things i think about a lot
  • mr. krabs literally sold spongebob to the flying dutchman for 62 cents
  • bubble buddy was alive the entire time and he let a dude die
  • patrick’s pet rock won a race
  • spongebob and mr. krabs literally thought they killed a dude and tried to hide the body
  • also, in hash slinging slasher, if the buses don’t run that late - WHO WAS DRIVING THE BUS

anonymous asked:

So what happened to Will's heart now? lt is still in a chest right ? So he is walking around without a heart??


Anon here asking the real questions.

What the fuck do they do with the heart now? Do they open his chest again and re-insert it? Did it magically materialize inside his ribcage when the curse was broken?

And shouldn’t breaking the curse mean he dies? The curse was keeping him alive! Or undead, at the very least. It was the entire point of having him stab the heart in the first place, so that his life could be saved.

And If he can continue to exist without a heart and just walk around like nothing, does this mean he cannot die? Because you die when your heart stops beating because it stops pumping blood through you, but his heart hasn’t been pumping blood anywhere (lol how in the world did he ever get an erection???) for a long time, so clearly there is something else keeping him alive. So, can he die? or is he still immortal?

Willl he age? If his body is still functioning for whatever magical reason (and wasn’t all magic destroyed tho?) then his bodily functions are not necessarily the same ones as a living human. Does he eat normally? What if he’s some sort of vampire now? 

And what happened to the rest of the crew? Are they free? But shouldn’t they be long dead considering they were paying 100 years of servitude debts? Or do they continue to run the Flying Dutchman for him? Are they now keeping his duty?

Because otherwise, WHO is ferrying the souls dead at sea??? Does this mean no one can die at sea anymore? You drown but then you kind of just float around being undead because there’s no one to pick you up and take you to the other side?

So many questions and literally zero answers, anon.

Not sorry  but if the new pirates film isn’t about the Pirate King, Captain Elisabeth Swann Turner, sweeping in wearing an incredible pirate outfit on the level of this, to save her man from being Davy Jones and carrying him out of the flying dutchman bridal style as both their crews cheer and their wedding theme blasts in the background then what’s the actual point.

I honestly don’t need more new basic characters or more jack sparrow goodbye.