it combined perfectly with the warm hoodie… hoodie…?

Brett’s hoodie.

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A new theory! And this time it doesn’t require spoiler warning since it’s moreso about what the show might be telling us about Kuroto Dan. And chances are, you are aware of his current involvement. There’s no way to avoid gifs of the warp pipe.

With these latest episodes, there has been an effort to kind of… put Kuroto through a redemption arc. I’ll talk more about that when I review May’s episodes as a whole but as I’m thinking about it now, maybe it’s not uncalled for.

I mean, Kuroto has killed people. He’s also maniacal and has a nearly unrivaled god complex, so we have to automatically see him as a villain, right? Well, I kind of half-jokingly made this point in my April review, but… Kamen Rider Chronicle might’ve not been so bad had it gone off without a hitch.

Think of how Parad describes Chronicle when he stole it from Kuroto. His version of it turns things around so that Bugsters defeat humans. The two things we knew about Chronicle were that Kuroto was making a game all about players defeating Bugsters, and that this game would make him the greatest game master in existence. Basically.

With that in mind, it could be that Kuroto’s whole plan for Chronicle was to disguise it as a game in order to recruit civilians who don’t realize they’re being used as soldiers in a battle against the Bugsters. This would eliminate dangerous forces, net him some hefty recognition as a game developer and as a savior.

All it took was a long-con with the Bugsters who are just as much his pawns as the people. He just didn’t account for Emu to do what he did, or for Parad to take such a sinister turn against him. Oh and there’s some stuff covered in May’s episodes that also factor into my theory but if you’re watching then you already know about it.

With that in mind, perhaps Kuroto Dan was never a villain. He’s just very selfish and morally grey… okay, dark grey. Chaotic good, perhaps?

Future carbon dioxide, climate warming potentially unprecedented in 420 million years

New research led by the University of Southampton suggests that, over the next 100 to 200 years, carbon dioxide concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere will head towards values not seen since the Triassic period, 200 million years ago. Furthermore, by the 23rd century, the climate could reach a warmth not seen in 420 million years.

The study, published in Nature Communications, compiled over 1200 estimates of ancient atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations to produce a continuous record dating back nearly half a billion years. It concludes that if humanity burns all available fossil fuels in the future, the levels of CO2 contained in the atmosphere may have no geologically-preserved equivalent during this 420 million year period.

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ATN - Sonic vs. Crash: The Dance-Off

Hog vs. Coot.

  • My bf: Thanks for all the work you've put into planning for our move!
  • Me, externally: Yeah of course!
  • Me, internally: Haha yeah just ensuring you won't abandon me, glad I could manage to not be utterly useless I'm gonna go get drunk now thnx

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do you have any tips for someone who wants to learn how to do realistc paintings like yours?

not really, i don’t have a v good understanding yet lmao, so things i study from:

Istebrak - you will quickly have some things drilled
- z axis!!!!
- studying forms is a basic
- edges instead of lines
- cast shadows always

Winslow’s anatomy (link is to a classic anatomy, she also published anatomy in motion, both so so good. lov u winslow).
Loomis does nothing for me, but if you’re interested, there’s 7 books and you can find all of them on the net

Force is great!! love this book
An Atlas of Human Anatomy For Artists is also frequently recced
other than that, anatomy books for sculptors

50 drawings challenges make you improve a ton

good luck!!!

Mermaid Mishaps(Newt x Mermaid! Reader)

A/n: first of all I want to apologize for how badly written this is and i hope you'll forgive me if there are any grammar mistakes:3.This is my first writing anything like this but i thought i would finally give it a go and here we are. Many thanks to everyone that reads this and please let me know what you guys think:D


You looked behind you constantly, your e/c eyes scanning to murky water for any signs of life other than yourself in the deep waters of the lake you currently reside in. Once reassuring yourself you’re safe you slowly swim towards to surface, hoping to take a glance at the above world inhabited by humans. The sun shines brightly above you illuminating the s/c scales lining the sides of your neck and shoulders, water running freely down from your h/c hair. The frigid air however takes its toll when it reaches your body causing you to sink partially back into the depths slowly, your e/c eyes barely visible but still scanning the surface for any signs of danger. Just when you thought you were in the clear your t/c tail gets caught in a nearby fishing net forcing a scream of terror from your fanged mouth and propelling you towards the sandy shore. This scream does not seem to go unnoticed as not even a minute later a rather tall and sand haired man in long blue trench coat carrying a battered suitcase slowly approaches you, his kind blue eyes portraying not maliciousness but something you did not know humans could possess; gentleness.

He stops his approach when you bare your fangs at him and growl in both discomfort and fear as your eyes lock onto the polished wand held tightly in the hands of the human a short distance away from you. Your eyes narrow at the wizard in front of you as he looks at you in both admiration and concern as once again an ache appears in your net bound tail, causing you to trash it around sending sand everywhere.

What’s your name love” Newt says to you with a smile, his eyes filled with concern and awe of the magnificent creature in front of him.

Gasping with lack of air you manage to croak out a small “y/n, yours?” to witch he smiles and replays with “Newt” and fleetingly looks to the environment for anything to cut you free.

