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In the history of science fiction literature, few novel series have reached the upper echelon of belovedness quite the way Frank Herbert’s Dune has. The incredibly dense, richly populated space opera is considered by many to be the best science fiction novel ever written, winning all kinds of awards upon its release in 1965. There has to date been a single feature film of the work–David Lynch’s head-scratching, though undeniably visually arresting, 1984 effort–but save a Syfy miniseries in the early-2000s, Dune has remained nigh-unfilmable…until now! Deadline is reporting that Legendary Pictures has reached an agreement with the Herbert estate for the film and TV rights to the classic novel.
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Bottom Line - This means Dune is coming back to Big and Small Screens in the near Future. BLESS THE MAKER!


“Jesus’ death wasn’t to free us from dying, but to free us from the fear of death. Jesus came to liberate us so that we could die up front and then live. Jesus Christ wants to take us to places where only dead (in the flesh) men and women can go.”
  - Erwin McManus

In the desert
Do not be frightened
Do not challenge the winds
With your narrow breath
Do not fight with the sand’s
Empty heat with your anger
Do not call on what is not there
With your evocative lies
Stop with your frightened act
And make love to me
In this vast space.

~Aya Al-Hakim©


Jesus: “Whoever receives this little child (anyone who society may see as less than) in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me. For he who is least among you all will be great.”
Luke 9:48 New King James Version

anonymous asked:

Yoooo!! Firstly, your fics are the bomb!! Like HOW?? I love reading it again and never get tired of it! Secondly, in the kingdom of crows how does hinata and kageyama come back to life again? Kingdom of crows is one of my favorites rn!!

:DDD thank you!!! This makes me very happy :)

Also YAY Kingdom of Crows (or KoC, as some may choose to call it… *snorts*) is currently a fave of mine rn too. 

Good question, also! So, that AU is going to be styled sort of in an Arthurian legend vein - and as such, I decided to forego applying a lot of logic/reason to the more magical aspects of it (e.g. How does Arthur get Excalibur? A woman who lives in a lake gives it to him. Why is this chick living in a lake? …??? like, seriously, i googled forever, why)

However, I did try to leave in a few clues as to how they survived. In the first section, there’s this line:  

For now he had passed into the Realm of Shade, that let none who walked there truly live or die.

This was probably the biggest clue/backdoor I dropped right there. Once humans are inside the ~Shadow Realm~ they enter a state of both being alive/dead, without being able to be either alive or dead. How?? Magic!

The demon then tells him:

“There is no way to reclaim him,” it whispered, fading. “Nothing except the greatest sacrifice will save him now. And even then, it will destroy you.”

While that other part is setting up for how they both can’t die, this line is setting up for how they are both saved. In the final battle, Kageyama makes what he feels is the greatest sacrifice - he kills Hinata to save him. 

But what he doesn’t realize is that killing Hinata alone wouldn’t have been enough - his sacrifice is even greater than that! Because in order to get close enough to kill Hinata, he willingly lets himself be slain, too - his entire journey up to that point is leading up to this moment, of dying to save Hinata, even if it means he has to kill Hinata himself.

So Kageyama kills his greatest love, but in the process, he also destroys himself - king, friend, just ruler, brave warrior - all to save one life. That’s a huge sacrifice, and all totaled, both these deaths come out to equal “the greatest sacrifice”. 

And not only does the greatest sacrifice save Hinata, as the demon swore (he doesn’t lie, remember), but because neither of them can die within the Realm of Shade, they both get the chance to live again.

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