things i think about a lot
  • mr. krabs literally sold spongebob to the flying dutchman for 62 cents
  • bubble buddy was alive the entire time and he let a dude die
  • patrick’s pet rock won a race
  • spongebob and mr. krabs literally thought they killed a dude and tried to hide the body
  • also, in hash slinging slasher, if the buses don’t run that late - WHO WAS DRIVING THE BUS

“Ah.  Love…a dreadful bond!  And yet so easily severed.” 

-Davy Jones, “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

Blinky can’t be serious all the time, there’s probably lots of ways he gets under Vendel’s skin. I really like their opposing dynamics.

Also, Spongebob-Trollhunters crossover. That’s what I live for.


dark youtube, show me the forbidden flying dutchman vore alternate endings

St. Petersburg of past centuries! 


y'all watch potc for willabeth but i watch purely for captain jack sparrow oops

Not sorry  but if the new pirates film isn’t about the Pirate King, Captain Elisabeth Swann Turner, sweeping in wearing an incredible pirate outfit on the level of this, to save her man from being Davy Jones and carrying him out of the flying dutchman bridal style as both their crews cheer and their wedding theme blasts in the background then what’s the actual point.

I honestly don’t need more new basic characters or more jack sparrow goodbye.