Newt took into account your wounded state and the fact you needed help so decided to discard his wand on the sand behind him and look into your eyes, searching for the okay from you for him to approach. When you nod slowly after analyzing that he poses no threat he cautiously steps towards you, immediately kneeling down next your scaly bold and tenderly running his hands down your wounded tail.

“oh dear” he whispers to himself, taking note of your bleeding tail gushing blood and covered in scratches caused by your long and sharp nails trying to pry your tail free from the pesky net keeping you above surface. Newt immediately gets to work cutting you free from the net that so tightly kept you bound above the water and unable to breathe. Once free you try to shift your unresponsive body towards the water but fail when a sharp pain emanates from your scratched tail.

“Just you hold on their y/n and I’ll get you something to patch that tail up” Newt says as he gets up from his kneeling down position and rushes towards his case in which he opens and quickly scurries down into. After a few minutes of hearing rushed footsteps and muffled curses from the strange suitcase it goes silent for a minute before the sound of triumph occurs.

“Ah ha” you hear Newt exclaim as he reappears from the case clutching several bottles of what you can only assume as healing potions. Once he reaches you he again kneels down beside you and bottles the lid to a bottle containing a milky solution.

“I’m so sorry about his but I’m going to have to apply the salve to your tail in order for you make a full recovery and get you back into the water” Newt explains to you slowly in which you simply nod your head which is becoming dizzy due to lack of oxygen. He scoops the substance onto his fingers and applies it gently to your wounds causing a sharp and high pitched hiss of pain from you.

“So sorry” Newt exclaims nervously as he continues to rub the solution into your wounds, cautious of your pain. When the salve is fully rubbed in and you can move your tail again you make a rush towards the lake and plunge into the murky water, welcoming its watery and familiar embrace. Newt stands up and dusts the sand off his trousers, picking up his discarded wand he looks back towards the spot in which you just disappeared and smiles faintly. Turning he makes his way along the shore of the lake and goes to step in the direction he originally came from, picking up his case of his way.

“NEWT” you call out towards the retreating wizard who so kindly helped you in your time of need. With a turn of his head Newt looks towards to you and again reproaches the edge of the lake. You swim slowly towards where the kind wizard stands and send him a dazzling smile filled with thanks and gratitude.

“Thank you” your musical voice chimes out as you reach out towards his hands and once reaching them place a delicate kiss on his palms.

Blushing Newt looks towards you fondly and also offers you a quirky smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners and his cheeks aflame.  

“Its fine- I mean totally okay- my pleasure” he says all at once, clearly portraying his flustered and nervous state. With a small laugh you detach yourself from his hold and swim backwards slowly and wave at him as you once again delve back into the lakes icy waters. joyously Newts face breaks out in a small smile as he too turns to around and apparates away, leaving behind nothing but the rescued mermaid that peers out from the waters depths at the spot in which her hero just disappeared.

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I don't know what to do. The US Government is trying to force Net Neutrality to end. They even had the company that bought Tumblr to stay neutral in it so that they will have a bigger chance to kill it. I'm scared.

Yeah, it’s a really shitty situation :-\ The fact that Tumblr is owned by Verizon, a telco, is also massively problematic - apparently there are already some other telcos (AT&T, I believe?) that are being blocked from use, which is like - it’s a relatively small step, but it’s still a corporation blocking people who use other corporations from viewing their content, and it’s a scary step towards what a world without net neutrality looks like.

It’s not just the US, either. Australia is making steps towards eliminating it too, blocking a lot of torrenting sites and stuff. I mean, it’s still easy as hell to get a VPN, but it is actually illegal to access certain sites like Pirate Bay.

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice, anon, it is really bad.

The fabric of Space and Time.

I have got an increasing number of requests to write about Black Holes in the past couple of weeks. So, to kick-start we will start talking about Space-time Fabric.

Redefining Gravity.

When we usually talk of Gravitation we are bound to think like Newton, where objects are assumed to exerting a force upon each other. Like imaginary arrows of force in space. But this picture, although good for high school crumbled, with the advent of Einstein’s theory of Relativity. ( We will explore the question of why in an upcoming post.)

What is the Space-Time Fabric?

Think of spacetime fabric as an actual cloth of fabric. When you place an object on the fabric, the cloth curves. This is exactly what happens in the solar system as well. 

The sun with such a huge mass bends the space-time fabric. And the earth and all the planets are kept in orbit by following this curvature that has been made by the sun.

The earth - moon system can be thought of in the same manner. 

A natural question to ask at this juncture would be:

Why don’t planets just swirl into the sun?

To put it bluntly, they stay in their orbits because there is no other force in the Solar System which can stop them.

The Solar System was formed from a rotating cloud of gas and dust which spun around a newly forming star, our Sun, at its center. The sun did pull objects towards itself. But the planets that we see today were resilient and stuck with their course. And time passed, the net force acting on them turned to zero and will continue to be zero.

Gravity and Light.

Light is affected by the Gravity. This was discussed in a previous post about Gravitational Lensing. 

The gravitational field of a really massive object is super strong. And this causes light rays passing close to that object to be bent and refocused somewhere else.

This is a consequence of the fact that space- time curvature is bent by objects which have a huge mass. When light is passing through this dent the rays of light are directed in another direction. And this causes effects like gravitational lensing.

**This post was inspired by this video - Gravity Visualized. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask. Have a Good Day :)

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