things that I think of while working (and scratching mosquito bites)...

if mosquitoes take a bit of my blood for their meal, and then birds and bats and other critters eat them, and then a fox gets the bird or the bat, and so on… that makes me the bottom of the food chain.

The Fandom Food Chain

Makoto Lord of Orcas

Bitches, he will fuck you up. Orca’s swim at the top of the chain

Rin The Shark Boy

What great big teeth you have, The better to kill you with my dear.

Haru The Little Dolphin

Smarter than you bitches.

Nagasi the Penguin Shit

Don’t doubt the seme powers of this cutie.

….And then there’s Rei

Don’t you laugh, he will violently deflower you like there’s no tomorrow



The Fake AH Crew own the streets of Los Santos. They’re the kings of heists, connoisseurs of deals, masters of missions - but the glamour of gang rep hides dark intricacies of a barely-held together relationship. Someone senses a weakness or six, and that someone aims and fires.

GTA/Hybrid AU

I made a playlist for my and rayaroundtheroses OT6 GTA Hybrid fic ‘The Food Chain’so um here’s the thing. I realised while i made this that a lot of these appear in my past playlists and like every other GTA playlist but who gives a crap because these songs are awesome. 

Butterflies swarm around crocodiles and bat their wings, causing dirt to fly into their eyes and tears to form. They then drink the tears of these reptiles in order to obtain their daily intake of salt and to establish dominance within the food chain. 


Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps you hoped I had. Don’t waste a breath mourning Miss Barnes—every kitten grows up to be a cat. They seem so harmless at first—small, quiet, lapping up their saucer of milk—but once their claws get long enough, they draw blood. Sometimes from the hand that feeds them. For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: Hunt or be hunted. Welcome back.

tac-vom-deactivated20151004  asked:

I saw the post where you challenged people who believed to be at the top of the food chain to prove their superiority by having a 1 on 1 fist fight with the list of animals, and i'm sorry but i thought it was ridiculous. If we lived in a world where the hierachy of animals was determined solely on size and strength, then yeah those animals would undoubtly be on top. But humans are alot smarter than those animals and we have proven our superiority in other ways. I don't mean to be rude but -

- that post just seems ignorant and illogical to me.

that’s because you’re missing the point just like almost every other reblog in the notes of that post. i was using the ancient art of hyperbole in order to unveil and attack the anthropocentric falsehood of the argument as well as its highly problematic, and equally unjustifiable, undertones, which are:

  • the normalized imposition of male dominance upon others through violent subjugation, regardless of species (best observed when hunting is brought up as defense for meat consumption, commonly coupled with other forms of oppression like misogyny/sexism/homophobia/etc. as well as certain logical fallacies)
  • the facist “might makes right” credo and its desperate, empty justifications (turning up in just about every other pro meat- as well as white supremacy- argument out there in varying opacities)
  • last but not least, the fact that the food chain argument is based on the ever-so-common naturalistic fallacy (“it’s natural so it must be good/right/just”)

you are not part of any food chain. virtually no aspect of you daily life is natural, your existence is detrimental to every ecosystem on this planet.

you are confusing “natural” with “convenient”, and “convenient” with “right”.

Prom? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: “Can I request an imagine where Peter has a crush on the reader (they go to school together) and it’s prom time and all the boys want to ask her out and finally Peter asks her and she says yes, then Spider-Man picks her up as a “favor” to Peter?” 

AN: This is soo long! Much longer than I usually write but I just had mega inspiration for this idea so hope it turned out okay! (It usually takes me 1-2 hours to write an imagine. This took me like 4, lol) 

Part 2

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Peter hated this time of year. He hated any time his nerdy, bottom-of-the-food-chain self was exposed, and any time there was a school game, dance or even partner project, he would feel exactly that, exposed. Peter knew stuff like not having a partner in class shouldn’t bother him, he was Spiderman for Pete’s sake! But at the same time he was a teenager, just looking to fit in, and it really hurt to have people look at him like some kind of disease. 

That’s why Peter adored you so much. You were new to school that year and sat next to him on your first day, you had smiled at him, talked to him, and soon he was a goner. Though you sat next to each other you and Peter didn’t get very close, but he was always very nice and respectful. If you forgot a pencil Peter would always give you his, things like that. The teacher assigned new seats a couple weeks later but it was safe to say that Peter now had a monumental crush on you.

As of now Peter was staring at you from the safety of his locker. It looked like you were looking for something in the bottom of your own locker but you kept coming up empty. He wondered if he should go and ask if you needed any help, but decided against it. You had become quite popular over the past year and you probably didn’t want him hanging around you and reversing that. He sighed and shut his locker as he heard the warning bell ring. As he walked to class he saw a large sign that read, “Buy Prom tickets now!” He silently cursed. He knew some people who would rather transfer schools than go to prom with him. He got to class and sat down, now in a bad mood because of all the prom talk and commotion. If only I could take (Y/N)… he thought wistfully. 

“As the school year is coming to a close I will let you choose your own seats for the last month or so.” The teacher said, erasing the white board. The class erupted into cheers but Peter noticed you were nowhere in sight. Great, can this day get any worse? 

“C’mon dork, get out of my seat before I make you.” Peter looked up just in time to get shoved out of his seat. I spoke too soon. Peter thought as he moved up towards the front where no one else wanted to sit. 

He soon heard a couple guys behind him talking about you and he couldn’t help listening in. 

“Man that (Y/N) chick is so hot. I can’t wait to ask her to prom with me.” Peter visibly stiffened. Of course everyone else would want to ask you as well.

