The Forbidden City: The Former Soviet Military Base at Wünsdorf

Wuensdorf, once called “The Forbidden City,” was the biggest base for the Soviet armed forces in communist East Germany from 1945 until the last Soviet troops left in the early 1990s following the end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany. While Soviet troops pulled out of eastern Europe after 1989, Russian troops have in recent years intervened in Ukraine. The NATO military alliance has strengthened its presence in the Baltic states in an effort to prevent similar Russian intervention there.

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Raised in Paris, Wrote in China, Died in the USA: the life of a lady-in-waiting

Princess Der Ling had an interesting life. She received a western education and studied dance in Paris with Isadora Duncan before serving as the first lady-in-waiting to the Empress Dowager Cixi. Besides the usual lady-in-waiting duties, Der Ling also translated for Cixi when she had foreign visitors because she spoke English as well as French.

Der Ling published a memoir about her time in the Forbidden City, after the 1911 Revolution overthrew the Qing. She continued writing through the tumult of the 1920s and 1930s. In total, Der Ling published seven books before she moved to Berkley, California in 1942 to teach Chinese at the University of California there. Der Ling died after being hit by a grocery delivery truck at the intersection of Bancroft and Telegraph.

A yuan ti guards the forbidden city (Jim Roslof, AD&D module I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City, TSR, 1981)  David “Zeb” Cook introduced the yuan ti, aboleth, and yellow musk creeper in this adventure adapted from the Origins 1980 tournament module.

Five dragons

1. A small black dragon which has made its home in an oven. It has disconnected the element, using the electricity supply instead to charge its phone. When it sees something being put into the oven, it breathes what it believes to be a sufficient amount of fire over it, then takes a small portion to eat. It spent a long time finding a person who was careless enough about pizza for this plan to work.

2. Large, sleepy grey dragon, frequently mistaken for a hill. Bad habit of falling asleep near cities, getting classified as a prime brownfield site with excellent redevelopment potential, and waking up covered in housing estate. It is a compassionate sort of beast and usually sends a letter round the houses informing everyone when it is going to be travelling and where to before it takes off.

3. A bright green dragon which is afraid of the dark. In recent years it has invested in a metal suit and some bolt-on engine cases, allowing it to pretend to be an aircraft so that it can travel by day. There have been a few misunderstandings at major airports, particularly when its tail number goes unrecognised. It may or may not have eaten six pilots, a catering truck and a Russian spyplane. If you meet it, never mention the fuelling incident.

4. A dragon that scoops up water from the Thames into its supernumerary pouch each morning. Throughout the day it uses its body heat to convert the water to steam, allowing it to wander around above London all day disguised as a small cloud. It is on the lookout for Shakespeare, although it would settle for Marlowe. It has a really great idea for a sequel to The Tempest. None of the booksellers and thespians it has approached have quite had the heart to tell it that humans do not come out of hibernation.

5. A long, gold-and-bronze dragon that is engaged in digging the secret tunnels of the Beijing metro. It has been quite some work to make sure that the secret tunnels interact only minimally with the public ones. But otherwise how would dragons travel under the city unnoticed? The dragon metro only runs at midnight, but when it does then all the clocks of the forbidden city set to chiming and one can see red lights glinting through drain covers. The stations are disguised as tower blocks. Sometimes they fill up with dragons who are waiting for the smog to fall before they fly, and then the windows glow with colours that one can never quite afterwards remember.

Riddle me this

Genre: Hitman!Luke, Gang!5SOS, smut (yea basically mature content.)

Words: 26,334

Pairing: Reader x Luke

You’d think killing your sworn enemy should be easy. Then how come it’s not?

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