So every single time I go voice off, use paper/pen/phone notes, sign language when I’m ordering … coffee or food. It has become a thing that I ALWAYS get a :) or compliment written on my cup or food bag. 

So I always shared it with my Deaf friends that “This is the 4th time I went to *coffee shop* and GOT A FREAKING :) ON MY CUP!” I swear one time I went to Tim Hortons, voice off paper/pen communication… I got a “Have a good day :)” On my cup. 

Now it has become a routine and a thing between my Deaf friends and I that whenever we all or individually go out somewhere and use Sign Language or someone sees us using Sign Language… we usually get a :) on our order/cup/food bag/whatever it is. So we immediately send each other pictures of what we got from what restaurant/place. 

We are counting 15 right now. 

Why is it that when hearing people see Deaf people signing or those who use paper/pen to communicate they think of us as “inspiration” that we got out of the house to go order stuff! We normal people here, we just have different way of communicating to you. Don’t get all sappy on us. 

Trust me, I’ve tried voicing, telling them I’m deaf and i Need them to speak up… I got no smiley face on my order but more impatience from them. But when I go voice off, deaf, signing to order… i get a smiley face??? what.

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This charity specifically holds a dear spot in my heart and this is why.

My mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and shortly after was confined to a wheel chair and put on full disability. She was a single mother with 3 kids and we lived month to month, check to check. Department of social services set us up with a company that supplied us with some groceries every two weeks. My big sister and I would go to the place and get to pick 4 bags of food. We lived in a very small town so the donations they got were limited and always basic stuff like oatmeal, canned corn, off brand basic cereal etc. As a child I would pray that we would get good bags with lucky charms, pringles, yummy soups 😂 but I didn’t luck out often haha
Feeling helpless is terrible for a parent or for a child.
It makes me so happy to see this generation and scene getting so involved.

Please donate!


Introducing Milkuetea!!

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Hi everyone~ Today I will be introducing Milkuetea, a new shop on storenvy! Currently it has a small collection of cute aesthetic style clothing at extremely reasonable prices. It is owned by milkuetea here on tumblr, so you know it is trustworthy c: And they offer free international shipping on all orders, so it’s perfect!!

If you make a purchase, use the code “Helloteaparty” for a 5% discount!!!

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4.5 and yoga

I took this week easy because my right hip is feeling discomfort. I made it to yoga this morning, ate waffles, then went running. I had to work hard to tough out these miles.

I also went to see Sheryl Crow with work on Thursday. It was 60 and foggy. We made lots of soaking up the sun jokes.

Part of me is disappointed in the lack of real summer weather, the other part hopes that it sticks around for all of fall half training.