“Yeah sure, that’s if you ask her before I do.” Peter heard another voice from behind him say.

“Hey! I thought bros before hoes! You knew I was gonna ask her first!” The first guy interjected.

“Yeah but I’m way hotter than you.” The friends laughed. 

“I guess she’ll just have to decide for herself.” They began looking around for you but shrugged when they noticed you weren’t there.

Suddenly you burst into the class, blushing and apologizing. You noticed all the changed seats and noticed the only open one next to Peter. You were grateful, Peter was especially nice to you and you recently found out about his little crush. Mostly because of his staring and blushing in your direction whenever you were around each other. You found Peter to be quite adorable though, and you didn’t mind the attention. You smiled at him as you set your stuff down.

“Couldn’t find my pencil,” you whispered to Peter. “If I had known I would be sitting next to you I wouldn’t have bothered looking for it. Usually I’m the one giving pencils away to my old partner, Becca.” You giggled and Peter felt his breath hitch. You had gotten pretty close in your whispering and he felt his face getting warm.

“Hey (Y/N), wanna go to prom with me?” Peter was shocked out of his reverie when he heard the dreaded words from behind him. You looked equally shocked as well. You turned around as your own face heated up.

“What?” You squeaked in surprise. At your old school you never would have been asked to prom. You had big ugly glasses back then and you believed yourself to be quite average. Maybe it was the new girl aspect here, you thought. 

Meanwhile Peter chided himself on being too late, again. He looked down and away from you. You noticed Peter’s change in demeanor and immediately got an idea. 

“Sorry guys but I already have a date to prom.” You shrugged.

“Who? The signs just went up today!” They both looked angry and you shivered at the thought of going to prom with either of them. They certainly didn’t look like guys that would take no for an answer.

“I’m going with Peter.” You gestured to the boy sitting next to you as all three boys’ jaws dropped, Peter included. 

“Wha-” Peter began before you gave him a dirty look, signaling for him to go along with you. “I mean, uh, yeah. I asked her today at her locker.” Peter blushed at the thought of him actually asking you, which he knew he would never have actually had the guts to do.

“Yeah very romantic, with a sign and everything. Much better than you blurting it out in the middle of class.” You turned up your nose, trying to stop yourself from giggling. 

“Hmfph.” Both guys leaned back and crossed their arms while shooting daggers at Peter.

The teacher called the class to attention and began the lesson. Peter shot you a look, like we need to talk, but you were staring straight ahead.

When the class was dismissed and the guys from behind you left you turned to Peter to apologize. 

“You don’t really have to go to prom with me Peter. I just said that because I didn’t want to go with them.” The both of you slowly walked out of the room together. 

“Who do you want to go with?” Peter looked up at you, his eyes boring into yours. 

“I, uh, well…” You thought about it and realized that you didn’t really want to go with anyone besides Peter. You didn’t know many boys at this school, but Peter was always so kind, and you knew he did have a crush on you. It would just be cruel to go with someone else when he was just obviously too nervous to ask you. “I kinda wanted to go with you Peter, but if you’re unavailable I could always go with you know, Spiderman.” you joked. Peter paled. 

“Spi-spiderman?” He stuttered. 

“Peter I was just joking. I want to go to prom with you. That is if you properly ask me of course.” You punched Peter lightly on the arm as the warning bell for the next class rang. “I’ll be waiting!” You called back to him as you walked off. Peter stared at you in amazement. He actually had a chance to go to prom with the girl of his dreams, and he wasn’t going to screw this up.

Peter spent the rest of the day brainstorming ideas on how to actually ask you to prom. He ruled out doing it at school because everyone thought the two of you were already going together. But he never saw you outside of school, and he didn’t want to make it too obvious what he was doing, so he was stumped. 

You were walking home from school when you saw the same guys who sat behind you in class. They were joking among themselves until they saw you and they shared a look. 

“What do we have here Mrs. Parker?” They laughed and you felt your stomach clench uneasily. 

“Lea-leave me alone.” You wrapped your jacket around you tighter. 

Suddenly Peter ran up to you. “Wait. I wanted to walk home with you.” He noticed the other guys and wrapped his arm around you. “You know, talk about prom stuff.” 

The other guys left after that grumbling and you thanked Peter, still jittery over the encounter. 

“I actually wanted to ask you something.” Peter gulped nervously, though he knew you already promised to go with him.

“Hmm.” You shook your head, trying not to think what would’ve happened to you if Peter hadn’t of shown up. 

“I’m asking you oh-fish-ally to prom.” He pulled out some gummy fish and handed them to you. You realized what was happening and giggled.

“Yes Peter I’ll go to prom with you.” You suddenly hugged him, and he stiffened in surprise before returning the hug with and blushing. “I couldn’t turn this cheesy of a promposal down.” 

Soon prom night was upon you and you had to admit you looked amazing. Normally you didn’t wear makeup like this, plus your dress complimented your skin and eyes perfectly. You felt very confident and giddy with excitement. You were supposed to meet Peter at the school because he didn’t have a car to pick you up in, which was fine by you.

As you shut the door to your house and pulled your coat over your dress you screamed in surprise. Spiderman could not be walking up your front steps!

“Hey, I’m a friend of Peter’s, he wanted to make sure you got to the school safe. I’m happy to get you there.” He offered out his arm and you could swear that whoever was behind the mask was smirking. 

“What, why?” You took his arm.

“Let’s just say I owe him a favor.” You blushed as you thought back to when you jokingly said you’d go with Spiderman to prom if Peter couldn’t make it. You guess that being unable to get you there counted in Peter’s mind. Oh Peter.