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#02 - The Foot Fist Way (Jody Hill, 2006) 

 Nice example of an actor whipping up a solid showcase for his talents and (co)writing a story that totally plays to his strength. It’s almost like a training field for Eastbound and Down (McBride’s character is basically a proto-Kenny Powers), but it’s also clear that The Office UK has been an obvious inspiration for this movie. It has the same kind of ruthless brutality in taking down and utterly ridicule its main character, a narcissistic bully who deserves to be knocked down of his self-assigned pedestal.

Five percent. Five percent of all people who start Tae Kwon Do actually make it to black belt. One percent. One percent become fourth degree black belts. Mr. Simmons is a fourth degree black belt. I’m a fifth degree, but I don’t believe in belts. Let’s break some cement.

- Mike McAllister, The Foot Fist Way