This is a little game my sisters and I play whenever we get to be passengers. I made this so we could remember the rules ‘cause my sisters cheat wink emoticon. I figured I’d share it. Print it out and take it with you on your next road trip. Also, typos–get over 'em. ;P
PS, I’ll be adding this to my blog:

I’d like to thank and the wonderful fonts I found and their authors:

Distant Galaxy by ShyFonts

Blackjack by Typadelic

Pacifico on Google Fonts

starborndean replied to your link:Your E-mail Font Is Ruining Your Life

what font should i make my resume

ahh ok so since you’re film/media like me i’d say use a sans serif font cause it looks more modern and fresh. for fonts that (should) come installed on your computer, verdana’s nice and calibri is actually not horrible.

but i’d really recommend going on google fonts and looking at some of their sans serif fonts. they’re all free! lato, open sans, and source sans pro are all really nice.